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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Sisters
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Rap Lyrics About Sisters, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1)// **Drivin' down memory lane**, feelin' the breeze// Reminds me of my **sisters, queens in high-topped tees**// Shared a room, dreams bigger than them Brooklyn trees// In a world full of chaos, they were my ease// Straight outta Marcy, sisters with that Hova grace// Momma's eyes, poppa's hustle ingrained on their face// Always had each other, even when we lived suitcase-to-suitcase// **Through it all we stuck together**, no matter the race// (Chorus) We're defined by our struggles and our strides// But **my sisters by my side**, always ready for the tide// From BK to wherever this life may guide// With them – I got nothing to hide// (Verse 2) One was soft-spoken but her insight was loud// Other was a rebel, standing tall and proud// Had my back when the world disallowed, Just some kids from the projects **standing on a cloud**// They taught me about respect and to live unbound, Sisters so strong, make any king feel crowned. Mixed laughter with tears // In this concrete jungle // we conquered our fears. (Chorus) Time goes on but bonds don't slide // Got **my sisters by my side**, in this roller-coaster ride // From Marcy Ave., spreading love worldwide // With them – I'm fortified. (Outro) So here's to my sisters – backbone of this tale // Shining brighter than diamonds on any retail // In every story or rhyme that I unveil // It’s their spirits I toast — in each cocktail.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Just a couple of sisters, one older, one mister// Thinkin' they ain't gonna make it in a world full of twisters // Grew up in the Chicago suburbs, father's a blighter// The girls gotta fend for themselves, no hand held or back biter // Mom's gone, lost to blue pill prescriptions // No role model sat this table, just cold kitchen dishes // Older sis got two jobs just to feed her kin // But she ain't let that drag her down into the den of sin // They keep pushin', they keep strivin', won't play the victim here// Sisters against the world, standing tall, showing no fear// Imagining paradise rather than this ol' slumville // Where dreams don't die but get a fair chance to fulfill// (Chorus) Sisters, not by blood but by bond // None can break us apart, we're far beyond// In this cruel world, we find our light// (Verse 2) Young mister turns to the mirror and he sees his momma's face // Realizes it's high time he stepped up to embrace // Instead of actin' fool and lettin' big sis carry the weight // He needed to become something great // So he picked up that pen and paper and started to articulate // Found words be his salvation, no need for a soulmate// His rhymes were tight, his rhythms fly// In every line he spit out shined his eternal goodbye// (Chorus) Sisters held together by more than DNA:: Together we stand strong like clay, In our own twisted way we find our way (Bridge) The world will try to break you down!// Strip you 'til you're wearin' just your frown! // But remember you got each other's back // Weave it all together like an old track // (Chorus) To my sisters out there fightin' the good fight Know you're never alone in this endless night We got each other to hold on tight And in each other we ignite It’s where blood may fail but love entails //

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yeah, shout out to my sisters, y'all my vision in the mist // Blood thicker than that water, no denying this // Growing up, we were climbing same ladder of strife // Now we bossing up, living that good life // Y'all like angel wings on my back when I'm bout to fall // And when the world's cold and dark, y'all my fire in the hall // Got me standing tall like I'm Eiffel tower high // Party in the sky, yeah we lighting up that night sky // (Chorus) We be shining bright, got them diamonds in our genes // My sisters, my queens, living these dreams // Breaking barriers, defying gravity's law // Stand back and witness as we bask in the awe // (Verse 2) Through thick and thin, we intertwine like braids // Our bond's unbreakable – like vows getting laid // Sisterly love ain't something you can trade // It's a blessing bestowed – not man-made // Got two right by my side – they're my North star // Guiding me through life – whether close or far // Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley too low // With my sisters by my side – there's nowhere I can't go // (Chorus) We be shining bright, got them diamonds in our genes // My sisters, my queens, living these dreams // Breaking barriers, defying gravity's law // Stand back and witness as we bask in the awe // (Outro) So here's to you – for being bold and free // To all the sisters out there – this is your decree // Keep pushing boundaries – like Kanye on a spree // With strength and love combined – there's no stopping thee.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Verse 1: // Yo, I'm Lil Wayne, call me Tunechi mane, // Shout out to my girls, they my sisters in the game. // We bring the flame, we ain't never tame, // Got that family bond, baby, ain't about the fame. // Chorus: // All my sisters goin' harder, working on their grind, // In this cold world, they always got my mind. // So here's a word of love, directly from the vine, Sister to sister, your strength will always shine. // Verse 2: // Yeah, they my sisters but we ain't kin by blood. // But the bond we share? It's deeper than mud. // They got their own dreams but still support my hustle, Put our heads together and we burst any bubble. // Chorus: // My sisters makin' moves, they don't need a handout // When it comes to real love they understand no doubt. // From the streets of New Orleans to the mansions in Bel-Air, My sisters keep it real, showin' love beyond compare. // Verse 3: // On the mic I spit fire but with them I'm just soft // See their faces light up? Man that feeling just aloft // Sisters with ambition climbing up to success With them by my side? Yeah, I feel truly blessed. Outro: // So here's one for my sisters who are always there // Through thick and thin with love beyond compare // Constant as a star and sturdy as a tree. // You're more than just sisters; you're part of me.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Ain't no play, ain't no pause, // We them sistas breakin' laws. // From the Bronx to the south side, we with our cause, // Drippin' finesse from our earlobes to our claws. // Nicki Minaj with my sis on a track, // Pink Friday vibe, we bringin' it back. // Barbie tingz, we got the knack, // Queen's reign supreme, ain't no slack. // (Chorus) We them sisters, yeah we rule,// Ice on our necks, looking cool. // We them sisters, got that style,// Ridin' high on this rap game mile. // (Verse 2) Roman’s relapse when we step in the place,// Sisters so fly make you catch a case.// We ain't causing drama but we love the chase,// In this rap game sis it's not a race.// Bang bang into room sis make some space,// Our lyrics coming at you like mace.// In our presence haters better brace, Cuz we leaving em in a daze. (Chorus) We them sisters, yeah we fly, Rising high above the shy. We them sisters do or die, No limit as long as we have the sky. (Outro) Undefeated like Ronda Rousey,// These verses hotter than a Venti coffee.// Stacking victories like Oprah’s money,// Sisters in the game and it ain’t funny.

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // Lost in the sauce, my sisters be the cost, we all got crosses // Hustle hard, never taking no losses, standing tall like we bosses // Blood dripping but we strong, strength been here all along // Beneath the moonlight singing our song, remember sis we always belong // (Chorus) // Can't break us down, we stand so strong // ‘Bout sisters love, that's what’s going on // In my heart you belong, melodies in a song // Forever right even when it's wrong, sister love ain't no con // (Verse 2) // Diamonds in the rough, sister love never bluff // Through the stormy weather and stuff, my sisters always tough // Got family ties that won’t sever; it's an eternal endeavor // Got each other's back forever and ever; haters can never measure // (Chorus) // Can't shake us off, linked arms where they belong // Sister love is deep and strong; it’s the essence of my song // Forever right even when it's wrong; sister love ain't no pawns // (Outro) // So here's to my sisters keeping me sane; through pleasure and pain // Life's a crazy game but with y'all I can't complain // I got you and that won’t change; it’s a sister thing.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) // Yeah, once upon a time in a world so divine, two stars did align, sisters by design. // A tale of two hearts, intertwined from the start, love deep as art, let's take it back to the very start. // The elder one was wise, had that sparkle in her eyes, God's own sunrise in momma's disguise. // Then came the youngest so quiet and shy, living life on the sly, but had dreams that could touch the sky. // (Chorus) // Two sisters like two rivers flowin', life ain't always knowing where you're going. // Through joy and tears and fears and years, sister's bond ain't no disappearing. // (Verse 2) // Older sis took charge, swore to live life large, dreams of being at large; everything was in her mirage. // Little sis felt lost in her shadow so vast; she needed to holdfast or she might not last. // In momma's eyes they were same yet apart; one was art and other was heart. // But when night falls and stars come out to play; two sisters bid their day away echoing the same pray'. // (Chorus) // Sisters like stars shining bright; in darkest night they are each other's light. // When winds blow cold and fears take hold; sisters' love never grows old. // (Outro)</b) // Two girls grown into women so bold; sisters' tale we just told. Their lives unfold inside this rhyme I've scrolled. // A story of love that won’t be sold; sisterhood is a treasure more precious than gold. // So here's to sisters all around the globe: young or old, timid or bold. You're your sister’s keeper for stories to be told.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) // I remember, late nights in the basement, chasing dreams we could taste it, // Me and my little sis, we had the worth, didn't need to chase it. // In my heart, you know I never misplaced it, bloodline, we embraced it. // We used to play in these city streets, sneaks scuffed upon our feet. // No riches, but no defeat, just a beat and rhymes so sweet. // Our mother's laughter, our father's strength, tucked within our heartbeat. // (Chorus) // Got my sis by my side, ain't no room for divide. // Moonlight in her eyes, she's my ride or die. // Oh, sister mine, in your smile I find my pride. // (Verse 2) // Now we're grown, living life in the fast lane. // Pretty fame, but that ain't why we came. We play for higher stakes in this game. // Sis taught me strength ain't just a frame; it's a look in her eyes that tames flames. // Seen the world spin round from Toronto to LA, Drizzy and his lil' sis, taking the world by replay. Through struggles and victories she remained my mainstay. (Chorus) // Got my sis by my side, ain't no room for divide. // Moonlight in her eyes, she's my ride or die. // Oh sister mine, in your smile I find my pride. // (Bridge) From the 6 side to worldwide, no matter where I slide, I got you, sister mine, riding along with the tide. (Outro) So here’s to you and me, Two hearts shaped from the same tree. With a bond so strong nobody could deny. Sis, together we’ll keep reaching for that high sky.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Righteous fighter, ain't no one tighter than my sister,// Bloodline scripter, life's subtleties, she whisper// Through hard times, she my godsent resister,// Never break, never bend, resilient just like Wister// Through the stress, and the mess, we weather,// From street to success, we tether// Sibling love ain’t featherweight it’s leather,// In the storm of life, she's my umbrella weather// Pain she’s had but she turn to laughter,// No Hollywood script could ever capture// Her strength, her stride, that no disaster,// Could shake or fracture; that's my sister// On this mic I testify her love ain't no fiction,// She's the prose in my verse; life's diction// She ride for kin with no restriction,// Ain't just blood; it's a soul connection.// The road be long; we learn and unlearn,// But our bond be strong; it don't twist or turn.// In our hearts we yearn for lessons life churn, To my sister I say “For you I burn.”.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Sisters Like A Pro

1. Feel the Beat, Express the Sisterhood

So you're in the zone to pen some black sisterhood songs. Great! But before you dive headfirst into that pool of creativity, consider this; every dope rap lyric starts with a killer beat. The rhythm is your canvas and the words are your paint. So let your heart sync with that beat and begin to express the depth of sisterhood and friendship in your lines.
Key Tip: Your lyrics should complement the rhythm, not fight against it.

2. Relatable Stories: The Heart of Best Sister Songs

The most touching song lyrics about sisters are often those that tell a story – stories about shared experiences, memories, laughter, tears…everything that encapsulates sister love. Your audience wants to relate, they want to see their own sisterly bonds reflected in your words.
Key Tip: Dig deep into your personal experiences or draw from those around you.

3. Honor Diversity: Songs About Sisters R&B Style

Sisterhood is not monolithic – it's as diverse as the women who form its ranks. Don't shy away from exploring different perspectives in your lyrics about sisters r&b style because variety adds richness and depth to your work. Remember, representation matters even in music.

4. Embrace Humor & Wit: A Must-Have for Songs Dedicated to Sister from Sister

Life isn't always serious and neither should be songs dedicated to sister from sister. Sprinkle some humor and wit into your verses; it makes them memorable and relatable because let's face it – sisters share some of the funniest moments together!

5. Use Powerful Descriptions: The Soul of Songs About Sister Love

When writing songs about sister love remember this – details breathe life into lyrics! The more descriptive you are with emotions, scenarios or people; the more vividly listeners can imagine them.
Key Tip: Use sensory language – make them see what you're saying.

6. Keep It Real: A Staple for Song Lyrics About Sisters

Authenticity is key when crafting song lyrics about sisters – nobody said everything has to be sugar-coated or perfect all the time! Reflecting on both challenges and triumphs creates a well-rounded portrayal of sisterhood that resonates deeply with listeners.

7. Connect With Listeners: The Essence of Black Sisterhood Songs

Finally yet importantly, music has a profound ability to connect people emotionally – use this power wisely! When crafting black sisterhood songs aim for shared emotions rather than personal obsessions; focus on universal feelings rather than intimate details only you understand.
Remember these tips, let loose that creative beast within you but above all else? Enjoy the process because creating dope rap lyrics is an art form – express yourself freely and create something beautiful! If you enjoyed our post about Rap Lyrics About Sisters, there are several other posts within our collection that you might find interesting. For instance, our article exploring Rap Lyrics About Brotherhood delves into the unique bond between siblings from a male perspective. It's a perfect complement to the sister-themed lyrics and is sure to touch on some similar themes.

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