Song Lyrics About A Girl: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About A Girl

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Song Lyrics About A Girl: 100% Free-To-Use Unique, Full Songs About A Girl

Here they are:

Song Lyrics About A Girl Beyoncé-Style

Song Lyrics About A Girl

No, no, these song lyrics about a girl were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*

(Verse 1)
She walks like a poem, blooms like a rose,
Magic in her step, in her heart, it shows.
Like a shifting sunrise, she's bold and bright,
One glance from her, and my world feels right.

This girl, her spirit soars above the sky,
Glowing brighter than the stars passing by.
She's mighty as the universe yet delicate too,
With every breath she draws, I find something new.

(Verse 2)
Her laughter’s like a melody that resonates within,
Her strength’s a quiet serenade that makes my head spin.
With eyes telling stories of battles fought and won,
In this tapestry of life, she is the golden thread spun.

This girl, I see galaxies within her gaze
Underneath the moonlight or the sun's soft rays.
In every moment with her, silent or loud –
My world finds meaning; of this I'm proud.

(Verse 3)
As delicate as lace with power to ignite,
Her gentle storm leaves me lost in flight.
Even in darkness, she shines so clear –
A beacon of hope that keeps me near.

This girl, like an ocean wild and free,
With depths unexplored calling to me.
A miraculous creation wrapped in grace,
In every corner of existence – there's no matching place.

Song Lyrics About A Girl In The Style of Taylor Swift

Song Lyrics About A Girl

Verse 1:
She's made of moonlight, caught in the heat of July.
Wears her heart on her sleeve, can't tell a single lie.
She paints with colors that no one else can see,
Living in a world where she's just trying to be free.

Look at this girl, dancing in the rain,
Chasing after dreams, ignoring all the pain.
With every step she takes, every move she makes,
She's writing her own story, no matter what it takes.

Verse 2:
In the mirror, she sees more than just a reflection,
Sees herself as starlight, aiming for perfection.
In her eyes there’s a war nobody knows,
A battlefield of dreams versus reality’s throes.

This is for the girl who walks through fire,
Turning pages of tomorrow with an unending desire.
Her strength resounds like an untamed melody,
In a symphony where love always conquers tragedy.


Kisses like coffee on an early morning Sunday,

Tastes like hope even when skies turn grey.

Her laugh is a melody that chimes in your ear,
It sings you to sleep and erases every fear.

Last Chorus:
Say hello to the girl who dances on stormy seas,
Underneath starlight and between the trees.
Bold as a flame, soft as a midnight lullaby,
She's made of dreams that never learned to die.

She’s just a girl, with a heart full of wildfire,
Chasing constellations, reaching higher and higher.
Just remember when you watch her touch the sky,
She's the girl who dared to dream and never asked why.

Song Lyrics About A Girl In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Song Lyrics About A Girl

Verse 1

Shorty in the corner, eyes like the summer,
Drippin' so icy, but she fire, no wonder.
Hustling from nine to five, she got that thunder,
Every step she takes make the world go under.


She a boss lady, making that bread,
Diamonds on her neck, Gucci on her thread.
She's a lioness, ain't got no dread,
In a world of sharks, she came out ahead.

Verse 2

She don’t need no man to pay her bills,
Self-made queen, climbing hills after hills.
Her beauty got 'em stunned, giving them chills,
But it's her intellect that truly kills.


This girl's a rider, ain’t no backseat,
Private jet lifestyle, living so fleet.
Rose from the mud, standing on her two feet,
Came from nothing now she in that front seat.


You can see it in her eyes, you can feel it in her vibe,
Can't deny it's strong enough to tide.
She’s breaking ceilings while we all abide.
Got them whispering – look at our pride.


Boss lady, making that bread,
Diamonds on her neck, Gucci on her thread.
Yeah she's a ruider ain’t no backseat
Rose from the mud now she in that front seat.


In this world of sharks she came out ahead
She’s breaking ceilings while we all abide
Got them whispering – look at our pride.

Song Lyrics About A Girl In The Style of Drake

Song Lyrics About A Girl

She's been living in my mind, like a sweet sublime.
Got me trippin' on a memory, with a taste like fine wine.
I've been drowning in her thoughts, lost in the divine.
Baby girl, you're my favorite storyline.

Verse 1
She got that honest smile, it can light up the night sky.
Every time I think about her, I'm on cloud nine.
Her voice like velvet, her laughter my lullaby.
She's living so deep within me, got me asking why.

She's been living in my mind, like a sweet sublime.
Got me trippin' on a memory, with a taste like fine wine.
I've been drowning in her thoughts, lost in the divine.
Baby girl, you're my favorite storyline.

Verse 2
Saw her slipping through my fingers, like sand and time.
All the moments we shared are stuck on rewind.
Now she's far away, dancing on her own line.
Trying to bury her deep within but she's an incessant chime.

In this crowd of faces, all I see is hers in fragments and traces.
In every song I sing, it's only for her embraces.
If love was a game then she holds all the aces.
And all these empty places are just empty spaces without her graces.

She's been living in my mind, like a sweet sublime.
Got me trippin' on a memory, with a taste like fine wine.
I've been drowning in her thoughts, lost in the divine.
Baby girl, you're my favorite storyline.

So here's to the girl that lives in my heart.
Though we're miles apart, she's my favorite work of art.
She's forever woven into this life of mine,
Yeah, baby girl, you're my everlasting storyline.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About A Girl Like A Pro

1. Dig Deep into Your Emotions

This ain't your everyday, run-of-the-mill grocery list, folks; you're writing a love song. To pen those heartfelt lyrics, you need to truly feel the emotions you're trying to express.

Remember that time when your heart fluttered like a hummingbird on steroids every time she walked by? Or when you were left with that unrequited love, and it felt like someone was playing squash with your heart? Yeah, tap into that. It's all about raw emotion here.

2. Paint Her Picture with Your Words

Next up on our lyrical journey is crafting the image of our female protagonist. You've got to paint her so vividly that listeners can see her in their mind's eye.

Is she the girl-next-door type or perhaps a mysterious femme fatale? Maybe she sparkles like city lights or has a laugh that reminds you of summer rain. Use your words to create an echo of her essence.

3. Build Up Your Story

Good song lyrics about a girl are more than just random words strung together; they’re a story, a narrative. Think of it as your own personal romantic ballad, where each verse adds another layer to the tale of your love interest. Are you in love?

Is it an epic saga of unrequited passion? Or is it one of those crush songs where you're still figuring out how to string two sentences together around her?

4. Get Personal and Specific

The magic lies in the details my friends! Don’t just say “I love her”; tell us why! Are her eyes two dazzling galaxies where you lose yourself or does she have this cute little laugh that sounds like wind chimes on a breezy day?

The more specific you get, the more relatable your song becomes. Plus, it's a beautiful dedication to the girl in question.

5. Balance the Universal with the Unique

Yes, you're writing about a specific girl, but remember, your listeners need to connect too. So while you're getting all poetic about her hair reminding you of autumn leaves (so original, by the way), also include universal feelings of love and longing that everyone can relate to.

6. Play with Metaphors

Metaphors are like… well… they're like that secret sauce in your grandma's recipe that elevates it from ‘good' to ‘wipe-your-plate-clean-with-your-fingers' delicious! They can transform simple lyrics into a poetic masterpiece.

So go ahead and describe how her presence lights up your world like the sun or how her absence feels like an endless winter night.

7. Keep It Honest and Authentic

Finally, keep it real! Authenticity resonates with people more than any fancy language or complex metaphors ever could. If your love story is more a tale of tripping over shoelaces than sweeping her off her feet, embrace it! It's these honest moments that make your song truly yours.

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