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Song Lyrics About Being 19: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About Being 19

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No, no, these song lyrics about being 19 were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
In this world, so fast and high,
A girl just turned nineteen saying hi,
In the mirror of life's grand design,
Feeling the beat of her own sweet time.

Learnt to bend and learnt to break,
Nights she wished, but couldn't fake.
Served with tears and joy on a silver line,
That’s the beauty of being nineteen, sweet and divine.

When you're nineteen, it feels so right,
Sailing dreams on the starry night.
When you're nineteen, world's at your feet,
Life is bitter, yet so sweet.

(Verse 2)
Is she too young to know what she wants?
Or too old not to chase those haunts?
Innocence lost, wisdom yet to glean,
Caught in the crossfire of being nineteen.

Riding the waves on life's ocean face,
Dancing in rhythm, with elegance and grace.
She's living her story; she is her own queen
Oh yes! That’s her story; she’s just nineteen.

When you're nineteen, each day's a quest
With dreams that won’t let you rest.
When you're nineteen, heartbreak seems keen
But that's all a part of being nineteen.

(Verse 3)
She gets up each day with hope in her heart
Learning life’s lessons like an exquisite art.
Her journey may seem blurry or unseen,
But there are wonders waiting at nineteen.

She knows there'll be days when sun doesn't shine
And storms may threaten her delicate line.
But remember girl; every thorn has its green
At the blooming age, when you're just nineteen.

When you're nineteen, with eyes so bright,
You've got to embrace both day and night.
When you're nineteen, life's an exciting scene,
Nothing beats the wonder of being nineteen.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

Verse 1:
In the glow of a sweet aged nineteen,
Dressed in summer's love, no place unseen,
Borrowed dreams hanging on my bedroom wall
Hoping for the catch, but ready for the fall.

We were chasing starlight, dreaming wide awake
Our hearts pounding louder than the mix tapes we'd make.
At nineteen, everything was a first time high,
Underneath that old moon's watchful sky.

Verse 2:
Oh at nineteen, so young and fearless,
Didn't know then that it was all precious.
Those nights spent dancing in your worn-out shirt,
Every little thing felt like it couldn't hurt.

Song lyrics about being 19 In The Style of Kanye West

Turned 19, feelin' like a goddamn king.
Dreams in my pocket, gold in my ring.
Livin' life fast, ain't worried 'bout a thing.
Yeah, I'm just 19, with the world on a string.

Verse 1:
Just hit 19 but I'm feelin' timeless.
My life a canvas, young Picasso in his prime-ness.
The world's mine, ain't no mountain I can't climb – this
Life of mine, on its way to be the finest.

Turned 19, got the keys and the kingdom.
On the throne of my life, you know I run and then some.
Ain't no limits to my thoughts as freedom sings ‘em,
Yeah, I'm only 19 and my story's just begun.

Verse 2:
At 19, ain't scared of any challenger.
My dreams bigger than your highest caliber.
Life is riddles but at 19 I’m the manager,
Cause every day I write my own rules – no amateur.

At 19 got both feet on the ground.
But eyes in the sky – won’t let this world hold me down.
I’m chasing dreams while you’re chasing clowns –
Yeah at 19, I wear ambition like a crown.

They say age is just a number,
But at nineteen feels like I’ve awakened from slumber.
Tycoons back off, here comes the newcomer –
Yeah at 19, feel like I've stolen their thunder.

Turned 19, feels like I’m on a roll
With a fire in my belly and a platinum soul.
I’m only getting better, that’s my only goal –
Yeah at 19, I'm taking control.

Remember this face when you see it rise.
At 19 got wisdom beyond my years, no surprise.
I’m just getting started as these old men realize.
Yeah, I'm just 19, but already touching skies.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Uh huh, yeah, it's the queen Barb, let's get it poppin'

Turned 19, young queen on the scene
Just a teen, but my dreams ain't mean
Got my diamond rings, doin' big things
Yeah I'm just 19

Verse 1
Riding down the boulevard, in a foreign car
Got that Barbie flow, yeah you know who we are
Just 19, but living like a star
Life so sweet, like candy from a jar

Gucci on my feet, Prada in my locker
Still in school, but I'm flyer than your scholar
Graduated to the game, no drama
Yeah life at 19, couldn't be hotter

Turned 19, young queen on the scene
Just a teen, but my dreams ain't mean
Got my diamond rings, doin' big things
Yeah I'm just 19

Verse 2
Sneaking out late, to hit the club scene
Ciroc in my cup and I'm feeling mean
Boys want to holla cuz I reign supreme
But they don't know the half of this teenage dream

I ain't worried 'bout a thing cuz I'm just 19

I got my whole life ahead for them big dreams

Mama said to chase that dream and live free

So I'm grindin', settlin' for nothing but the cream

Turned 19, young queen on the scene
Just a teen, but my dreams ain't mean
Got my diamond rings, doin' big things
Yeah I'm just 19

Yeah, you see me shinin', no declinin'

I'm just 19, yeah and I'm flyin'

Queen Barb, don't worry 'bout how high we're climbin'

Just watch me reign and keep on grindin'

In The Style of Drake

Just turned nineteen, life feels like a dream,
In the city, neon lights are gleaming,
Got these high hopes, heart's scheming,
At nineteen, I'm just believing.

Verse 1:
Hopped off the flight, Toronto skyline in sight,
Night turns to light, in this city of eternal fight,
Shoes tied tight, ready to ignite,
Nineteen and full of dynamite.

A dream in one hand and reality in another,
Trying to balance it out like a seesaw lever,
Tasting fame's sweet flavor,
Nineteen, I'll never waver.

Just turned nineteen, life feels like a dream,
In the city, neon lights are gleaming,
Got these high hopes, heart's scheming,
At nineteen, I'm just believing.

This age is a riddle, caught in the middle,
Life's a show and I'm playing my fiddle,
Feelings trickle down like soft drizzle,
At nineteen, love's just a scribble.

Verse 2:
I'm just a kid from the six with big dreams to fix
Under these city lights that flicker and mix,
Time flowing around me as if by sticks
At nineteen, I'm in the mix.

Just turned nineteen, life feels like a dream,
In the city, neon lights are gleaming,
Got these high hopes, heart's scheming,
At nineteen, I'm just believing.

Nineteen with a heart that's gleaming,
In the mirror, a star is beaming,
Life's a song and I'm just freestyling,
Nineteen, it's just the beginning.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Being 19 Like A Pro

1. Unleash the Power of Nostalgia

When penning song lyrics about being 19, immerse yourself in your own or someone else's experiences at that age. The beauty, the heartbreak, the exhilaration – it's all fair game. Whether you're writing country song lyrics about being 19 or rock song lyrics about being 19, nostalgia can be a potent tool. Lana Del Rey is known for using nostalgia in her songs and she has even referenced being 19 in her songs.

2. Use Everyday Language

Whether you're crafting rap song lyrics about being 19 or R&B song lyrics about being 19, keep your language accessible and relatable. Remember that time when you were wondering what your life will look like when you turn 20? That's the raw material for a memorable lyric! And it doesn't hurt if you subtly include songs with 19 in lyrics to keep it relatable.

3. Keep It Real

Let's be honest – being 19 isn't all fun and games. It's a time of exploration and self-discovery, but also of confusion and even heartbreak. Reflecting these realities in your lyrics lends them authenticity whether it’s a song lyric about being a 19-year-old girl or a boy.

4. Use Universal Themes

Being at the cusp of adulthood is universal and timeless; tap into this theme to resonate with listeners of all ages. It could be as simple as feeling invincible one moment and vulnerable the next – something we’ve all felt no matter our age!

5. Paint Pictures With Your Words

Remember when we talked about the power of descriptive language? Well here’s where you can let loose and paint a vivid picture of what being 19 looks like. Whether it's a song lyric about a 19th birthday or a day in the life of a 19-year-old, make your audience feel the energy, the fear, the thrill.

6. Embrace the Beauty of Repetition

Repetition can be a potent tool in songwriting – but use it wisely! Cleverly repeating key phrases can help drive home your message and create a memorable hook. Just don't overdo it – unless you're aiming for an Edgar Allan Poe level of haunting repetition.

7. Make It Personal but Relatable

Finally, remember to strike a balance between personal and relatable. Your lyrics can draw from your own experiences as much as they want, but they should also speak to universal feelings and experiences that your listeners can relate to. After all, who hasn't felt like they were on top of the world at 19? Or maybe that was just me?

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