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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

Here they are:

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
From the concrete to the sand, Hova's in Hawaii //
Sippin' Mai Tais, no ties, just aloha and the sky high //
Vibes so fly, even birds go “Damn, why I” //
Rocking that fresh linen suit, white shorts and a tie-dye //

Hooked up with Waikiki shawty, she got that island eyes //
Draped in dusk till dawn lei, under them paradise skies //
She said she never met a Brooklyn boy so wise //
Told her Hova's worldwide, but her beauty took me by surprise //

Hawaii nights under neon lights; On Lanikai Beach we ride //
Molokai moonlight touching our skin; Island dreams on high tide //

(Verse 2)
Riding waves in North Shore like I hustle on the streets //
Feel that Hawaiian heat beat under my New York concrete feet //
Surfboard to the billboard – top charting beats //
From Roc Nation to volcanoes – Hova brings the heat //

Barbecuing on Maui beachfront property line //
Living life like a movie; Aloha means it's time //
To leave troubles behind, breathe in that salty air divine//
Everyday is beach day when you're sippin' on cloud wine //

Hawaii nights under neon lights; On Lanikai Beach we ride //
Molokai moonlight touching our skin; Island dreams on high tide //

Jay-Z in Honolulu – painting my Empire State of mind with hues from aloha land//
Remembering where I came from while leaving footprints on Hawaiian sand//
Catching flights not feelings – just part of the master plan//
I'm not just Jay-Z but Shawn Carter – an ordinary man.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
Yo, I'm spitting these bars like a volcano eruptin', //
Hawaii's my muse, got my creativity function', //
Sitting out here with a Mai Tai in my clutchin' //
Islands of bliss, but life ain't always easy no bluffin'. //

Struggles I'm fronting, like a tsunami wave rushing, //
Deep in the Pacific but my words keep gushing, //
From Detroit to Honolulu, still hustling, //
Back on my 8 Mile grind, no rusting. //

Aloha, yeah welcome to my tropical realm, //
Miles away from the struggle, found peace under the palms shell, //
Hawaiian punchlines, deliver 'em well,//
Eminem's artefact lyrics with a story to tell.//

(Verse 2)
Ring the alarm bell; it's Marshall in paradise lost,//
Sipping coconut water, spitting lyrical frost.//
Hula girls twirling while I'm counting the cost,//
Of fame and fortune and the loved ones it cost.//

Palm trees sway as I reflect on my past,//
Coral reef depths of hurt, but I'm healing at last.//
This ain't just relaxation or tropical blast,//
It's heartfelt revelation, removing my mask. //

Aloha Hawai'i encapsulated in song,//
My new paradise where all my worries are gone.//
To this track feel free ‘lei' your emotions on,//
It's Eminem by nightfall and Slim Shady by dawn.//

Out here on these islands where Vog rolls in strong,//
Eminem exclusive: Hawaiian flavoured songs.//
Lyrical Luau, we're just riding along,//
Hawai'i and Hip Hop – where we both belong.//

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
Chillin' out in Hawaii, sippin' on that Mai Tai //
Coast clear, no paparazzi, just that blue sky //
Aloha on my lips, hula girls on my hips //
Dreams bigger than these island tips //
Palm tree shadows cast over my Gucci flips //

Look out the window, see the Pacific waves crash //
Lava rocks and beaches, my escape from all the flash //
Got a lanai suite, you know I'm living plush //
Island vibe so tranquil, everything hush //

Hawaii state of mind, got me feelin' so blessed //
Underneath the sunset my worries undress //
No deadlines or headlines just pure finesse //
Life in paradise ain't nothing less //

(Verse 2)
From Oahu to Maui, big fish in a small pond //
Dopest kicks on these sands where I respond //
Rocking Honolulu like it’s Yeezy season //
Hawaiian shirts and leis for no damn reason //

Got island fever but I ain’t trying to leave //
Head spinning round like poi from a palm leaf //
In Waikiki or up at Diamond Head peak //
It's love for these islands Kanye continue to speak //

Pineapple juice in my cup, feeling that Aloha Love //
Coconut glow in her eye matching the stars above //
Ain’t no place else got this unique push and shove //
Hawaii's charm is something you can't dispose of //

Hawaii state of mind, got me feelin' so prime //
In this land of endless summer, losing track of time //
No stress or mess just life defined by rhyme //
Living in Hawaii is like a permanent climb //

So here's to the islands that hold my heart tight //
Where every day feels like an endless night //
To Hawaii my muse, you are pure dynamite //
This rap’s an ode to your beauty, Aloha and goodnight.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

Uh, yeah, Weezy F Baby, take a trip going crazy, //
Hoppin' off the jet to Hawaii, feeling lazy. //

Livin' on an island, sippin' something wavy, //
Hawaiian shirts floating by, man it's hazy. //

Way out in Honolulu, chilling like an ice cube, //
Catching waves and rays, man this ain't no YouTube.

Got that lei around my neck, stacking up respect, //
The island life is sweet but it's me they come to check.

Aloha from the top, yeah I’m surfing on this beat, //
Ain’t no other rapper can take my heat. //

In the land of the luau we be grooving slow-mo, //
Carving up the lyrics like a ripe mango.

Got palms in my music and sand in my flow, //
Weezy from Hawaii getting high off the low. //

Mauna Kea dreams and Waikiki night scenes,
Riding on the rhythm like I'm in submarines.

From Oahu to Maui we keep it fresh and fruity,
Every lyric I spit is a tropical beauty.

Sun kissed skin with an island attitude, //
Weezy F Baby bringing that Hawaiian latitude. //

Coconut rhymes dropping dime after dime,
Just another day in my Pacific prime.

Living aloha means we share the love,
Fly like an eagle but chill as a dove.

Strong as a warrior with every word I utter,
Hawaiian style Weezy smooth as butter.

I’m hittin’ these bars like I’m playing ukulele,
In the land of rainbows this life’s never daily.

I wear my chains just like King Kamehameha,
Golden era Weezy setting off your euphoria.

In Hawaii where volcanoes greet the dawn, //
I’m Lil Wayne spitting fire till it’s all gone!

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
Bout to take off, yeah we flyin' to Hawaii //
Palm trees, blue sky, view so fire //
Got my pink bikini on, body lookin' like a Barbie //
Rockin' my heels high, feelin' kinda saucy //

Hawaii dreamin', yeah we island vibin' //
Pink lemonade sippin', sunsets blinding //
Island Queen, I'm your royal highness //
Tropical beats, feel the rhythm, find it //

(Verse 2)
A lei of flowers 'round my neck, glitter on my eyes //
My flow's as smooth and sweet as a slice of haupia pie //
Rodeo Drive in the rearview, Aloha in sight, oh honey //
Paparazzi flashin', but the sun's much brighter, funny //

Hawaii dreamin', yeah we killer whalin’ //
Swimmin’ with dolphins, real life fairy-tailin’ //
Island time movin', it's paradise calling //
In the luaus glow, see the twilight falling //

Sippin' POG on some white sands, feet up in a hammock //
Got my money green like the lush Kauai landscape //
I'm shining brighter than Diamond Head at noon //
Kissing goodbye to stress under a tropical moon //

Hawaii dreamin', yeah we ocean front chillin’//
Mai Tai sippin', life's good feelin’//
Underneath palms swayin’, dreams are spinning //
Waves crashing down but I'm just beginning.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

In Hawaii, sippin' magic, feel the future in my veins //
Swimmin' through the blue – ain't no pain, just the gains //
Got the sand in my shoes, but the hustle never wanes //
Island vibes keep me sane; it's just part of the game //

(Verse 1)
Hawaii livin', sunset givin' – life a different hue //
Caught up in these tropic dreams; they always feel brand new //
Sipping coconut water, forgetting what I been through //
Palm trees swayin', Future playin', reflecting on my view //

Palm leaf shadows on my face – feeling out of place //
Beneath the surf and turquoise sky – I embrace this chase //
Gold chain glistening, island rhythm listening //
In Hawaii, time's whistling, reality is twisting //

In Hawaii, sippin' magic, feel the future in my veins //
Finding peace in paradise while driving down these lanes //
Got the sand in my shoes, but the hustle never wains //
Island vibes keep me sane; it's just part of the game //

(Verse 2)
Laid back days with a lei, pineapple juice on replay //
Volcanic ash beneath my feet – that's the price I pay //
Luau nights under neon lights; this ain't no cliché //
Hawaii's where I stay – let these waves wash fears away //

Feels surreal when you're living out your fantasy //
Living like a king amidst island majesty //
Paradise found and bound by this frangipani melody //
Hawaii – you’re my serenity, for all eternity //

In Hawaii, sippin' magic, feel the future in my veins//
Underneath these starry skies, I let go of these chains//
Got the sand in my shoes, but this struggle never wains//
Island vibes keep me sane; it's just part of the game//

So here’s to Hawaii – where dreams blend with reality//
Where waves break and hearts take on their own gravity//
I found myself lost in your exotic locality//
You’re my Hawaiian symphony, forever part of me.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
Aloha, land of the Polynesian doves //
Swimmin' with the dolphins, no room for grudges or gloves //
Traded in my Timbs for a pair of island slippers, //
Tales from Hawaii, like I'm reading Jack the Ripper's. //

Swaying palms above, around emerald peaks they wrap, //
In this tropical paradise, caught between a nap and a rap. //
North Carolina boy trading pines for coconuts //
But still keep my roots like them old southern huts. //

We rappin' bout Hawaii under the Maui sun, //
The embodiment of freedom when all is said and done. //
Gone from city streets to where the beach never ends, //
On an island caught between good times and making amends. //

(Verse 2)
In Honolulu nights, where dreams are traded for leis, //
Hawaiian skirts swaying like they caught in life's sway. //
Beneath Diamond Head dreams, where life is but a breeze,
In this Pacific Eden where minds find their ease. //

Learnt about aloha spirit from an old native sage, //
Told me wisdom was 'bout more than turning life's page. //
In the heart of Kauai I found peace within, //
Like the whales that breach when a new day begins. //

We rappin' bout Hawaii under the moon's soft glow,
Where past meets present in an endless flow. //
From city streets to strands where ocean winds blow,
On an island caught in time's steady ebb and flow. //

So here I leave you with this Hawaiian serenade, //
In a dreamer's paradise where sorrows fade.
Learnt there's more to life than fame or gold, //
Hawaii's story through J. Cole has been told.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

(Verse 1)
Hopped on a plane, destination—Hawaii, //
The land of aloha where the sun always stays shining, //
Got my woes in the back, we're looking for paradise, //
Palm trees sway, caught in the Pacific breeze so nice. //

Flying over oceans, just to touch the sands, //
Making new memories while the old ones disband. //
Red Hibiscus in her hair, got that island flair, //
Life here feels like a tropical affair.

One time for Hawaii, where the love stays breezy, //
Two times for my thoughts, on this island I'm feeling freezy. //
Remembering every sunset, every wave crash sound, //
Hawaii, you’re a paradise I've finally found.

(Verse 2)
Tropical climate but my heart’s still cold, //
Pineapples and passions but it’s loneliness I hold. //
Underneath the luaus, smiles masking pain well known, //
In Hawaii's embrace but somehow still feel alone.

We cruising down Waikiki in that drop-top ride,//
But missing something or someone by my side.//
Hula girls dancing under each star's glow,//
In Hawaii but there's emptiness only I know.

One time for Hawaii, where my heart feels heavy,//
Two times for these tears hidden by every wave’s levy.//
Chasing every sunrise just to forget the past,//
Hawaii, show me how to make this paradise last.

(Outro Bridge)
In this tropical utopia, everything seems right,//
But hooked on your memory every Hawaiian night.//
So here's to Hawaii, and the healing it brings,//
To new beginnings and what tomorrow sings.

One time for Hawaii, got me feeling so alive,//
Two times for this paradise helping me revive.//
With every sunset painted across azure skies,//
Hawaii—it’s more than a paradise—it's where rebirth lies.

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Hawaii

Vivid dreams of Waikiki, piercing like a spear//
Basking under palm trees, whispering Aloha in your ear//
Pineapple sunshine, land where the gods dwell//
Repping my turf, got Hawaii in my blood cell//

Dire struggles of the past, and Kamehameha’s fight//
Place where rainbows end, yet the struggle is tight//
Sun on the surf, echoes of ancients that came before me//
Pearl Harbor scars, etched deep in our history//

Got lei around my neck, Oahu is where I roam//
Island vibes sinking in, Hawaii is more than a home//
Diamond Head to Maui’s Peak, chasing the island dream//
In this Oceanic Eden, ain’t nothing as it seem//

Black sand beaches, Lanai's glow at twilight's fall//
Seeking wisdom, from The Big Island's sacred call//
From the Aloha spirit and each hula beat, I stand tall//
Hawaii you are my muse, it’s your name I call.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Hawaii Like A Pro

1. Express the Aloha Spirit

The Aloha spirit is all about love, peace, and compassion. It's a unique vibe that you can only find in Hawaii. So, when you're crafting your rap lyrics about Hawaii, let that spirit guide you.

It's not just about beautiful views or vacation Drake lyrics; it's about capturing the essence of the islands.

2. Dive into the Cultural Richness

Hawaii isn't just a vacation hotspot; it's a cultural melting pot with diverse traditions and stories waiting to be told. Let your best rap lyrics about vacation draw inspiration from Hawaiian folklore, history, and local slang – Pidgin vocabulary can add authenticity to your verse.

3. Paint Vivid Pictures with Your Words

Hawaii is all about stunning landscapes and breathtaking vistas – from vibrant sunsets to lush rainforests and pristine beaches.

Use descriptive language to paint these beautiful views in your rap lyrics about islands, making your audience feel like they're right there with you.

4. Channel the Island Vibes

There's something inherently laid back and chill about island life – it’s more than just r&b rap lyrics about vacation or Drake lyrics about islands. It’s an entire lifestyle! Capture this relaxed vibe in your flow – make it smooth like a gentle wave lapping against a sandy shore.

5. Don’t Forget About Local Landmarks

From Kilauea Volcano to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii boasts some iconic landmarks that deserve a shout-out in your dope rap verses. These references will deepen your connection with listeners who are familiar with these spots while transporting others right into the heart of Hawaii.

6. Incorporate Elements of Travel

Rap lyrics about flying are always a hit because they evoke feelings of freedom and adventure! Include snippets of those long flights over the Pacific or describe that adrenaline rush as you dive into Cabo-like waters for an epic surf session.

7. Infuse Some Local Music Influence

Finally, let Hawaiian music influence seep into your beats – from traditional ukulele strums to modern Jawaiian (reggae influenced) beats – giving your rap an authentic island sound that perfectly complements those dope Hawaii-inspired lyrics.

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