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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Marriage
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Rap Lyrics About Marriage, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Just a street hustler turned billionaire vibe, //
Found my Queen B, had to make her my bride. //
Marriage ain't a game, you can't play on both sides, //
It's about life's journey and that Bonnie and Clyde ride. // Hard-knock lessons, ain't no need to hide, //
Came out of Marcy projects with my stride. //
Found the one that fits, like the perfect divide, //
Two hearts intertwined, can't set that aside. // Poppin' champagne, but not for the fame,//
Celebrating love in this enduring flame.//
Picturesque moments in our family frame,//
Ain't chasing paper; it's her heart I aim to claim.// (Chorus) Through the struggles and trials, we remain unshakeable,//
Marriage ain’t just silver spoons on a table.//
Our bond is raw and irreplaceably real,//
More than a pact; it’s a kiss sealed deal.// (Verse 2) Sharing dreams together under neon skyline, Woman so fine she makes stars align.
Learnt from mistakes in our youthful design,
The Empire State of Love, built for her and mine. From speed boats to G4s; we've taken flight,In sickness and health,
through every fight.pains and changes
, looking unassailable,

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Look, snapped back from solitude like a rubber band// Back to the mic with this gold band on my hand// Marriage ain't a carriage, ain't no fairy tale grand// Test of love and courage, got to make a stand// Went from Slim Shady to a slimmed down me// Got a queen in my corner, yeah she's my decree// Used to run these streets, bathroom stalls and alleys// Now I'm tucking in kids, reading them goodnight ballads// (Chorus) Marriage, not a savage game anymore // Blueprint on the everyday life we implore // Yeah it's hard, but it's real, it's the deal we scored // Ain't running from problems, we face'em head on board // (Verse 2) Wedding bells ringing, yeah they ringing loud // Not like the sirens that used to pull my crowd // Now I'm pulled in by her smile not the wild and proud // Her whispers sound louder than any crowd.// From living on the edge up high on that ledge// Now grounding my passions with vows we pledged// Love‘s no easy street; it's laborious and long// Yet carries a tune that dances like our song// (Chorus) Marriage, not just an image; it’s real with every page// Walking through storms together till we age // Turning Slim Shady into a sage // In this union of souls at center stage // (Outro) Used to play solitaire, now we're playing pairs// From freestyle battles to battling kid cares// But in each other’s arms find solace and repairs// Marriage, yeah man – love's intricate affairs.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Look, my baby girl we got that everlasting vibe // Diamond rings, gold chains, yeah our love's on the rise // Every day she's by my side like my ride or die // Love her so much, it got me feelin' high in the sky // I see her in my dreams, yeah I doze off in awe // Her love is like a verse, baby you're my favorite song // She's the puzzle piece to me, where she truly belong // This ain't just a fling baby, this love is wrongly strong // (Hook) We locked in matrimony, babe ain't no need to worry// Our future lookin' bright, yeah it's shinin' no quarry// Got love deeper than oceans, ain't no need for sorry// Just you and me babe till we old and hoary// (Verse 2) We be dancing through life like we got that perfect beat// This commitment be real, ain't no room for deceit// Marriage ain’t just a contract, it’s a vow so sweet// So here's to us baby, our love story on repeat// Got matching bands of gold 'cause we intertwined so deep// Look into your eyes girl, makes me wanna leap// To a future so bright it’s gonna make us weep// Take your hand in mine girl, this promise I'll keep// (Hook) We locked in matrimony,, yeah our hearts never lonely// Flowin' like a sonnet babe, our love story only// From sunrise to sunset babe, you're my one and only// Just you and me babe till we old and boney// (Outro) Love is like a flame; it burns bright and pure// In the presence of our love nothing is obscure// Marriage is a journey baby; it’s an endless tour// With you by my side girl, I couldn’t ask for more.//

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Verse 1: Yeah, marriage life, ain't no gimmick// Engaged to the game, rock on my finger, no limit// She my Mona Lisa, got me painting a picture// Wife by my side, she the star in my scripture// Chorus: Marriage game, Lil Wayne, it's a new era// Pledge of love, we be fly than a sparrow// Wedding bells ringing, no need for sorrow// All about her love today and tomorrow// Verse 2: She be my queen bee, I'm her honeycomb// Cash Money Records but with her I found home// Put a ring on it, like the top of a dome // No more single life, ain't about being alone // Chorus: Marriage game, Lil Weezy still stunting // Tied the knot with the music, we ain't fronting // Hers and his Ferraris; love is in abundance // Riding together forever in this world of substance. // Outro: We got that married swag; it's a lit scene // Lil Wayne and his missus riding clean // Till death do us part; It's not just for Halloween // Loving you forever baby; queen of this king.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Chorus) Stickin' to my man, yeah, we holdin' it down // Marriage is a crown, we rule this town // From “I do” to “Til death do us part”, // We're each other's art, each other's heart. // (Verse 1) Yeah, he put a ring on it, ain't no Beyoncé thing, // This ain't a fling babe, it's an everlasting sing. // Diamonds shining like our love in the sun, Marriage ain't for fun, but ours is number one. // Got him cookin' breakfast in Versace robes // Luxury abodes, love that never erodes. // Takin' vows in designer gowns, Wedding bells making those sweet sounds. // (Chorus) Stickin' to my man, yeah, we holdin' it down // Marriage is a crown, we rule this town // From “I do” to “Til death do us part”, // We're each other's art, each other's heart. // (Verse 2) Barbie and Ken ain't got nothin' on us, In the power of love we trust. This marriage bond is as solid as gold, It’s a story that’s gotta be told. // Off to the Maldives for a honeymoon vacation, No room for temptation or frustration. We're livin' la vida loca in wedded delight, With this love so tight, every day's dynamite. (Chorus) Stickin' to my man, yeah we holdin' it down // Marriage is a crown, we rule this town // From “I do” to “Til death do us part”, // We're each other's art, each other's heart. // (Outro) Nicki Minaj here in matrimony style Keep your love versatile and worthwhile ‘Cause marriage ain’t just an ordinary file It’s a life chapter with a thousand mile.

In The Style of Future

Chorus: // She want that diamond ring, I'm talking marriage thing, // In matching white gold chains, we're rockin' the same bling. // Lavender bouquet, her dress all laced in pearls, // In love's kaleidoscope, we're painting our own world. // Verses: // I got my past mistakes, but she sees past the scars, // Took my icy heart of stone and turned it into stars. // Life's a jigsaw puzzle, babe you're my missing piece, // Your love is like the sunrise that brings my soul peace. // Every moment with you feels like some new discovery, // Got me moving in this dance – a waltz of love recovery. // Our union ain't just 'bout the cake and confetti showers, // It's about building us a fortress with power of love towers. // We've had our share of storms but never let it break us, // We walk through life's battlefield with love as our compass. // Chorus: // She want that diamond ring, I'm talking marriage thing, // In matching white gold chains, we're rockin' the same bling. // Ain't just 'bout the I do's or satin wedding gowns, Our souls were intertwined way before I laid it down. // Our history lives in scars but they won't define us, The future's bright ahead cause together we shine thus. // Last Verse: A matrimony is a journey not just an event, Through thick and thin we ride with love 100 percent. My queen by day and night, you elevate my status, You stood by me in shadows; now taste this sweet atlas. In your eyes I see promise; future golden like honey, Married to the game but it ain't about money. Yeah she wants that diamond ring and yeah I got the bling, But it’s more than what we wear – it’s an eternal love-spring. Outro Chorus: Baby said she want a ring – ready for that lifelong swing, < bold>Tied to one another – forever in this loving rink. .

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Turned my bachelor pad into a family home, // Remember when I said “I do”, no longer roam.// From cooking breakfast in the morning, kisses on her forehead, // Feeling like I'm dreaming, lying in that wedded bed. // Jewels on her finger, promises exchanged, // Heard her whisper in the wind, my life ain't never been the same. // Her smile lit the darkened corners of my heart, // Bound by rings of gold and vows that we'd never part. // (Chorus) We've built a castle from a single grain of sand, // Hand-in-hand stepping to the rhythm of our band.// Yes, marriage ain't a fairytale, it's work that's for the brave, // But she's my queen, I'm her king and together we'll never cave. // (Verse 2) There's beauty in the struggle as we navigate this life, // And every time I look at you, I see more than just my wife. // You're the mother to our babies, strength when I am weak, In your arms is where I find peace when world seems bleak. // Marriage ain't just 'bout the gowns or diamond rings, It’s about late night talks and trivial little things. How we handle arguments and compromise our plans, Grows us as individuals and strengthens our bond as woman and man.// (Chorus) We've built a castle from a single grain of sand, // Hand-in-hand stepping to the rhythm of our band.// Yes marriage ain't an easy road but it’s one that’s worth to pave Cause at the end of every day it’s her love that I crave. // (Outro) Looking back at these years as flashes in a jar, All those laughter and tears have brought us so far. Each moment building blocks to this beautiful life, Here’s to eternity baby with you as my wife.

In The Style of Drake

(Hook) She got that ring, now she my everything, // Marriage ain't a game, it's a lifetime exchange// Together now, we weather storms, no change // In this life of fame, only you remain,// (Verse 1) Traded in my single life, for wedding rings and candlelights, // In your eyes, I see the stars that guide me right, throw away the maps // No more late nights with the boys, you're my joy, you're my everlasting tap // We fight sometimes but make it right, just like day follows the night // Your love's a melody in this chaotic symphony, a sight // Now I'm seeing clear, with you near, it's pure delight // (Chorus) We've tied the knot, took the shot, Life's better with you on the lot// Promise to stay true through thick and thin, Your love's my win, it's all I've got // (Hook) She got that ring, now she my everything// Marriage ain't a game it's about love's reign // Together now we weather storms no strain // In this life of fame, only you sustain // (Verse 2) Used to wake up with regrets and doubts, Now it’s just butterflies and shouts// We building dreams from bricks of trust, With every kiss and every touch // Nothing in this world can match what we have, In your arms I found my safe haven // From bachelor lifestyle to married man, These are tales of a heart awaken // (Chorus) We've tied the knot took the shot, Life's better when we're on the same plot // Promise to stay true through thick and thin, Your love's my win, it's all I've sought// (Hook) She got that ring now she my everything// Marriage ain't a game it's about love’s reign// Together now we weather storms no strain// In this life of fame, only you remain// (Outra) From ‘Just Hold On' to ‘God’s Plan' I’ve found my purpose in our forever span // And so here we stand as one united band, In our world of vows under God’s loving hand//

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Wedding bells, dreamin' well, no need to hard sell,// Two hearts in sync, ain't that swell? like love's citadel.// Moments marinated in magic, memories compound,// In the mirror of marriage, where real love is found.// Pledgin’ alms to the altar of unity, no disparity,// In the canvas of commitment, we paint clarity.// Love ain’t always a symphony, sometimes it’s a test,// But In the diary of devotion, we pen our best.// From solo dreams to shared schemes, foundation stone,// In sacred spaces, familiar faces, never alone.// Through the waves and caves of coexistence,// We keep our promises persistent.// Ring finger rockin' commitment, ain't no mirage,// Carvin' our initials in the grand collage.// Through each sunrise and sunset, we navigate,// Marriage is a melody; love orchestrates.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Marriage Like A Pro

1. Let Your Love Story Be the Blueprint

Your unique love story is the ultimate inspiration for writing some dope rap lyrics about marriage. Think about your shared experiences, your struggles, victories, and even the flirty rap lyrics you once exchanged. Sketch out your journey and allow it to guide your narrative.
Remember, there's no greater romantic rap song than one that sings true to your personal love tale.

2. Use Imagery to Paint a Vivid Picture

Rap is all about painting a vivid picture with words. As you pen down those hood rap love songs, think about the imagery you want to create. Do you want to visualize those late-night conversations or capture the first time you saw her in that white dress? Using imagery not only makes your lyrics more relatable but also gives them a layer of depth.

3. Embrace Vulnerability

Don't be afraid to show vulnerability in your lyrics; this is where the real magic happens! In today's world of trap love songs, it's refreshing to hear verses that aren't afraid to show a softer side of love and commitment.
This could be one of the best r&b rap love songs ever penned if you let down your guard and pour out raw emotions.

4. Keep it Simple and Sincere

Contrary to popular belief, dope lyrics don't have to be complicated or loaded with metaphors. Sometimes, simplicity hits harder than a punchline.
A simple “I do” can carry more weight than an entire verse, especially when writing rap songs about love 2022.

5. Play with Rhymes and Rhythms

Bouncing rhymes off each other is not only fun but also adds an appealing musicality to your verses. You can even create some unexpected humor by playing around with unusual rhyme schemes.
The more playful your approach is, the more engaging and memorable your song will be.

6. Flip Stereotypes on Their Heads

Push boundaries by breaking stereotypes in your marriage-themed rap song! Maybe instead of singing about the damsel in distress scenario, talk about how she saved you from yourself.
This unexpected twist could make for one of the best rap love songs people will remember.

7. Dedicate It To Your Significant Other

Last but not least; make it personal! This isn't just another “love rap songs for my boyfriend 2022”, it's a testament of your affection for him.
Your dedication will shine through every word, making it an anthem for all lovers out there who are lucky enough to find their forever person. If you loved our post about rap lyrics about marriage, we have a few other posts that could pique your interest! Like the way rappers express their emotions about relationships? You're sure to enjoy our collection of rap lyrics about heartbreak.

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