Song Lyrics About Endings: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Endings

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Song Lyrics About Endings: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Endings

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Song Lyrics About Endings Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About Endings

No, no, these song lyrics about endings were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
Curtains down, the play of life is ending //
Hands trembling, hearts are softly rending //
We danced around, spoke in silent words //
Promises heard in melodies of birds. //

Golden sun sets, drawing the line //
But darling we shone in our given time. //

Glorious endings can hold a sweet grace //
Though it's goodbye, echoes won't erase //
When the story ends, and lights fade away //
With open hearts we bow and say,
“We'll meet on another day.”

(Verse 2)
Beneath the stars we etched our tale //
Love like ours could never fail. //
Through tears and laughter we made a pact //
But life plays on with unbiased act.

We've crossed the bridge and burnt it too, //
Yet memories remain fresh as morning dew.

Glorious endings can hold a sweet grace //
Though it's goodbye, echoes won't erase//
When the story ends and lights dim to grey //
With brave smiles we sigh and say,
“This ending paves a fresher way.”

(Verse 3)
The parting glance in your teary eyes,//
Silent plea under moonlit skies.//
In dreams we'll meet where roses align//
Every ending tells of another timeline.

And when one door closes, see how another unlocks,
Just as rivers flow resiliently over jagged rocks.
Endings shape beginnings; they're woven together,
Just like sunset hues set up for dawn's feathered weather.

(Chorus x2)
Glorious endings can hold a sweet grace//
Though it's goodbye echoes won't erase//
When the story ends, and stars kiss the bay //
With hopeful hearts, we turn and say,
“Endings are just starts in a disguise of grey.”

Song Lyrics About Endings In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About Endings

(Verse 1)
Torn pages lay on the bedroom floor, //
Our whispered secrets slipping out the door. //
Now you're dancing, but I'm not your partner anymore. //
The movie reel of us just shuts off at midnight's core. //

We're the echo that whispers from an empty street, //
A story ending, lost in sheets. //
Look at us now, we're the footprints washed away by waves, //
Baby we're a sunset, fading into grays. //

(Verse 2)
Remember when the laughter was our soundtrack? //
Now it's just silence from a haunting flashback. //
A shiver passes through as I remember your touch, //
Oh darling it hurts because I loved you so much.

We were sparks against a sapphire night sky //
But now we are only silent communiqués and sighs//
Look at us now; We’re the moon succumbing to dawn’s light,
A beautiful tragedy slowly swallowed by twilight.

Saying goodbye, like autumn leaves taking flight //
Suddenly everything about us doesn't feel so right.
Tears trace down my cheeks as I recall our final kiss,
This is what an ending looks like – beautiful yet amiss.

We’re a wilting rose pressed in an old book’s crease, //
A ballad of love that had to cease.
Look at us now; we’re a symphony that muted its notes
At least we ended on a high note.

And though this is where our roads diverge and bend,
Remember every ending holds space for new beginnings to transcend.
Our tale has ended but sweetheart don’t you dare forget
That in every ending there lies a chance of a new sunset.

Song Lyrics About Endings In The Style of Kanye West

Song Lyrics About Endings

(Verse 1)
Every ending got a story but what's mine gonna say.
In a world full of silver, I'm just tryna find the gold pay.
Tangled in a web of dreams, yeah the spider's gonna play.
But every sunrise got an eve, got me thinkin' bout the day.

Clouds on the horizon, I see 'em start to assemble.
Tears from the sky, make the hardest rock tremble.
Time's a killer, yeah she's always on her gamble.
And everyone's an actor in this life we disassemble.

So here's to the endings that set our hearts ablaze.
Here's to tomorrow and its never-ending maze.
The sun will always set, but memories won't haze.
The finale isn't written yet, but we're all in a daze.

(Verse 2)
Got these thoughts running wild like horses on a chase.
Can't escape the finish line, life ain't just a race.
The ending is inevitability, we all gotta face.
But till then let me taste every flavor, every grace.

In this garden of existence where our roots intertwine,
Time is but a ticking clock with no rhythm or rhyme.
Love lost and found again, ain't it all so divine?
Even roses got thorns but still they continue to climb.

So here's to the endings that make us feel alive,
To every sunset painting stories in the night sky dive.
A beautiful goodbye ain't nothing but a high-five,
To beginnings that end, and endings that strive.

Yeah, endings are beginnings in disguise,
Stars falling only means another will rise.
So here's to the endings, each one is wise,
And in the grand scheme, we're all just prizes.

Each end is a start in a new sunrise,
In the mirror of life, it's all a surprise.
From ashes to ashes, from sighs to sighs,
Life ain't nothing but a series of goodbyes.

Song Lyrics About Endings In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About Endings

(Verse 1)
Yeah, they say all endings are just a new start,
I flip the script, pullin' apart the whole chart,
Done playing games, hit 'em with that dart,
Nicki's here, bout to tear the world apart.

Had to rise, had to fight from the very start,
Now they tryna play me like Mozart,
I'm in my spotlight, I'm making my mark,
Haters in the rearview, caught up in the dark.

But every end is a new beginning,
Spin it back around, got my head spinning,
I'm a queen in this game – keep winning,
Life's a game of chess and I've been kinging.

(Verse 2)
Look, I've danced with devils in Prada and pearls,
Conquered cities, left my mark on this world,
Nicki don't stop for no boy or girl,
Diamonds shining bright like they're out of this world.

No time for fakes, got no room for ‘em here,
Riding solo, shifting gear after gear,
Endings ain't nothing when you conquer fear,
Better stand clear when Nicki's near.

Cause every end is a new beginning,
Round and around we keep spinning,
Your move in this game – best be winning,
Life's no game but I've been kinging.

Yeah I've seen falls and risen higher,
Walked through the fire, still I aspire,
Every ending? Nah, just fuel to my fire,
Nicki's prelude, watch me take it one step higher.

Song Lyrics About Endings In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About Endings

(Verse 1)
I been sippin' on the truth, all alone in my room,
Don't know how to hit rewind, feeling stuck on this tune.
Got your scent on my sheets, your voice in my head,
But I know there's an ending to every love we've read.

I can't dodge this feeling, like a shot in the dark,
Trying to numb the pain but it's tearing me apart.
In every corner of my mind, see your face in the mirror,
But the end is creeping closer and it's never been clearer.

‘Cause endings are beginnings in a Drake kind of way,
Still awake at 5 AM missing what you'd say.
Endings breaking hearts, but they're mending souls too,
In this midnight hour I'm just missing you.

(Verse 2)
We said goodbye under the city lights,
Heart racing fast as we held each other tight.
The end was coming and we both knew it was near,
Felt like winter's cold kiss, our silence so clear.

And I'm rolling thru the 6ix, with all these memories slain,
On every street corner, echoes of your name.
Endless nights thinking how we ended up here,
The end of our story is my greatest fear.

‘Cause endings are beginnings in a Drake kind of way,
Still driving through the city missing what you'd say.
Endings breaking hearts, but they're mending souls too,
In the midnight city, I'm just missing you.

Yeah, every ending's a beginning, that's the tale to be told,
In this life full of changes, gotta be bold.
When the sun sets on us, let it rise anew,
‘Cause endings are beginnings, and I'm beginning without you.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Endings Like A Pro

1. Dive Deep into the Emotional Abyss

Ever heard of the term “the deeper the sorrow, the greater the song”? Yeah, it's a thing. And it's definitely a thing when you're penning song lyrics about endings. So first tip, don't shy away from those gnarly feelings.

Get in there. Feel that heartbreak. It's like staring into the abyss of song lyrics about breakups. The more you feel, the more real and relatable your song becomes.


2. Keep It Real, Keep It You

Your lyrics should be as unique as your thumbprint, mate. No one else has lived your life or felt your pain or celebrated your victories.

So why should anyone else's words describe your journey? Whether it's song lyrics about closure, or an anthem about starting anew – make sure it screams YOU.


3. Paint a Picture with Your Words

Goodbye isn't just a word; it's an emotion, a moment frozen in time, and sometimes even an entire story in itself when writing song lyrics about goodbyes.

So why not paint that goodbye with vibrant colors of metaphors and similes? Let each word be a brushstroke on your canvas of melody.


4. Embrace The Power Of Repetition

Alright now, don’t get me wrong here! I’m not asking you to repeat ‘baby’ twenty times over just to fill up space in your lyric (yeah we see you pop industry!).

But smart repetition can emphasize key emotions and ideas in your song lyrics about starting over. Try repeating a unique phrase or even a whole line to really drive home your message.


5. Make Your Chorus a Catchy Hook

The chorus is the heart and soul of your song, especially when you're penning song lyrics about moving on. It's that catchy bit that people hum while doing the dishes or showering. So make it memorable. Make it stick like that chewing gum on your shoe!


6. Let Your Verses Tell The Story

The verses are where you unfold your story. This is where you dive into the details about why you're letting go. Each verse should build on the last, leading your listeners deeper into your narrative, setting them up for that killer chorus.


7. End with a Bang!

Finally, the ending of your song – this is where you drop the mic with some punchy song lyrics about finality. Leave your listeners with something to think about or an emotion that lingers long after the song has ended. That's how you create a masterpiece!

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