Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

Here they are:

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

Black attire, no choir, I aspire//
To set the world on fire with my soul and attire//
All black everything, that's my desire//
In the night I retire, a phantom with the empire//

A wardrobe mirroring my notes from the underground//
Painted in black shades, profound//
Finesse in every thread, no need for a background//
Powerful presence like Biggie in his Hometwon//

All black attire from head to toe//
It ain't just a color but a feeling yo'//
Like shadows whispering secrets in code//
I walk into the room and silence unfold//

Cloaked in obscurity yet shining bright,//
I am merely a star wrapped up in night.//
All-black ensemble playing its part,//
A symphony of darkness turned into art.//

Whether Bonanno or Gambino style,//
Stepping on these streets making them worthwhile.//
I wear all black as if it's a trial,//
On this fashion runway where we reconcile.//

Dressed to kill without spilling blood,//
No red stain on this dark flood.
Hoodie to boots like oblivion mud,//
This enigmatic aura ain't no dud.//

Black is elegant and classy they say,//
Just like Jay-Z spitting verses all day.
Every stitch tells a story along the way,//
That’s why I wear black even on sunny May.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

(Verse 1)
Yo, I'm draped in all black, like the shadow of a reaper, //
In every room I seep in, I'm the grim sleeper. //
Can't tell day from night, 'cause the line's thinner, //
My reality's darker than your darkest winter. //

Magnifying the microcosm of my melancholy, //
Where hollow echoes sound like they're from a dollie. //
Yeah, I'm Eminem, coming from the underbelly, //
Painting pictures with words that turn brains to jelly. //

They say “Marshall why you always dressed in black?” //
Wherever light's absent, that's where I unpack.//
Ain't no sunshine in my mind's weather forecast, //
My shade penetrates more than your sunrise contrast. //

(Verse 2)
Dressed in black – but don't confuse it for mourning, //
I'm just matching my outfit to my darkest warning. //
Every stitch sewn with threads of isolation, //
Each garment woven with personal frustration. //

Onyx attire reflects my internal fire, //
These jet-black lyrics set the world entire. //
I’m not Batman, but sometimes feel like Bruce Wayne, //
Stepping out beneath the moonlight to soften the pain. //

I wear all black not only for the fashion, //
It's to mirror the depths of my passion. //
A reflection of a soul marred by many a crack,
Like a mirror shattered and fading to black.

So when you see me rocking all black threads,
Know it’s more than just some color fad.
There’s a million stories inside this dark mind,
Each one more haunting than what you'll find.

They say clothes make the man but understand,
It's not styling or profiling – it's taking a stand.
My all-black outfit is more than just fabric,
It’s a symbol of struggle and life's static.

In these dark threads I find peace and silence,
An emblem of resilience amidst life’s violence.
Though clad in midnight each and every hour,
I still rise, proving darkness won't devour.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

All black fit, looking like a renegade, //
Sneaker game fly, Yeezy's got the accolade. //
Saint Laurent shirt, Balenciaga on my back //
Balmain black jeans, style never lack. //

Black Maybach cruising through the city night, //
Illuminated by the stars' ambient light. //
Mastermind at play, dressed in Givenchy threads //
Ice around my neck, sparkling like comet shreds. //

Billionaire Boys Club skully cap on my dome, //
YSL cologne wafting in my mobile home. //
Alexander Wang boots tapping on concrete floor, //
Even in the dark, homie I'm the metaphor. //

Silhouette game strong with that Dior coat //
Versace shades on but I don't mean to gloat. //
All black everything like Jay said it best, //
Sartorially inclined, forever well-dressed. //

Off-White belt tight but my rhymes tighter still, //
In the darkness shines out my lyrical skill. //
Rocking Rick Owens while I own these beats //
Innovating rap like Yeezy with his tweets. //

All black attire like it's a funeral procession, //
Living life large, success is my obsession. //
I bleed creativity, wearing darkness as my guard //
Even at nightfall, Yeezy shines hard.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

Chorus: //
Stepped out in that all-black, call it midnight attack, //
Lil Wayne on the back, yeah, that's a platinum plaque. //

Verse 1: //
Stuntin' like my Daddy in my jagu-black Caddy, //
Only dress code I know, bruh, is darker than the alley. //

Paper chasin', rakin' in that cash – watch it stack, //
All black Benjamin Franklins in my backpack. //

From the heart of Hollygrove – ain't no turning back, //
On the grind, shinin' through the blackness of the track. //

Chorus: //
Dressed in that billionaire black, spittin' million dollar tracks, //
Lil Wayne on repeat – got the world on wax. //

Verse 2: //
No ceilings on my dreams – even sky ain't black enough, //
All black, everything; life’s tough, gotta play rough. //

Diamonds clear as vodka but the liquor's pitch black, //
Weezy F Baby and don't forget that F is for “fight back”. //

Rollin' through this game with a panther-like tact, //
Got these keys to success hitting all those right cracks. //

Draped in shadow hues 'cause it's all about respect, //
I'm Lil Wayne in this game and I rep that All Black set.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

(Verse 1)

All black everything, I'm not coming to play//
Like the dark side of the moon, I eclipse your day//
Murder scene clean, head to toe in goth chic//
Pull up in that all black Maybach—peekaboo, quick peek//


Dressed in all black like a fashion killa//
Nicki Minaj baddest in the villa//
Rapping so cold, ice queen thriller//
All black attire like a classy Godzilla//

(Verse 2)

Coco Chanel vibes with that little black dress//
All eyes on me cause I'm nothing less than the best//
Nicki’s got style, Nicki’s got class//
All black outfit just kicked your ass.//


All black diamonds are a girl's best friend//
In my all black world there's no need to pretend//


Dressed in all black like a fashion killa//
Nicki Minaj baddest in the villa//
Rapping so cold, ice queen thriller//
All black attire like a classy Godzilla//


All black everything, from head to toe//
Nicki Minaj running shows like CEO //

In my all-black ensemble I'm unstoppable,
No competition visible – they're just not copiable!
Talk about me? Make it high-praise and audible, “
Cause Nicki Minaj in all-black is simply not toppable!

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

(Verse 1) //
Cloaked in all black just like a raven, //
Dark as the night, moving sly, I'm never cave in. //
Early morning grind, shades of black in my coffee, //
All black attire like I'm going to a posh spree. //

Black diamonds on my neck, reflecting my past,//
Streets taught me lessons, you wouldn't last. //
Wearing all black but it ain't for the sadness, //
This is my armor against life's madness. //

(Chorus) //
All black everything, that's my creed, //
Darker than the shadow, faster than your speed. //
Black clouds hanging but I ain't running, //
Life threw lemons but I kept on gunning. //

(Verse 2) //
Every dollar bill earned under city light's glare, //
I wear my heart on my sleeve without a care.//
All black Benz rolling down the boulevard,//
Got dreams bigger than life, I'm working hard.//

All black suit when I'm hitting red carpets,//
From nothing to something, spotlight target.
Wearing the color of struggle and success,//
All Black silhouette, yeah that's how I dress.//

(Chorus) //
All black everything is no facade,//
It's the story of rise from the odds.
Black on Black like ying-yang balancing,//
Grind all day long and keep challenging.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

(Verse 1)
From the Ville to BK where they sling that crack, //
Rocking all black like Joe's heart attack. //
It ain't just a color, it's a state of mind, //
A symbol of rebirth from a life unkind. //

Dipped in darkness, shedding that fear, //
Look into my eyes, see no silver tear. //
My skin matched the night, my soul wore brighter stars, //
I walk in silence but my journey roars. //

All-black fitted, shoes with no laces, //
Stepping on grounds where nightmare embraces. //
My attire a memoir written in shades of discontent, //
Telling stories that make Hell feel absent. //

All black everything, from head to toe, //
Not mourning death but celebrating growth. //
In black garbs I found my voice,
Embracing the night with no other choice. //

(Verse 2)
All black threads weaving thoughts in rhymes,
Worn-out leathers bear wisdom and times.
Shadows sprawled across words I chose,
Ghosts of past living close.

In ink as dark as the clothes I wear,
On stretched canvas bare,
I paint pictures born from despair.
But through it all I broke the snare.

Under moonlit nights and clouded days,
In a world that judges in many ways.
Yet here I am, defiant and brash,
In an all-black suit cut from pain’s sash.

All black everything ain’t about fear or fright,
It’s resilience shining bright in the pitch-black night.
Wearing sorrow and pride stitched deftly together,
We're clad in all black, always rising like feather.

With every black thread, we tell our story,
Each stitch a testament to our glory.
From struggles now silent to dreams yet unborn,
We wear all black to rebirth each morn’.

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

(Verse 1) //
Black on black, feeling like a panther, //
In this town, I'm the answer//
Nightfall draped over my shoulders,//
Heart colder, as I get older //

Cloaked in obsidian, moving in silence, //
My pain's vibrant but I keep smiling//
Dark threads weaving stories untold,//
Eyes gleaming like hidden gold//

(Chorus) //
I wear all black 'cause it matches my soul,//
I wear all black, it helps me control//
Shadows fall, but I'm on a roll,//
All black makes me feel so whole//

(Verse 2) //
Noir drip, heart-ache eclipse,//
Midnight mantle, feeling so crisp//
Running through the 6 in my dark attire,//
Fuel to the fire of my own empire//

Waves crash against my jet-black jeans,//
Dreams kept alive in this machine//
All black suit when I count my stacks,//
Painting my success in bold abstracts//

(Chorus) //
I wear all black and embrace the night,//
I wear all black 'cause it feels so right //
Midnight hues to help me fight,//
All black keeps me bright despite the blight//

(Outro) //
In an onyx world with ebony stars,//
Riding solo in sleek black cars//
Sable dreams woven into these bars,//
Drake dressed in dark memoirs//

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Wearing All Black

Verse 1:
Black attire, not a game, it's my main attire,//
Like I'm walking through flames but I can't catch fire,//
Shadow figure, in the dark, they can't see me,//
I'm invisible, unmissable, pure black on the TV.//

Verse 2:
I'm the silent night, moving under moonlight's glow,//
All black like a panther, moving incognito.//
In a world full of colors, I choose nullity,//
Hue of coal, but my heart pumps pure quality.//

Verse 3:
All black, not just cause it's slimming down,//
It's the color of my soul, where my crown hides the crown.//
Stealthy presence, feels like an eclipse is walking//
Got 'em questioning reality when this shadow starts talking.//

Verse 4:
Ebon garbs, ain't no sorry or regrettings,//
Universe in reverse, I'm that black hole sucking in settings.//
Cloaked in obsidian nights matched with raven feathers,//
Walking testimonial that even darkness can be tethered.//

7 Tips For Delivering Rap lyrics about wearing All Black Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Noir Aesthetic

Amp up your game by getting comfortable with the color black. It might feel a bit morbid, but remember, it's also powerful and sleek.

Embrace the noir aesthetic as it's a fundamental part of writing rap lyrics about wearing all black. You're not at a funeral; you're at a fashion show on the dark side of town.

2. Feel the Vibe; Live the Style

To write some dope rap lyrics about wearing all black, you need to soak in that vibe completely.

This isn't just about donning a black tee and some dark shades; it's about living that style, feeling its every thread, and letting it inspire your rhymes.

3. The Power of Metaphors

Rap is notorious for its clever use of metaphors, and your lyrics should be no different. When writing about wearing all black, use metaphors to highlight the power and mystery associated with the color.

Maybe your outfit is like ‘a raven in flight', or you're ‘cloaked in midnight'? Don't hold back on those descriptive phrases!

4. Use Black as an Attitude

In rap culture, clothing isn't just fabric — it's an attitude, a statement! Use this mentality when crafting your lyrics to describe wearing all black attire as more than just a fashion choice — make it an embodiment of defiance and strength.

5. Play with Contrasts

The beauty of black lies in its stark contrast with other colors. Let this contrast inspire your lyrics too – how does wearing all black set you apart? Does it make you feel invincible? Unseen? Or maybe like a shadow that dances between light and darkness?

6. Know Your Rap History

Knowledge is power! Rap has a rich history of artists who've rocked the all-black look on stage (think Run DMC or Jay-Z). Read up on them and their reasons for choosing black as their uniform – it might provide some inspiration for your own lyrics.

7. Keep It Real & Personal

Lastly, but most importantly, keep your words authentic to your experience. The best rap lyrics about wearing all black will come from an honest place within you – whether that’s from memories or emotions tied to this particular look or color.

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