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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Islands

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Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Islands

Yo, it's Hov on the mic, island breeze and palm trees//
Beneath the spotlight, I'm shining bright as the high seas//
Island rhythm got me flowing like a sea tide//
Living la dolce vita, call it that island vibe//

On this island paradise–that's where my rhymes be tailored//
Where I drop hits like coconuts, got the masses nailed //
Been across continents, but here’s where I reside //
My flow’s so cool, could be an island tide //

Shell-toed Adidas stepping on white sand beaches //
Sipping piña coladas, spitting rhymes like leeches //
Got more bars than there's grains of sandy specks//
Living life on islands between nautical checks//

Beads of sweat dropping down my Gucci shades,//
In this paradise playground where sun never fades.//
Underneath the blue skyscape or within crystal caves,//
I’m making hit records while catching these waves. //

Here on my island made of lyrical gold,//
Hova’s legacy, too priceless to be sold.//
From Brooklyn streets to tropical beats,//
Jay-Z just can't be beat when he hits these island retreats. //

Rockefeller Island – yeah that's my abode,//
King of New York now King of this road.//
Islands hopping in this azure sea,//
Everywhere I go — it's royalty you see//

Inspired by sea breeze and cool island nights,//
Rhyme flows over oceans; reach new storytelling heights.//
On every track and every verse I spit,//
Just know Jay-Z’s got that insular wit.//

Call me Hurricane Hov with winds so violent //
Crafting raps on an archipelago–silent.
From Big Apple towers to Caribbean showers //
With each bar drop – power blooms like island flowers.

Island living – it ain’t a mirage//
Just your boy Jay-Z living large.
Oceanic dreams painted in hip-hop verse,
Even in island time – Hov comes first.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1)
Yeah, cruising on the high seas, I'm the new age Sinbad, //
Scribbling rhymes on my notepad, feeling kinda nomad. //
Skeleton islands appearing through the mist, //
Lost worlds where no man's ever exist. //

Checkmate, mate, my thoughts travel at rapid rate, //
Past the Tropic of Cancer, pushing past the hate. //
Lands unknown, home alone like Macaulay Culkin, //
Silent screams in my dreams but still I ain't sulkin'. //

Islands in the stream, that's where we are, //
Spitting star bars from afar – shooting star. //
Don't need a car when I drift by with wordplay, //
Eminem style echoes from San Juan to Mandalay. //

(Verse 2)
All alone in an ozone of my own design, //
Crossing the equator line time after time. //
Pacific paradise or an Atlantic anomaly? //
Either way it's just a metaphor for my psychology. //

Crossing continents with consonants and vowels, //
Roaring like a lion while the rest of them howls. //
Islands might be secluded but my rhymes ain't diluted, //
Bold and undisputed, masterfully executed. //

Islands in the stream, that's what we are- //
Dropping lyrical bombs from near to far. //
Eminem waves riding high today – yep that's me – //
Getting lost at sea yet feeling goddamn free. //

In every line and flow there’s an island of thought – rare gem bred,
In this ocean of notes and bars standing tall – purebred.
Sail on sail on through these sounds I've spread,
From sunrise to sunset – color the world Shady red.

Yes they're islands in the stream and that's all they’ll ever be,
An echo of a dream hidden deep within the sea.
Through words spun above wave crests so breezy,
I am Eminem – raw and unapologetically easy.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1) //
Ain't no place for a G, like on an island, B //
Got my toes in the sand, yeah that's my dream, see //
White sand beaches, palms waving at me //
Shades on fleek, all I see is the sea //

Bikini-clad cuties serving coconut juice //
Got that Kanye swagger, ain't no way I could lose //
Sunset lit skies, pastel hues //
Tantalizing vistas, inspiring my muse //

(Chorus) //
Island life, where the waves caress the shore //
Waking up to paradise, couldn't ask for more //
Mic in one hand, piña colada pour //
Living like a king, just off the ocean floor //

(Verse 2) //
On this secluded island, I'm writing my rhymes //
Crafting lyrics as timeless as tide-altar'd times //
Palm tree sway synchronizes with my lines //
Living my life in between beats and chimes //

No stress or drama on my private isle //
Just the rhythm of the sea and a radiant smile //
The sun's kiss on skin so vile //
Life slowed down in luxury and style //

(Chorus) //
Island life, where dreams are crystal clear //
No hustle or bustle, just me and my sphere //
With pen and paper under cobalt skies sheer //
I'm as free as a bird out here //

(Outro) //
So here's to island living, our secret pact //
Kanye vibes in paradise, that's a fact //
With sandy toes and sunburned back //
Imma keep making hits while I kick back.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1)
Weezy F Baby, I'm the captain of this game, //
Floating on the beat like an island in the main. //
Island boy, born in New Orleans terrain, //
Now I'm living high life, showing gold in my vein. //

Weezy on islands, yeah they be vibin', //
Catch me sippin' lean like it's a tropical horizon. //
Manifesting dreams, yeah we always cashin', //
Island hopping with the team, ain't no need for asking. //

(Verse 2)
From Miami to Fiji, got feet in the sand, //
Drop it low like Atlantis, make her do the money dance. //
I'm a hurricane Wayne, stirring up this rap scene, //
Leaving footprints on hearts like beaches pristine. //

Lil Wayne's reign, it's an island in its own right, //
We shining brighter than any Hawaiian night light. //
Just an island boy playing with that mainland fame,
Living life fast like it's just another game. //

Island breeze, yeah that's my serenade, //
Got stacks of green like a tropical glade.
Life’s a beach and then you die,
So I sip my lean under the red-eye flight.

I’m just a kid from Hollygrove, turned king of Rap Island, //
Pop bottles pop models, Weezy ain't stop smilin'. //
Put some respect on my name,
Lil Wayne's the game – forever unchained.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1)
Life is a beach, I'm just playing in the sand, //
Got that island vibe, you don't understand. //
Bathing in the sun, bikini from Milan, //
Sipping on coconut, feeling like Diana Ross in Cannes. //

Island girl, no stress, no drama. //
Making waves in my Prada pajama. //
Got these tropical beats bumping, hotter than a sauna. //
Pink flamingo floatie, chilling in the Bahamas. //

We are vibing on this island, babe, we ain't hiding //
Never minding all the haters, cause our love's shining. //
Living life like a holiday, day by day riding //
In this beautiful paradise we're residing. //

(Verse 2)
Roll up in Bora Bora, got the ocean as my stage. //
Slipped into Versace slippers to engage. //
Talking parrots, canaries in a cage. //
Spitting killer rhymes like releasing pent-up rage. //

Island princess, I'm like Beyonce with a twist. //
Queen of rap with a vocal assist. //
In my private jet high above the mist, //
Looking down at life with an iced out wrist. //

We are vibing on this island, babe we ain't faking //
Swimming with dolphins while breakfast is baking. //
Taking in the sunset while your heart is taking //
A backseat to this love that we're making.

So here's to the islands and their never-ending charm, //
Barefoot and beautiful far from harm. //
Living this tropical dream, palm by palm, //
Wrapped up tight under his arm.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Islands

Pre-Chorus: //
Islands on my mind, money in my hand, //
Blessings all around, I'm dipped in God's plan. //

Verse 1: //
Riding on a wave, got the ocean in my view, //
Sipping on that fine, feeling sky-blue. //
Palm trees swayin', I'm just sayin', //
That this island life got me prayin'. //

Ain't no limit to my dreams, I'm schemin', //
Island breeze got my heart screamin', //

Iced out wrist but the vibes are warm, //
In this tropical paradise where I transform. //

Hundreds rollin' in like the island tide, //
Living life fearlessly, ain't no place to hide. //

On these islands of gold and green,//
Feeling like a king, living the dream. //


Catch me on an island with the sun up high,
Shining like a diamond in the midnight sky. //
Stunting on these beaches, feeling so fly,
In our world of riches where time goes by. //

Verse 2:

Underneath these stars and the moon's silver glow,
On an island paradise where dreams grow.
Lost among the sands of time,
Living a vision that’s truly divine.

Got that splash of color from the setting sun,
Island living got me feeling so young.
These lush landscapes fuel my soul,
In this realm of rhythm where music plays a role.


Sailing under palm trees through crystal tides,
In this paradise is where my heart resides.
From sunrise to sunset, feel so alive,
On these islands of dreams where we thrive.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1)
Yo, stranded on an island, feeling like Robinson Crusoe,//
Trying to survive, ain't got no clue-so.//
Only got my dreams and these coconut trees,//
Every night I'm praying on my bruised up knees.//

No man's an island, yet here I am alone,//
Wondering if I'll ever get back to that home-grown.//
It's just me, the sun, the sky and the sand,//
Out in the deep blue with no helping hand.//

<Chorus) Island life, ain't what it seems,//
Stripped of luxury, chasing lost dreams.//
But there's beauty in struggle, strength in pain,//
Every storm passed equals growth gained.//

(Verse 2)
This island feels like a prison, lost in time's flow,//
Struggling daily with the highs and lows.//
Swimming with sharks, days filled with strife,//
Learning that there's more to this thing called life.//

As the tides rise and fall like my hopes and fears,//
Each wave crashing reminds me of years.//
Of hustling on concrete streets so vile,//
Now alone on this beach, I've walked every mile.//

<Chorus) Island life, ain't about fun or games,//
It's facing yourself when you've nothing else to tame.//
But through isolation learn your true worth,//
Embrace every day as a rebirth.//

From this island, learnt resilience steeped in strife,//
Realized that there's more to this hustle of life.//
Found joy in solitude, power within self,//
Born again from every wave like wealth upon wealth.

Reflections deep as the ocean blue,/
The island life, man it gives you a clue.//
About who you really are beneath your skin,/
Stripped of it all, just let truth win.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Islands

(Verse 1)
Islands in the blue, feelin' this feeling so new//
Tropical dreams, under palm trees, my heart you imbue//
Lost in the sun, our shadows merge into one//
Pacific waves, lullabies sung when the day is done//

No passport, I'm drifting on your love's resort//
Your touch is my haven,, baby, let's never abort//
In this paradise where we cavort, your love my sole escort//
Underneath the tropical moonlight, our souls in consort//

(Verse 2)
Sipping on coconut milk, lounging on silky sand//
With you by my side feels like I found the promised land//
Tattooed< b>Your name onto my heart, etched in like a brand//
In this island escape, with you, life's grand//

No passport,, I'm lost in your eyes' resort//
Your kiss is my anchor,, girl, in every seaport//
In this paradise that we report, feelings we purport//
Underneath the tropical moonlight, to your love I retort//

From The Caribbean to Fiji, these islands be our story//
Caught between breezes and your whispers, oh baby I'm in glory//
So here's to us, etched in sands of time and history//
This island love saga, always will it be our victory.

Rap Lyrics About Islands In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Islands

Island mentalities, we out here paddlin',//
Too many realities, I spit them like a javelin,//
Never unraveling, my thoughts like an island,//
Individual, original, keep all their own timing.//

Post up in Maui, or the Philippines maybe,//
My mind so wavy, thoughts deeper than the navy.//
Take a trip to the keys, sip something crazy,//
I pen these rhymes so they never fade or faze me.//

Palm trees and ocean breeze, flip flops and white tees,//
Mind free as the sea, lyrics flow with such ease.//
Aloha to my brothers, sisters out in Hawaii,//
Sipping on life, words spill so spryly.//

You can't imprison ideas, they got that island freedom,//
My rhymes are my kingdom, please believe them.//
The world is an archipelago, connected by rap's rhythm,//
Standin' on my island of thought, it's no prison.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Islands Like A Pro

1. Draw Inspiration from the Classics

We all need a starting point, right? Well, there's no better place to kick things off than by tuning into the timeless island in the sun original by Harry Belafonte. This classic piece has inspired countless artists to pen their own island ballads.

Now, it's your turn to get that creative juice flowing. Don't just listen to weezer island in the sun; understand its rhythm, its flow, and its style.
TIP: The more you expose yourself to different styles and rhythms, the better your own lyrics will be.

2. Paint a Picture with Words

When it comes to writing dope rap lyrics about islands, you've got to make sure your words create vivid images in your listener's mind. Think about it – when you listen to weezer island in the sun videos or even Harry Belafonte's classic island track, what stands out?

It’s how they paint a colourful canvas of an idyllic paradise that pulls listeners into their groove.
TIP: Use descriptive language that plays on all five senses to give your audience a mental vacation.

3. Embrace Island Culture

There's something magical about islands that make them universally appealing – perhaps it's the laid-back vibe or unique culture that they possess.

So why not incorporate these elements into your lyrics? Do some research on local traditions or learn a few phrases from native languages—these details can add authenticity and depth to your lyrics.
TIP: What worked for Harry Belafonte can work for you too!

4. Tell Your Own Story

Yes, who wrote island in the sun might have created an iconic track but remember this—you're creating YOUR unique rap verse about YOUR interpretation of an island paradise! Whether it's chilling on a sandy beach while sipping coconut water or surfing majestic waves against the sunset—it’s YOUR story!

It’s personal and hence more relatable.
TIP: Real emotions make songs memorable!

5. Master Your Flow

Just as important as your lyrics is how you deliver them—your flow! Think about how effortlessly each word flows in Island in The Sun by Weezer or even Harry Belafonte's version—there’s a certain rhythm that keeps you hooked till the end.
TIP: Analyze different flows and find one that suits your style and theme.

6. Experiment with Instrumentals

Ever checked out an island in the sun tab? Or maybe studied an island in the sun guitar chord structure?

There's so much you can learn from experimenting with different instruments! Playing around with various rhythms can add flavor and uniqueness to your rap verses.
TIP: A unique instrumental can set your track apart from others!

7. Revise & Refine

Perfection isn't achieved overnight; it takes time and effort! Once you have penned down your initial draft of lyrics, take a break then come back with fresh eyes (and ears). Listen again as if for the first time—does it flow naturally? Is there any repetition? Are there any detectable patterns?
TIP:A great lyricist is also an excellent editor; don’t be afraid of revisions!

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