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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Sunglasses
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Rap Lyrics About Sunglasses, In The Style of Jay-Z

Uh, I see life through these tinted lenses, // Hova on the move, ain't got time for pretenses. // Rock Tom Ford frames, no need for defenses, // I'm the sun's adversary, that's just common senses. // Wear my shades at night, keep 'em guessing 'bout my stare, // The glare is too bright when you're a billionaire. // Vision so clear behind this dark pair, // No need to worry about the haters' despair. // Dior on my eyes, feeling like Clark Kent, // Dodging Lois Lane and all her intent. // Eyes hidden behind Gucci or Fendi tint,// All a part of the Hova blueprint.// Ain't no Prada or Bvlgari can cloud my vision,// Each frame I wear is another wise decision.// Sunglasses ain't just for style or fashion,// They tell a story of success and passion.// From Marcy to Madison Square with elocution,// My shades bear witness to this evolution.// In Versace mirrors I see revolution,// My history told in every solution.// No Ray-Bans could block out these rays of mine,// I'm shining too bright, I'm forever in prime.// Get your sunglasses ready it's Hov through times, The sun never sets in a kingdom so fine. Every shade of doubt they ever cast on me, Turns into gold under this Cartier canopy. Haters see me coming with their squinty stare, Can't dim my lights with their envious glare. Uh! Behind these lenses ain’t no compromise, Every tint symbolic of the rise. From projects to private jets we fly, Hova in shades – forever sky high.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Step in the light// but my eyes stay shady, Wearin' a pair of glasses like they from the '80s.// Yeah, call me crazy,// ain't got time for haters. Cool as ice, yeah, // my shades are like glaciers.// I'm seein' life through a new lens,// Can't comprehend // how these punks pretend. Talk 'bout swag and trends,// I'm just here for my dividends. On this rhyme, all depends // if you can keep up with my ends.// (Chorus) Sunglasses on, mane,// feelings are concealed, Sharp as a blade,// but my vision's never revealed. Through the darkest days,// they keep me concealed, My glasses hide // the pain that is real. (Verse 2) Comin' at you quick, better wear your shades,// My lyrics strike like a switchblade.// Got these sunglasses on in the midnight raid,// Look into my eyes, welcome to the charade.// A Pair of Ray-Bans, mirror of society// Reflecting realities, // shelters from anxiety. Vision so high,// you might need sobriety, In these glasses,// I find tranquility. (Chorus) Sunglasses blacked out,// hiding from reality, Gazing at the world,// devoid of clarity. Shielding my eyes,// amidst insanity, Behind these tinted lenses// lies my vanity. (Outro) So I stand here rhyming behind these tinted frames, Life in shades of grey // remember no names. These sunglasses on, still playing games, In this broken image// stake my claims.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Aye, shades darker than my coffee cup, // Yeezy vision, no need to squint when I'm looking up. // Sharp like a blade, cutting through life's rough stage, // Got me walking down the path like I'm the new sage. // (Chorus) Sunglasses my armor and sunlight my cage, // I'm painting the world through my tinted page. // Reflecting on the past while I'm here on this stage, // Shades on my eyes like I'm flipping a new age. // (Verse 2) Floating in this matrix, sunglasses be my Morpheus, // Made it through the darkness, now they can't ignore us. // Got me feeling like an icon, sunglasses by Givenchy, // Look through these lenses, now tell me what you see? // (Chorus) Sunglasses telling stories of glory and rage, // Backlit memories of battles waged. // Yeezy got the game in a chokehold stage, Shades so dark they diss the whole front page. // (Outro) And as the sun sets, these shades come off, Reflecting on today's beat that we scoffed. In every high and low and all places between, All seen through the shades of this Yeezy dream.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Verse 1: // I'm Lil Wayne, cooler than a polar bear's thumb, // Glasses on my face, yeah, I shine like the sun. // You see the reflection, man, it's stunnin' // Like stars in the night sky, forever runnin'. // Chorus: // Sunglasses on my eyes, I got that tainted view, // Fly high above the clouds, what you gonna do? // I'm the Young Money captain, setting off the coup, // Poetic justice in my lines, it's a Lil Wayne brew. // Verse 2: // In the game of life, I'm rollin' snake eyes, // Bet you didn't see that comin', behind these Versace disguise. // Reflections of a G, shinin' in these glasses // Paper chase ain’t over till I fill up all these cashes. // Chorus: // Sunglasses on my eyes as I light up this joint, // Fly higher than your dreams is my only point.// I'm sippin' on that syrup; it's a Young Money anoint,// Lil Weezy in this bitch and I just rocked this joint.// Outro: // So next time you see me with these glasses on so clean// Just know I’m looking through a world where everything's serene// In every rhyme and line there’s more than what is seen// Lil Wayne with sunglasses on — Now that’s a rap scene.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Stunna shades on, feeling like the queen I am, // Got that Nicki glow, don't even need a tan. // Brand new Versaces, yeah, they glistening gold, // Diamond encrusted frames, my style's so bold. // They tryna dim my shine, but I just put 'em on, // They talking behind my back? I just sing my song. // Dark tinted lenses, blockin' out the hate, // In these Gucci glasses, I elevate to great. // (Chorus) Sunglasses on, yeah we're rocking 'em right, // We're turning heads, gliding in the moonlight. // Feelin' so fly in these Prada frames, // Yeah these sunglasses ain't no ordinary game. // (Verse 2) Ice bucket challenge? Nah honey, just my shades – // Drippin' Swarovski, brighter than a parade. // Louis and Dior sitting pretty on my nose bridge, // Yeah I'm burning bridges with this fashionistic edge. // Got 'em questioning “Is it Nicki or Matrix?” // In these busted reflective shades, causing double takes. // Ridin’ through this game in my Ray-Ban vision // Got 'em tripping over themselves – it’s a head-on collision. // (Chorus) Sunglasses on, yeah we're slaying the sight, // Creating magic under the neon light.// Drowning in drip, from these Tom Ford frames, Yeah these sunglasses igniting new flames. // (Outro) So here’s the mantra – keep your sights high, With sunglasses on we’re touching the sky. Let 'em know – Versace to Saint Laurent – Warhol said it best: “The future's so bright you gotta wear shades,” hun!

In The Style of Future

Intro: // Yeah, Future Hendrix, yeah // Sunglasses tinted but my vision clear // Verse 1: // Shades on to keep the world outta sight // Designer lenses painting darkness in the light // Cut from a diamond, vision always in flight // But these sunglasses on, even in the moonlight // My world's a prism, through my Gucci lens // Pain and pleasure converge where the rainbow ends // Me and my demons, we be silent friends // In their mirrored reflection, I find amends // Chorus: // Got them sunglasses, hiding my tears // In their mirror reflection, drowning my fears // Shades on in a room full of peers // They can't see the pain behind this icy veneer // Verse 2: // Versace shades conceal the cards I hold // Prada frames narrate stories untold // Sunglasses shine, all silver and gold // Masking this heart that's weathered and old // Solitude's shadow under a Cavalli crest // Behind these lenses, emotions undressed // Grief submerged in this Dior distressed // In Fendi focus, my reality's repressed // Chorus: // Got them sunglasses, hiding my past // Mirroring dreams that just didn't last // Eyes disappear beneath Tom Ford glass // They can't see me breaking – move too fast // Outro: // RGB spectrum through these Prada shades // Life's panorama displayed in different grades // Sunglasses on as daylight fades // Trap life etched deep in these mirrored glades.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1)
“Shades on, world off”, I'm heading to the top //
In these Ray-Bans, I see things you cannot, nonstop //
“Then He said let there be light”, but with sunglasses it's different //
In this dark view, I understand life's pains and its significance //
Yeah, got my shades on but ain't seeking disguise //
Just filtering out the deception, these lenses wise //
No need for eyes when this world's full of lies //
With these sunglasses on, I can see through the skies //
These sunglasses ain't just for the sun's beam //
They're my ticket into this reality dream //
“Shades on, world off”, don't care about the screen glare //
Understanding life's dilemmas when it feels nobody care. //
(Verse 2)
Sunglasses in nighttime seem like an irony //
But it’s a metaphorical symbol that we need to see clearly. //
It’s not about brightness or just blocking the UVs //
It’s about seeing through life’s complex tapestries.//
Shades on in a blacked-out studio space//
Writing verses from my soul that time can't erase//
From poverty stricken blocks to fame’s fast pace//
Sunglasses helped shield me from life’s grim face.//
These sunglasses ain't just for style’s sake//
They're a testament to how much pressure I can take//
“Shades on, world off”, because in this world so fake//
Understanding life requires whatever steps it takes.//

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Yeah, lost in the city glow, shades on, hiding my tears though // Can't let the past show, letting go ain't easy, yo // These sunglasses my shield, keeping me incognito // Heartbreak under veil, cause they don't need to know // Shattered dreams in my rear view, just a ghost from the past // But with these shades on man, I'm turning pain into art // Drowning sorrows in success, sipping champagne from the glass // But behind these lenses bro, you can hear my beat up heart // (Hook) Got these shades on me now, blocking out the sun's glow // Inside feeling low but that ain't for them to know // Sunglasses keep it hidden; this pain I undergo // Through every high and low; just watch me as I put up a show // (Verse 2) These sunglasses like a fortress around my hurt soul // Hideaway for regrets, where no one else can go // Reflections of a past lived fast but felt so slow // Shielding a wounded warrior from the world's cruel throw // My shades on but not blind to life's woe // Facing my demons and dancing with the foe // Sunglasses in the club yeah they illuminate this pro // Hiding heartache behind Versace's logo // (Hook) Got these shades on me now, masking every sorrow // They won't see tomorrow's pain in yesterday's shadow // Sunglasses keep it undisclosed; this struggle I borrow // Through every high and low; just watch me as I steer through narrow // (Outro) Sunglasses on even when the sun ain’t near // Covering eyes that once shed a tear // In this battle of life with my shades as my gear // To face another day without any fear.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Shades on, I'm Kendrick, always causing a racket,// In the sunlight, no need for light jackets,// Got my shades on, vision's darker but clearer,// Like a mirror, reflecting each image nearer,// Vision tinted, these frames ain't rented,// In the limelight, my flow accented,// Got Ray-Bans on my eyes, hide me from the haters,// Dark lenses color the world in layers,// My vision's polarized, no glare, just grind,// Reality is filtered through my creative mind,// No UV rays gonna harm me today,// Got my shades on and I'm ready to play.// K.Dot but you can call me the sunglass poet,// I wear my shades at night so they know I wrote it.// ‘Cause when I sport these frames, ain't no other bigger,// Sunglasses on, I see more than meets the trigger.//
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Your lyrics gotta be more than just words, they need to create images in people's minds. Picture this: you're wearing your dope shades, maybe they are those cheap sunglasses near me you scooped up on a sweet deal, and you're feeling invincible. Now put that into words. Create a scene that's so vivid, so real, that anyone who hears your bars will see what you see.

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Referencing pop culture can make your lyrics more relatable and catchy. Maybe throw in a line about ZZ Top cheap sunglasses or even add in some cheap sunglasses chords to give it an old school vibe.

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Rhyme is the backbone of rap – but don't limit yourself to perfect rhymes only (like hat and cat). Explore slant rhymes (like home and mind), internal rhymes (rhyming within a line rather than at the end), or even multi-syllable rhymes (like fashion and passion). The cheap sunglasses tab from any musical instrument store can also help you find some cool rhythmic patterns.

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To make people feel your lyrics, they need to resonate on an emotional level too. Whether it’s about how cool you feel in your shades or how those cheap sunglasses near me hide your tears – make sure there's heart in it.

6.Tell A Story

People love stories – it's just human nature. So maybe tell a story about how you found these killer shades at a local thrift store or won them off a high-stakes poker game with Russian mobsters! Whatever it is, make sure there’s progression along with some dope punchlines.

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Don’t be afraid to freestyle around your chosen theme of sunglasses – sometimes the best lines come when you’re just vibing out! But remember – even Biggie and Tupac edited their verses! So after freestyling, take time to edit and refine until every bar is as shiny as those brand-new lenses!< If you loved our post about rap lyrics about sunglasses, then we have a couple more song lyric collections that could catch your interest.

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