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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Women's Beauty

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Rap Lyrics About Women's Beauty, In The Style of Jay-Z

Verse 1://

She step in the room, all eyes on her,damn she fly //
Silhouette lit by candlelight, baby girl's a night sky //
She got that body moving like a Lamborghini ride, //
When she smile, it’s sunshine – I call that bright side. //


Oh girl, your beauty like a diamond in the rough, //
In this chaotic world, your grace is elegance enough.

Got no need for Maybelline ‘cause beauty’s in her soul, //
Eyes deeper than the ocean floor, yet somehow they make me whole. //
Skin smoother than silk sheets on some Versace threads, //
Lookin' at her got me losin' words and catchin’ feelings instead. //


If beauty’s a crime then girl you’re sentenced for life,
Your essence so divine I had to make you my wife.

Intelligence shines brighter than her Tiffany pearls,
Got the kind of wisdom that could unify the world. //
Her spirit burns brighter than city lights after dark,
Casting shadows over haters with the melody of her heart. //


Girl you're more radiant than sunset over Brooklyn heights,
Your aura pure as gold in my city's sleepless nights.

Yeah ladies worldwide know what I’m speaking of,
Unveiling their beauty wrapped up in self-love.
Can’t buy this kinda class with designer tags or riches,
Celebrate women's worth – now let’s toast to these witches!

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1)
Why you got that light in your eyes, so bright, //
It's like it's givin' me life, alright, //
Your beauty cuts through the night like a knife. //

Got me stutterin’ like Stan on a letter is written, //
Fightin' feelings you incite, got my heart feelin' smitten. //

You're a goddess, lemme kneel at your altar, //
Your aura drips gold, don't let it falter. //

Girl, your beauty's got this realness, ain't no deceit, //
In this grimy world, you're a breath so sweet. //

Love how your strength and grace interweave,
You're a masterpiece that makes it hard to leave.

(Verse 2)
Your smile's worth more than diamond glints, //
Your voice pierces through louder than Eminem dissing mints. //
In the chaos around, you bring the calm,
Like Shady doing damage with just his palm.

You got that strength of River Phoenix rising from grey,
A real-life wonder woman in everyday’s play.

Girl, your beauty's got this realness, ain't no deceit,
In this grimy world, you're a breath so sweet.

Connect the dots of freckles on your face,
Every inch of you holds an unexpected grace.

So here's to every woman who stands tall and bold,
Your story of beauty and strength will forever be told.
Through Shady’s verses or an artist’s strokes,
Your existence in itself provokes

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1)
Pushing buttons like a keyboard, she ain't ordinary //
She's a masterpiece, no paint by numbers, extraordinary //
Her style is that uniqueness, her grace, it breaks the barriers //
Audacious like the Mona Lisa, bloom like cherry carriers //

Her aura glows bright even in the vast galaxy //
Flickers in the dark, her spirit's my reality //
She got that modern elegance, just like an Audrey Hepburn //
Beauty and brains combined, on that there's no concern //

Ain't no beauty like a confident woman stepping up //
She got that natural glow, from the bottom up //
In her own world she's queen, bearing her own crown //
Such a sight to behold, always dressing down //

(Verse 2)
Her dreams stretch vast like an open sea //
Infinite possibilities, that's where she wants to be //
She got resilience stronger than Maya Angelou’s prose //
Heads turning when she walks in, striking a pose //

The rhythm of her steps syncs with my heartbeat’s patter //
Graceful as a ballet dancer, making all else scatter //
Her laughter heals, it's soulful music to my ears //
She’s both the remedy and cause for joyous tears //

Ain't no beauty like a confident woman stepping up //
She got that natural glow, from the bottom up //
In her own world she's queen, bearing her own crown //
Such a sight to behold, always dressing down //

She's not just beautiful; she carries wisdom too //
Changing the game indeed; on this earth nothing new //
In every sense of beauty – she’s the ideal view //
No doubt about it – this song is for you.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

I'm the king of this game, call me Mr. Carter, //
Ain't no one do it better, try harder why bother //
Got that swagger on tap, and my rhymes tighter, //
I'm just tryna paint a picture of that divine lighter. //

I see you shining baby girl in the midnight hour, //
Your beauty and your power got me soaring like a tower. //
You're a flower bloomin' in the desert of my hustle, //
Got my heart racing, you know I’m flexing muscle. //

Honey, your beauty glows, brighter than the morning star, //
Walking in your presence feels like cruising an exotic car. //
Your smile is my narcotics, got me flying to Mars,
Mysterious as the Sphinx, you keep raising these bars. //

Every curve on your body like poetry in motion, //
Your essence is a potion causing this commotion. //
Lipstick deeper than the ocean, can't ignore this devotion, //
Got me floating on these feelings like I'm lost in an ocean. //

You're a goddess undiscovered, a gem beneath the sand, //
A masterpiece uncluttered by any mortal hand. //
May be Lil Wayne but for you I'll grow taller,
Just to say baby girl, you make this world look smaller. //

You're not just another face in the crowd my dear,
You're the melody, that has no peer.
In confrontation with your radiance, other beauties cower,
Girl you got that type of beauty that only blooms every hour.

Your laugh is melody, your voice – sweet symphony,
Got tattoos inked on my heart with every memory.
From A Milli to Lollipop and Tha Carter III,
Compared to your beauty baby girl they just a trilogy.

My worlds illuminated by the brightness of her gaze,
Her elegance and grace set my soul ablaze.
She’s creating magic without any wand,
This ain’t just another number, it's our bond.

Through trials and tribulations I'm steady on this lane,
But when she walks into the room – feels like I'm Lil Wayne.
Girl your beauty – hazier than smoke from this blunt,
In this world full of replicas you are always upfront.

She’s firing up my mind with her scintillating glow,
In her aura I find solace from life's ceaseless woe.
Her influence is profound – she’s all I prophesy,
With her by my side, we’ll make history.

This ain't no fairytale or some scripted saga,
Her charm is real – pure Prada not Paglia.
Each verse drips passion

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
Walking in the game, they call me Minaj, //
Show-stopping beauty, no need for collage. //
Diamond studded heels clicking on the stage, //
Legit queen status, got 'em in a daze. //

Ladies all around with their heads held high, //
Rocking their curves, flying like a butterfly. //
They're dazzling, stunning, and everything right, //
Got everyone mesmerized, every single night. //

We be the queens of beauty, unbeatable might, //
Girl power taking over, it's a heavenly sight. //
Natural or makeup, either way we slay, //
Unapologetically unique in our own special way. //

(Verse 2)
Pink hair don't care, standing tall and bright, //
Got that fierce energy that can light up the night. //
Whether you're another Cardi or just Rihanna's sis', //
Your beauty is your power, it's the venomous kiss. //

Mind and body’s a temple; it's your divine right, //
Own that reflection girl; you're the star of this fight.//
From New York to Cali and across the sea, //
Women’s beauty stands tall; it's our golden decree. //

We be the queens of beauty, unbeatable might,//
Girl power taking over; it's a heavenly sight.//
Skin deep or soulful; our glow never betray,//
Unapologetically us in every kind of way.//

This one is for you my spectacular girls,//
Every size and shape; with curls or no curls.//
Remember your power resides within you,//
In your heart and mind; it's what makes you true.

In The Style of Future

Intro: //
Yeah, Future hendrix, talkin' bout her magic //

Verse 1: //
Saw her in the night, stars reflecting in her eyes, //
On a solo flight, she got me hypnotized //
In the darkest days, she becomes the sunrise //
Her beauty's a maze, lost in it every time. //

Chorus: //
She got that natural glow, no need for the flash //
She moving slow-mo, capturing every pass //
Illuminating faces, her aura got that splash //
She's my saving grace, no need to amass. //

Verse 2:
She's a queen, wearing crowns ain't her style //
Her simplicity sings, even from a mile //
Like a diamond ring, she holds that versatile smile //
Her laughter rings, making everything worthwhile. //

Chorus: //
She got that natural vibe, lighting up the dash //
In this love tribe, she's my secret stash //
Her beauty describes what words can't hash,
Got me on cloud nine with each eyelash. //

Yeah, it's Hendrix talking 'bout the essence of her beauty,
It's electric; it got me feeling moody.
In this poetic duty,
I'm paying tribute to her with this melody.

In her eyes I see unity,
In her smile there's community,
Honoring women worldwide – that's immunity.
Much love to every woman – That’s Future's serenity.

In The Style of J. Cole

Verse 1://
She step in the room, everything pause, every eye in awe, she a tour de force,//
Can't ignore the glow, her presence speaks, no need to discourse,//
In her essence, she's a sunrise, after long winter nights,//
In her eyes, she carries stories untold, of pain and fights.//

Women’s beauty, more than skin deep, eclipses the sun, makes stars weep,//
Woven in strength and grace , it shines so high and steep.//

Verse 2://
She wears wisdom on her forehead, each line tells a tale,//
Her laughter echoes of triumphs against life's ruthless gale,//
Her tears not signs of weakness,but trophies in life's grail,//
Beauty isn't just a comely face, it's her will to never bail.//

Her beauty's in resilience,in the courage to stand tall,//
In every stumble, every rise – she's beautiful through it all.//

From mothers who cradle dreams,to daughters strong and free,//
Every woman’s a tapestry of strength, woven intricately.//

Her beauty's in her struggle,in her power to break walls,//
She is a force of nature – when she rises , a queen falls.//

Here's to women who fought battles only their heart knows,//
Their beauty shines within – that's where true allure grows.//

Through these verses J.Cole unfolds,
The story of women’s beauty untold,
Appreciate their strength and admire their role,
Cos' true beauty lies deep within the soul.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Ain’t no Picasso, but I’m drawn to your frame//
Your beauty radiates, ain’t no shadow in your game//
Seen you strut on the street, got that catwalk sway//
Lil’ Mona Lisa, every day’s a runway. //

She’s a masterpiece, got that Mona Lisa smile //
Caught in her allure, can't escape, its worthwhile //
In a world full of sketch, she's my detailed profile//
A goddess among mortals, she makes living worthwhile.//

(Verse 2)
Ain’t about the mascara or the lipstick shade//
It's about the strength she's got, and the life she’s made //
Running businesses while caring for her little brigade//
Her beauty not just skin-deep, it’s self-made.//

Diamond in daylight, shining bright when she steps //
No need for spotlights; her aura simply reflects //
Even in the night sky, she never disconnects //
Her beauty's more than stardust; it demands respects. //

From her head to her toes, she’s a work of art//
With every silhouette, she captures my heart//
Her smile pierces through me like a flaming dart //
Her essence so enticing; it's tearing me apart.//

Her beauty transcends from her soul to her aura //
She's a queen with grace; ain't no popular folklore //
In this chaotic world, she is my savior //
In my life's monochrome, she's my colored flora. //

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Beautiful queen shining, out here defining grace //
Proud lines etched in her face, a testament to strength's embrace //
Position with precision, her allure I trace //
In awe of the finesse, pure elegance encased //

Her beauty ain't just skin-deep, it's a spiritual fireplace //
Fueling my inspiration, rise like a high-stakes footrace //
Complex dimensions of her essence worth the chase //
Her heart’s masterpiece, strokes of love laced //

Infinite galaxies spinning in her eyes, no outer space //
Lips speak wisdom, from struggle she ace //
Royalty in her DNA, gentleness interlaced //
Every flaw's a story simply adding to her grace //

Gracefully moving through life with such pace //
In the mirror of society she mirrors faith //
A woman’s beauty is a harmonious phrase //
Respect to every queen in the formative phase.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Women's Beauty Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Power of Metaphors

Let's kick things off with a classic tool in the rap game – the metaphor. Rap is all about expressing complex ideas through relatable imagery, and when it comes to celebrating women's beauty in rap songs, metaphors are your best friend.
Instead of saying “She's beautiful,” why not get creative? Compare her beauty to something that isn't traditionally linked to aesthetics. Maybe she's as captivating as a graffiti mural on a Brooklyn brownstone or as breathtaking as a sunset in Compton. The key is to create an image that resonates with your audience, redefining women's beauty standards in rap.

2. Flip the Script on Objectification

It's no secret that objectification of women in hip-hop lyrics has been an issue for years. But here’s a revolutionary thought: use your lyrics to challenge that narrative.
Instead of focusing only on physical attributes, highlight her intellect, strength, or ambition—qualities that make her genuinely attractive. This approach not only makes for more interesting lyrics but also contributes to empowering women through rap lyrics.

3. Keep it Real and Relatable

Sure, hyperbole can make for some dope lines, but when it comes to crafting beauty in rap lyrics, nothing beats authenticity.
Talk about real women—their radiant smiles after a long day at work or their natural hair dancing freely in the wind. These details show appreciation for everyday beauty and can help redefine what ‘beautiful' means within the context of hip-hop.

4. Do Your Homework on Feminism

Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys), take some time understanding feminism and rap lyrics about beauty. This doesn't mean turning your rhymes into academic essays (unless that's your thing), but knowing about body positivity, consent, and respect will add depth and relevance to your words.

5. Be Respectful and Mindful

It’s essential always to be respectful when rapping about women’s beauty—there’s a fine line between admiration and objectification.
Remember, you're dealing with real people with feelings—not just muses for your rhymes—and being mindful helps ensure you stay on the right side of this line.

6. Switch Up Your Language

If you find yourself leaning on clichés like “hot,” “sexy,” or “fine,” it may be time for a vocabulary overhaul.
Using unexpected language can bring new life into descriptions of women's beauty; consider words like “radiant,” “captivating,” or even “resilient.” Mixing up your language will keep listeners engaged while challenging traditional women's beauty standards in rap.

7. Celebrate Diversity

Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds—your lyrics should reflect this reality.
By celebrating different types of beauty (skin tones, body types, ethnicities), you're not only making more relatable music but also helping challenge narrow definitions of attractiveness prevalent in pop culture.

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