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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Time
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Rap Lyrics About Time, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Yo, time is money, and money is time,// Every second count, flipping nickels into dimes.// Tick-tock, the game don't stop,// Jay-Z on top, watch the champagne pop.// Life's a clock, gotta read between the lines,// All about that hustle from NY to the pines.// Day and night, I'm grinding for mine,// Old age creeping up but I ageing like fine wine.// (Chorus) Time keeps ticking but I ain't slipping,// Billionaire status, yeah you know we always tripping.// Clock hands spinning, my records keep spinning,// Living every moment like it's just the beginning.// (Verse 2) The past in rearview, gotta keep my vision clear,// Can't be dwelling on yester-years that's no longer here.// Got gold on my wrists but it’s beyond material,// Time is priceless, it’s something ethereal. Been through hard times, still came out shining,// No Rolex can define this perfect timing.// Clock don’t lie, it just keeps unwinding, Future to the past, silver lining on horizon. (Chorus) Time keeps ticking but I ain't playin',// Every minute precious with these rhymes I'm saying. Turn back time? Nah man that's insane, Live for today 'cause yesterday can't be regained. (Jay-Z Outro Ad-lib) “Time waits for no man,” Hova said so, Clock’s game plan gotta play like a pro. Changes come fast but we move slow, One thing 'bout time -it never lets go…

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yo, I'm the hourglass assassin, // ticking past my phrase lasts in, Sharper than a diamond edge, my words are never cracking. // Seconds turn to minutes, as I spit fire like a dragon, // Time's relentless grip, but we ain't never laggin'. // Quick – like a tick on a Rolex, sparking intellect, // My dialect is a vortex which can easily perplex. // A minute of my rhymes worth more than your Rolex, // You're stuck like broken clocks, I'm sharp as Gillette flex. // (Chorus) Facing the ticking time bomb, y'all ain't got long // My rhymes are so strong – yeah they're timeless like Don's song. // Clocks are never slowing, can't pause the daybreak's dawn // With every verse laid down – another era is born. // (Verse 2) Turn up the volume on (father) time's boombox, // Feeling his beat through my Reeboks as I detox. //'ve got The universe inside me ticking to its own clock – // My flow is dope as Einstein’s theory on spacetime's shock // Each line delivered with precision like digital hours, // My metaphors make history – poetic powers in towers. // Metronome’s rhythm in my bloodline flows like showers, I’m a sundial at noon – casting high noontide shadows over cowards. // (Chorus) Facing the ticking time bomb, y'all ain't got long // Distort reality with lyrics – making right what’s wrong. Clocks are never slowing, time's just an endless song // Eternity within verses – where every syllable belong. (Outro) So here's my timeless testament, a vintage phonograph. // Eternal through ages, like hieroglyphs from the past. From the quill of Shakespeare to this digital epitaph, I'm painting you a picture while you're stuck on time’s half mast.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Ayo, time be flexin', steady in the best fit // Tick-tock on my chest, heartbeats the next hit // Complexity of eternity, bear witness, can't contest it // Running off the seconds, but I'm rest-less, gotta invest it // Chasing after minutes like they golden opportunities // Hoard them like a miser, wisdom over jewelries // Time’s the grandeur tapestry of life's beautiful oddities // Our moments be the currencies in heaven's economies // (Chorus) Time keeps on slipping, ego tripping, watch me flipping // Clock hands be gripping, life scripting, tide's dripping // (Verse 2) Hourglass flipped upside down – that's a perspective shift // Got no time for hate, only love on my prescriptive list // Life is just a moment in a breath of infinity // We're all just stardust swirling in divinity // Time heals all wounds; that’s the universal remedy // Yet we race against it, forgetting its gentle melody // So remember this – when in doubt or adversity // The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and sincerity // (Chorus) Time keeps on ticking, world spinning, mind clicking // Moments interlinking, existence blinking, reality flicking // (Outro) And as the sun sets on this lyrical expedition // My words echo through eternity – that's the ultimate ambition // So for now it's peace out from this time-telling technician // ‘Cuz even Kanye needs a pause in his rhythmical composition //.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

(Verse 1) I'm counting tick-tocks on my wristwatch, time's racing,// Got no time to stop, life's not for chasing.// Time is money, and money is time,// But there ain't enough hours for this grind of mine.// Clock hands spinning, like the wheels on my Bugatti,// In the fast lane living, man, ain't nobody copy.// My watch so icy, frozen moments in time,// Growing older but my flow's still prime.// Clockwork orange in this New Orleans twilight,// Every second I live, I write it down right.// Time slipping through fingers like sand in the breeze,// Lil Wayne, timeless artistry with ease.// (Chorus) Time's a trickster, steals your years,// But I'm a pistol, firing rhymes faster than gears.// My bars outlive me; they're etched in stone,// Like hieroglyphs of time, my legacy lone.// (Verse 2) Flashing lights illuminate this road less traveled by,// Balance on the edge of time, soaring high in the sky.// Ink my chronicles on the pages of rap history,// The future is now, no secret, no mystery.// Years passed by but the man stood still,// Weezy got that timeless skill that thrill.// Tattoos marking, not just skin but soul too,// Each one a moment in this life's tattoo.// (Chorus) Life spins faster than turntables can spin my vinyls // But I keep recording verses,biblical as verses in Bibles. My words will outlive me; they won't be forgotten // Through these lyrics I am immortal, can't be rotten. (Outro) So let them clocks tick-tock till infinity // Time may fly, but can't touch Lil Wayne's divinity. His life might yield to mortality someday // But his rhymes will reverberate forever and a day.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Tick-tock, Nicki on the clock, // Time's money, you can't afford to bloc. // Droppin' rhymes like stocks, // I'm chillin' at the top, where is your spot? // Countin' minutes while I'm making bands, // On the throne, Queen of this Hip-Hop land. // Time's passing and I'm still in demand, // You should've known, I always had the upper hand. // (Chorus) ‘Round the clock, in my prime time, // In every line and every rhyme. // Breaking records like it's a crime, // But for a queen like me – it's just grind time. // (Verse 2) Hourglass figure, but no time to waste, // Got dreams bigger than just this space. // Fashionably late? Nah, set the pace, Bold and brash – with elegance and grace. // See me frozen on your magazine cover, Time stands still when there's no other. Clock ticking faster for my haters undercover, But for me it's slow – a forever lover. (Chorus) ‘Round the clock, chasing sunshine, My legacy – an everlasting timeline. Breaking barriers like it's divine, But for a queen like me – it's lifetime. (Outro) Time’s on my side – just watch and glean, The world turns but I stay queen. So waste your seconds if you ain’t tight, Nicki Minaj – I'll be forever in sight.

In The Style of Future

Verse 1 // Cold world, I've been swimming in the deep end, // Got no time to spend, they all ask me how I’ve been. // Swimming ‘gainst the tide, standing tall against the wind, // Focus on my grind cuz time's a river that don't bend. // Chorus // I got time on my wrist, but it's slipping like sand, // Time is a beast and it's eating up my plan. // I'm racing with the clock, tryna do everything I can, // But in this life game, time holds the upper hand. // Verse 2 // Wake up every day wishing I could buy some time, // Paper chasing dreams,, but time is costing me my prime. // Running against seconds, ain't no pause or rewind, // Guess that's why they say ‘time waits for no kind.' // Chorus // I got diamonds on wrist but they can’t freeze time, Each tick of the clock echoes like a chime. // Time is an enemy that doesn't hear my rhyme, In this race with life ‘time won't co-sign'. Outro Yeah time ain’t no friend, it’s just a fiend, Keep pushin', keep hustlin' while we chase this dream. No matter where we go or where we've been, Remember in life’s book ‘time is the only queen.'

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Imma start this story from a time when I was just a child, // community of struggle where the dreams are always wild. // Mama prayed for better days, papa worked in coal and lime, // It's quite a trip when existence don't stay congruent with time. // The years moved forward, but my pocket stayed stuck on zero, // Learned, wealth ain’t about dough but perspectives of the hero. // Time multiplied the pain with no math to divide it, In a world of many watches, but none to guide it. // (Chorus) Time keeps ticking, ticking like a metronome, Gotta make it count; you never know how long you've got to roam. // Life's short but even in its fleeting core, We carve our names deep in time cos that's what we’re here for. // (Verse 2) Memories fading, like polaroids in the sun, You lose yourself; forget where you begun. // The hourglass trickles down grain by grain, Taste of victory laced with drops of pain. // Grew up with less but now my cup runneth over, Spend my days searching for that four-leaf clover. // From back then till now, same song different rhyme, Different beat each day, courtesy of Father Time. // (Chorus) Time keeps ticking, ticking like a metronome, Gotta make it count; you never know how long you've got to roam. // Life's short but even in its fleeting core, We carve our names deep in time cos that’s what we’re here for. // (Bridge) Fast forward through the years and what has changed? Ticking clocks and shifting sands, life rearranged. // Decades gone by yet moments seem so close, Bearing witness to our lives; time’s silent ghost.// (Outro) So here’s a tale from me to you about our timeline. Told through struggle and victory, sweet like summertime. // And as I lay these words down for history to find, I’m reminded The value is not in time itself, but how we spend time.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) // Used to be a kid chasing dreams, now I age like fine wine // Looked in the mirror, saw the years designed in each line // Tick tock, can't stop this Rolex of mine // I got that 24/7 flow, working overtime // Time is the master, but we're the author of our own script // Life can be a blur, time's lens always got us in its grip // Past decisions haunt me, moments I coulda slipped // But they say time heals, gotta let bad memories just dip // (Chorus) // I've been racing against time, chasing shadows in my mind // Every minute counts, in this journey we’re assigned // Time don't wait, it just leaves you behind // Time don’t wait, but it leaves diamonds refined // (Verse 2) // Every second strikes like lightning, cutting through the dark haze // Time’s been my teacher; it's been my maze // In the end, it ain't about the money or the praise // It's about living every moment before they become yesterday's // Got more wrinkles now than Pappy’s old map // Each one a story of life’s mishap // But look at me now, I've survived every trap // Rap made me timeless, no need for any gap // (Chorus) // Been racing against time, making memories that bind // Clock keeps ticking but I won’t fall behind // Life is fleeting but these lyrics are signed // By a timeless soul who’s rhythmically inclined // (Outro)// In this life of rhyme and time, I found my grind // In every beat and line –a narrative unwinds // We're all just dust in Time; it’s quite divine // Making every moment count – that's how we shine.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Procrastination's my richest crime, // Spending nickels and dimes on borrowed time // Floating on seconds, defeated by doubt // Living off minutes, till my time runs out. // In the mirror of hours, is a reflection that's mine // A picture of past, where the future's designed. // In the tick-tock rhythm I find my rhyme // Scrubbing clean chronology, committing no time crime. // Sands in the hourglass telling tales, while I define // Writing my lyrics between every fine line. // Aging like fine wine, determined by time's divine // The hands of the clock wind around my lifeline. // Tortured by memories, healed by time's touch // Through years and decades that mattered so much.// Time can be gentle, time can be rough // But in the face of forever, is even a lifetime enough?
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Time Like A Pro

1. Dig Into the Sands of Your “Time Lyrics”

When you're laying down your time lyrics, don't just skim the surface – plunge deep. Think Hootie and the Blowfish meaning level. Their lyrics often contain profound reflections on time, making listeners think about its passage and impact. So, when you're penning those rhymes, make sure they're not just catchy but also thought-provoking.

2. Get Influenced by the Masters

You know what's dope? The Pink Floyd – Time videos. Those guys knew how to weave a narrative about time that sticks with you long after the song ends. Soak in their creativity, let it permeate your thoughts and then channel it into your own lyrics. It's like listening to time in a whole new dimension.

3. Play with Metaphors

Your lyrics are your canvas and metaphors are your paints – use them to create vivid images in the listener's mind. Take inspiration from classics like ‘Time' by Pink Floyd or ‘Money' with its powerful money lyrics.

4. Don't Forget to Breathe (Lyrics)

Remember those dope ‘Breathe' lyrics from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon? They served as a reminder that life is fleeting – an echo of the album's overarching theme about time. When crafting your own verses, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. A simple yet potent line can drive home your message better than an overly complex lyric.

5. Keep It Real and Relatable

The best songs are those that listeners can relate to personally – this includes tracks about time too! When writing, ask yourself: “How does time feel in my everyday life?” Use those experiences as fuel for your lyrical fire.

6. Listen To Time…Literally!

Yeah, I said it! Take some moments out of your day to simply listen to time passing by – ticking clocks, morning birdsongs announcing dawn or even traffic noise marking rush hour. These subtle sounds may inspire unique rhythms or concepts for your rap verses.

7. Make Every Word Count!

This ain't no English essay where you need fluff words for extra credit! Each word in your lyric should serve a purpose – whether it's pushing the narrative forward or adding depth to an idea. So when you sit down to listen to Pink Floyd – Time (or any other track), pay attention not just to what is being said but how it is being conveyed through careful word choice. If you've enjoyed our post about rap lyrics about time, you might also find a few of our other posts interesting.

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