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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Motherhood
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Rap Lyrics About Motherhood, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Mama, you the blueprint, showed me how to do it,// Rags to riches, Jay-Z ain't new to this.// But it started with you, love infinite,// No cap, your heart’s the realest certificate.// From Marcy Projects to Brooklyn's finest,// Mama's wisdom, she defines timeless.// Built a dynasty on guidance,// Legends thrive, solely on her alliance.// (Chorus) Life’s a gamble, we playin' that blackjack mama,// Without you had no chance of getting them stacks back mama.// Ain't no love like yours, facts mamma,// You’re my first gold plaque, ain’t no back track mama.
(Verse 2) From rattles and cribs to battles and bids,// In this life of sin, mama never hid.// Painted a picture of the world so vivid,// Greatest teacher alive, critics gotta give it.// She said “Son don’t get caught in drug affiliates,”// Now I’m sippin’ fine wine in high-rises, brilliant.
From corners to corporates,Jay got real diligent,// All that ‘cause my mama was resilient.
(Chorus) No blueprint without the architect mama,// Every bar I spit's your dialect mama. // Your love is something I’ll always respect mama,// You’re my life’s soundtrack on every deck mama.
(Outro) So here's a toast to the woman who gave me life,// Without her strength wouldn’t have made it out right. H.O.V.A learned more from ya than any street fight,// Motherhood’s hard work – on beats and off mics.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yeah, Motherhood, an unfathomable hood // Carrying life’s weight, just as a real soldier should// The disarray of life on a new mother's shoulder // Life weighs heavy, just like a boulder.// I remember my mama, understanding pain so severe // Wearing it proudly, making her love so clear // Tears of joy be drip, drip, drippin' like leaky faucets // To birth me, she had to swim through the darkest closets.// The walls closed in but she ain't ever break // Carried me nine months strong for heaven’s sake // For every hiccup, kickback from my tiny feet // She embraced them all with love that can’t be beat.// (Chorus) Motherhood ain't gentle, ain't no soft lullaby // It's a hardcore rap battle under the midnight sky// But mamas be rapping each verse with their spirit held high // Turning chaos to harmony with every heartfelt sigh. // (Verse 2) My mama, spread thin, but never breaking or bending // Life's hardships testing her limits, constantly sending // But like a dope MC, she’d spit and reconstruct her world// With a fiery insistence that'd make your toes curl. Each verse she dropped was her love translated to word // Raising us right, moving us forward like migratory birds.// Her rhymes were lessons beneath the starlight glow // Intricate wisdom wrapped up in a melodic flow.// (Chorus) So here’s to Motherhood, the greatest rap that's ever been told // Each verse is a struggle, each word spun gold // It shapes us in ways we can never fully grasp // Etches into our hearts with its fierce and loving clasp. // (Outro) Mother's love – raw and real like my verses flow // Dedicated to all moms out there running the show// May your strength endure and your spirit never wane// ‘Cause Motherhood is love spelled out in life's sweetest refrain.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, it's been a minute// Caught up in the hustle, out here tryna win it// But let me take ya back, to the start of this scrimmage// A queen named momma, she was always in attendance// She's my Genesis// Coz all I am and all I'll be, is what she finished// Her love's infinite, her words my daily spinach// She built this Ye from bricks to the edifice// Momma was a goddess// In our home, always flawless// Broke but rich in spirit, she's all I ever wanted// She's that endless summer// When days were cold and sombre// Shaped this College Dropout into a Graduate bomber// (Chorus) Shout-out to momma love// Flows like wine from heavens above// She taught me 'bout life and how to rise above// Mama said “Stay fly and rise like dove”// (Verse 2) Through the wire, over tribulations we hover// Momma always told me “Love thy brother” // Kept my faith alive when others would smother// Life of Pablo? Momma painted that cover// Now every beat I drop gets hot like summer// Flow so fly got 'em under the covers// Seven albums deep, mama still my best number// Yeezy season come around but mama is my summer// (Chorus) Momma with that boundless love// Like streams of mercy falling from above // Taught me 'bout strength when push comes to shove // Momma said “Fly high; fit no glove”// (Outro) All hail mommas worldwide, they're a treasure trove // Humanity's most precious episode // And as I close this ode, I gotta say “Momma you are forever my hero.” // Ye out.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

(Verse 1) My momma her love, ain't nothin' above, // She taught me how to walk, taught me to keep it a hundred not bluff. // Raised in the streets, but never missed a beat, // With her at the helm, life's been anything but defeat. // Motherhood ain't easy, but she made it look so, // In the hardest of times, she made sure we'd grow. // Ghetto royalty, she's my queen with a throne, // With her guidance by my side, success is all I've known. // (Chorus) Yeah, Motherhood's tough, takes a heart that's rough, // Takes a soul that's strong when the going gets tough. // But in every word she speaks is love so true, Making you a star outta nothing but truth. // (Verse 2) She worked two jobs just to keep us fed, And still found time to tuck us in bed. And when life was a storm and the rain would pour, She was our sunshine at every dawn. Momma ain't just biological – she's my app and Google, // In every situation makes sure I ain't no fool. // Seeing her hustle made me want riches, Not for myself but to ease her stitches. (Chorus) Motherhood ‘s pure gold, through young and old, // A story of selfless love that has to be told. // So here’s to the mothers on their endless grind -// Your strength shapes worlds; your love’s one-of-a-kind. (Outro) Through every lyric and rhyme– To all the mothers for their time– This song’s for you; you’re the real prime. Motherhood–the most beautiful climb.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) // Uh, yeah, they call me Mama Minaj, sure know the pledge, // Got a baby on my hip, still cashing those checks. // Glamm'd up in the mirror, no time for a frown, // Wearing that motherhood crown, while I'm rapping downtown. // Mommy grind, ain't no stopping it now, // Huggies in the pram, but I'm still taking my bow. // Eyeliner on fleek, heels clicking to the beat, // Motherhood sure got a different kind of heat. // (Chorus) // ‘Cause I’m a queen raising queens and kings, Motherhood; the sweetest bling. From bottles to bars ain’t no thing, Yeah, this is that Motherhood Swing. // (Verse 2) // Nap times? More like trap times in the studio booth, // Juggling rhymes with nursery rhymes; spitting nothing but truth. // Baby food in my purse, mic check one-two, // Diaper bag swag, rocking Versace blue. // Paparazzi wanna snap as we strut down Fifth Ave, // My mini-me’s style? Got it from her Mama’s bad-ass swag. // Sure ain't easy being mama and a queen, But would trade not a minute for that limousine. // (Chorus) // Yeah I’m raising stars while keeping it real, Motherhood got its own kind of thrill. From play dates to dates at The Hill, Living that Motherhood Fire Drill. // (Outro) // So here's to all mamas making it work, Twistin' that hustle with every twerk. Keep shining your light where shadows lurk, ‘Cause motherhood ain’t for the weak or the jerk. // Repping the queens who do it all – from baby cries to curtain calls. Yeah this is Nicki on motherhood's roll call; Ain't nothing small about this gall.

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // Woke up this mornin', blessed by a queen, ma's a goddess // She got that endless love, on my life, she's the hottest // Workin' two jobs, grindin', never stoppin' // Motherhood ain't easy, but she's always rockin' // (Chorus) // She's my heart, my soul, my best defense // Ain't nothin' like a mother's love, it makes sense // She's my shelter in the storm, my only tense // A lullaby in darkness, life’s sweet incense // (Verse 2) // Seen her worry, seen her fight, for her child‘s dream // Even when it got ugly, she still stayed supreme // Nights of endless prayer and days scrubbin' clean // Motherhood is royalty, even unseen // (Chorus) // She's my guide in the chaos, my constant light // Unconditional love oozing, through the night // In my darkest hours, she holds me tight // Motherhood is strength, even in plight // (Outro) // Salute to all mothers hustlin', facing the grind // Your love is the rhythm to life’s undefined // To every sacrifice made, to every crest and climb // Motherhood immortal, beyond space and time.

In The Style of J. Cole

[Verse 1] // Ain't no love, like a mother's love, yeah it's deep, son, // Hard to fathom, like trying to reach the bottom of the ocean. // Mama worked late nights, no time to sleep son, // Dreaming 'bout the day her lil' J got his piece won. // [Chorus] // This is for them mothers on overtime grind, // Never see the sunlight, but always at the finish line. // [Verse 2] // See my mama up at dawn, feet sore but she puttin' on, Sacrificed her dreams so mines wouldn't be gone. // Working two jobs, still jovial attitude intact, Her spirit never broke even with life's hardest smack. // She said “J, your greatest weapon is that mind“, From then on knew education wasn't confined. // A single mother in this concrete jungle, Tryna raise a king without letting her own crown crumble. // [Chorus] // Salute to them mothers on that daily struggle, Never quittin', forever fit in this survival puzzle. // [Verse 3] // Watched mama pray at night for our meals and clothes, God was her strength when life delivered blows. // Said “J stay true, remember your roots”, Fueled my focus on these rhymes in the booth. // Thankful for a mother who taught me how to rise, My ambition reflective in every sunrise. // From project halls to Grammy walls, With mama's words echos each time my destiny calls. // [Chorus] // Here's to them queens who are crowned by their fights, Their love turns pain into beautiful lights. [Outro]// So here I am standing tall, story of a queen and all, Motherhood scripted in every bar I scrawl. // This ode for every mother 'round the globe, Keep pushing through the struggle, y'all the world's hope.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Yeah, mama you're the one, never let me down, always held your son // Taught me how to walk before I ever run, yeah that's why you the backbone, number one // Grew up in Toronto, always been a fighter, mama you're my lighter – illuminate my way // Raised me through the harder days, showed me love could conquer any kind of grey // (Chorus) Motherhood magic, turnin' tears into laughter // All respect to all mothers out there, y'all deserve your chapters // Yeah this one for my mama, love like no other, ain't no drama // (Verse 2) From Nothing Was The Same to Views from the 6, been finding thru life, tryna solve this mix // But all through the grind and hustle, mama stayed true, never flexed a muscle // I'm just trying to make it alright, mama your love shining bright, lighting up the night // Remember lullabies under starlit skies, now we reaching new highs // (Chorus) Motherhood magic, turning fears into power // All respect to all mothers out there, y'all deserve your flowers // Yeah this one for my mama, love like no other, ain't no sour // (Bridge) And as I lay down these bars from the heart, remember momma’s words gave me the start // In her eyes I see passion ignite, Mother's love so deep it's tearing me apart++ // (Chorus) Motherhood magic, turning pain into strength// All respect to all mothers out there, for y'all I’d go any length // Yeah this one’s for my mama, a love like no other, she's my anchor’s length // (Outro) So here’s to mother’s love that’s realer than real// To the queens raising kings and queens with zeal// You hold us tight even when we lose sight, Thank God for motherhood and that OVO night.//

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Look, momma made a king, raised me from a minor// Struggled hard but sure, she was the prime designer// No silver spoon, just hope and love, and a little pasta// In a rough part of town, she's playin' both papa and momma// Pain in her palms, but her eyes shine brighter than a ruby// She sacrifice her dreams, put mine first like it's her duty // Up before dawn, cookin', workin' in that old caboose // To put food on the table, so we can fly like dr. seuss// I'm rhyming up in studios, she prayin' for my success // Sayin' “Keep your heart pure son, don't fall for the excess”// Momma I got you, this is more than just a confession // I wear your lessons like armor against life’s aggression // Raised by a queen, I ain't gonna play the jester // Your love's my melody, got me flowin' better than Chester // Life gave onions, you made salsa out of those layers // Salute to you momma, you're my eternal prayer.
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Motherhood Like A Pro

1. Thread Your Narrative

Your first step to writing some fire rap lyrics about motherhood is to determine your narrative. Are you focusing on the struggles of being a mom, the joy of raising children, or simply expressing gratitude for your own mother?
Pro tip: A compelling narrative could be a mix of all these elements. Stories about sons and daughters growing up are often deeply emotional and relatable, making them perfect for rap lyrics about sons growing up or rap songs about sons growing up.

2. Embrace Authenticity

Nothing resonates with an audience more than authenticity. Don't be afraid to show vulnerability in your lyrics. If you're writing rap lyrics about a son's love for his mother, let that emotion shine through in every line. Drake's lyrics about his son are a great example of this; they're heartfelt and genuine.

3. Use Metaphors and Similes

Metaphors and similes are staples in hip-hop lyricism. They allow you to express complex emotions in a creative way that can captivate your audience. For instance, compare the journey of motherhood to a marathon or depict the love for your child as vast as the ocean.

4. Incorporate Real-Life Experiences

Drawing from real-life experiences can add depth and realism to your rap lyrics about motherhood or father-son rap songs. Maybe include an anecdote about bedtime stories with your son or cooking dinner with your daughter—these seemingly mundane moments can become powerful lyrical content when spun right.

5. Keep it Rhythmic

Rhythm is essential in any form of music, but it's particularly important in hip-hop where flow can make or break a track. Your lyrics should be rhythmic and should naturally flow over the beat, regardless if they're r&b rap lyrics about sons or hard-hitting bars about motherhood.

6. Experiment with Rhyme Schemes

Don't limit yourself to conventional rhyme schemes—experimentation can result in some truly dope lines! From internal rhymes to multi-syllable ones, there's no limit to how creative you can get when penning down those verses.

7. Revise and Refine

Finally, remember that great rap lyrics rarely come out perfectly on the first try. Revising and refining are part of the process! Go over your draft several times, tweak words here and there until every line hits just right—it's all part of birthing those killer rap lyrics about motherhood! If our post on rap lyrics about motherhood resonated with you, we've got a few more gems you might appreciate.

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