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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

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Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

(Verse 1) //
Unh, fresh out the box, got that **white linen** steez //
Like a ghost in the night, movin' with that Hova ease //
**Head to toe in white**, looking like an angel just fell //
All these other rappers got black hearts, might as well //

(Chorus) //
Rocking my **white clothes**, I'm highkey fly //
Like a dove on a wire, up in the sky //
Ain't no other player could ever deny //
When Jay's in white clothes, I'm touching the sky //

(Verse 2) //
In my **crisp white tee**, diamond studs gleaming clear //
In the rearview mirror, yeah that's fear you hear //
These cats can't compete with Hov's all-white gear //
I'm **S Dot Carter** baby, I pioneer //

Got these Air Force Ones shining bright like headlights //
White on white everything, call it a snow-white night //

(Chorus) //
In my **white clothes**, lighting up Times Square //
Every step I take makes haters stop and stare //
Clock ticking but time freezes when Jay’s there//
Got 'em wishing they could be this debonair. //

(Outro) //
So here's to dressing clean and staying lean//
Cause when Jay’s rocking white he’s feeling supreme//
Peep how this emperor is ruling his empire,
With these **white clothes** on fire.

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

Yeah, let's paint a picture, in the truest white hue, //
A blank canvas for these words to slice through. //

Verse 1
Yo, I'm dressed all in white, fresh like a virgin snowfall, //
Ice cold appearance but underneath there's a fireball. //
Emblazoned with purity, shades of crystal clarity //
All my thoughts are rare, feeling this rarity. //

No bleached jeans just pristine white Tees //
My wardrobe's colorless but it ain't appeasin' me. //
Lookin' like an angel straight descendent from the bliss, //
Ironically only when I throttle the mic like this. //

In my white clothes like an unmarked manuscript, //
My lyrics paint pictures while you're still deciphering scripts. //
Ain't no stains on me, I'm livin' blemish-free //
In this snow-white attire, defining my legacy. //

Verse 2
I've walked though darkness wrapped in this arctic cloth, //
My life was all black ‘n blue 'til I brushed it off. //
Yeah you see the surface but underneath it's a brawl //
Skeletons hid in my closet tucked behind these whitewashed walls. //

Spittin' cold truths while y'all still spinning lies //
Got you all hypnotized while I'm winning Nobel Prizes.
White clothes-symbolize rebirth and new starts, //
My words hit like silver arrows piercing through hearts.

In my white clothes reflecting light so bright,//
They blinded by my wisdom even in the darkest night.
Purity personified but don't get it twisted yo,//
Even with all white on I still run the show.

White threads weaving stories untold,//
Each fabric embodies bars of gold.//
So here's to Eminem in his attire so light,//
Burning brighter than any neon at midnight.

Yeah, It's Em baby and I’m cut from a different cloth,//
My rhymes are polished diamonds y'all can never brush off.

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

(Verse 1)
Aye, fresh out the box like Christmas Eve, //
All-white fit, on my sleeves, //
Fit so clean, got them guessing 'bout my pedigree, //
On that Yeezy tip, ain't no mediocrity. //

Snow white tee, got me feeling so heavenly, //
White denim jeans like it's part of my identity. //
Clean white kicks, making haters feel the jealousy, //
I'm on top of the game with no penalty. //

Got my outfit screaming out purity, //
No stains on me, I'm free from obscurity. //
Dressed in white might cause some insecurity, //
But I walk with pride and no insecurity. //

All-white everything, poppin' like a summer fling, //
Feeling like a king, yeah that's the bling. //
Fresh as a diamond ring, can't clip my wings; //
In these white clothes, I do supreme things. //

(Verse 2)
Wear all white leather, just to match the weather; //
White fur coat on me feels light as a feather. //
My style ain't regular – it's something you can measure; //
It glistens and it shines just like hidden treasure. //

Draped in all white silk from head to shoe,
Water off a duck's back when they throw their brew.
Snowy dress code, that's what I pursue;
Styled by Ye', what about you?

All-white everything, poppin' like a summer fling,
Feeling like a king; yeah that's the bling.
Fresh as a diamond ring, can't clip my wings;
In these white clothes, I do supreme things.

White so pristine – that's how we roll,
Color of peace – it touches your soul.
Can't compete with Ye', that’s how this story unfolds;
In snow-white threads, we break the mold.
With Kanye West's style, we're never getting old,
Yeah we glowing bright – man that’s pure gold!

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

Fresh as snow, all white everything, //
Like a blank canvas, let my colors sing. //
In a white tee classic, no bling //
Cash Money king, it's a Young Money thing. //

On the red carpet, all white look clean //
In that white Maybach, feel like a dream. //
Got that white gold on me, so pristine //
Ice so cold, Wayne the winter queen. //

White Air Forces, stay fly on sight //
In them white denim jeans, lookin' right. //
Flyin’ through the clouds in the dead of night //
All in that all-white private flight. //

White diamonds drippin', ice for the wrist//
All white everything from head to toe blitz.//
Ivory keys playin' as my swag persist //
Weezy F Baby and the F is for “Frostbit.” //

I'm fresher than a peppermint, sharper than a spear //
Leave 'em lost in my whiteness like they're caught in winter's mirror.//
Crisp as starched linen popping with no fear, //
Lil Wayne in white clothes – the message is clear: //

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

Verse 1:
Yeah, all white drip like a snowstorm,
Walking so slick I don't even get warm.
All white everything, from the heels to the fur,
Stealing every scene, yeah, I'm that kind of girl.

Rockin' all white, it's my fashion decree,
Step up in the club, they can't help but see me.
Got 'em lined up, staring like a movie premiere,
When I rock my white attire, it's my year, it's clear.

All white everything, yeah that's my mood,
Turn heads when I walk in the room.
Ice cold, clean cut, pure and pristine,
Stepping out looking like a queen.

Verse 2:
All white fits so fresh and so clean,
Got 'em shaking in their boots – they ain't never seen
A chick this fly in a fit this mean,
I'm gleaming under lights, – damn right I'm the queen.

Got that all-white look like fresh fallen snow,
Icy cold when I step on the floor.
They try to match my flow but they too slow,
I'm out of their league – but they already know.

All white everything, yeah that's no joke,
Got 'em hypnotized with every word I spoke.
No stains on me, only pure elegance
In this all-white ensemble, babe – ain't no decadence.

Yeah, all white attire (ooh), I got 'em staring.
No second-guessing here babe, I ain't sparing.
White as feather or a dove in flight,
In my all-white everything, we'll own the night.

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

Hook: //
Wearin' my white, feelin' so right, sippin' on the lean all night. //
I shine so bright, in clothes so white, ain't no future unless I write. //

Verse 1: //
Woke up this mornin', put on that snow white, //
Got them fresh kicks gleamin' in the morning light. //
Fresh prince of the night, dressed in all white, //
They see me comin', feels like flight. //

I'm Future and I'm feelin' icy, //
That's why my fit is always pricey.//
In the mirror lookin’, say “Damn, I'm nicey”//
My outfit pure, like a snow flurry slice. //

In that all white, like a ghost in the night, //
Diamonds shinin', givin' fright.//
All this bread, yeah it's real tight,//
Got 'em starstruck by my all-white sight. //

Verse 2: //
Ridin’ around town in that icy white whip, //
White on white look, yeah it's legit.//
Pockets full of green, but I'm dressed in crisp linen,//
Got 'em wishin', they could be in my position.//

Always keep it clean, like my heart and soul,//
Never let the dirt take control,//
Are you feelin’ me? Is it getting cold?//
That’s the power of the white gold. //

In my pure whites,, ridin' top flights,//
Future too bright within these city lights.//
In this game of life, ain't no black and white,//
Only wins and losses when you're living this life.

So I dress in jewel-white, clean and right,//
In this world full of wrongs might as well shine bright.//
Yeah I wear my pain but it's out of sight,//
Underneath these whites, carry dreams to ignite.

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

(Verse 1) //
Yeah, wearing all white, I was feeling the vibe,//
Clean as the day when the Lord made life.//
Momma always told me, boy, stay in your light,//
But when you dressed in white, the shadows got sight.//

(Chorus) //
In these white clothes, I see my old ghosts,//
Path laid out by them bumps and potholes.//
Dirt don't stick when your soul's this clean,//
Even in darkness, my white still gleam.//

(Verse 2) //

In my white shirt, I step out fearless,

Spitting wisdom like some ancient peerless.//
When you've been through struggles, that's when you hear us,
Straight from the dirt, but now my path is clear-cut.//

(Chorus) //
In these white clothes, no room for pretense,
Life ain't black or white, it's lived in past tense.
Dirt may come, but our spirit remains,
I wear my hopes and fears all the same.//

(Outro) //
So next time you see me in this bright white fit,
Know it's more than a color, it's the truth we transmit.
From a world of struggles to a beacon legit,
The journey ain't easy but we never quit.

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I'm draped in white, call it purity//
No stains on me, moving with such surety//
Caught up in the game but still preserving my security//
Chasing dreams in my white tee, that's the Drake maturity//

In these white shoes, walking straight outta adversity//
From the bottom now we're here, it's a reversal see//
Living life like it’s my last, yeah this a curse to me//
But no matter the pain, I wear it universally//

In my white clothes, like I'm celestial//
Brighter than the daybreak, feeling extra special//
White threads hang loose and essential,
In this white fit feeling so potential//

(Verse 2)
Now see me in this white suit, feeling invincible//
OVO sound to the world, yeah it’s critical //
Climbed every mountain and fought every principle //
And came out shining like a diamond; it's radical//

Stepping on cloud nine in these white kicks//
Hustling hard for every doe that ticks //
Always keep it 100 never do tricks //
Living clean in this all-white mix //

In my white clothes, I'm feeling presidential //
Staying true to myself not minimal //
Got that OVO sound resonating as usual,
In this white gear am truly original //

Yeah, these white clothes are more than material//
They're my strength and armor; ain't superficial //
I've come too far to be knocked off my pedestal //
In my all-white look, I am Drake… so special //

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About White Clothes

Ain't no color pure as that, my threads all white like snow, //
Spotless tales, up and down, from head to toe. //
In a world so complex, keep my style clean, no code. //
On the run from shadows, in the light I roam. //

White tees, white shoes, speak volumes quiet and loud, //
In this symphony of chaos, we stand out in the crowd. //
Each crease tells a story, each stain a past episode, //
Glistening in the sunlight, carrying tomorrow's road. //

Clothes ain't just fabric, it's the skin we donned on our soul, //
All white everything, keeping the darkness under control. //
Sacrifice is immaculate when you're walking on this globe,
Life’s not always black or white, wisdom is finding purity in the fold. //

Stand tall among others, but never too proud to unfold,
All white linen, soft whispers of legends untold. //
Crisp as a new page – write your story bold and hold,
Even in tints and shadows, it's the white that holds the gold.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About White Clothes Like A Pro

1. Harness the Power of Imagery

Let's get this straight, ain't nothing fresher than a crisp white tee. But how can you translate that into some killer bars? Well, my friend, you need to tap into the power of imagery. For instance, think about how country songs with t-shirt in the lyrics paint a vivid picture in your mind. And yes, I mean literally.

Remember the stain on my white t-shirt song? That bbq stain on white t-shirt lyric gave us an image so clear, we could practically smell the sauce!

So when you're writing your rap about white clothes, don't just say it's a white shirt; describe its crispness, its purity, or how it looks under city lights.

2. Emphasize Symbolism

White clothes aren't just about fashion; they're a symbol. Think about all those songs about wearing his shirt and what that represents – intimacy, possession, lingering memories. You can use similar symbolism in your lyrics to add depth and emotion.

3. Use Repetition Wisely

Repetition is a dope tool in songwriting if used wisely. Just like that catchy ‘t-shirt on' song or ‘my t-shirt' song that we couldn't get out of our heads for days! But remember not to overdo it. We don't want your listeners begging for mercy.

4. Play with Rhymes

One thing that makes rap so compelling is its rhythmic flow and clever rhymes. This is where you can really show off your lyrical prowess.
Think about how bbq stain on my white t-shirt release date became such a hit; it wasn't just the narrative but also those tight rhymes!

5. Experiment with Different Themes

Who says you can only stick to one theme? The beauty of music lies in its versatility! One day you could be rapping about love (like those songs about wearing his shirt) and the next day you might be spitting bars about social issues.

6. Make It Relatable

The best lyrics are ones that people can relate to – whether it's falling in love or getting a bbq stain on their favorite white tee (yes, I'm looking at you again!). It's these shared experiences that make songs memorable and meaningful.

7. TikTok Can Be Your Best Friend

Finally, don't forget to jump onto trending platforms like TikTok where users create viral dances and challenges based around catchy hooks from different songs (yeah ‘t-shirt song tiktok', we see you).
This could be an ideal way to get your dope lyrics known!

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