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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Golf
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Rap Lyrics About Golf, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Hova on the green, flippin' the scene, // Golf ball in my hand, shiny and clean. // Swingin' like Tiger, but smoother than that, // Silver spoon golf clubs replacing my gat. // Pocket full of tees, greens smooth as silk, // Ball in the air, it's movin' like milk. // Droppin' birdies and eagles, I ain't no joker, // All eyes on me like I'm Phil Mickelson's broker. // (Chorus) Catch me on the fairway, drivin' it long,// All about precision, can't get it wrong. // Putt game strong; better recognize, Aim for success with focused eyes. (Verse 2) Billionaire boys club is where I reside, Golf cart whippin', baby girl by my side. Pop a champagne bottle after every hole-in-one, Toast to victories; yeah we just begun. Rockefeller style rolling through Pebble Beach, Lessons from the game that only golf could teach. I navigate traps like they're Brooklyn streets, Ace every challenge Hova meets. (Chorus) Catch me on the fairway, drivin’ it long, Course is my jungle where I belong. Stay in your lane or get swung out of sight, In Golf as in rap; Hova’s king of the night. (Outro) From Marcy to Madison Square to Augusta’s green Life ain’t nothing but a golfer’s dream So when you see me swing; remember this song Jay-Z played life right; can't get it wrong.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Steppin' on the green while my kicks stay white, // Slim Shady, yeah, I'm on that golf hype. // Shootin' birdies while I'm spittin' these verses, // Golf ain't just for old dudes in churches. // Par for the course? Nah, that ain't my style, // I drive for miles. Got that wicked golf profilе. // Swing my club like it's a mic in my hand, // Hole in one, watch me conquer this land. // (Chorus) Golf ain't soft, no it ain't no laughin' matter,// Every swing I make makes these rappers scatter.// Got 'em ducking low, in the rough they hide,// When Slim Shady plays golf, it's a wild ride.// (Verse 2) Eagle eyed vision, keep an eye on the ball,// Rap game and golf game similar y'all.// Every shot I take is a punchline thrown,// In this green battlefield, the king dethroned.// My flow’s interwoven like argyle sweaters,// Ridiculed by haters but I ignore their letters.// Tiger Woods of rap? Nah, I'm the Beastie Boy of golf,// Turning all these fairways into my lyrical loft.// (Chorus) Golf ain't soft, no it ain't no child's play,// Try to out swing me? Nah, not today.// Slim Shady golfin', MCs got no say,// When I strike the ball it's like Judgement Day.// (Outro) So remember this rhyme when you see me on the course,// Shady stays winning with unending force. With every swing and every line I do exhort,// I turned golf from a sport into a blood sport.//

In The Style of Kanye West

Verse 1: Chippin' on the greenery, supreme scenery// Sippin' sweet tea out my Masters canteenery// Hole in one, son, call it golf alchemy// Yeezy with the swing, no fallacy// A golfer in the game, but I ain't playing casually// Hook: In this world of iron and green, I'm spectrally unseen// Every shot's a beam of dream in my golfing machine// Verse 2: Whisper to the wind, let it carry my drive// In this sport of kings, I'm just trying to thrive// 19th hole legend, where my stories arrive// Strive for perfection on a par-five// In this fairway life, only the focused survive// Bridge: Every putt's a prayer to the golfing gods above// Every hole's a challenge, every swing's a tale of love// Verse 3:
Putter in hand like Excalibur sword//
Golf ain't just a game – it’s a symphony chord// Birdies and eagles, man that's my reward// Aim for the stars even when I'm bored// Outro: Keep your head down and swing with might// In this golfin' life, every shot takes flight// Yeezy on the links under moonlight bright// Ending each round with an echoing “Goodnight”//

In The Style of Lil Wayne

(Verse 1) Ayy, I'm like Tiger Woods, **swingin' in the woods**, // Got a **pocket full of birdies** and it's all good. // I'm **puttin' for the green**, money talk understood, // And my squad roll deep like the Masters at Augusta would. // (Chorus) So we **ridin' in the cart**, yeah we stay fly, // **Golf clubs in the trunk** reachin' for the sky. // In this game of life, we ain’t afraid to try, // Like a hole in one, we got that Lil Wayne vibe. // (Verse 2) Got my Air Jordans on when I step to the tee, // Eagle on my radar – victory's all I see. // In this Polo tee, feelin' just like R.L.P., // On this fairway of dreams, it's where I wanna be. // (Chorus) So we **ridin' in the cart**, yeah we stay fly, // **Golf clubs in the trunk** reachin' for the sky. // In this game of life, y'all know we aim high, // Like a hole in one, catch that Lil Wayne high. // (Bridge) I'm balling out of control like it's PGA tour, // **Putter sound off ‘klink'**, now watch your girl roar.// And when I score albatross you know they beg for more, Cuz when Weezy on course he always settle score. (Outro) Golf ain't just a sport its a way cool style, With my fitted cap makes them ladies smile. Lil Wayne on beat golf rhymes versatile, Puttin', swingin', scorchin’ tracks mile after mile.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Betty Boop in the Gucci suit, // On that PGA grind, keep it cute. // Golf clap for the haters, sway with sophistication, // Flyer than a birdie, got that elevation. // I play it like Tiger, but slay like Minaj, // Pinkprint on my caddy, Barbie's entourage. // White balls blingin' like my diamond rings, // Under par while I let these rhymes sting. // (Chorus) Rollin' on the greens, teeing off dreams, // Haters can't see me behind these sunbeam screens. // I don't need no caddy, I carry my own bag, // Queen of rap golfie wrapped in Rag & Bone swag. (Verse 2) Golf cart swervin', I ain't never nervous, // I'm ballin' on these greens while you barely scratch the surface. // Liberty spikes on my Louboutins, Still make a hole in one just for fun. Aight, they say golf is a quiet game, // But when I play it's fiery flames. // I'm Nicki Minaj – I don't do tame, Puttin' all you players to shame. (Chorus) Hittin' birdies, making green waves, While I spit these bars and saves. They tryna get into my lane, But I'm just here to reign. Rap’s queen bee playing tee, You know they all want to be me. (Outro) So here's the scorecard – ain't no debate, All these other rappers – they just late. I'm on course to elevate, .

In The Style of Future

(Intro) // Future Hendrix, yeah, life swing like clubs in the trap // (Rap) // Putter on my wrist, Rolex glistenin’, those birdies I ain't missin' em // Neon rings on green, yeah, we out here just kissin' em // Premier league of the hustle, my drive be consistent // Tee up the ambition, push it down the fairway persistent // Codeine and green fields, sippin' slow in a golf cart // They don't understand the grind, but that's the hardest part // Eagle on my chain, diamond studded Gucci visor // Bunker life, dodgin' traps and risers // Hole-in-one dreams dripping sauce like soft ice cream // Find me at the club house, pouring purple for the team // Audemars on my caddy, time ticking like a metronome // Got this game on lock, call it home sweet dome // Action on the green, got these haters seeing red // Can’t stop my vision 'cause I’m always staying one step ahead // Swinging for success sink them shots with finesse // Life ain't nothing more than a game of chess // Golf caps and Maybachs this is how we react, Pockets never empty 'cause I got that contract.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Step off the tour bus, onto the green canvas, // Like an artist ready to paint his magnum opus. // Golf clubs in hand, shiny like platinum, // Ready to strike with precision like a surgeon's focus. // The crowd gathers, eyes all on me, // Quiet whispers echo 'bout a kid from NC. // Took this game of privilege and flipped it casually, // Transformed this country club into a galaxy. // Chorus: I swing my truth, make it sail through the air, // From the city streets to Augusta, I swear. // Made my own lane where there wasn't a path, // Showing youngins they can make it in golf without wealth. // (Verse 2) Silence, then a snap as I connect with the ball, // It's more than just a game, it's life's protocol. // Golf ain't just wealthy men in polos and khakis, // It's about aiming for dreams even when life gets tacky. // Grew up with hand-me-down clubs and secondhand shoes, // A dream in my heart, nothing else to lose. // Went from teeing off in the hood under power lines, // To swinging on greens designed by mastermind minds. // Chorus: I swing my truth, make it sail through the air, // From the ghetto streets to Pebble Beach, I swear. // Made my own lane where there wasn't a path, // Showing youngins they can make it in golf and laugh. // (Outro) Life is like golf—you hit some out of bounds, // Others land softly on manicured grounds. // But never forget where your journey began—a hole-in-one, // Made possible by those who said you couldn't have won. Chorus: I swing my truth; watch it soar through the sky,// From these humble beginnings to heights so high. Making my mark where there wasn't a trail, A golfer's tale told—let courage prevail.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) When I was on the tee, it was wild, a free spirit, no caddy, // Just me and my dreams, aiming high, like a birdie albatross in the prairie. // Life was like a bunker shot, tough and scary, // But I turned every failure into lessons, got my game ready. // Started from the bottom, now we playin' Augusta National. // From public parks to fairways pristine and rational. // Threading the needle through trees, my drive unstoppable, // My life lessons in each stroke; it's all chronicle. // (Chorus) Golf ain't just a game; it's life under that sun glare. // In the journey of success putts represent my hustle fair. // Look in my eyes; you can see my story there, // From struggle to glory; trust me it's rare. // (Verse 2) Slice to the right or hook to the left, just keep your head down. // Keep swingin', keep believin', don’t let life make you frown. // Every hole’s a new battle, every victory’s a crown. // On this green battlefield, we rise or we drown. // I'm holding on tight, like grips on my Nine Iron *, In this game of life ain't no one your paragon *, Make your own way from dusk till dawn *, Golf taught me that – now I'm sailing strong. * (Chorus) Golf ain't just a game; it's life under that sun glare. In the journey of success putts represent my hustle fair. Look in my eyes; you can see my story there, From struggle to glory; trust me it's rare. (Outro) So salute to those grinding out on the range, Life ain't always fairways as strange as it sounds strange, Just remember every cloud has got its silver linings, Keep your focus on the hole while your star keeps rising.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Verse 1: Swinging through life, like the game is golf// Crisp white tee on, I'm the boss// 18 holes ain't a loss// I've mastered this course, know the cost// Eyes on the ball, destination across,// Focused vision, never lost// Drive it straight, or come across,// Golf ain't just a game; it's the source.// Verse 2: In my bag, some Callaway clubs// I'm making swings, no need for subs// Slicked back hat, on lush green grass,// Professional in style and class.// Golfing ain't leisure; it's an art,// Putting's precision not a dart.// In life and golf, got to play smart,// The way I see it, that's just part.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Golf Like A Pro

1. Master the Art of the Golf Slang

In the game of golf, there's a whole new world of vocabulary. So when it comes to dropping some dope rap lyrics about golf, get familiar with terms like “birdie”, “bogey”, and “mulligan”. Not only will this make your lyrics more authentic, but you can also twist these phrases into hilarious golf captions or even short golf instagram captions. Remember, creativity is key in hip-hop.

2. Incorporate Humor and Wit

Let's face it, not everyone finds golf as exciting as a high-speed car chase. But you can change that perception with your lyrics! Incorporating humor and wit into your bars can turn them into funny golf instagram captions. Who said a song about golf couldn't have people rolling on the floor laughing? Make sure your rhymes are clever enough to warrant a chuckle or two.

3. Use Visual Storytelling

Just like in any sport, there's drama in golf – the tension before a swing, the disappointment of a missed putt, the thrill of victory. Channel these emotions into your lyrics for compelling storytelling. Picture yourself on the green with friends, creating memories – that right there could be a dope verse with some golf instagram captions with friends.

4. Play With Metaphors

Golf is ripe for metaphorical exploration in rap lyrics. The game is all about precision and technique – much like rapping itself! Whether it's comparing life to a game of golf or using club selection as an analogy for decision-making, let your creativity flow.

5. Include Personal Experiences

If you've ever played golf (or even watched it), use those experiences in your lyrics to add authenticity. It could be anything from an epic hole-in-one you scored during date night (perfect for golf instagram captions for couples) to that time when you felt just like Tiger Woods on the course. Your personal touch will make your raps relatable and real.

6. Keep Your Lyrics Short and Sweet

Rap doesn't always have to be filled with complex lines and fast-paced delivery – sometimes less is more! This is especially true when creating punchy short golf captions. A few well-chosen words can paint vivid images in people's minds while keeping them hooked on your song.

7. Don't Forget About The Ladies

Women love both rap music and golf too so why not blend both worlds together? Whether it’s rhyming about Michelle Wie's powerful swing or crafting irresistible girl golf Instagram captions, including women in your tracks makes them more inclusive and appealing to everyone who hears them.<br If you enjoyed our post about rap lyrics about golf, there's more where that came from! We've got a library of rap lyric themes that just keeps growing. Here are a few you might find interesting.

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