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Free & Unused Raps About Depression Lyrics

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Raps About Depression Lyrics, In The Style of Jay-Z

jay z

(Verse 1) //
Ain't gon' front, been through the trenches, feeling Jay low //
Every move heavy, like I'm dragging my shadow //
Life's a crazy lady, sometimes she won't let go //
Stuck in the blue, can't even enjoy the rainbow //

Sometimes the music don’t resonate, words don't flow //
Conversations with my demons, it's a silent disco //
But I got a head full of dreams and my heart won't let go //
Fighting depression, only bridge to tomorrow //

Climbing up the hill, but feeling like it’s Everest//
Got me pouring out these bars like a chemist//
Feelings so cold, got my heart doing sets and reps //
Meditating on success, trying to find my zest //

(Verse 2)
I've drowned in darkness before I knew lightness was real //
Spent more time with silence than any record deal //
In this game of life should have mastered coping skills//
Depression is street wars, tell me how you feel? //

The mind is a battlefield, but I'm built from steel //
Every setback prepares me for something real //
Bad vibes are haunting? Here's an exorcist skill //
Smiling through pain – that's part of Jay's will.

Climbing up the hill, feels more than Everest//
Got me spitting bars colder than chemist//
Heart going hard doing sets and reps//
Stressing success, courageously fighting this mess.


On this journey alone but with millions feeling it too,
Struggling in quiet rooms trying to subdue.
Air filled with tension tighter than guitar strings,
Fighting inner wars without any kings//

Depression ain't no joke, a silent killer indeed //
It dilutes color from life and makes everything bleak.//
Don’t be afraid to seek help or speak,
With mental health there ain’t no peak.

Remember Hov said it “Nothing real can be threatened”//
So keep pushing through darkness till you're again beset with//
the warmth of sunshine and love’s sweet song,
Keep moving forward; you're strong all along.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Eminem

Raps About Depression Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I've been sitting in this darkness, it's like an eternal night //
Shadows all around me, ain't no signs of sight or light. //

Feeling like a phantom, my emotions stuck on mute, //
Every mirror that I face, it shows a man who's destitute. //

I'm clutching at these memories but they're slipping down the drain //
Washed away with my sanity, it's this damn mental strain. //

Fighting waves of depression, but I'm drowning in its sea, //
In this vast ocean of despair, ain't no lifeboat coming for me. //

I'm stuck in a moment, feels like I'm forever falling down //
Drowning in this darkness, wearin' depression like a crown. //

(Verse 2)
Eyes bloodshot and teary from countless sleepless nights //
Running from my demons but can't escape their frights. //

My soul is feeling heavy, bogged down by the weight, //
Of all these feelings I’m carrying – it’s a relentless freight. //

I paint a smile on my face to pretend everything is fine //
But deep inside I'm screaming out – saying I've crossed the line. //

Invisible chains bind me as I keep spiralling down //
Lost within the echoes of silence, wearin' sorrow as my gown. //

Look into my eyes, tell me what you see? //
Can you see the monster that's been growing inside me? //

Got this devil dancing daily round the corners of my mind //
In every shadow he's lurking – peace I cannot find. //

So here I stand at the edge, teetering on the brink, //
Struggling to stay afloat while the world just seems to sink.

Living with depression is like dwelling in twilight zone, //
It's feeling always surrounded but forever damn alone.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Kanye West

Raps About Depression Lyrics

(Verse 1) //
Seein' my reflection in the Hennessy, drowned sorrows // //
In a world of pain, no strength to tackle tomorrows //
In my mind's darkness, it's hard to see the narrows //
Every step feels like walkin' on a path full of arrows // //

Feelin' like Atlas with the world on my shoulders //
Every day gets colder as my heart gets bolder // //
Tryna rise from this slump, but it ain't over //
I'm in a war with myself, perpetually sober //

(Chorus) //
In this silence, hear the echoes of depression // //
Ask for help but they don't get the real lesson //
Telling me to smile more, but they missin' the essence //
You don't see the battle scars from my daily session // //

(Verse 2) //
See these demons in my dreams, can't sleep tight //
Mama prayin' for me every single night //
Invisible chains hold me down, too tight // //
Strugglin' for breath in this endless night //

Silhouetted thoughts, alone in this fight //
Tears on Versace pillows, that's the Kanye plight // //
Reality hits harder than Mike Tyson in his prime right //
Depression got me grounded when I'm supposed to take flight //

(Chorus) //
In this silence, hear the echoes of depression // //
Looking for answers but they just askin’ more questions //
But I'll rise again cause I got that Kanye progression //
This pain's my art and it's my biggest confession. //

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Lil Wayne

Raps About Depression Lyrics

Sittin' solo in this room, the darkness is my bride,//
Got a date with my own fate, ain't nobody else I confide.//
Depression like a shadow, it's a tattoo on my mind,//
Try to run but can't outpace the demons that I find.//

Depression got me grippin', need an angel in this cipher,//
Lord above, if you listenin', just throw me down a lifer.//

Got this pain deep within me, call it Weezy's lil’ secret,//
I wear it all everyday like my diamond encrusted egress.//
Smokin' on that herbal remedy to clear out all the stress,//
Still I'm dyin' slow inside, feelin' less and less.//

Depression got me trippin', lost in my own scripture,//
Lord above, if you hear me, paint my life with brighter picture.//

The mic is my therapist, the booth is my confession,//
Spittin' out these rhymes like they're antidepressant sessions.//

Money don't buy happiness, just multiplies distractions,//
Still I stack it high because it's one of life's attractions.//
Mansion with an empty bed and walls echoin' regret,//
Invisible chains hold me down with every private jet.//

Cold sweats in the night time, monsters knock at dawn,//
Weezy be fightin' his own war till all his strength is gone.//
In this game of life and death, ain't no respawning session,//
But through the mists of depression, emerge lessons and confessions.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Raps About Depression Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Onika, queen, ruling scene,
Daily fight, that's unseen.
Always dressed, picture clean,
Underneath it though, feels mean.

Feelin' trapped, no escape,
Silent screams stirring up hate.
Depression ain't a simple state,
It's a war against your fate.

Fightin', fightin', all this pain,
Smiling ‘gainst the pouring rain.
Keep dancing, hide the strain,
Life's a song with a dark refrain.

(Verse 2)
Highs and lows, tides keep turning,
My heart cold but my soul still burning.
Depression, baby, yes I'm learning,
Every sunrise is a new beginning.

Vivid dreams of better times,
Subtle thoughts in intricate rhymes.
This ain't no criminal crimes,
Just Queen Nicki with her prime lines.

Fightin', fightin', all this pain,
Smiling ‘gainst the pouring rain.
Keep dancing, hide the strain,
Life's a song with a dark refrain.

Spiraling down, feeling low,
In the dark, where does one go?
Gotta rise, gotta show
That I'm more than this ebb and flow.

Princess of Rap with tattooed tears,
Voice for those who live in fears.
Fighting back, shifting gears,
Millions of hearts that she steers.

Fightin', fightin', all this pain,
Smiling ‘gainst the pouring rain.
Keep dancing, hide the strain,
Life's a song with a dark refrain.

Depression ain't an easy dance,
But I'm giving it another chance.
Fight on and advance,
This is Queen Nicki's power stance.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Future

Raps About Depression Lyrics

Verse 1://
In the mirror, tryna find myself, but it's a dark reflection//
A battle inside, call it my own insurrection//
Late nights, battling thoughts, depression my infection//

Pop these pills to numb the pain, but it's just a deflection//
Got these ice on my wrist, but it's cold in my section//
Got this fame and this money, they call it perfection//
But inside I'm just a victim of my introspection//

Verse 2://
Lean in my cup, clouds in my head, _that's my daily forecast_//
Tryna escape but I'm tethered to my troubled past//
Living in the limelight but can't shake this contrast//

I got a heart full of pain and a pocket full of cash//
They think I got it all while I'm falling quite fast//
Drowning in sorrow, living life behind a glass//

All these chains on me heavy – they're pulling me down//
Merrily lost in the fame – wearing a platinum crown//
Happiness? Can't remember how that sounds//

Depression got me hostage – baby, I'm bound//
Lost in the echoes of my silent sound//
Just another star fading – another king dethroned and found.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of J. Cole

Raps About Depression Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I'm stuck in my soul, like a prisoner detained, //
Life's got me strapped, with chains of the unseen pain. //
Everyday feels like I'm trapped in a torrential rain, //
Emotions blanketed by shadows, depression's unending terrain. //

Smile for the crowd while inside I feel drained, //
Mind running wild with thoughts perpetually stained. //
But I keep on grinding, cause none of these tears are feigned, //
Just a lonely vessel sailing in seas of sorrow unrestrained. //

Living under the thunder, where sunlight's rarely gained, //
Fighting back these demons that've got my spirit chained. //
Struggling in silence, taking pleasure from the pained,
In this battleground of life, where only scars remained. //

(Verse 2)
I'm lost in this labyrinth called depression's dark abyss, //
Where happiness is just a myth and joy's something you miss. //
Veiled by this fog, life's become an eclipse,
A silent conversation between my heartache and my bliss. //

Memories fading fast like they're lost in the mist, //
Invisible pain inscribed on my human existence list. //
Every smile holds a secret that my eyes can't resist,
An empty canvas colored by ruthless strokes of loneliness. //

Living under the thunder where sunlight's rarely gained, //
Fighting back these demons that've got my spirit chained. //
Struggling in silence taking pleasure from the pained,
In this battleground of life where only scars remained. //

So here’s my story laid bare for all to see,

My fight with depression etched deep within me.

From each tear shed to every broken plea,
I remain hopeful for the day when finally… I'll be free.

Note: If you or someone you know is struggling with feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts, reach out to a mental health professional immediately. You are not alone and there are people who want to help you through this tough time.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Drake

Raps About Depression Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Lost in the darkness, ain't no stars to guide, //
Can't hide the pain, it's a constant ride //
Smiling for the world, but inside I'm torn, //
Depression creeping, feeling so worn //
Living in a mansion but feeling confined, //
The world can't see, they all blind //

Tears rolling down but I call it rain, //
Masking the sorrow and hiding the pain //
In this dark tunnel, searching for light, //
Fighting my demons with all my might //

(Verse 2)
Money on my mind but that don’t solve, //
The fear inside me that continues to evolve //
Fame ain't a cure for the pain I've got, //
In this game of life, feeling like I lost the plot //

Fighting shadows in my lonely nights, //
Under city lights with sleepless fights //
Heart heavy like the beats I drop,//
In this sea of sadness, trying not to flop //

I wear my feelings like a coat,//
In icy lyrics that I wrote //
Depression's grip is real tight, //
But in every song grows my fight //

Behind these shades hides a broken soul,//
In this stormy weather seeking control//
Riding waves of grief with an artist’s grace,//
Reflecting hurdles in this endless race//

So here’s to heartache wrapped in sound,//
Making waves as they rebound//
Though depression tries to drown me deep,//
Through music's power I take that leap.

Raps About Depression Lyrics In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Raps About Depression Lyrics

Torn pages out the journal, depression's scripted saga, //
On life’s canvas, painting blues, thoughts tangled up like braid, //
Hard to breathe deep; lungs filled with shattered armor, //
Fighting an unseen enemy; razor sharp and frayed. //

This glass house reflection, my own image seems haunted, //
Tears from clouded eyes, each drop a sonnet. //
Poetic justice muted down by this silent war, //
A battlefield within my mind where joy ain’t met no more. //

I spit truth in verses 'bout the demons in my psyche, //
The world keeps turning, but it feels like it passed me by lightly. //
Mama always said “God got us”, so I clutch His might tightly, //
In the darkest corners of my soul, I need Him nightly. //

Bitter pills swallowed down with a chaser of despair, //
Crowds cheering my name but inside it’s just bare. //
Invisible chains heavy on me, shackled by the unseen, //
I ride this tidal wave of blues wishing to be clean. //

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7 Tips For Delivering Raps About Depression Lyrics Like A Pro

1. Start with Raw Emotion

Let it flow, homie! Just like those deep rap songs about life, start with raw emotion. It's all about expressing your feelings, so don't hold back.

Whether it's the anxiety that keeps you up at night or the depression that lingers in the shadows, put it all out in your lyrics.
Think Kendrick Lamar or the latest rap songs about depression 2022. They're not just spitting rhymes; they're telling stories of their inner battles and life struggles.

2. Keep It Real

Authenticity is key. You want to write some dope rhymes about mental health? Then keep it real! No one wants to listen to a white rapper mental health track if it doesn't resonate with their own experiences.

So, get real with your lyrics – whether they're deep suicidal rap lyrics or just reflections on your everyday battles.

3. Use Metaphors and Similes

The beauty of rap lies in its ability to paint vivid pictures with words. A good metaphor or simile can elevate your lyrics from basic to brilliant.
Relate the feelings of anxiety and depression to tangible experiences – like feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of despair or being trapped in a maze of your own thoughts.

4. Find Your Unique Voice

There are countless rap songs about anxiety and depression lyrics out there, so what makes yours different? You do! Don't be afraid to inject your unique personality into your rhymes.
Maybe you've got a wicked sense of humor or a propensity for poetic language – whatever it is, let it shine through in your raps.

5. Get Inspired by Other Artists

Whether it's a classic Tupac track or one of those fresh rap songs about life struggles dropping in 2022, get inspired by other artists.
Pick apart their tracks and see how they weave stories and emotions together.

6. Revise and Refine

Remember that even the greatest rappers didn’t write their top tracks in one go.
The secret sauce? Revision!
Rework those lines until they flow smoothly off the tongue; until every word hits exactly where it needs to hit.

7. Take Care of Your Mental Health Too!

As important as it is to express yourself through music, remember this: Your mental health matters too!
Sometimes writing about depression can be therapeutic but other times, it can be draining.
Dive into music but also ensure you're taking care of yourself outside the studio too.

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