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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Rolex Watches
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Rap Lyrics About Rolex Watches, In The Style of Jay-Z

Uh huh, it's ya boy, Hova, // Flippin' the script, no do-ova. // Copped a new watch, // Rolex on the block. // Ain't got time for fake // When there's real stakes. // Rolex glisten on my wrist, clockin' Jay-Z time, // Mother of pearl face, diamonds in the line. // This ain't your average tick-tick-tock baby, // It's a timeless piece that keeps Jigga savvy. // Platinum Day-Date dial so fly, Couldn’t get this at the mall if you try. // Got more ice than a polar vortex, My Rolex Submariner got 'em perplexed. // Presidential band made of cold white gold, This here wrist game is never old. I ain't playin', keep my style on wax, Busting out hits while I’m cutting tracks. Making moves with precision like my Rolex sweep-hand, Spittin rhymes with precision up in this bandstand. Stacks so tall they could outshine Everest, Money and time – it’s clear who’s cleverest. Flip open that clasp upon green felt lining, My watch game strong – it’s all about timing. From Marcy to Madison Square to Moet, Never forget where I'm from or where I'm set. But these days I don’t just tell time – I own it. With every rhyme and dollar – yeah you know i'll show it. With this Oyster Perpetual Datejust in stainless steel You best believe Jay-Z always keeps it real. In every moment captured by my Rolex ticker Jigga remains hip hop's leading fixture Commanding respect with each passing hour.
Jay-Z and Rolex – an unstoppable power.
Yeah, they say ‘Time is money’ but for me it’s more – It's legacy, It’s power; It’s opening doors… While haters watch their cheap watches rust I'll be laughing last with my Rolex trust…
Cuz when your name is Jay-Z,
Ain't nothing TIME can't beat!

In The Style of Eminem

(Intro) Yo, it's Marshall Mathers, back on the clock, // I've ticked and tocked, now watch me Rock around your block // (Verse) Blingin' rollie on my wrist, ain't no phony tick-tock // Rhymes sharper than the hands on my Rolex watch // Time's a luxury I ain't affording to waste // Rollie on my wrist, runnin’ this rap race // ‘Round the dial, words spin like bezel // Sharp as a crystal, hard as metal // Cashed checks for these gems I’m dispersin' // Traded pain and hustle for this Swiss version // Every moment's golden when you're in this profession // But time still ticks away, that's life’s only lesson // Catch me at midnight oil burning bright // Hiding from no one, ‘cept the limelight // Flauntin' these diamonds strikin' envy in your crew// All icy Rolex, counterfeiters got no clue// My Rolex ticking away beats like a metronome // Sweating out bars in the studio home alone// Time is the foe, we all fight against // Lacing each line with persistence and suspense // Tryna decode my rhymes – a cryptex// They can't clock it; they ain’t rockin' my Rolex (Outro) So while y'all chasing trends like some timeshare scheme // I'll be here wrapping truth in these diamond dreams //

In The Style of Kanye West

Chorus: // Rolex on my wrist, sittin' pretty, no test // Timepiece shining out, feeling like I'm the best // Got a billion on my mind, haters gonna detest // But with my Rolex on the grind, never gonna rest // Verse 1: // Ice cold wrist, but my flow’s hot, manifest // Ye’s in the building, bringing nothing but finesse // Wake up in the morning with that tick-tock on my chest // My Rolex be talkin', it's saying I'm blessed // Chorus: // Rolex on my wrist, sittin' pretty, no test // Making waves in the ocean of success like a crest // A vision in gold and diamonds, nicely dressed // With my Rolex by my side, feeling nothing but zest // Verse 2: // I’m ticking to the rhythm of wealth and protest // Life’s a timed race, I'm acing the test // Got that presidential timepiece resting on my wrist // My Rolex be shining while others get dismissed // Chorus: // Rolex on my wrist, sittin' pretty, no test // Glowing like a star amidst the northwest // Never backing down or feeling any less // For those who know values ain’t about chess // Outro: // Gucci and Prada they might impress // But it's only a Rolex that passes this test // Rocking that timepiece with G.O.O.D. music's crest // Kanye West out here being nothing but the best.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Ayy, pourin' time in my cup like I got the lean // Just a young moolah baby, I roll up in that green // Timepiece showpiece, my Rolex pristine // Every tick-tock, a reminder of places I been // Through hell and back, see the flames in my eye // Faced the clock with a Glock, couldn't tell time goodbye // But now it's Rolex watches and diamond chains // Treating every second like wealth, as time never remains // Yeah, cold steel on my wrist feelin' icy hot // A tickin’ Rolex, still hustlin', check the spot // Got it poppin' like popcorn in a microwave // All about the grind, yeah you know how we pave // I'm Lil Wayne, but you can call me Mr. Carter // My life's like a movie, I’m the scriptwriter and author // Every minute counts, but my Rolex timeless // Real Gs move in silence with this flyness // Got my whole life ahead, no need to rewind // Rolex shinin' brighter than a diamond mine // Gotta stay grindin', make every second count // ‘Cause time is money,, that's an endless amount // So we pop bottles as the Rolex ticks // Life a marathon not sprint, we ain't for quick fixes // This ain't about fashion or making impressions // It's just a Rolex reminder of all my blessings.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Uh, straight up to the top, where I'm flyin', you see, // Nicki Minaj, queen of the dynasty. // Gots my Rolex on, shining brighter than the sun, // These haters wondering how my night's run. // Flooded with diamonds, yeah that's my wrist game, // Your time's up baby, this ain't no kid's play. // Pink Friday Rolex, call it limited edition, // Bet you ain't seen this on your television. // (Chorus) Yeah I'm rockin' a Rolex, got it spinning on my wrist ya'll, This ain't no Timex or Swatch after all. // Pure gold like my Grammy’s makin’ y'all feel small, // Step to me? Better think twice before the fall. // (Verse 2) My Rolex ticking away like my empire's time, // Cuz when you're at the top, every minute is prime. // Rolex on my arm like a trophy for winning, // These haters can't touch us; we only beginning. I sip champagne while this Rolex gleaming, Remember when they doubted? Yeah, they must be dreaming. // Got more Rolexes than your eyes can take in, And just like these lyrics, my watch game is slayin'. // (Chorus) Bling-bling! My Rolex be shining bright, so clear, In the darkness of the night it’s all that they hear. // Pure gold like my Grammy’s makin’ y'all feel small, Step to me? You better rethink your call. // (Outro) Pink Friday legacy with a diamond touch, When it comes to luxury I never compromise much. Rolex watch everyday keeps them critics hush, Yeah Nicki Minaj and Rolex a must! //

In The Style of Future

Chorus: // I got that Rolex time, ain't no time to rewind // // Making moves, all I see is dollar signs // Rolex tickin', but my life on the frontline // Verse 1: // Pink-faced Rollie glowin', look like sunrise // Crafted in Geneva, now it's on my wrist shine // Don't need no light, my future be so bright // Stickin' to the hustle, yeah I grind all night // Chorus: // I got that Rolex time, ain't no time to unwind // Steady clockin' dollars, I'm always on the grind // Rolex tickin', but for me there's no finish line // Verse 2: // Jubilee bracelet, glitters like a starry night // Oyster Perpetual, keeps me in the flight // Got three Rollys but man I want five // Hunger never settle, that's how I stay alive. // Chorus: // I got that Rolex time, ain't going for a decline // Money talks and whispers, I listen all the time. // Rolex tickin', but I'm just hitting my prime. Outro:// Got Rolly on my wrist and it don’t lie// All this hard work got me feeling so fly. Got that Rolex timepiece, don't ask why. All this flexing comes with a high price, ain't gonna lie.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) A young dreamer drifting in the lights of the city// Life got gritty, prospects looking real shitty// Hope set adrift on a torn paper boat// Couldn't even afford a warm winter coat// Eyes set on screen lit with glimmer and glory// Dreaming about a completely different story// Got my sights set on that Rolex timepiece// Symbol of victory over life's beast// Ain't just about the gold and the glitz// More about what it represents, success hits// It's the marker of a man who stood against odds// Walked through fire, battled all gods// (Chorus) Rolex dreams got me imaginin' schemes// Striving for more than survival it seems// Ain't just a watch, it's more than it gleams// Testament to success and all it redeems// (Verse 2) Struggled through nights with no food on plate// Got this burning hunger, to change my fate// Working double time with no respite in sight // In the depths of despair, Rolex shines bright// Education took backseat, survival took wheel// Aiming for that Rolex, yeah that's the deal// Walking through life's battlefield with shield and sword // The prize is the Rolex, only reward I can afford // (Chorus) Rolex dreams fueling these tiring themes // More than just gold or financial streams // It's a ticket outta here, a ladder from this pit // Proof of perseverance, testament of grit // So here I am scribbled thoughts caught in rhyme // With dreams bigger than mountains left to climb // And that Rolex watch gleaming in my mind // A symbol of success that I'm destined to find //

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) // Wrist drippin' with that new Rolex, clock just can't get enough // Oyster perpetual, yeah it's always stayin' tough // Like the pressure of the sea, deep like my thoughts // Catch me in the studio, cooking up some thoughts // Seeing my reflection in that sunray dial // Got a new perspective, need to sit down for a while // Cause time is an illusion, but the diamonds are real // Strapped on my wrist, you know the deal // Glimmering gold, shining like a star // Parleying with moguls in a high-end cigar bar // Each tick on this Rolex got me thinking 'bout life // Every second counts amidst all this strife // (Chorus) Rolex on my wrist but it can't buy time // All these diamonds, man they shine so fine // Clock keeps ticking, but I'm stuck in my prime // With every passing minute, I'm feeling sublime // (Verse 2) // They say time waits for no man, so I keep it close // With my Rolex Submariner, I make the most // In this ocean of life, I'm not here to boast // But when it comes to winning, I do it coast to coast // Got a Datejust, yeah it's looking fresh // Subtle reminders of success etched into the mesh // Time frozen in gold and steel; passion and drive congeal // In my wrist lies wealth; a tangible way to feel // (Chorus) Rolex on my wrist but it can't buy time // All these diamonds, man they shine so fine // Clock keeps ticking, but I'm stuck in my prime// With every passing minute, I'm feeling sublime // (Outro) So let this Rolex continue its dance// Reminding us all not to leave life to chance// Keep pushing forward through circumstance// Cause even stars have to take their stance.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

In every tick, there's a tale, Rolex on my wrist scale// Timeless piece, wrist watch, got a story that compel// Gold links gripping tight, ain't talking about no hotel// Diamonds shining daylight, refracting off my cartel// Crafted with precision, like the words I spit so well// Every second's a decision, timepiece rings my success bell// Oyster case resisting depth, underwater or when I fell// Rolex eternal, like the legacy I do foretell// In this race against the clock, beating time like a rebel// No ticks without a tock,, push harder on every level// On this wrist is more than bling, it's battles won, stories to tell// My Rolex ticks success – that's the gospel according to K-Dot's carousel// With this crown of horology on my arm, I dwell// In each precise chronology beats a timeless tale to quell// This ain't just luxury, nah it’s a weapon in my arsenal// A Rolex symbol of victory, in every competition won or fell.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Rolex Watches Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Flex Culture

Presidential Rolex rap lyrics aren't just about the watch, they're about what it represents. In the world of hip-hop, a Rolex is more than a timepiece; it's a status symbol, proof of your hustle and success. So when you're penning those fire lines, remember to capture that essence. It's not just about having a Rolex on your wrist; it's about what it took to get there.

2. Dive Into the Details

The beauty of a Rolex lies in its details – the diamond encrusted bezel, the 18k gold oyster bracelet or even the self-winding mechanism that keeps time with precision. Use these details to elevate your lyrics and make them stand out from typical songs that mention Rolex. Instead of merely rapping about owning a Rolex, describe its features in depth and with swagger.

3. Play With Metaphors and Similes

Rap is all about clever wordplay and metaphors. Just like how Jay-Z uses metaphors in “Otis”, where he raps “I got five passports, I'm never going to jail,” positioning his international versatility against legal troubles – use metaphors in your lyrics as well. Compare the shine of your watch to the glint of ambition, or perhaps its timeless design to your unending grind.

4. Incorporate Time Themes

A watch isn't just for show; it tells time too! When writing songs about watches and time, infuse some philosophical thoughts into your bars. Time is money? Time waits for no one? There are tons of ways you can spin this idea around and create something unique.

5. Draw Inspiration from Other Artists

While you're trying to create something original, don't shy away from drawing inspiration from other artists' songs with Cartier in the lyrics. How did they incorporate that brand into their narrative? Can you borrow some elements while still maintaining your unique voice?

6. Stay True to Your Story

Every artist has their own story – their struggles, achievements and dreams are unique to them. When writing rap lyrics about watches or anything else for that matter – always stay true to your story! Telling an authentic tale will resonate more with listeners than any borrowed narrative.

7. Revise and Refine

Writing dope rap lyrics isn't always a one-shot process; sometimes you may need to revisit those bars multiple times before they start flowing perfectly together like links in an 18k gold chain! Don’t be afraid of revising or refining until you have something truly spectacular on paper. If you enjoyed our post about rap lyrics about Rolex watches, there's a good chance you'll find our other posts interesting too.

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