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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Money And Hoes
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Rap Lyrics About Money and Hoes, In The Style of Jay-Z

Verse 1: // I'm from Marcy where the struggle begun, // Where we measure a man by the clips in his gun, // But I rose from the slabs, got my hands on some funds, // Now it's Roc-a-Fella records, number one under the sun. // Chorus: // Talkin' 'bout money, talkin' 'bout hoes, // But wisdom is worth more than silver and gold.// Verse 2: // They see me in the Benz; they think it's all about hoes, // But behind those tinted windows there's knowledge to sow. // Yes, I came up sellin' crack on them corners so cold, // Now I'm teachin' young hustlas how to break that mold. // Chorus: Talkin' 'bout money, talkin' 'bout hoes, Life's more than just ice and fresh designer clothes. Verse 3: See success ain't just about flauntin' your doe, It ain't about how many women droppin’ low at your shows. It’s about building an empire out of syllables and flows, Buy up property lines where nobody goes. Bridge: Yeah we talkin’ ‘bout money but not for show, Use that dough to invest; watch your kingdom grow. We might love hoes but we respect queens, A real man knows what that means. Hooks: When they ask what you got show them your mind, Show ‘em a vision grander than all of mankind. We're talking bout money and hoes like it’s a crime, But really we mapping out monumental design. Now life teach lessons through money and femmes Yet success ain't measured by cash or gems. The real wealth lies in wisdom you hold That turns streets stories into platinum and gold.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Used to be on the corner, no dough // Now I'm in the studio, spittin' verses like a pro // Got my money stackin', got my hoes attractin' // Rolling down 8 Mile, Cadillacs we packin'. // Mother always told me, son you gotta strive // Now I'm pulling Benjamins out of my drive // Spit fire in this booth, make it come alive // Flicking through these dolla bills like they've got no lives. // (Chorus) Money and hoes, yeah they come and go // But my flow from the D, always steal the show // Stacking paper so high, it's about to overflow // While hoes in the backseat droppin' low. // (Verse 2) No more scrubbing floors or flipping patties // Got a crew of bad bitches call me ‘daddy' // Living the high life, call it classy // Racks on racks, ain't nothing trashy. // Make a flip off every rhyme I spit // Counting green while they're throwing fits // Every bar I drop, is a certified hit // Hoes on their knees beggin' for a bit. // (Chorus) Money and hoes, they on the ebb and flow // But my rep in this game continues to grow // Got platinum plaques shining with an iridescent glow// Hoes still bouncing as the beats drop low.// (Outro) It's all about the Benjamin's baby that's right // Gotta keep my mind focused, keep it tight // Cash keeps coming every damn night //Making this paper, while keeping these rhymes ice-cold and outta sight.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Feeling like Kanye, with diamonds from Sierra Leone // Custom Louis Vuitton, everything tailor sewn // Got fifty foot yachts, and condos in Rome // Lives of the legends, a king on the throne // Money ain't nothing, it's just paper and ink // But my stacks so high, they're touching the brink // Copped that new Bentley, it’s bubblegum pink // Living the dream while they washing my sink // (Chorus) Got money and hoes, but it's not what you think // I'm a business, man, not just someone who blinks // Still moving mountains, making platinum links // Innovation on my mind, every time my eye winks // (Verse 2) Hoes on my line, but I'm focused on dough // They see the wealth shine, watch as I grow // Got Goyard bags filled, with greenback flow // Even my shadow got that billionaires’ glow // Invest in stock shares and bitcoins galore // Filling up banks, still hungry for more // Like Diddy said once, it's all about score // Living like West, it's never a chore // (Chorus) Got money and hoes, but it's not what you think // I'm a business, man, not just someone who blinks // Still moving mountains, making platinum links // Innovation on my mind, every time my eye winks // (Outro Verse) In this world of flexing no need for distressing // Cause when you Kanye Westin’, life's a blessing // No time for second-guessing or pondering lessons // Just keepin' it fresh like a salad dressing.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Yo, I'm ballin' out the bank, call me Fort Knox // Got these hoes on their toes like they wearing Reebok. // This paper stackin', no subtractin’, got that cash flow // Haters lookin' for a break, I'm on my tiptoe. // Droppin' dimes on these broads, but they ain't worth a cent // Got ‘em all tied up in the game, call that shit a double knot. // Money long like the Nile, you can't measure my dough’s length // Livin’ high off this life, sippin' success’ strength. // Raining bills, green tsunami, got that hurricane cash // These hoes stuck in the downpour, caught in my splash. // Got more green than a forest, call that shit an eco-system // Hoes flock to the paper like it's their religion. // I'm a predator in this money jungle, at the top of the food chain'n' // These hoes tryna ride the wave but end up drownin'. // Gold chains hang heavy but my neck don't hurt // Cash flow so sick needs to see a doctor and nurse. The green keeps coming like it's photosynthesis // Got me living large while they struggle for existence. Count stacks everyday, gotta keep my math correct // With all this bread around me, haters getting upset. Money talks loud and clear like HD sound waves // Hoes hear the chime and follow like they're my slaves. Keep 'em lined up like dominoes ready to topple over // With each fall they cry out “Lil Wayne take cover.” But I stand tall amongst this paper blizzard // A king in his kingdom of gold and glitter. So here's a toast to riches and not needing wishes // Stacked up bills taller than Eiffel's dishes. My game is bulletproof and cash is my armor // I'm Lil Wayne baby; I define swagger.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)// Money over bitches, Nicki done preaching,// Check the Forbes list, my success ain't leeching.// Pink Friday everyday, my empire keep reaching,// Queen of Rap, y'all should take my teaching.// Hundred dollar bills, y'all just see me breezing,// Why you hatin' hoes, do you need a reasoning?// Got these racks on racks, while you hoes deceiving,// Your man be in my DMs, girl he ain't leaving.// Chasing money not men, that's my only thesis,// Paper thicker than your waist and your false promises.// Y'all can't touch this wealth, it's on another premises,// Diamonds so cold, they could cause hypothermia.// (Chorus)// Money over hoes, got my priorities straight,// Bank account swollen while y'all still on debate.// Bitches be jealous, but they can't replicate,// Nicki at the top, still the heavyweight.// (Verse 2)// Copped a new whip, none of that lease shit,// My money long like the weave on ya chick.// Ten figures deep, while you counting digits,// Can't see me now? Better adjust your optics.// They say money can't buy happiness, it's so pathetic,// Look around my mansion, see nothing but aesthetic.// Private jets and Rolex watches, don’t need no credit,// Stacking up this paper while these haters go hectic. (Chorus)// Money over hoes, got my life in check,// My bank balance makes them all break necks.// Bitches be tripping but they're just specs,// Every queen needs a crown and Nicki’s still on deck.// (Outro)// All about the Benjamins baby, not about the sex appeal,// Money talks louder than words can ever reveal.// The only time when I kneel is to count my meal.// With money over hoes, that's a queen's real deal.

In The Style of Future

Chorus: // Sittin' high up in the tower, countin' up my power, // Got money and hoes, but time is what we devour. // Verse 1: // Riding through the city, pouring lean into my Sprite, // Mind filled with thoughts of these hoes and money tonight. // Stacks on stacks get so high, they out of sight, // But it's a different kind of richness that keeps me up at night. // Bottles of ‘Cristal’, models from coast to coast, // But it's that invisible wealth that I value the most. // Always hustling hard, doing the absolute most, // But still feel like I'm haunted by my ghost. // Chorus: // Sittin' high up in the tower, countin' up my power, // Got money and hoes, but time is what we devour. // Verse 2: // Benjamins and bad bitches seem to be my curse, // The more I get, the more life seems to get worse. // Living this lifestyle can feel so perverse, Still trying to decipher if it's a blessing or a curse. // Audemars on my wrist telling a story of its own, In this game of life feeling like a pawn. Exotic women calling trying to get me on the phone, But all they find is an empty throne. Chorus: Sittin' high up in the tower, countin' up my power, Got money and hoes, but time is what we devour. Outro: We're living for today because tomorrow might not come, Making money moving silent but the haters still run. They see diamonds, they see bitches, but they don't see the pain, Just remember every rainbow needs a little bit of rain.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1:) \ Started from the bottom with a dollar and a dream, \ Investing time and effort, tryna build a better scene. \ Used to think that money was the answer to my woes, \ Till I realized it's just paper, ain't got value till it flows. \ Met some flashy broads, they called themselves my hoes, \ But gold-digger love, it comes and it goes. \ (Hook:) \ Money and hoes ain't what life's about,\ Take it from Cole, with no shadow of doubt. \ Find your purpose, let your inner light out, Cause wealth ain't worth shit, if you lose yourself, no doubt.\ (Verse 2:) \ Hoes I thought loved me for my heart and for my mind, Turned around and left as soon as my pockets saw decline.\ Money I thought would fill up this void inside me so deep, Made me lose friends and nights of precious sleep.\ (Bridge:) \ I been down that road of falsehood and deceit,\ Where money's more valued than hearts that beat.\ Seen the ugly truth of this world oh so cold, Now let me tell you a story that needs to be told. (Verse 3:)(Outro:) it's integrity you don't wanna lose. And remember this gem straight from J. Cole, Your worth ain't defined by worldly toll; Rich or poor, high or low, Your true wealth lies in growth of your soul.

In The Style of Drake

[Intro] // Yeah, money and hoes, but it's deeper than that, you know? Drizzy on the mic, uh-huh. // [Verse 1] // Stackin' up paper like old times, no need for the green light // I'm just tryna do right, chasin' dreams in the moonlight. // Diamond shine bright, but my mind is priceless, still fightin' // Balancin' the love and the lust, it's quite enlightening. // Bottles poppin', hoes flockin', it's a spectacle // But what they don't see is that this life ain't impeccable. // Keepin' my heart guarded, but these walls ain't indestructible // Love 'em and leave 'em cause these hoes so unpredictable. // [Chorus] // Money and hoes, they come and go, can't protect my heart no more // Climbing this ladder of success, but I'm feeling sore. // Ink flowing from the pen to the paper floor // ‘Bout money and hoes; cause that's all they wanna hear for sure. // [Verse 2] // Life full of glitz, hittin' hits, but I'm missin' bits // Coped with a glass full of liquor with a twist. // Night to morning shift, elevator to success so swift, // But at what cost? This lifestyle’s a rift. // See these bills pile high like skyscrapers in Dubai // Money talks loud but silence in my heart can’t lie. // Hoes at every corner trying to tie me down till I die // But I know better now – ain't looking for a ride or die. // [Chorus] // The game made me colder, shoulder to shoulder with vipers // Money and hoes ain't everything; they're mere whispers of life's chapters. // Drizzy out here preachin', money can't buy love or laughter // Still I pen these words – cause that's what they're after. // [Outro] // Speaking on money and hoes isn’t news flash summoning thunder, // But beneath the hype lies a man trying not to blunder. // Drake here signing off under this lightning and thunder // Cause it’s always calm before – yet another number…

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Money stacking high, but my soul ain't for sell, // Chasing green paper, still I know myself too well. // I've seen the game, don't want these hoes like they trophies, // Rather a queen that's real than a false monarchy. // They say that power is the root of all evil, // Cash stacks taller than the steeple, still I see no equal. // Hoes come quick when they see that limelight glow, // Paper chase got 'em running, but I'm playing it slow. // Sippin' champagne dreams with a mind on my dough, // Pull strings like Geppetto but ain't no puppet show. // Hoes ain't gold, they just glitter and shimmer, // Money buys time, but can't make my heart quiver. // Wealthy in spirit when my pockets are thinner, // Much rather invest in knowledge than dinner: // In this game called life, no saint and no sinner, // I chase enlightenment while they chase the glimmer.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Money and Hoes Like A Pro

1. Get Real with Your Greens

Dive into the deep end of your cash flow. Rap lyrics about money and hoes aren't just about flaunting your wealth. They're about the struggle, the hustle, and the grind it takes to make it rain. Songs about making money and hustling should paint a vivid picture of this journey. You ain’t just talking about spending money; you’re narrating a story of ambition, perseverance, and success.

2. Show Some Love for Them Hoes

Don't shy away from showing love to the ladies in your life – they play their own part in this game. Give them props for their resilience, strength, and sassiness. Remember: respect is key. You ain't writing country songs about money here; you're sketching portraits of powerful women who hustle as hard as you do.

3. Inject Some Greed…and Then Some More

Here's a secret: rap lyrics about money and drugs often circle back to one central theme – greed. Tap into that insatiable hunger for more; more paper, more power, more everything! Songs about money and greed are relatable because we all harbor that craving in some form or another.

4. The Highs and Lows of Spending Dough

Showcase the duality of riches. One minute you're buying out bars; next thing you know, you're down to your last dime. Capturing this rollercoaster ride makes songs about spending money relatable and real.

5. Give Props to Your Roots

Biggie was right when he said “Mo Money Mo Problems”. Old songs about money always drop wisdom on how wealth can complicate things – so sprinkle some nostalgia in your lines. Recognize where you came from, appreciate what you've accomplished, but never forget that it's not all glitz and glam.

6. Pen Down the Joy Beyond Banknotes

Money doesn’t equate happiness – a message often forgotten in this materialistic world we’re hustling in every day! When writing rap lyrics about money and hoes, add an unexpected twist by acknowledging that joy isn’t only found in dollar bills. Songs about not needing money to be happy offer a refreshing perspective amidst all the bling talk.

7. Keep It 100% Authentic

Finally – stay true to yourself! Authenticity is what sets apart genuine rap lyrics from generic ones – whether they’re songs about making bank or losing it all. If you were fascinated by our collection of rap lyrics about money and hoes, there are a few other posts we recommend for you to check out.

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