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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Friends Being Family
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Rap Lyrics About Friends Being Family, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) My clique, my crew, ain't just friends,// They more like kin, stay thick 'til the end.// Back in the day, we'd kill for that playground,// Now we grown, but loyalty still holds us down.// Ain't no secrets, ain't no lies,// Through hard times and triumphs we rise.// Me and my team, we never divide,// Cause in this concrete jungle, we thrive.// (Chorus) F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but they family to me,// We ride or die from Marcy to NYC.// Fought every battle together you see,// Built this empire on loyalty.// (Verse 2) No matter how high I ascend the throne,// I remember the blocks where I was born and grown. // My homies got my back while I roam,// When it's time to face the music alone. // This life can bring some heavy hits,// But with my fam, never lack a damn bit. // We've been through shit; stuck in grits,// Never gonna quit; won’t ever split. // (Chorus) F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but they family to me,// Carved from the same stone of BK city// Built on strength and tenacity// That’s what forms our unity// (Bridge) From [the] streets where cops would chase us // To running empires utmost gracious // Sticking together through all phases // Family over everything – that's basis! // (Outro) So here's a toast to my comrades // In brotherhood found these lads // More than just friends or fads // In a world of chaos – they're my nomads.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) // // Seen worse days together, bonded by necessity. // Some say blood is thicker than water, but I disagree // Cause even my kin can't match this loyalty. // Chained to the streets, dealt cards in poverty // Struggle painted us a picture that was hard to see. // Family was the paint, friends were the canvas, Painted with our tears, but hope was the answer. // // Sneakers ripping apart like they're some cheap imports. // Laughing it off cause we can't afford a new pair, But that's alright, 'cause at least we're all there. // (Chorus) // We ain't blood, but we family now, Faces weathered like old leather but we still know how. // To live and love and laugh and cry, In each other's corners 'til the day we die. (Verse 2) // Some people don’t understand why they my crew // I see them as my family cause they been true. // Showed up when I needed them, never left me hanging, Never stabbed my back when the bell of life started ringing. Just a bunch of ragtag rejects from 8 Mile // But these are the friends who make this life worthwhile. // They've seen me at my worst and still stuck around, That's worth more than any crown or royal gown. // (Chorus) // We ain't blood, but we family now, Faces weathered like old leather but we still stand proud. // To live and love and laugh and cry, In each other's corners 'til our last goodbye. (Outro) // So here's to the ones who've held me high, The friends who are family in this life of mine.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, we kickin' it like Kanye in the basement, // My homies ain't just friends, they some sort of replacements. // Always stackin' up greens, like a veggie arrangement, // But when you with your kin, don't need no payment. // Chaser of dreams, got my squad in my corner, // No blood between us but the bond's stronger than armor. // Been through the storm man, been through the drama, // But we still stand tall like our name was Obama. // (Chorus) Friends turn fam, no DNA needed, // When you down in the dumps and your hearts been defeated. // In the darkest of nights when the world's receded, // Your fam will light the path, till your mission completed. // (Verse 2) We build each other up man, we don't cause damage, // We breaking bread together, ain't no sandwich. // In this life of chaos we found some balance, // No kings or peasants here – we all fam in this palace. // Got each other's backs like a custom-made tuxedo, Riding for my clique until there are no more tomorrows. // Fam over fame, that's the motto we follow; // In this ocean of life – they my lifesaving galleon. // (Chorus) Friends turn fam, no DNA needed, Where love's more genuine and trust ain't depleted. // Got me feeling like Yeezy when his beats get repeated; // With them by my side – every mission gets completed. (Outro) Yeah so here’s to friends who became bloodless kinfolk, Each verse from my heart – yeah that’s how deep it goes. // Picture this as an anthem or Kanye’s manifesto, Fam is everything, yeah that’s just how the story goes.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

<For the fam, I bleed, // I live and breathe, // I don’t need no ID, // Just my homies beside me. // I got my crew, ain’t no fluke, // We tight like a loop, // We bond on the stoop, // Not by blood, but by truth. // Came up from the bottom, we climb, // No watches, but we keep time, // Fall down seven rise eight times, // In the trenches, we found our prime. // Nothin' breaks us apart, // Ain't just a crew, we a work of art, //Bullets won't penetrate this heart,//‘Cause this friendship ain't off the chart.// Hustle hard with my kin, ain’t friends//‘Cause homie this blood it transcends//Ain't about where you been//All about where you are, that’s the trend. We ride high in any weather//‘Cause kinfolk stick together//‘Cause thick or thin is now or never//This kinship can't sever. Blood makes you related but loyalty makes family,//We built a dynasty from calamity.//Made a feast out of famine see?//The street made us but love gave us sanity. Cheers to my familia,//The street-corner magnolias//We stuck like glue ain’t no replica//F.R.I.E.N.D.S – it spells America. Hustle and flow, 'til the end;
Your squad is your kin – remember friend;
Loyalty's thicker than pigment skin;
This is a bond that'll never end.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Yo, we started from the bottom, now we all here, queens // Like a deck of cards, couldn't break us apart, not even seams // We been through the grind, stayin up all night on that chase // Times were tough but together we would always face… // Ain't no blood ties, but you know we thicker than that // Fam by choice, ain't no simple artifact // We got each other's back, like a bulletproof vest // In this wild world, with us you never second best. // (Chorus) We family, ain't no need for DNA // Ride or die, with you every single day. // When it’s tough in this jungle, ain’t no need to pray // Coz we stand together, come what may // (Verse 2) Got my broads from Queens and my divas from LA // All around the globe, every day’s a parlay // Diamonds in the rough, yeah we shine that way // United, we be brighter than the Milky Way. // We been through it all – had our fights and our falls // But nothing breaks us – not even Berlin walls! // Even when it rains, together we always ball // In this game of life – we always stand tall. // (Chorus) We family, running deeper than bloodlines // Ride or die,, shining brighter than sunshine. // Even if the world ends, or runs out of time // With my fam right here – everything will be just fine. // (Outro) So here's to my sisters and brothers by bond // Riding this wave as we journey beyond.// From dusk till dawn and the days far gone – In this house of love, our bond remains strong.

In The Style of Future

(Verse 1) // Rollin' with my brothers, yeah we deeper than kin // In the trenches together, till the very end // Hustlers by nature, diamonds in the rough // Times were tough, but we never had enough. // Our vision didn’t blur, instinct to survive // Dreams so vivid, keepin' us alive. // A toast to my family, no blood relation // Friends tighter than knots, true dedication. // (Chorus) Closer than blood, we ride or die together. // Weather any storm, friends tougher than leather. // Real recognise real, you know the deal // Friends be my fam, that's just how I feel. // (Verse 2) Ain't got riches, but I'm wealthy in love, // My friends like my angels watchin' from above. // Ridin' with me through trials and tribulations // Struggles turned into wins, living celebration. // Brotherhood thicker than money green paper, Always got my back, the ultimate caper. Underneath the stars reminiscing past endeavors Solid as a rock, our bond won’t sever. (Chorus) Closer than blood, we ride or die together, Weather any storm, friends tougher than leather. Real recognise real, you know the deal, Friends be my fam; got me feelin’ surreal. (Outro) Counting blessings never losses, Respect is priceless no matter what the costs is. Look around and all I see are kings and queens, Riding with my fam, livin’ our dreams.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) In the hood, ain't no Harry Potter but we found magic in the gutter, // Our dreams floating like paper boats, beneath the sewer's cold shudder. // From jumping hoops to flipping loops, our story echo with laughter, // Just a couple of project boys charting a path to happily ever after. // Scrawny limbs, innocent grins, on this concrete canvas we painted, // Where streetlights were our spotlight, and every win was sacred. // Chasing paper planes up high, or saving for a brand-new tape deck, // Our moments were timeless, built on respect, not the size of a paycheck. // (Chorus) We ain’t blood but we close, steel threads tying us together, // Friends morphing into family, lifebirds of the same weather. // Faded hoodies or gold chains, whichever path we choose to take, In the end it’s all the same – family ain’t always bloodline's sake. // (Verse 2) Schoolyard fights and rooftop nights – histories etched in bricks and dust, // Neighborhood whispers carried our tales; in each other we laid our trust. // Not by blood but by bond, connected through shared struggles and dream, The streets gave us siblings; friendship intertwined with a hope's gleam. // Running through life's labyrinth with no MLK to guide us through, Caught between dreamscape and reality – the hustle was all we knew. // No silver spoons or golden rooms – resilience was our birthright, Together we rode out storms – candles shining against dark knight. // (Chorus) We ain’t blood but bonded, welded by adversity’s fiery dance, Through trials and tribulations, nothing left to chance. For blood might be thicker than water – this truth remains unwavered, But friends become family when life’s tides have us flavored. (Outro) With every shared burden and echoed laughter that ascends, We find our chosen family in the most unlikely friends. So here's an ode to bonds built stronger than DNA's patterned stitches, To friendships that transcend blood,, making paupers feel like riches. In neighborhood corners where love is scarce yet dreams are plenty, These streets don't just breed survivors – they birth families aplenty.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Started off as homies, now we tight like kin, // I mean, we brothers even when the blood ain't in. // Used to play ball on the concrete court, // Now we touching dreams, man life's too short. // We've seen sunsets, and we've seen doors close, // We've seen pain, but that's just how it goes. // We rise and fall, but always bounce back, // Cause ain't nothing stronger than this brotherhood pact. // (Hook) We ain't friends, we family, that's how it be, // Through thick and thin, you ride with me. // Bonds stronger than a six-figure salary, // Friendship's gold ain't having no fallacy. // (Verse 2) From late-night laughs to serious talks, // Through every chapter on these life walks. // This love we got, can't be bought or sold, // It’s worth more than diamonds or a pot of gold. // Remember back in the day on that neighborhood street? // Our dreams were big although our world was petite. // Now look at us shinin', mountains we climbing', // But never forgettin' where our silver lining began. // (Hook) We ain’t friends, we family, that's how it stand, // On this journey together through a foreign land. // Days are brighter when your circle understand, That the truest wealth ain’t always grand. (Outro) With you by my side man it feels sublime, Family don’t end with bloodline. So here's to the moments and memories we share, Here’s to us cause nobody can compare.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Where I'm from, your homies are blood ties, // Foundation deeper than the blue skies. // We riding in that four-door, ain't no backstabbing, // We united like states, ain't no gapping. // Nurtured on the block, we're brothers with different mamas, // Ain't a single disharmony, we shed drama. // Raised up tough in the city of Compton, // Came from nothing but now we something. // Poverty's shackles couldn’t hold our ambition, // We broke free, rebelling with a shared vision. // In the heart of the struggle, believed in family over festivities, // Bonds stronger than DNA and ethnicities. // The world's cold but with my crew it gets warmer,// Fighting together like soldiers in armor.// Loyalty and love is what we chant in our anthem,// “Friends for life” ain’t just a random maxim. //</
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Friends Being Family Like A Pro

1. Connect With Your Roots

Let's establish this right off the bat; the most potent rap lyrics about friends being family stem from a place of authenticity. You can't fake that connection, that bond, and expect it to resonate with your audience. So, think about your crew, your brothers and sisters from other misters. What are the stories you share? The laughs, the tears, the triumphs? Spill that onto paper and let each verse flow like a conversation with your day ones.

2. Dive into Emotion

You know those goosebump-inducing R&B songs about friendship? They hit you right in the feels because they dare to dive deep into emotion. Hold nothing back when you’re writing your own best friend rap songs lyrics. Don't shy away from showcasing love for your crew or expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. Real recognizes real, so be real with your feelings.

3. Use Metaphors and Similes

Remember how Lil Wayne said he was hotter than summer rain? That's a simile for you! These tools aren’t just for pop songs about friendship; they're perfect for painting vivid pictures in rap too. Use metaphors and similes to draw parallels between your friendship and universally understood concepts.

4. Make it Relatable

The most successful rap songs about family resonate because they strike a chord with listeners who see their own experiences reflected in the lyrics. Keep this in mind when crafting lines about friends who have become family; make sure others can see themselves within the narrative.

5. Create a Catchy Hook

A memorable hook is like that riff in best friend songs; it's what people hum long after the song ends! So make sure yours is as catchy as it is emotionally charged. It should encapsulate the overarching theme of brotherhood or friendship while being easy enough to remember (and sing along to!).

6. Incorporate Rhyme Schemes

Rhyme schemes are not just an essential part of best friend rap songs lyrics; they're fundamental to all rap music! Rhymes add rhythm and flow, making your verses more engaging and enjoyable to listen to while reinforcing key themes or ideas.

7. Leave Room for Freestyling

One of the coolest aspects of rap songs about brotherhood, is their inherent capacity for freestyling or ad-libbing! This keeps performances fresh and allows you to adapt lyrics based on current feelings or experiences with friends-turned-family on any given day! So don’t be afraid to leave some room for spontaneity!
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