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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Shoes
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Rap Lyrics About Shoes, In The Style of Jay-Z

It's your boy Hov, reppin' that Rockafeller blue,// Got my Js on my feet, yeah they brand new.// Jordan 3 or the Yeezy Boosts,// These ain't ordinary shoes, they're bulletproof.// Gone from Marcy to Madison Ave,// Catch me in the backseat removing my Air Max.// Ten stacks for a pair of Balenciagas,// All these kicks just fueling up my saga.// In Margielas so clean, you'd think I'm walking on water,// Your shoe game weak son, you need to work harder.// I rocked Timbs in Brooklyn through the snow and rain,// No matter what's on my feet, I rock 'em with no strain. // Ayo it's Hov baby, never catch me slipping,// Sneaker game crazy like stock market flipping. //

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yeah, stepping on the scene in my fresh out the box Nikes// Got Jordans too, lace 'em up tight, ain't no one like me// Every day I rock a different pair, my obsession ain't slight B// When I speak truth on this mic, my kicks shine in the limelight// (Bridge) Got my Adidas running tracks, while you be walking in crocs B// Laces matching my flow, both tighter than Fort Knox// Reeboks and Pumas, can't decide so I cop // Never stop adding to the collection, even when stocks drop// (Chorus) Killer shoes, silent walk, no need for petty talk// In these boots, I stalk this terrain, let my swagger do the chalk// Egos deflate when these Air Forces elevate// Type of game you can't articulate, got them all checkmate// (Verse 2) Guess what's under wraps? Brand new Yeezys just copped// In my possession they safely locked, unbox 'em – time stop// Threads so slick they make your heart skip and hip-hop// On asphalt canvas painting lines with each shoe's sole drops// (Bridge) Sneakers squeak with every pivot, converse with streets as lyrics// Vans sliding on beats, rhymes flow so fast like spirits// Got miles on these souls but still fresh like a mint// In this walk of life son, shoes are more than just a print// (Chorus) Killer shoes, silent move, actions louder than words groove // In this dance of life and rhythm,I rule not to be ruled. // So keep your loafers and your brogues,< b>I've got my own gangster move // With these kicks and lyrical tricks,< b>I remain gloom-proof. // (Outro)
So here's a toast to the shoes that carry us through, From swinging Timberland boots to clean suede Louis V blues. My lyrics may hit but it's the footprints that remain, Cuz in this rap game son,< b> shoes always frame our lane.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, I be stepping in my Yeezys, feel like a God,// Got them Off-Whites turning heads in the squad. // Balenciaga on my feet, got me walking on clouds // Christian Louboutin red bottoms loud and proud.// Two stepping in my Jordan’s retro, ballin' elite// Giuseppe Zanotti kicks making a statement on the street.// My sneaker game icy, it's Gucci all over// In Versace Medusa head, feeling like a supernova.// Chorus: Shoe game strong, can’t nobody touch this,// I’m Kanye West on this beat, watch me flex my kicks. // In this sneaker universe, I’m the constellation// Running the game in my footwear fascination.// (Verse 2) Got that Adidas Yeezy Boost, they're calling me Yeezus// Stepping out in Prada's like I'm chilling with Caesar.// Alexander McQueen on the scene, royalty redefined // Nike Air Force 1s got me flying high, Gold mined.// In these Louis Vuitton Dons, I'm feeling invincible // Fendi runners when I hustle, ain't nothing impossible.// My Puma Suedes telling stories of glory and fame // Rick Owens draped over me whispering my name.// Chorus: Kicks so fresh they causing a sensation, I’m Kanye West spitting rhymes about shoe dedication. // In this leather and lace kingdom I’m the coronation // Shining bright in Balmain boots across the nation. // (Outro) In my Maison Margiela Futures standing tall, It's not just about shoes; it’s about having it all. // With every step that I take in these designer shoes, I remember where I started; you gotta pay your dues.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Got them kicks on my feet, make my cypher complete,// Lil Weezy got the game, won't accept defeat.// Verse 1:
In this universe of hypebeasts, I'm the unfathomable beast,// Shoe game so sick, need a quarantine at least.// Yeezy, Jordan, Gucci, LV, that's my sneaker buffet,// Fly kicks take flight, while haters decay.// Through the city concrete jungle, these soles kiss the streets,// Kicks on my feet hit the beat, like fire meets sleet.// Chorus:
Kicks fly high as the sky,// Lil Wayne's world ain't for the shy.// Verse 2:
Got that Shoebox Money in my pocket,// Finance lessons from Weezy? You should lock it.// High tops to low cuts, I strut with no buts,// Cash Money Millionaire swag, in every ruts.// Lace 'em up tight, step out in the night,// In shoes so bright, they take flight; pure delight.// Chorus:
These kicks ain't just for show,// Lil Wayne's world is a constant flow.// Outro:
From Air Force Ones to Timbs on my feet,// Weezy’s shoe game can never be beat.// Kicks so swish they don’t miss a beat,// In Lil Wayne's world, it’s an undefeated feat.//

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Yo, keep your dimes, I rock Giuseppes, I ain’t got no time // Fashion killer, on the grind, every color, every kind // Red bottoms or some Jays, fashion runway everyday // Got a closet like a vault, hunnies trippin’ on my hall. // (Chorus) Louboutins on my feet, making money moves // Pradas and Gucci’s, I got nothing to prove // I stomp hard in my shoes, like they made for a queen // Wearing kicks you only see in your wildest dreams. // (Verse 2) Shoe game on point, Alexander McQueen, so clean // YSL and Chanel, set the scene so mean // Stilettos click-clack down the hall, stepping out is a ball // Nike’s on when I’m chillin’, never ever do I fall. // (Bridge) Ain't no Cinderella story but these shoes could break glass // Stepping out I’m slaying honey, better step off my path // Got a passion for fashion that'll leave you in the dust // Balenciaga’s, baby, in Minaj you trust. // (Chorus) Louboutins on my feet, making money moves // Dior’s and Versace’s, I got nothing to prove // I strut hard in my heels or hands down some sneaks // My shoe game is insane don't you wish you could peek? (Outro) Shoes like a rainbow, it's a beautiful sight // Leave them shook with every step from morning till night // I’m painting the town red with every shoe that I choose // Told ya’ll before—I'm Nicki Minaj, never lose. //

In The Style of Future

Hook: // Balenciagas on my feet, stepping to the beat // Louis Vuitton my retreat, life ain't never felt so sweet // Verse 1: // Alexander McQueen, keeping my stride clean // Prada poppin' on the scene, no in between // Got that Jordan, that classic heat // Every step in rhythm, feel that street beat // Chorus: // These shoes, they tell my story // From the struggle to the glory // Bittersweet memories of past territory, but even those hold an allegory // Verse 2: // Rockin' Yeezy in the club, popping bottles, showing love // Ain't a star above that can shine like us // Off-White blazin', creating such a fuss // Shoes dipped in stardust, success is a must // Chorus x2: // These shoes, they tell my story // From the struggle to the glory // Bittersweet memories of past territory, but even those hold an allegory // Outro: // Laced up in Versace for that final leap, Step-by-step we're climbing this mountain so steep. // The price is big but the reward ain't cheap, In these designer shoes, I sow what I reap.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) In these streets, ain't no luxury, still we cop the flyest kicks // Untold stories in every crease, every scuff's a brand new flick // Ma worked two jobs, just to cop me some Jordan 4s, // End of the month, tryna make ends meet when the rent's ignored // Chasing dreams, running faster, hoping these shoes will bring me more // I was 11 seein' envy in their eyes, couldn't ignore // Them shiny Nikes on my feet, feel like a sign of success // But with every step I take, it's just another test // (Chorus) In these shoes, I've walked through hell and back, seen my dreams deferred // Life gets blurry but the kicks stay crisp, that's my spoken word // The world won't tie our laces for us; it’s a journey we walk alone // Still we step forward each day, on concrete or cobblestone // (Verse 2) Seen kids starving on corners while others sport Yeezy Boosts // I can’t help but wonder if the designer, in his heart knows the truth // Broken homes where the only love is for Jordan high tops and lows // Trading punches for sneakers; they're worth more than gold // Look into the mirror, see stories stitched into my soles, not vanity// In this shoebox of life, ain’t nothing guaranteed but sanity // These kicks take us places where our hearts fear to tread // With every step in these Air Forces, we're confronting dread // (Chorus) In these shoes, I've walked miles and more, still got miles to go// The road gets rougher but our kicks remain fly as crow// Each step echoing louder than any spoken word or song// But with courage in our soles, we keep moving strong.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Ain't no secret, got a thing for new kicks // Every pair tells a story, they part of my flicks // Always striving, hushed whisperings of the struggle // These Louboutins, testament to my hustle // From Toronto projects to packed out arenas // Wearing Jordan's onsite, stepping out in Adidas // Got my Nikes on, ready for the sprint // Every crease tells a story of where I've been // (Chorus) These shoes, oh they reflect my mood // Some nights they dancing, some days they just brood // In these shoes, I found my groove // In these shoes, I got nothing to prove // (Verse 2) Every step is a verse in this life we script // These Pradas, fresh like the day we first flipped // Remember one pair – five sizes too big // Now it’s Balenciaga, every stitch we dig // Momma cried when she saw them Gucci loafers // Said ‘son you made it', against all odds and offers // This Yeezy Boost is more than a shoe // It's a symbol of growth; of the barriers we blew // (Chorus) In these shoes, felt the weight of fame // In these shoes, walked through fire and rain // In these shoes, navigated through pain // In these shoes, oh they remember each name // (Outro) So here’s to every boot that braved snow and rain // To those old-school Pumas that absorbed the pain // From Timberlands to Versace chains // This ain't just about shoes; it's about lessons gained.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Kicks on the court, laced up tight like my dreams, // Feet in Jordans, rise up, debunking the schemes, // Every sneaker's a record, every sole got a story, // Converse high tops, in my glory, // Nike Air Force 1's when I'm feeling defiant, // Balenciaga's on the asphalt, giant, // In Adidas I invest, yeah I'm running the streets, // Silent as Puma's paws, dropping these beats, // New Balance on my feet but the grind keeps tipping, // Vans off the wall as I'm rhythmically flipping, // Copping Yeezys on release, got 'em lining in queues // Your kicks say a lot, choose wisely your shoes // Air Max on max air for when I take flight// A stomp to oppression with every Timberland right.// Takin' strides in my Stan Smiths with endless views,// K.Dot lacing rhymes bout these dream-chasing shoes.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Shoes Like A Pro

1. Kick It Off with Soleful Inspiration

When penning your rap song about shoes lyrics, don't just stare at a blank page. Lace up your favorite pair of kicks, feel the leather, suede, or canvas beneath your fingers. Let the unique textures and designs spark creativity within you. Whether they're fresh Yeezys or vintage Jordans, let these masterpieces guide your narrative. Ask yourself: If these shoes could talk, what stories would they tell?

2. Step into Your Listener's Shoes

Remember, an epic R&B rap song about footwear should resonate with your audience. Think about their shoe game – are they rocking high-end sneakers or budget-friendly knockoffs? What emotions do their shoes elicit? Pride? Envy? Struggle? Triumph? Weave these feelings into your rap lyrics about sneakers to create a relatable rhyme.

3. Keep Up with The Trends

Even if you're reminiscing about classics like Air Jordans in your shoe song lyrics, remember to keep up with the trends too. It's 2021! Relevance is key in hip-hop culture. Whether it's a shout out to a rap song about shoes in 2020, or name dropping the hottest new releases – keep it current.

4. Punctuate Your Narrative with Brands and Models

A good pair of sneaks isn't just footwear; it's a status symbol, an identity statement! So when you're writing rap songs about Jordan shoes, make sure to mention specific models and brands to highlight the prestige associated with them. It adds authenticity and depth to your my shoe song.

5. Use Metaphors and Symbolism

Shoes aren't just for walking; they can symbolize many things: journey, style, status…even struggle! Liven up your rap lyrics about sneakers by using metaphors and symbolism creatively.

6. Don’t Forget the Beat!

A dope rap verse needs an equally dope beat! Make sure that as you’re crafting your lyrics that they flow well over the beat you have selected for your rap song about shoes and sneakers.

7.Tie it all Together

Finally, remember cohesion is vital when crafting any good story – including a rap song about shoes. Ensure that every verse contributes something valuable to the overall narrative of the track while continuously maintaining its central theme – Shoes!
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