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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Gold

Here they are:

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Gold

“From Marcy Projects, now I rock the gold, //
Where every bar I spit is worth its weight in bold. //

Used to hustle on the block, now I’m on Wall Street, //
Cashing in on gold bars, got the game beat. //

Diamonds might be forever, but they ain't this sweet, //
All that glitters ain't gold but my flow is elite. //

Rose gold watch matching my pendant, //
My empire expanding like a golden ascendant. //

Hopped up from the bottom like a nugget from the mine, //
Gold threads in everything, even my rhyme. //

I went from no cents to making dollars making sense, //
24 karat dreams got me jumping over fences. //

Dripping in gold, like Midas himself, //
Born with silver spoons? I'm stacking wealth. //

Aimin' for success with precision and stealth, //
Turning every record into a golden shelf. //

“I got 99 problems”, none of them's cash, //
Counting my blessings while they counting their stash.//

Midas touch in this game, bet they feel the cold, //
Trying to catch up to HOV's weight in GOLD.//

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Gold

(Verse 1)
Got the world in my palm, call it Midas touch, //
Every word I spit, turns to gold too much. //
Moving with the tide but no beach in sight, //
Cause this Detroit kid's shine is brighter than any light. //

At the top of the globe, feel like a pole star, //
In my gold car, spinning verses hard as a spar. //
Rhymes rich as gold, bars heavy as lead, //
When my pen bleeds ink, better watch where you tread. //

I'm gilded in gold, heart froze like the Pole, //
Turning fools to fans with my lyrical control. //
Returns solid as gold, while haters grow old, //
The tale of Eminem, yeah that's a story told. //

(Verse 2)
Painting scenes with words – I'm a verbal Picasso, //
Bathing in gold like an Egyptian pharaoh. //
On this microphone throne, I'm the king of this castle, //
With every line I spew my worth does dazzle. //

Eyes on me drenched in golden glow, //
Flames in my voice setting tracks on blow. //
From food stamps to fame – ya'll know the narrative,
The golden boy from 8 Mile – yeah that's affirmative.

I'm gilded in gold, colder than winter's hold, //
My story unfolds with every rhyme that unrolled.
Returns solid as gold; they said I wouldn't uphold,
But I’m still here standing bold – my legacy untold.

Don’t need no diamonds or pearls; my words they unfurl,
In this cold cruel world – I flip it with a twirl.
I’m Eminem, boy from the block,
Spitting raps so bold, worth their weight in gold.

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Gold

(Verse 1) //
Yeah, I got the Midas touch, //
Flippin' grey to gold in the clutch //
First name Kanye, synonymous with luck, //
Every word I spit turns to gold nuggets, no muck. //

Haters gonna hate but they can't even hush, //
Cause my bars too gold, like a royal flush. //
I'm a Gold Digger's nightmare turned to lush,
When you see my gold chains turn to stardust. //

(Chorus) //
Got that 24K lifestyle, fame gone wild, //
Midas with the mic, child of the Nile. //
Gold foiled dreams wrapped in style, //
Golden State of mind, ain't no denial. //

(Verse 2) //
My flow gold-plated like my old school rims, //
Got these other rappers fighting for my whims. //
Each beat I drop is a golden hymn, //
Kanye's wisdom, never goes dim. //

I rock this golden throne like a king should do, //
Turning haters green while I stay true blue.
Rap game Goldilocks – everything brand new,
Kanye's words, more precious than brew. //

(Chorus) //
Got that 24K lifestyle, shine gone wild,
Midas with the mic – while they live in denial.
Pockets full of dreams wrapped in golden files,
This is Kanye's reign, leading by miles.

(Outro) //
So here's the golden rule from a man made from it,
Each bar I spit is a golden outfit.
Still on top and I'll never quit,
My life's painted gold – yeah that's legit.

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Gold

Ayy, illuminated like Midas, golden vibes this, //
My thoughts are treasure, I got that gold mind richness. //

Panning for success, this ain't no gold rush fiction, //
Living that kingship life, count my bars like gold brick visions. //

Dipped in 24 karat dreams, I'm the gold verse spitter, //
Making waves in the game, call me the gold river dripper. //

Gold on my teeth, got your girl grinning wide, //
Gucci links around my neck, got that golden glide. //

My words worth their weight in gold, it’s a bullion flow, //
I stay dripping wealth, see the gold dust glow? //

Lyrical alchemist turning bars to gold, it's a cinch, //
Living proof that not all that glitters is an inch. //

Got champagne wishes and these caviar golden dreams, //
Weezy F baby and the F ain't for Fiend. //

Every verse a nugget, every rhyme a golden grain, //
Lil Wayne shining brighter than Fort Knox mane.

Gold records on the wall just shining //
Got the industry panicking like a 49er mining.

Midas touch on the mic, everything I spit turns rad,
My rhymes solid gold,I don't do fool's gold fad.

On that Aurum life,Weezy’s purest element, //
Selling records like they’re nuggets,New age Gold Rush testament.

Golden era reborn, I’m bringing it back,
With every line written, I stack another plaque.

Gold ain’t just a color,this is more than bling,
I'm Lil Wayne baby!The Hip Hop King!

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Gold

(Verse 1)
Got chains so cold, but my flow so hot //
Rich like gold, yeah I hit that jackpot //
Pouring liquid sunshine, spilling out the pot //
On my Midas touch grind, making everything I got //

Ice on my neck, gold in the bank //
Designer dress thread, Minaj in the tank //
Queens on the map, we never play rank //
Gold throne seat, the rest walk the plank //

Gold on gold on gold (Yeah) //
Stack it up high, let the story be told (Uh huh) //
Gold rush dreams where the streets are bold (Bold) //
Life’s pure as gold when your heart’s untold //

(Verse 2)
Meteor shower gold falls from the sky //
I'm a golden girl living life fly by fly //
Draped in decadence until the day I die//
In this golden hour y'all can't deny //

Flashing lights – they all see me shine //
Like 24K magic in this lifetime //
Streets paved with dreams and a grind like mine //
I keep cash raining 'til it's flood sign //

Gold on gold on gold (Yeah) //
Stack it up high, let the story be told (Right)//
Gold rush dreams where the streets are bold //
Life’s pure as gold when your heart’s untold //

Minaj golden age – history written scroll //
Stepping out in pure gold, walking barbie doll.

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Gold

Yeah, uh, Future Hendrix, dive into gold//

Verse 1://
I'm on a roll, roll, drippin' in gold//
Shining like the sun, yeah this story’s untold//
Living the dream, ain't on parole,//
Money don't sleep, that's how the days unfold.//

My heart's cold as ice, but my chains are hotter,//
I pave my road with gold, like an ancient potter.//

Got a sea of gold drippin' down my neck,//
Living life in retrospect,//
Can't forget where I come from – no respect,//
Now I'm drenched in the light of my success.//

Verse 2://
Shadows in my past, but the future's bright;//
My wealth shines through all night.//
Black diamonds and white gold right,//
Living in luxury, taking flight.//

Keep your silver linings, I'm beyond the stars,//
Life ain't about hiding scars, it's about showing them off on supercars.//

Lay your eyes on my gold horizon,//
Never been about comprisin'. //
You can see the sunrise in my diamond,//
I've come a long way from surviving to thriving.//

Gold chains replace old pains,//
Only in struggle you find gains.//
Turned my sorrow into purest 24k,//
In every bar of Future's rap relay.

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Gold

(Verse 1)
Birthed in the struggle, mama's single, workin' full throttle,//
Countless nights of hunger, dreams of striking gold our motto.//
In a world painted silver, I was diggin' for that yellow,//
Chasin' after wealth, gotta be rich before I'm mellow.//

In this game of life, they say you need gold to level up,//
Buckets made of dreams, but reality is tough.//
Paper chasing, heart racing, mind stuck on the gold vein,//
Lose sight of what matters most amidst the golden rain.//

Gold dreams and diamond wishes, got my mind in stitches,//
Success is an addiction but the journey's filled with ditches.//
Got gold on my wrist, but still feelin' broke inside,//
Wealth ain't just material, that truth, we can't hide.

(Verse 2)
Once knew a man who had it all, a mountain of gold,//
But his heart was empty and his spirit was cold.//
Tried to warn him 'bout the dangers of avarice and greed,//
But he traded love for money, let his family bleed.//

He gained a kingdom of riches but lost his true crown,//
Down a golden path, he let himself drown.//
Leaning on his gold-plated crutch as if it mattered,//
Woke up one day, all his dreams shattered.

Gold dreams and diamond wishes put your soul in stitches,//
Success may be blinding but remember what real riches.//
Got gold in the bank yet feeling empty inside//
Wealth ain't just material, can't keep living this lie.

Cuz when everything glitters ain't always gold//
And the real value lies within stories untold//
The mind is rich when knowledge unfolds//
The heart is wealthy with love it holds.

Yeah…grind for your goals, not just for their weight in gold,//
Cuz true prosperity, can’t be bought or sold.
So here’s a cipher of wisdom from J Cole’s mold––//
Grind hard my people but remember what we hold.

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Gold

(Verse 1)
I been stacking chips, living like a pharaoh //
City in my rearview, heart feels so narrow //
Panning for that gold, feeling like an old miner //
Every nugget I get just makes the world seem brighter //

Fly solo through the night, jet black like a raven //
Mind racing at the speed of life, nothing can save 'em //
But when I touch that gold, it's like touching heaven //
Every whisper in the wind is like a sweet amen //

The world turning cold but I'm chasing this gold //
Memories unfold as these stories are told //
In the quest for my soul, never gonna fold //
Just me and my gold against everything untold. //

(Verse 2)
I've seen men lose their hearts over some colorless stones //
Chasing empty dreams while they're all alone //
But I'm not blind to that allure of that shimmering glow //
I'd choose a nugget of truth over a mountain of woe //

Riding through Toronto, with Midas in my veins //
Cuz every beat I drop turns into golden gains //
Mama worried sick about what wealth can do //
I told her don't worry Mama we're getting through. //

The world turning cold but I'm chasing this gold //
Memories unfold as these stories are told //
In the quest for my soul, never gonna fold //
Just me and my gold against everything untold. //

In this golden game, it's not about fame //
All these glittery chains can't contain my flame //
small Digging for truth in this gilded soil //
big Draped in OVO clad and no one can foil. //

Rap Lyrics About Gold In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Gold

Ayy, gold plating on my conscience, never nonsense //
Manifesting dreams from the projects, blessed with the prospect //
Gold chains hanging, banging like a promise //
That we gonna make it, no matter how they try to lock us //

Drenched in gold aura, my story remains honest //
Walking these streets, guarded by angels in an eternal contest //
In gold print, my name gleams across the surface //
On sidewalks of struggle where I found my purpose //

Money to mold, I know its worth y'all //
But gotta remember to value your own birth, y'all //
Ain't about the glimmer, but what you behold at heart's core //
Living life in richness that ain't measured at the store //

As long as we breathe, we got the Midas touch, fam' //
Every verse a testament of wisdom from a complex man//
Built to shine like gold nuggets in a river's span //
Lo and behold: a Golden Age emerges from the sand.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Gold Like A Pro

1. Mine Your Mind for Golden Ideas

Your rap lyrics about gold won't just appear out of thin air – they're buried deep in the mine of your mind. So, get digging! Think about every association you have with gold: its shine, its worth, its rarity, and even its historical significance.
Remember that there are many country songs with silver and gold in the lyrics to draw inspiration from. Gold isn't just a precious metal, it's a symbol of wealth and status. Use it as a metaphor for your ambitions and achievements.

2. Silver Lining: Contrast is Key

Just like in rock songs with silver and gold in the lyrics, contrast can make your rap lyrics pop off the page (and outta the speakers). Silver and gold go together like rhythm and rhyme, but they're not identical twins – they're more like partners in crime.
Using silver as a contrast to gold can create some bangin' visual imagery. Silver isn't as flashy or expensive as gold but it has an understated elegance that can represent resilience or hidden worth.

3. Flow Like Liquid Gold

Your flow is what gives your rap lyrics life – it's got to be smooth yet striking, like liquid gold pouring from your mouth. Each word should connect to the next like links in a golden chain.
Listen to hip hop songs with silver and gold in the lyrics to get an idea of how other artists use these metals to create rhythm and flow.

4. Go Old School with Gospel Gold

Who wrote “Silver And Gold”, that gospel song? It was Kirk Franklin! And guess what? This golden oldie can teach you a lot about writing meaningful rap lyrics.
Even if you're not into gospel music, this song's message about valuing love over material wealth could inspire some dope lines about what truly matters.

5. Paint Pictures With Your Words

Remember that song “Silver And Gold” by Burl Ives? He used simple words to paint vivid pictures of Christmas cheer.
You can do the same with your rap lyrics about gold! Describe how it looks under different lighting conditions or how it feels against skin – let your listener see, touch, even taste your words.

6. No Silver Spoon: Keep It Real

Stay true to yourself when writing your rap lyrics about gold. Not all rappers were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
If you've struggled to make ends meet or had to hustle hard for every dime, don't be afraid to highlight those experiences alongside dreams of living large.

7. Don't Forget The Hook!

Whether you're writing a country song or laying down some sick rhymes, never forget the hook!
The hook is often where you'll find songs with silver in the lyrics; it's catchy and gets stuck in people’s heads long after they've finished listening. Make sure yours is golden!.

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