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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About The Ocean
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Rap Lyrics About The Ocean, In The Style of Jay-Z

Verse 1: // (Yeah, uh huh, it's Hov) // From the Bed-Stuy block, to the ocean's loft, // Ridin' on my yacht, feelin' like a boss. // Gulf stream jet, to the Pacific crest, // Ocean deep in blue, like my Autemars on my wrist. // (Yeah!) Hov spitting pearls about that persisting plight, // Ocean under moonlight beaming back that billionaire light. // Sideways glancing at starfish, wondering about their fight, // Manhattan hustle in my veins but I'm an aquatic knight. // Chorus: (You know it's Jay) Dance with the tide as the sea meets sky, // Watch as waves rise high while I coast by. // In this vast ocean wide – ain't no reason to lie,// Jay-Z’s lyrics gonna fly – just like seagulls in the sky. // Verse 2: Tidal waves of rhymes crashing down with force,// Gone from slinging rocks to skipping stones off shore.// Whale watching off the stern – oh you thought it was a tour?// Nah baby that’s Hova’s world – you never seen this before.// Oceanic kingdom where Poseidon be envious,// H-O-V ruling waves leaving 'em all delirious.// From Brooklyn marinas to islands mysterious,// With Bey by my side – our love is imperious. Chorus: (Yeah! You know it's Jay) Cruising through life ‘neath a setting sun,// In this world of oceans – ain't nowhere we can’t run.// Rich with those rhymes and beats that weigh a ton,// H-O-V sailing high – journey just begun. Outro: Yeah, Left Marcy projects for seascape optics, From hard knock life now it’s oceanic topics. Sea salt spray above deck – y’all get me? From BK small fry to Big Fish in this sea. End: Life taught me one thing: gotta keep riding tides, You see these waves here? That's just pride. HOVA out here schooling y'all on maritime guide, Underwater or on surface – Jay-Z worldwide.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) // Yo, I'm like a ship on the ocean, battling storms, never in motion // Life's tribulations, man, they're drivin' me crazy, gotta stay devoted // This ain't some shallow water raps, but deep sea notions // Been fightin' my demons, underwater combats in slow motion // Pullin' Davy Jones from the locker, facin' my fears with every potion // Lifesaver beats keep me floatin', my words are the ocean commotion // Turbulent tides of emotion, penned with raw devotion // (Chorus) // Drownin' in this ocean of life that carries us far // World changes like tide stirred by a distant star // But I'll keep spitting bars with the strength of a tidal wave // Making ripples in the industry that only Eminem can pave // (Verse 2) // Sweat on my brow like saltwater drops, grinding non-stop // ‘Bout to boil over the top like a seabed hot spot // My words hit you like undertow, take you down low // Turn your world end over end – that's one helluva flow // Got rhymes as deep as Mariana's trench – they're hard to fetch // Against life's storms and squalls – ain't no match or catch // My verses are sea sponges, soak 'em up till they latch // (Chorus) // Moving with the rhythm of the sea underneath the starlight haze// In this game too long – forged by waves and ablaze// My rhymes slash through waters – creating their own riptide maze// Surviving in this industry – an old sailor’s fascinating waltz and craze// (Outro Verse)// Through darkest waters and uncharted depths I glide// With every beat and rhythm, against the tide I stride// In this ocean of life, we rise above, we dive and hide// But just remember in these depths is where real treasures reside.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) From the Chi-town streets to the ocean waves// Hustled and grinded, now got those fortune days// Heart as deep as the sea, this ain't just a phase// The spotlight's on me, got the world in a daze// Got sharks in the water, but I ain't afraid// I'm swimming with my dreams, can't let them fade// In this ocean of life, there's a price to be paid// Just like the tide, remember how I've swayed// (Chorus) Oceanic flow, got that tsunami sound// My beats make waves, they're globally renowned// Life's an ocean voyage, we all are bound// In the sea of stars, it’s us who are crowned// (Verse 2) Ocean's full of mystery, just like Kanye West// Piercing through illusions, putting reality to test// Empire of my own from the mid-west// A king in this ocean, not like the rest// Chasing after treasure buried deep in sea// Greater than gold is being truly free// Diving into dreams as far as eyes can see// This ocean pure and open is where I wanna be// (Chorus) Oceanic vibe, saltwater rhymes so raw// Calm like the surface but powerful at the core// Make waves with my words till they reach your shore// In this vast blue expanse forevermore// (Outro) The ocean teaches patience and love's vastness too// Beneath these waves reflect my shades of blue// As tides ebb and flow under skies so true// I'm just surfing life's waves with a view.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Verse 1: // Ain’t no landlubber, I'm the sailor of this scene, // On that ocean grind, my vision stay marine. // Live that salt life, everything ain't what it seem, // Surf in the night, wake up where the krakens scream. // Chorus: // I'm dippin' in the ocean, sippin' on devotion, // Swimming with my thoughts, I’m just coasting. // Riding waves, my mind in constant motion, // Life’s a beach, an endless ocean. Verse 2: // I’m a shark in the water, y’all just minnows in a tin. // My waves coming harder, y'all barely getting in. // No coral can hold me, can't trap this fin // I rise with the tide, and my reign begins. // Hooks: I dip beneath the surface while these haters just float, // I’m deep under pressure, but I’ll never capsize this boat. // Salty waters round me but I still spit sweet notes // Fishin’ for success, got them dreams on my hook and rope. // Chorus: I'm dippin' in the ocean,sippin' on devotion, Swimming with my thoughts, I’m just coasting. Riding waves, my mind in constant motion, Life’s a beach, an endless ocean. Outro: So here’s to high tides and good vibes, To full moons and smooth rides. I’m sailing through this sea of life, With clear skies and tide on my side.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Okay, queen Nicki on the coastline // Ocean waves coming in, on that fine grind // Got the beach body rocking like a high tide // Keep it saltier than the sea, pride worldwide // I'm deep like the ocean, yeah I've got depth // Got you gasping for air, catch your breath // As icy as an Arctic Ocean, left you feeling bereft // (Hook) Ocean blue got me feeling brand new // Like the Pacific waves, gonna run right through you // (Verse 2) I'm exploring like Jacques Cousteau in that deep sea // My flow's tidal wave about to make history // Pearls on my neck, call it maritime mystery // Waves crashing hard but they ain't scaring me // Got that moon-pull swagger, tidal influence // Oceanic queen, rhymes so effluent // Can't box me in like a reef- I'm too fluent// (Hook) Ocean blue, Caribbean view // Like Atlantis lost, sink deeper into you // (Verse 3) Sailing high on these rhymes like a seagull's flight // Shining bright in the dark like bioluminous night // Deep sea angler fish – my bars bring light// Underwater currents can't sway this matriarch // I rise above it all like a great white shark// Feeling the pressure but my bite's got spark// (Hook) Ocean blue, swaying under moon’s hue // In these deep waters I'll out-swim and outdo // (Outro) Nicki Minaj, yeah I rap with devotion // Queen of the game and mistress of the ocean.

In The Style of Future

Yeah, ridin' these waves, feelin' so wavy //Rollin' with the ocean, never let it phase me // Deep blue sea, now I'm feelin' hazy // Ain't no pressure, baby, life ain't no navy // Got the salt in my veins, sand under my feet // Move like the tide, wit' a rhythm so sweet // Ocean got secrets that I keep // Waves crashin' down but I stay on beat // Whippin' through the water like a dolphin's cry // Droppin' these bars, catch 'em as they fly // Sunset over waves, now watch the sky // Reflect on my life as the tide goes by // I've been to the bottom of the ocean floor // Found my peace in its roar // Chasin' that horizon till my heart is sore // Dream of a place where it's me you adore // Takin' on the world, I'm a mariner // Got no fear, I'mma go further //
In this vast ocean,
can't be deterred // Ridin’ high, got that vision blurred // Ocean's got wisdom, make you reconsider // Life ain't a race, ain't no quitter // Feel that breeze? Yeah it makes me shiver // But I'ma keep flowin' like a steady river // Carved by waves just like sea glass // Got that resilience built to outlast // Ride through storms, don’t dwell on the past // Stand tall in this ship and raise the mast // The ocean's in me, can't be tamed //I gotta soul that's wild, can't be named // Barefoot on beaches, nobody blamed //
Dippin’ toes in oceans,
won’t be shamed. The
waves are my rhythm,
sea is my home //
Ocean life,
no need for chrome // Leavin’ footprints on this salty foam //

In this vast blue world,

a wandering gnome.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Yo, my mind a vessel, navigating treacherous waves // Like an explorer on the sea, tryna find a way. // Staring at the ocean, with its depths unknown // It's just like life, man, full of highs and lows. // In the heart of deep waters there be monsters that hide // Just like in hearts of men, where demons reside. // But yo, between them rolling waves finds a sailor his peace // Same way we find serenity when life’s storms cease. // (Hook) Ocean deep, like the thoughts in my mind // Waves crashing down but I’m still on the grind. // Ocean wide, like the struggles we face // But keep sailing through till you find your own space. // (Verse 2) They say sea's beauty lies in her untamed force // Like real people, living with no remorse. // Staring at that horizon line, man it looks so far // Just like our dreams sometimes, representing who we are. // Ever seen a lighthouse guiding ships through mist? // That's what true love is, an unbroken promise amidst. Though ocean spray can sting and tides may shift your way //We keep swimming deeper cause ain't nothing else to say. (Hook) Ocean deep, where secrets do sleep // Living our lives on edges so steep. // Ocean wide, under the moon’s tender light // Keep pushing through darkness till morning's first light. (Verse 3) The Ocean speaks in whispers and roars in rage //Likewise my thoughts, written down on this page. // Life is but an ocean; we’re all but drops of rain //Falling into its vastness, dancing with joy and pain. So here I am standing at shore's edge with my thoughts// Watching life’s ebb and flow teaches me lots. Sometimes you got to dive to discover your worth// Cause pearls ain't found on surface; they buried beneath earth. (Hook) Ocean deep, like this journey called Life// Filled with moments of peace and instances rife. Ocean wide, there's so much to explore// So set sail cause who knows what's in store? (Outro) So whether you're sailing calm or braving a storm// Remember it’s your voyage – your uniform you adorn. And no matter how wild them oceans may roar// Within each heart lies an infinite shore.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Yeah, it's deeper than the surface, just like the ocean blue// Emotions waves rolling, they coming in twos // See, I've been chasing dreams, but they sail away too fast // Reflections in the sea reminiscing 'bout our past // I got my eyes on the horizon, but the sunsets bring the pain// Memories wash over me, like a tropical rain // Feeling like a sailor lost in a stormy night // With no stars to guide me, I'm searching for your light // (Hook) We used to sail together through the calm and the rough// Now I'm caught in your current, can't seem to get enough // The ocean of your love was once my paradise // Now I'm drowning in your depths, paying the price // (Verse 2) But your tide always pulls me back forcefully // It's high tide now and I am coasting along// In this deep sea of feelings so incredibly strong // Can't shake the image of your face reflected on the waves // Every ripple tells a story of our brighter days // Lost at sea without you, got this loneliness my bae// But just know that even oceans eventually fade // (Hook) We used to sail together through the calm and the rough // Caught by your undertow, never seemed to get enough // Your love was an ocean; paradise found then lost // I'm treading these memories – my heart’s paying the cost // (Outro) As night falls over this boundless water spread//

The echoes of us are all that remain instead //

Underneath these waves, I bury our past so deep// In this ocean of memories where our secrets will sleep //

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Uh, I dive deep like the ocean, no potion// My thoughts are waves, they in constant motion,// Gaze at the blue expanse, it's emotional devotion,// The sea got stories, unspoken, potent,// I flow with its rhythm, the heart's commotion,// Cool like its depths, hot like its notion,// Underneath the surface, there’s a whole other quotient,// Tales of lost cities, myths woven in olden.// I'm a sailor in this life ship, ain't no chosen,// Fighting off sharks of hate, words golden,// My lyrics are pearls from deep within the ocean,// Tumbling through darkness but still floating.// The sea is vast but my mind's wider open,// Ocean blues whispering ancient oaths spoken,// Salt on my skin from tears of fallen tokens,// Yet I rise with the tide, my spirit ain't broken.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About The Ocean Like A Pro

1. Ride the Wave: Use Fluidity in Your Rap Lyrics

You're crafting a rap about the ocean, right? Well, it's all about fluidity, man. The sea is never still, and neither should your lyrics. Keep them flowing like a relentless tide. And hey, remember those popular songs about the sea? Take cues from them. Analyze how they maintain a consistent rhythm – that's your gold standard.

2. Dive Deep: Explore Varied Sea Themes

The ocean isn't just waves and sand; it's a whole universe beneath the surface. From sinister sharks to vibrant coral reefs, there's so much to rap about! Don't limit yourself to just songs with ocean in the title. Venture into songs about sea creatures or even those cool rock songs with sea in the title. Show your listeners you ain't afraid to go deep.

3. Cast Your Net Wide: Include Various Music Genres

Don't box yourself into one genre – mix things up! Why not spice your rap lyrics with elements from songs about the sea or sailing? Or how about weaving in some melody lines from classical music about the sea? Variety will keep your lyrics fresh and engaging.

4. Build Sandcastles: Use Vivid Imagery and Metaphors

This ain’t no time for shallow waters, my friend! Get poetic with your words for maximum impact. Picture those songs about the seaside, how they paint vivid images in your mind – that’s what you want to aim for. Use metaphors that resonate with coastal life; trust me, it'll make your rap lyrics pop.

5. Make Waves: Experiment With Your Rhyme Scheme

Don’t be afraid to shake things up with your rhyme scheme – after all, every wave is unique! Switch between ABAB, AABB or even ABCB patterns when crafting your bars – keep ‘em guessing!

6. Hook 'em In: Create Catchy Choruses

Remember those catchy choruses from ocean songs for kids?/ Yeah, who could forget? That’s what you want – something catchy that hooks listeners in like a well-baited fishing line.

7. Keep It Salty: Showcase Authenticity

Last but definitely not least – stay true to yourself! Authenticity resonates more than anything else in hip-hop culture (and pretty much everywhere else). Just like the ocean stays salty through every storm, stay true to your style and voice through every verse. If you were captivated by our post on rap lyrics about the ocean, we have more insightful articles up our sleeve that you're sure to love.

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