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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Jewelry
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Rap Lyrics About Jewelry, In The Style of Jay-Z

Uh, check it, Roc Nation under the Chandelier, // Back again flexin' VVS, eyes ain't clear. // Rocks in the Rollie face ain't even got numbers, // Canary yellow diamonds bright as summer. // Used to rock gold chains back in '91, // Now it's platinum bands and the work is never done. // Cold wrist game, freeze time like December, // Ice on my chest shining brighter than your tender. // Bling from my chain will put stars up to shame, // Luxury my name and I'm in this game. // Jigga man spittin', y'all should take notes, // Jacob the jeweler flooded my boat. // Dripped out Audemars make you wanna squint, // My jewels talk louder than a press conference print. Pinkie ring bold, catching all eyes, // Got your attention more than sunrise. // Jewels all heavy like a ton of bricks, // Watch sparklin' like a magic tricks. // Floating through life with these diamond dreams, // Out here shining like high beams. From diamonds from Sierra Leone, To pinky rings made of gold tone. Another day another dollar spent on gems, I am just playing this jewelry game at its full stem. Too much bling might get you blind, But this is the life of a one-of-a-kind. So understand when you see Hova shine, It's just part of this grand design.”

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yo, it's Shady, back in the game, diamonds on my chain, // My neck frosty like the Michigan winter rain. // Rain or shine, I've got that goldmine, // Ice sparkling around my neck – yeah, it's fine. // Got 'em watching, got 'em buzzing like a beehive. // Bling bling – no Stringer Bell but I thrive. // Jewelry game on lock, got these haters in shock – // Rings so fat they thought it was Photoshop. // Iced out, watch glitters under stage light, // Don't need no daylight to keep my path bright. // New Rolex tick-tocking on my wrist – // So icy you'd think I'm a cold-blooded gist. // (Chorus) Gold chains hanging like they scared of the floor, // Bling-bling-bling, they always asking for more. // Diamonds dancing in the light just like Astaire, // Eminem at his best — yeah it ain't fair. (Verse 2) I rap bars while my jewel drip crystal shards, // Fools trying to clone me but they can't play their cards. // It's an art form baby, ain't about the green —-// Visions clearer than these VVS dancing on my scene. Eminem style- sharp – sharper than these baguettes –// Big dreams caught in small nets with no regrets– // Got a treasure chest of gold around my neck and wrists// Like I’m Blackbeard sailing through the mist. (Chorus) Gold chains hanging like they scared of the floor, // Bling-bling-bling, they always asking for more. // Diamonds dancing in the light just like Astaire, // Eminem at his best — yeah it ain't fair.

In The Style of Kanye West

Verse 1: // Uh, Countin' diamonds like I'm countin' stars, // Rockin' rolex with these battle scars. // Gold chains round my neck, they say I've gone far, // In this life of fame and these fast cars. // My chain swing low, real heavy on the leather, // Got that iced out pendant, withstandin' any weather. // Gucci, Versace, rock them together, // Look so fly you'd think I got feathers. // Hype wears out, but style's forever, // I'm on my Kanye shit, always under pressure. // No diamonds crushed yet still I measure, // But then again… maybe that's my treasure. // Spend my days in this gold rush fever, // Even got those diamond cuff-links, yeah they're a keeper. // On the throne with a scepter and a beeper – // Yeah they callin', tryna ask me for a feature. // Chorus: This life ain't cheap – call it high end retail, New day new watch – like I'm on a timescale. Movado or Hublot? – Man can't derail, My jewelry talk loud – without any detail. Verse 2: Jewels shinin' brighter than the North Star, Yeah I’m always flexin’, no matter where we are. From Paris to New York- makin’ memoirs, Lifestyle exotic – just like caviars. Got the bling bling that's glowin' in the dark, Yeah my jewelry speak volumes without no remark. Frostbite on my wrist is causin’ sparks, Always stay lit- yeah that’s my hallmark. Chorus: This life ain't cheap – call it high end retail, New day new watch – like I'm on a timescale. Movado or Hublot? – Man can't derail, My jewelry talk loud – without any detail. Outro: Uh- My jewels remind ‘em of Ye’s apparel, They keep askin’- What’s your secret marvel? Told ‘em it’s just me being natural- Left ‘em in awe- Yeah I’m international. Let ‘em talk about me in them tabloids, Cause when it comes to shine- man we hard to avoid. Finishing this track with an insane poise- Remember this is all from your boy from Illinois.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

“Diamonds on my wrist, they be dancing like Chris, // Swingin' left to right, call it the mechanical twist. // “Watch glisten on the beat, my swag's an eclipse, // Eclipsing all the stars, yeah that's some major drip.” // “Gold chains on my neck lay heavy as a sin, // Came from Hollygrove, now I'm living like a king.” // “Rollie glow in the dark, ain't need no nightlight, // Shine so bright, I could give the sun a fright.” // “Cuban links wrap around me like a python squeeze, // Diamonds in my mouth got me spitting out a freeze.” // “Every piece of jewellery tells a Weezy story, // Paved with pain and struggle, but ending in glory.” // “Gold grillz lighting up the booth when I'm spitting, // Frostbite on my neck, man this cold ain't kidding.”// “Pearl-handled pistol, I call her Mother of Oyster,</byearrings "

I'm Lil Wayne baby, ain't no room for any imposter.”

“From emeralds to rubies, it ain't about the cost,”// Your worth is what you do and not what you've lost.”//

In this rap game I'm as rare as Tanzanite, Lil Wayne shining through in his rhymes so tight.”


In The Style of Nicki Minaj

V1 // Ice on my neck, got that Frosty flow, // Pinky ring poppin', watch the diamonds glow. // Pendant shinin' like a star in the milky way, // Gucci links draped, I'm your Fendi fairy, okay? // Hook // Bling bling baby, it's a jewelry jive, // Diamonds dancing on me, yeah, they live! // Yellow gold neck, wrist on silver dive. // Icy touch turns heads in this five-star dive. // V2 // Got a pave-set bracelet, that's my favorite band, // Catch this sparkle in the spotlight while I make 'em stand. // Earlobes drippin' with these carats like I'm Bugs Bunny, // You thought you knew luxury? honey, this is funny. // Hook // Bling bling baby, it's a jewelry jive, // Diamonds dancing on me like a bee's hive. // Platinum rings and chains fit for a queen's drive, My jewelry game , babe– none can survive. // Bridge Stacked up Versace charms, got gold bars for days.// Jade earrings swinging while I'm setting trends ablaze.// Pearl necklace stunting on this billion-dollar babe,// Turn up the heat with these rocks – you'll be amazed. Hook Bling bling baby – it's a jewelry jive// Rubies and emeralds keep my style live// Dripping gold, silver and platinum drive// Nicki's jewelry game–boy, can you survive?

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // Got my wrist ice dripping, like I'm straight out a glacier, // Shining so bright, might need to wear my shades up // Jewelry glistening, like a midnight constellation, // Every piece I own be a diamond implication // (Chorus) // Cause in every gem, there's a story untold, // And the value ain't the price, it's the memories they hold // Hear these chains clinking, it's the sound of survival, // Just like my verses to live, becomes my jewelry's recital // (Hook) // Gucci links around my neck, they got me feeling invincible, // Moonlight dancing off this gold, the vibe is so mystical // Royal jewels on me heavy, but I'm never sinking // In this ocean of despair and hardship I'm thinking // (Verse 2) // I see your eyes on my rollie as it catches the sun, // But every tick-tock reminds me where I've begun // In these diamond earrings' sparkle there’s a brave man’s dream, // A solitaire of struggle beneath the platinum gleam // (Chorus) // Cause in every gem, there's a story untold, // And the value ain't the price, it's the memories they hold // Hear these chains clinking, it's the sound of survival, // Just like my verses to live, becomes my jewelry's recival.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Started with a dream, now we're in the limelight, // Chasing diamond dreams in the middle of the night. // Pennies in my pocket, hope in my heart, // Bright like the chains I'm 'bout to start. // (Chorus) Jewels on my neck, diamonds in the rough, // Life ain't perfect but it's enough. // Rocks on my wrist, glint in my eye, // Cole world baby, reach for sky. // (Verse 2) Once was a time when I couldn't even shine, // Barefoot kid, dreams bigger than his dime. // Now drip drop diamonds, flashing like a solar, // Still remember days I weren't no high roller. // (Chorus) Gems on my fingers, ice in my veins, // Heart of a lion, still feel the pains. // Platinum dreams on these streets of gold, // Jewelry story that's never been told. // (Bridge) Rollie on my wrist like I'm running outta time, // But each tick reminds me of my uphill climb.// From rags to riches, stacks to wealth,// Still wearin' grandma's chain for spiritual health.// (Verse 3) Remembering her eyes as she gave me her blessing,// Wrapped around her locket, love's unending lesson.// Diamonds ain't forever,, but memories do last,// I wear this gold chain for my past. (Chorus) Ice all around me but I won't let it chill,// The heart that was born and raised in Ville.// Jewelry ain't just about that bling and gleam,// It’s a testament to life and them Cole world dreams. (Outro) Sometimes it feels heavy round my neck,…just like life// Each jewel represents joy and strife,// Through every stage and every age,// I'm just J.Cole…and these are the jewels of my stage.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) // I'm draped in gold like a pharaoh, diamonds from head to toe, // Drippin' in success, the gleam of my wrist shows // Every piece tells a story, rubies and emeralds create the script, // Each chain I wear is a testament, feel me as I spit // Pinky ring frozen, got the watch to match it // The ice 'round my neck got your girl distracted, // Living glamorous, it's more than just habit // Haters gonna hate but they can't hack it // (Hook) // Jewels glowin', shinin', they reflecting all my moves, // Catch me in the spotlight, I ain't got nothing to prove, // Jewels shinin', bling bling, on this night cruise // Watch how these diamonds sing blues // (Verse 2) // Started from bottom now we here, top of the world stare // All these precious stones like stars glittering in my snare, // Roses are red, my diamonds are rare // Flooded with gold chains, haters beware // Got that OVO owl pendant swinging round my chest, // The way it glimmers with every beat is simply the best // Every stone reflects my grind and unraveled quest, // In this game of life where you gotta shine or be suppressed // (Hook) // Jewels glowin', shinin', they reflecting all my views, // Catch me under limelight, yeah we paid our dues,// Jewels shinin', bling bling, under twilight hues // This ain't just about drip – it's a path you choose.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Glitter and gold, these chains are the story I unfold, // Diamonds search my past, emeralds represent the bold, // Ruby red truths, shimmering, never told, // Silver linings in the eyes of those I behold. // Bracelets to anklets, my life's milestones encased, // Rings hold memories of struggles faced, // Watch ticking the time, forward we paced, // In life's precious metals our human race traced. // On some nights it's chains of gold around my neck tight, // Catch light just right – reflect struggles outta sight, // Take flight in the night; lessons learned from past fight,// Guided by the stars of my wristwatch's light. // Born from this earth's core as a raw gem,// Polished with adversity, turned struggles into an anthem, // Jewelry ain't just for style or fashion#s trend,// They're silent songs of a journey that'll never end.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Jewelry Like A Pro

1. Let Your Jewelry Do the Talking

First things first, don't be shy about flaunting your bling. The best rap lyrics about jewelry aren't subtle — they're a brilliant display of wealth and power. Your diamonds, gold chains, and championship rings aren't just accessories; they're integral parts of your story. So let them shine and make sure your listeners can picture every facet. You don't need to spew out a shopping list; instead, use descriptive language that paints a vivid image of your ice jewelry.

2. Make Use of Metaphors

A good metaphor can turn a simple chain into a symbol of triumph. Consider how you can use your rap lyrics about chains to express deeper meanings. Is your gold chain just an accessory or does it represent the weight of success? Are your diamonds merely shiny stones or are they the result of years under pressure? The best rap lyrics about diamonds explore these metaphors.

3. Mix in Some Alliteration and Assonance

Alliteration and assonance aren't just for poets. These techniques can add rhythm and flow to your songs with jewelry in the lyrics. Try using phrases like “dripping in diamonds” or “glimmering gold”. Not only do they sound pleasing to the ear, but they also help create vivid imagery.

4. Use References That Resonate With Your Audience

Connect with listeners by using references that resonate with them. Perhaps there's a famous jeweler in town everyone knows or maybe there's a popular culture reference you can make about an engagement ring. Such references can make your engagement rap lyrics more relatable for fans.

5. Keep it Real (or Don’t)

Honesty is golden,, but so is fantasy when writing rap lyrics about gold chains or any other type of jewelry for that matter! If you've got it, flaunt it – tell tales of diamond-encrusted watches and platinum pendants. But if you're still working towards that ice-cold goal, don't hold back – dream big and put those dreams into verse.

6. Play with Language

Rap is all about creativity,, so play around with language when crafting dope rap lyrics about jewelry!. Create new slang terms for your bling, use unexpected adjectives to describe its shine, or even invent new words entirely! The key is to keep it fresh and interesting – boredom is the enemy!

7. Match Your Mood

Lastly, jewelry isn’t just visually dazzling—it can convey mood too!. If you’re writing upbeat battle raps bragging about wealth and victory—let those championship rings sparkle! However, if you’re crafting introspective verses on struggle and hustle—talk about how each link in the chain was hard-earned! If you enjoyed our post about rap lyrics focused on jewelry, we have several other posts that are sure to catch your interest.

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