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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

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Rap Lyrics About Father and Son In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

Verse 1: //
Dad's old school, like an eight track, smoothed out like Kodak black //
In the cut, raising a young mack //
Passing down wisdom like a family heirloom, no setback //
Said “son, watch your step before you step back” //

Chorus: //
My papa told me don't rush to get grown //
Now I'm sittin' on the throne with a son of my own //
What he taught me comin' up was more than just poems //
Like how to hold down a home and still build an empire alone //

Verse 2: //
Taught me about respect and reputation //
How it takes years to earn but can burn in seconds with no explanation //
Mama used to fuss and fight over my education //
But pops knew the struggle was my motivation //

Chorus: //
My papa told me don't rush to get grown //
Now I got jewels of my own that I've shown //
From hood rich aesthetics to Wall Street economics //
Daddy made sure his son would be iconic //

Verse 3: //
He showed me chess not checkers, life's grand director//
How to move silence but let actions echo louder than words ever//
Now I do the same for mine in this endeavor//
Cause a father's love is forever; it ain't never severed//

Outro (Chorus)://
My papa told me don't rush to get grown//
I'm looking at my seed hoping what I've shown//
Is enough for him when he's on his own//
The greatest love is watching your children improve on your throne.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Verse 1)
From the gutters, rise to the top, I'd be lyin' if I said it wasn't tough, pop//
Made a diamond from coal, life's heavy toll, you're my rock nonstop//
Your hands calloused from the fight, stayed workin' all through the night//
Mom was gone, but you stood strong, sacrificed for my light//

Father and son, against the world we run//
No matter the weather, we never come undone//
Gun to our heads yet we don't succumb,
Just like this beat our hearts drum//

(Verse 2)
Remember when we were broke as hell, on 8 mile where we dwell//
Livin' on stamps and frozen dinners, strugglin' to break outta this cell//
You taught me how to stand, when life had other plans//
Took my hand, showed me that the man is defined by his stands//

Father and son, under the same sun//
Fighting our battles till they're won,
Like an unbreakable bond woven and spun//

Now I'm older with a kid of my own, seeds of love that you've sown//
Lookin' back at our journey, how much I've grown//
Through ups and downs, together thrown,
It's your strength in me shown//

Here's to you dad, for all that you've done//
The battles fought and wars you won//
For chasin' fate till it spun//
Father and son, under God's setting sun.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

Daddy's made a blueprint, my son gotta inherit //
Life’s a marathon, we just takin' our share of it //

He ain’t even born, but his kicks already on fleek //
Baby West, I see your future, don't even need to speak //

Look in your eyes, I see mine, a glimpse of the past //
Kanye the father, now that’s a role to cast //

(Verse 1)
Givin' you my all, like I'm givin' you this verse //
Just tryna be the best; can't settle for being worst //

Remember when your granddaddy said “Keep God first” //
I took it to heart; took pain and reversed //

Got dreams of you in Yeezy's, owning every street //
With your mama's grace, and my beats, you're already elite //

Daddy's made a blueprint, my son gotta inherit //
Life’s a marathon, we just takin' our share of it //

(Verse 2)
With this gold chain around your neck, there lay future king //
Watch as everything I built becomes your thing //

They say history repeats but with us it don’t //
You’re the upgrade of me; that’s the magic in our growth //

My little homie winning Grammys before he could speak //
And when he does, best believe his words gonna peak //

Daddy's made a blueprint, my son gotta inherit //
Life’s a marathon, we just takin' our share of it //

Son, remember where you came from and where you at //
Never let 'em tell you different, that's straight fact //

In life there’ll be struggles and times that test //
Just know your dad is Kanye; we only rock with the best. //

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Verse 1)
I'm sittin' on the throne, but my little one's next in line //
Raised him tough, but his heart be more precious than a diamond mine //
Got my blood in his veins, our beats flow in perfect time //
Cast him from my mold, he's another gold of mine> //

No pen, no paper, our story's more than ink //
We're a testament to struggle, standing stronger at the brink //
Staring down our demons, wouldn't let 'em even blink //
In this game of life, it's sink or swim and we never gonna sink //

I'ma tell you right now son, it's a father and son thing //
No matter where you go, you're always rocking that Wayne bling //
Got my wisdom in your soul and my swagger in your swing //
Taught you well, now watch the world hear the king's offspring sing //

(Verse 2)
We grind together and shine together that's how it goes //
We share the same struggle under another set of clothes //
The same reflection staring back from different roads //
Father to a son the legacy unfolds //

Gave you my name but made your own fame and fortune ///
Mirrorin' my hustle but got your own version> //
Bloodline strong – we're cut from the same cloth ///
A Wayne legacy – father and son boss. //

I'ma tell you right now son, it's a father and son grind //
No matter what they say, we'll reach heights they can't find. //
You carry on my name with your unique destined sign ///
Taught you well son, leave no doubter undefined.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Verse 1)

Hey yo, Daddy was a king, gave me the crown,

A prince in these streets, never backing down.
Raised by a lion, ain't no ordinary kitten,
From Queens to Manhattan, verses always written.

From his throne to my throne, he passed the scepter,

Spit that royal blood, no need for lecture.
Like father like son, gold chains to platinum,
Flow so cold, give em chills when I'm rappin' em.


Father and son we be rockin' the stage,

Rappin' our truth from a young tender age.
No other pair coming close to our rage,
Nicki Minaj and her kinfolk engage

(Verse 2)

Daddy taught me well, to spit fire and ice

Hustled on the streets but my flow precise
Made it from the bottom now I’m flyin’ nice
Son of a king – yeah that's part of the price!

We two of a kind, light up any town

In this rap game we wear the crown
We ain't ever back down , ain't no clown
Father and son – we got that renown!


Father and son we rockin’ this arena

Nicki Minaj rappin' with an unseen demeanor
Echoes from the crowd louder than a siren
Father and son – yeah we defining!


Dad's love got me to stand tall

Son of a King yea I won't fall
In this rap game yeah I've seen it all
Nicki Minaj out here leaving y'all in awe!

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Yeah, father and son, look what we've become) //
(We the chosen ones, under the midnight sun) //

Verse 1:
(Father was a king, son a young prodigy) //
(Eyes on the throne, yet we drown in modesty) //
(Look at our reflection, face of resilience) ///
(Taught me about respect and the price of brilliance) ///

(We rise and shine, like father, like son) ///
(No weak ties, we survive till it's done),//

Verse 2:
(Son to a king, born to run)//
(Never backing down till all is won)//
(Chasing dreams through these city streets)//
(Echoes of my pops in every beat)//


(We rise and shine, like father, like son)//
(No weak ties, we survive till it's done),//


(Coursing through my veins, his legacy remains),
Running deep within this blood bestowed),
Father's wisdom guiding me through rain).//

Fade-Out Chorus:

We rise and shine, like father ,like son), /
Surviving storms together till the morning sun).


As I grow older ,I understand his plan, //
In this game of life he taught me to be a man.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Verse 1)
Got this old photo, '86 Kodak chrome //
Baby on my chest, like it's where he belong //
Rocking him to sleep in a world cold and harsh //
I fear not, got my son in my arms //.

Pictures don’t lie, but they don't speak the truth //
Those were the days of innocence and youth. //
Behind those eyes, a storm waiting to flood //
Had to be the foundation, so I stood in the mud //.

These are rhymes of a father and his kin //
Seeking strength within, life's just about to begin //
We got love, sacrifice, that's our game plan,
Trust in God's path, that's how you raise a man.

(Verse 2)
My boy grown now, chasing dreams like his pops //
But life ain't all sunshine and raindrops. //
In his eyes I see hunger for success //
Proud father’s joy, no more, no less. //

He got questions about girls, money and fame //
I tell him it’s not a game, life ain't tame. //
To navigate this world with a clear vision,
You gotta love hard but make wise decisions.

These are tales of a father and his seed,
Giving him what he needs, planting the right creed. //
We got faith over doubt that's our life span,
Trust in love’s route; that’s how you raise a man.

One day you’ll hold your son in your hands,
And maybe then buddy, you'll understand. //
The weight of the world will feel light as air,
‘Cause with a son’s love, there ain’t nothing can compare.

When it's your turn to guide him through storms,
Remember these words; let them be your norms. //
Truth is king, but love is the crown;
That's how men are made; that is how they are grown.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

(Verse 1)
Sitting on the porch, me and my pops, //
Talking 'bout life, the highs and the drops //
Remembering days when he used to flip flops, //
Now he's looking at me, saying “Son, don't stop” //

He taught me how to stand, how to take a step, //
To face my fears, no matter the depth, //
He looked at me and he drew a breath,
Got to keep climbing 'til there ain't no steps” //

We're just a father and son going through life, //
Dodging the struggles, battling the strife //
In this game of love, we're on a single play,
we got each other no matter the day

(Verse 2)
Ever since I was little, pops was my hero, //
Had dreams of balling – started from zero //
Now we're here top floor with a view so clear,
We made it pops – we conquered our fear

He said “Son always remember your roots,” //
Be humble in victory, gracious in disputes //
I carry his wisdom like an old man's suit,
Holding up these trophies but I won't forget the route

We're just a father and son going through life,
Dodging the struggles, battling the strife //
In this game of love, we're on a single play,
we got each other no matter the day //

Every night I pray and thank God for you pops,
For every lesson learned and every tear dropped //
You were my guide through every stage,
In this book of life, you wrote my first page.

As I watch my seed grow under our family tree,
I realize now what it truly means to be free.
With your wisdom in his mind and your love in his heart,
This legacy continues – our story never parts.

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Father And Son

Preaching wisdom, eyes on the sparrow, //
Truth in my veins, life lines so narrow. //
Father-son bond, taught me the path, //
Road built on love, silenced the wrath. //

A king to a prince, lessons in gold, //
Through hustle and grind, never fold. //
Father's words, echoes in time, //
His strength as a pillar, every mountain climb. //

Taught me to stand with dignity and grace, //
Lessons from his journey, no victory erase. //
My reflection in him mirrorin' father's legacy,
In every battle fought, findin' his integrity.

Legacy of a king for a son to inherit, //
His battles my shield- lessons of merit.
In my father's shoes, I find my path,
Live for the moment while honoring the past.

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Father and Son Like A Pro

1. Find Your Emotional Beat

Feeling the rhythm of the beat is pivotal when it comes to creating dope rap songs about fathers or sons. Whether your rap lyrics are about father and son bonding, or a tribute to r&b rap songs about fathers, you've got to let your emotions drive the flow.

Like, if your verse is about an absent father, let the pain of that experience influence your tempo and rhythm. Don't just rap; tell a story that resonates with people who've been through similar situations.

2. Authenticity Always Wins

In the world of hip hop and R&B, authenticity is everything. When you're writing those rap songs about absent fathers, keep it real.

The same goes for rap lyrics about dad leaving. Don't just string together words that rhyme; share a piece of your soul through your music, even if it hurts. It's this vulnerability that connects you with your listeners and makes them feel seen.

3. Focus on Narration

A great technique to use when writing rap lyrics about father and son relationships is narration. For instance, in rap songs dedicated to son, tell a story from either the father's or son's perspective or both! You can even make it feel like they're having a conversation in the song – now that would be dope!

4. Use Imagery & Metaphors

Here's where you can really show off your lyrical prowess. The best rappers use vivid imagery and clever metaphors to paint pictures with words in their verses – think Jay-Z or Nas!

Whether it’s r&b songs about fathers or heartfelt rap songs about sons growing up, using descriptive language will help create memorable lines that resonate with listeners long after they've stopped listening.

5. Employ Wordplay & Rhyme Schemes

Crafting clever wordplay and rhyme schemes shows off your technical skills as an emcee while keeping things interesting for listeners! Remember, though, don’t force rhymes – they should come naturally as you develop the narrative for those emotional raps dedicated to sons.

6. Keep It Dynamic

Don't get too comfortable with one flow; switch it up throughout the song! This keeps things exciting for listeners while showing off your versatility as an artist – whether you’re writing r&b rap songs about fathers or penning verses for those poignant rap songs about absent dads.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, keep grinding! Writing dope lyrics takes time and practice but remember, every verse gets you closer to perfecting that track so don't give up – especially if you’re working on something as emotive as raps dedicated to sons or dads who weren’t there growing up.

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