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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About God
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Rap Lyrics About God, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) Yo, God gave me my life like a **gift from the fountain**, // So I rock on beats, climb higher than **the tallest mountain**, // Ain't afraid of nothing, not even when the **odds are countin'**, // ‘Cause through all the struggle, it's faith that I'm **mounting.** // God's my compass when this world got me **spinning round,** // His word the only truth in these streets of this **concrete town.** // From Marcy to Madison Square, his grace still **comes down,** // And every time I pray it's like he's wearing a kingly **crown.** // (Chorus) I've seen it all, from riches to rags and back to filth and fame, // But ain't none of that matters without God in this game. // I'm just a pawn but in His hands I ain't no shame, // So I bow down before Him shouting His name. (Verse 2) People see Hova’s wealth and they think it’s absurd, // But every bit comes from the blessing of His holy word.// And when life gets dark with vision blurred,// Faith keeps me going 'cause He is my shepherd.// In Project halls or penthouse heights where eagles fly,// You can feel His presence if you simply try.// Just look up above at that clear night sky,// See those stars shining bright? That’s His lullaby.// (Bridge) God gave Jay-Z his flow for success and awe,// Blessed are those who recognize this law: // All gifts come from above without any flaw,// Every beat in my chest, every breath that I draw. (Outro) So here’s to God who carried Jay through his strife,// Who showed him life was more than just surviving life.// To everyone out there living trife,// Remember one thing as you wield your knife;// God’s presence is felt no matter what your hype,// Lean into Him 'cause He's always right. (End hook) Ain’t about the chains or shining lights, Just keep focus on God’s holy delights. He guides us through darkest nights, Only with Him can we reach new heights.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) On my knees, in the church, questioning my worth,// Struggling with the pain, digging up the dirt,// God’s up there, watching, got the universe.// Is He listening? Or am I cursed?// Invisible shield, but I'm feeling so exposed,// Goliath in my mind, facing all those foes,// Praying to a God, does He even know?// That I'm trying to make it through this world's throes.// Scribbling scriptures in my book of rhymes,// Found this holy grail, beats and divine lines.// Feeling like Job – tests of time and tide,// God's an enigma, a dope-ass ride.// (Chorus) I’m just a sinner, trying to paint a picture,// Gazing at the stars, seeking out Your scripture.// Behind my bars, the truth ain’t easy to fixture,// But I’m rhyming for You, God – ain't no bigger victor. (Verse 2) God knows me better than my inner demons,// He finds me fighting, finds me screaming.// Yet I still got faith, even when it's bleeding;// Believe in His grace when life's full of deceiving. Shattered dreams and broken mirrors, My life’s rap sheet grows clearer.// Blessed be His name, though waters getting murkier,// God's narrative, making every rhyme sturdier. (Chorus) See me up on stage – shouting out Your message,// While they see a rapper – only see the wreckage. Preaching 'bout You God – through lyrical aggression,// In this mic-swingin' sermon – find some redemption. (Outro) Yeah – Em’ with the flow – just trying to testify,<// Won't hide behind no mask – won’t live a lie. Scripting verses for You God, under this sky,// Until my last breath draws nigh – with that faith tie.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) I got God on my side, no need to hide // He's my guide, when I ride, to the other side // Manifesting faith, no time for hate // Through these golden gates, He spins my fate // This ain't no Kanye's tale, it’s a Yeezy's gospel // I'm his disciple, His words are colossal // His love ain't a puzzle, it's a riddle to solve // A force that revolves, in him I evolve // (Chorus) God in the mirror, reflecting clearer // In every tear, I'm feeling nearer // God in the stereo, dropping the beat // In every tempo, His grace I meet // (Verse 2) He set me free like Moses parting the sea // The truth in me, a divine decree // From the Chi-Town dust to a deity's trust // His plan is robust, in Him we adjust // I'm a Godly design, through His holy vine // In every rhyme of mine, His will intertwines // With a heavenly shine that outshines the divine // I know His love is mine, no need to underline // (Chorus) God in the mirror, reflecting clearer // In every fear, I'm feeling nearer// God in my lyrics, resonating spirit // In every limit, His power I inherit // (Outro) Through trials and tribulations and temptation sensation// With God as my foundation – that's Kanye's revelation// Always with precision and never with confusion// Every bar is an infusion of divine evolution.//

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Ain't nothin' above me, praise be to the Most High, // Got Weezy F Baby on my side like Thai. // All I spit's gold, call it heaven's decree, // The sun never sets when it shines outta me. // Prayin' on these beats, got 'em beggin' for mercy, // I'm God's handiwork, you can check the versi'. // Holy water in my cup but your boy ain't tamed, // Fire in every word like Moses done flamed. // Recitin' life's scripture with a beat and a rhyme,// My bars hit harder than an angelic chime. // This ain't no illusion, this the divine plan, // God put the world in the palm of my hand. // I'm a walking miracle, best believe that's true,// Proof of God's work in every tattoo. // Got more faith than most, you can call me Job,// Never let haters or trials rob. // I'm a disciple of the flow, come to spread the word,// Flyer than seraphim when I drop a verse. // Wayne’s name rings through eternity's halls,// Every track is a church where the hot boy calls. // Praise to the Most High for this gift of gab,// I serve holy bars on a platinum slab. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,// Add Weezy to the mix ––the gospel goes on! Dressed all in white like I’m walking on clouds ,// Blessed with this talent to wow all crowds. So when you hear me spit, recognize it’s divine, Weezy F Baby, I’m godly by design!.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Yo, it's Nicki M-queen, blessed with the flow divine,// God's plan, yeah I'm walking on that spiritual line.// Ain't no devil that can mess up my grind,// ‘Cause I got the almighty power, shine like prime time.// Rockin' Prada but my values ain't designer,// Got that holy spirit, like divine winery – the finest.// My bars be from heaven, call 'em divine rhymes,// A Prayer in a verse, feel it in your spines.// (Chorus) I'm just a queen tryna make her way,// God on my side, guiding everyday.// In this world full of hate and dismay,// His love is the light, showing me the way.// (Verse 2) Even when I fall, He helps me stand tall,// In the darkest times, on Him I can call.// With God as my witness, I won't let you dismiss,// The power of faith, feel my lyrical bliss. Yeah, it's Minajesty with godly quality,// Spit truths not fallacy – that's my reality.// In this life of brutality and casualty,// I find peace in His grace and impartiality. (Chorus) I'm just a queen tryna make her way,// God on my side, guiding everyday.// In this world full of hate and dismay,// His love is the light, showing me the way. (Bridge) From Trinidad to Queens, His blessings never cease,// No matter where I go, find comfort in His peace.// So here's to God above for all he does for me,// Making miracles happen – Nicki M., blessed MC. (Chorus) I'm just a queen tryna make her way,// God on my side, guiding everyday.// In this world full of hate and dismay,// His love is the light, showing me the way. (Outro) So here's Nicki Minaj with a shoutout to The Most High,// Took me from rags to riches – can't deny.// Got God as my DJ spinning blessings from sky,// It's Nicki and The Most High, together we fly.

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // I've been on a journey, God, I'm seeking your grace // You know I had to hustle just to make it in this race // Used to see the ghetto, now I see a better place // It's not about the ice on my wrist or gold on my face // GOD on my mind when I ride in the Wraith // Asking for forgiveness and to keep my fam safe // Bando to the hills, God, that’s a hell of a pace // Keep reaching for the stars while I'm anchored in faith // (Chorus) // Living in this Future where we countin' our days // Prayin' to the heavens while we riding this wave // Blessings pouring down like they caught in the rain // Honoring God with each bar and every phrase // (Verse 2) // I remember nights, just hustlin', survivin' // Now it's private flights, first class, sky divin’ // God took me out the gutter, talent he been providin’ // From bottom now we here, see His plan be conspiring // Took that leap of faith when my future was frightenin' // Now I'm living proof that his light can be enlightening // Look at how He turned all my struggles into rhyming // Repping for the hood while His blessings keep multiplying // (Chorus) // In spite of all my sins He still counts me as brave // Rewritten legacy, from slave to saved // No matter how it pours, we ain't never gonna cave // Lifting up our praise till we reach that heavenly enclave //

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) // Now as I step into the light, Lord forgive me for the fight, // Got a brother contemplating life while clutchin' on this mic. // See, I'm just a man with many sins, walking through the night, // Prayin' for the strength to keep the devil out of sight. // (Chorus) // In my soul I see the skies, writin' scriptures in disguise, // In your image we arise, God, open up our eyes. // (Verse 2) // Strollin’ through these memories like footprints in the sand, // Scriptures held within my palms like destiny in hand.// See these rocks upon this path? They're just part of the plan, // They say God gives His toughest battles to His strongest man. // (Chorus) // In my soul I see the skies, writin' scriptures in disguise, // In your image we arise, God, open up our eyes. // (Verse 3) // I'm speakin' truth into these lines like it's prophecy divine, // My mama always told me it'll all be good in time.// Walkin' with my head high even when I lost my way,// Cause I know You got a master plan, no matter how much I stray. // (Chorus)// In my soul I see the skies, writin' scriptures in disguise,// In your image we arise, God , open up our eyes. (Outro)// Through these spiritual rhymes,I'm just tryna define, The divine from within ‘Cause God's love ain't confined, To chapels and temples or words that we say, It's J.Cole with the flow, speakin' truth everyday.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Champagne Drake, they call me on the low // Feelin' like God's blessing, goin' for the gold // Walking through the streets, seeing faces grow old // All in His name, stories to be told // Used to have questions, life was a riddle // Now my faith strong, not breaking, no brittle // God, the architect, I'm just the chisel // Shaping up my life, cutting through the thistle // (Chorus) God in every bar, God in every line // Like a beacon of hope, always there to shine // With Him by my side, everything's fine // This is God's plan, not just mine // (Verse 2) Seen highs and lows, tasted bitter and sweet // Walked on solid ground and on shaky feet // Through it all felt a rhythm, a heavenly beat // In His grace, every challenge we meet // Mind full of dreams, gotta chase them right // Unseen hand guiding me through the night // With my soul's delight, I continue to write // Glory to God, who gives us light // (Chorus) God in every bar, God in every line // Like a beacon of hope, always there to shine // With Him by my side, everything's fine // This is God's plan, not just mine // (Outro) In this game called life, no rewind or pause // Just faith in God, that’s the ultimate cause // Living each day by His holy laws // This is Drake signing off with an applause.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

God, lookin' down from the heavens serene,// He formulates the blueprint, we're just in his dream,// In God we trust, but do we understand His scheme?// Life's a test – He marks silent as a submarine.// Prayers rise like hot asphalt steam,// Patterns of faith sewn into life's seam.// God-given gift, I use it to redeem,// His purpose written in every sunbeam.// I'm just a pawn part of His grand theme,// Read between the lines – It's more than it may seem.// The world is His canvas, He paints a supreme// Tapestry of life in an unending stream.// Mankind at odds with the divine scheme,// Still His love flows like an endless stream.// God above, guide this man from Compton's team,// Show me the path through love's extreme.//
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About God Like A Pro

1. Dip Deeper into the Bible

Man, if you're looking to spit some of the best rap lyrics about Jesus, what better book to flip open than the Bible itself? It's like your personal Christian rap lyrics generator. Draw inspiration from the scriptures and unleash unused gospel rap lyrics that'll have people saying “Amen!”. And remember, don't just skim through it; dive deeper. You never know where you might find a verse that sends a chill down your spine or strikes a chord with your soul.

2. Keep it Real and Relatable

While crafting those dope lines about God, make sure they're hitting home. Your listeners need to feel that spiritual connection seeping through every word. Paint narratives that touch hearts and stir emotions. The more relatable your lyrics, the more they will resonate with people, making them among the best rap rhymes about Jesus they've ever heard.

3. Balance Between Preaching and Teaching

Now here's where it gets tricky—striking a balance between preaching and teaching in your gospel rap lyrics rhymes. Remember, you ain't running a Sunday school session here! So instead of just dropping sermons in your verses, try to educate subtly about faith and love. A little humor along with some real talk makes for an engaging flow.

4. Wordplay is Key!

Wanna know how to make Christian rap lyrics catchy? It's all about wordplay! Create clever metaphors, witty punchlines, or double entendres centered around spirituality or biblical themes.
A good play on words keeps listeners hooked, waiting for the next line you're gonna drop!

5. Don't Forget Your Flow

While focusing on creating deep content about God, don't lose sight of your flow! It's not just what you say—it's how you say it.
Rap is poetry in motion; so ensure your rhythm complements your message effectively.
A smooth flow paired with profound lyrics can turn any song into an unforgettable hymn.

6. Stay Authentic to Your Faith

Let's be real—people can easily spot fakes from miles away! So when writing Christian rap lyrics, stay true to yourself and your faith.
No one wants verses filled with empty words or lies.
Your authenticity shines through, making it easier for listeners to connect deeply with what you're saying.

7. Look Outside Your Window — Be Observant!

Last but not least — look around! The world beyond our studio windows is full of stories waiting to be told.
Inspiration for gospel rap lyrics rhymes can come from anywhere – personal experiences, current events or even everyday observations.
The key is being open and observant,, as that will bring an extra layer of depth and relevance to your work. Whether you're seeking inspiration, connection, or just appreciate the artistic expression rap lyrics offer, we've got you covered. If our post about rap lyrics about god resonated with you, you might also find these other collections interesting.

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