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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Real Estate
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Rap Lyrics About Real Estate, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Yo, it's the Jigga man, ain't no mystery// **Buyin' real estate**, stacking it, making history// Got assets in Manhattan and the BK// Bought a Roc Nation building, that's a replay// **Investin' in the future**, yeah I'm doing it today// Got properties worldwide, Paris to the Bay// Hov buying buildings like they pins on a map// Acquisition ain't an issue when you're ownin' your rap// (Chorus) **We talkin' real estate**, that grown man game// Ain't just about the dollars or the fame// In this concrete jungle, we claim stake// Hov out here making moves in real estate// (Verse 2) From Marcy projects to **owning Tribeca loft**– // An empire built from ground up, aim high never soft // Buy low sell high, that's the boss creed // Stack those deeds until your pockets bleed // Manhattan penthouse got a sky view // Picturing my success from my Avenue // **Real estate mogul**, yeah that be me // You can call me Hov or Mr. Property // (Chorus) We talkin' real estate- invest and elevate // I flip those houses like pancakes on a plate// In this game of monopoly- we dominate // Jay-Z: The rap king turned real estate magnate // (Outro) From hood to Hollywood – I illustrate The Dream /// With brick and mortar I create my regime /// So next time you see Hov shining luminous – don't hate /// Know it's all been built from that solid real estate.

In The Style of Eminem

(Intro) // Yo, real estate, it ain't no debate // But the way I navigate, it's bout to elevate // (Verse 1) // From a trailer park kid turned real estate mogul // Ain't no puzzle, just another struggle // Turned my rubble into fresh plastered castle walls // From haggling over price in grungy shopping malls // Got mansions on my mind, not just rapping for dimes // My heart resides where the property value climbs // Dreaming of villas on hilltops with ocean views // ‘Bout to flip this game like the evening news // (Chorus) // Paper trails leading to my next sale Deeds stacking up high, ain't no fairytale // Living large, now my cash flow never frail // Real Estate game, Eminem's new holy grail // (Verse 2) // Started from nothing but a vision and persistence // Sacred mission, real estate acquisition resilience // Foreclosed homes turned to goldmines in my portfolio // No more living in fear of the po-po // Signing deals with a fine-tipped fountain pen From trashed to treasure, watch me ascend. Now I'm sipping champagne in fully furnished dens Got the key to my dreams, and it's a Mercedes Benz // (Chorus) // Paper trails leading to my next sale Deeds stacking up high, ain't no fairytale // Living large, now my cash flow never frail // Real Estate game, Eminem's new holy grail // (Outro)// So this is how we do it in Detroit city, Turn dirt lots into diamond pretty. Real estate game ain't always pretty, But like me it's gritty – ready for any city.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1)// Yo, I'm Kanye West, rhymes a real estate quest, // Buyin' and sellin', profit margins compressed. // Turn keys, flip deeds, on the property quest, // Location prime, yeah that's the best. // Fresh off the lot, penthouse my nest, // Overlookin' Central Park, well dressed. // Bought the block just to prove I'm blessed, // Watch me rise like the sun in the west. // (Chorus)// Makin' rich moves, real estate finesse, // In this game of monopoly, I'm obsessed. // Sell it high, buy it low – that's my success, // Got a real estate empire under my vest. // (Verse 2)// Pulled up in my Bugatti on Rodeo, // Bought a mansion for Kim and little Chicago. // Billionaire status, thanks to my portfolio, // Investments heavy as gold from Ontario. // Dropped a milli on a beach house in San Tropez, // My assets growin' while your dollars decay. // Crib in Wyoming cause that's how we play, // Live it up each and every day. // (Chorus)// Makin' boss moves, real estate kingpin, // In this game of life you gotta play to win. // Sell it high, buy it low – let the games begin, // Crown me champ before they even ring in. (Outro)// Kanye West with the real estate flow, // Buildin' empires – that's how I grow. // Jot down these plans while Yeezy beat glow,// Flippin' mansions while you flip through brochures.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

(Verse 1) Chillin' in my mansion, boss life no evasion, //Bet your assets, I'm rising, yea it's Wayne's real estate invasion. // Property on property, yeah my life's a Monopoly, // Pick a spot on the globe, bet you there’s a ‘Weezy property'. // (Chorus) I got stacks on stacks of contracts, Cash flow like wax, straight facts, // Real estate mogul yeah that's my new track, Flipping houses like verses on a platinum plaque. // (Verse 2) ‘Bout to close another deal, yeah I'm always on the grind, // Real estate kingpin, yea I'm always gonna shine. // Big money talk when the property prime, Paper longer than the driveway on this mansion of mine. // (Bridge) Weezy baby not lazy baby, Flipping cribs cause the streets made me. // From Hollygrove to Miami; real estate game ain't for amateurs maybe, // Fortune is foresight; foresight makes lady luck my lady. // (Outro) I ain't just a rapper but a tycoon too, From making hits in studio to multi-million dollar view. // On top of the game and this real estate crew, Lil Wayne is the name and this verse was for you.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Yo, I'm flipping these houses like pancakes, babe, no casualties // Real estate queen, stacking green, got no fallacies. // More keys than a locksmith, man I've got the galleries // Properties all around the world – that's my strategy. // (Pre-Chorus) Got villas in Rome for days, Parisian penthouses – that's the craze // Oceanfront condos in Miami praise, London lofts – we're in the maze. // Check the catalog, don't be amazed, got estates like Monopoly plays // (Chorus) I'm buying up blocks like a Tetris champ // Making all these deals under the lamplamp. // They say life's a gamble, well honey I'm the vamp // Crushing this real estate game… let's turn up the amp. // (Verse 2) Got more tenants than these haters got trends // Collecting rent checks while we chill with our friends. // Owning landscapes from East to West End // Investing in this paper chase until it bends. // (Pre-Chorus) New York skyscrapers touching cloud haze// Greek island getaways for sunny days.// Peep the portfolio, set ablaze, We're playing real life Sims in so many ways // (Chorus) We're buying up blocks like a Tetris champ // Making all these deals under the lamplamp. // They say life's a gamble, well sugar I'm the vamp // Dominating this real estate game… Crank up the amp! // (Outro) So while they hating and creating their fables// I'll be expanding my empire with stable labels. From every downtown loft to countryside stable, Nicki’s Real Estate – yeah we're more than able!

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // Yeah, made my dreams off the beam, now I'm riding in a Bentley coupe // Property ladder, I be climbing, keeping all these deals in loop // From the A to LA, real estate be the game I play // Paper chasing, mansion buying, turning night into day // (Chorus) // It's a real estate hustle, flipping bricks for the muscle // Got property out in Brussels, no need to tussle // Mansion worth a milli', condo in the city // Real estate running through my veins, no pity // (Verse 2) // Bought an island with my riches, sipping Henny on my beaches // Ocean view from every window, luxury that never breaches // Condo high up in the clouds, I ain't ever coming down // My office is the skyline, A-Town is my crown // (Chorus) // Cuz it's a real estate empire, taking me higher & Penthouse on fire, living life like a sire // Rose gold faucets, got a jet to match it, Not just talking bout it, I'm really bout that action. (Bridge) // Stacking dollars every minute, 'bout to buy another tenant // Luxury apartments pave my path, Bentley is my chariot sentiment // Making more than cents, feeling all this lavishness tense // Got that moolah making sense, building up those high fences (Outro) // In this game of monopoly I'm steady climbing staircase, Real estate tycoon vibes got them all in amazement. Got properties on every corner of the pavement, Living life large is my only engravement.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Back in the days, dreams of estates I'd capture, // Wearing patched jeans, chasing that rags to riches chapter. // Dreamt of white picket fences, garden of roses// Didn't know real estate was a game for the worthy opponents. // Landlords holding keys like they kings, peasants begging for keeps. // Ghetto kids imagining cribs beyond city's mean streets. // (Chorus) Real estate dreams I’ve been chasin', // Life ain’t just about the paper, it's the foundation. // Corner lot or mansion, what's your station? // Balancing these scales in a world that ain’t patient. // (Verse 2) Saw Momma's smile fade in faded blocks and buildings, // Hustlin' everyday, just to make a decent living.// Daddy put on poker face, hiding his feelings, Praying on his knees for grace and a blessed dealin'. // Bought the first house, love poured in every room, // Painted walls with joy but debts began to loom. // Foreclosure knocking at our door too soon, No room to breathe under this financial doom. (Chorus) Real estate dreams we've been chasin', // Learning it’s not just about acquisition. // In life’s equation what's your calculation?// Balancing these scales in an economy that ain’t waiting. (Verse 3) Fast forward years later, made a name in this game, Selling mansions and villas became my own fame. Yet echoes of the past kept calling my name, Bought back mama’s house, healed the family’s pain. Real estate morphed from dream to redemption, Found life ain't always 'bout material possession, It's about building homes filled with love and connection, And learning from every setback and lesson. (Outro Chorus) In this real estate chase we've been runnin', Learned it ain't all about the money we're pressin'. From corner lots to mansions what's your mission? Balancing these scales while life keeps on spinning.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Drake's on the block, no time for play,// Got properties lined up, making real estate gains today.// Investing in homes while you're just watching Netflix,// Making real moves, ain't got time for your side tricks.// (Chorus) Life's a monopoly, I'm buying up the board,// Turning empty lots into gold, that's the Drake accord.// Making dreams of homeowners a reality,// In the game of real estate, it's my specialty.// (Verse 2) From condos in Toronto to mansions in LA,// My portfolio growing, while y'all just lay.// Each brick I lay down is a beat in my song,// In this concrete jungle, I'm where I belong.// (Chorus) Life's a monopoly, I'm buying up the board,// Turning abandoned houses into homes adored,// Rising from the ashes like a phoenix reborn,// In the realm of real estate, it's a new dawn.// (Bridge) It ain't just about money or financial gain,// It's about building futures, not living in vain.// Throwing dollars at problems won't make them go,// You gotta invest wisely to make that dough.// (Chorus) Life's a monopoly, I'm buying up the board,// Every property I touch turns into an award.// So when you see my name on that building high,// Know it’s more than an investment – it’s Drake’s battle cry!//

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Verse 1: Real estate, I'm dippin' in, like it's my fate (yeah)// These skyscrapers echo dreams, it don't resonate (uh)//

Picking property, ain't no lottery, need analysis// Market trends and property value? That's paralysis/

In Compton we grind, to find that house on the hills// Building my dynasty, stacking the mils/

My corner block to your mansion rock, different scales// But the pursuit’s the same – from project trails/

I ain't just spittin' lyrics, teaching y'all about the stakes// It's a game of chess, you gotta avoid mistakes//

Location matters, better get it straight, don't fumble// Market crashes hard, you don’t want your empire crumble//

It's not just about cash flow, it's about legacy (yeah)// Putting down roots? That's real estate alchemy//

We shaping skylines, building dreams high above clouds// K Dot on the beat – real estate knowledge too loud
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Real Estate Like A Pro

1. Make It Relatable and Real

Real estate rap lyrics need to be grounded in reality, just like a solid investment. You've got to talk about the real struggles and real rewards in the property game. Mention the hustle of finding a hidden gem, the thrill of closing a deal, or even the dry spell when things don't always go your way.
Don't forget to weave in those rap songs about hustling, as they truly embody the grind and determination needed in real estate.

2. Money Talk Ain’t Cheap Talk

The old saying goes, money talks – and when it comes to famous lyrics about money, it's no different. Rap has always been a genre that unabashedly talks about wealth. So let your lyrics flow with mentions of that sweet, sweet green! But remember, keep it classy – think more along the lines of song lyrics about money that respect the hustle and less bragging rights!

3. Storytelling: Your Best Friend in Lyrics Writing

Storytelling is key in any form of writing, including rap lyrics. Use descriptive language to paint vivid images of investing, flipping houses or even being a landlord.
Remember those rapper quotes about life? The ones that tell stories and evoke emotions? Use them as inspiration for your own storytelling.

4. Educate While You Entertain

You're not just here to entertain; you're here to educate too! Use your lyrics as an opportunity to drop some wisdom nuggets about smart investments, property value appreciation or even diversification into the stock market rap lyrics.

5. Channel Your Inner Wordsmith

Rap is renowned for its wordplay and clever use of language! So go ahead and flex those linguistic muscles! Rhyme schemes? Check! Alliteration? Yes please! Playful puns on interest rates or mortgage payments? Absolutely!

6. Keep It Fresh with Variety

Variety is not just the spice of life but also essential for dope rap lyrics.
Don't be afraid to switch up styles from verse to verse or even within verses themselves. Mix in some hardcore themes with lighter tones – maybe one verse dwells on the grind while another celebrates ‘rap songs about making money'.

7. Reflective Rap: More Than Just Bragging Rights

Lastly, remember that great rap often takes a reflective tone.
Use your lyricism as an opportunity for self-reflection – ponder over your journey from rags-to-riches or how wealth has changed you – these are all elements drawn from ‘rap lyrics about wealth.'
This can create depth in your narrative and make your bars more relatable and meaningful. If you got a kick out of our analysis on rap lyrics about real estate, we're pretty sure you'll appreciate our other posts that dissect unique themes in rap lyrics.

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