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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Father And Daughter
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Rap Lyrics About Father and Daughter, In The Style of Jay-Z

Verse 1:/ Yo, it's Jay and the princess, no distress, just chess,// Rollin in the Maybach, she dressed to impress.// She got that daddy swag, a laugh that's all Hov,// Lil queen of my heart, with love she overflows.// Hook: / Ain't no father love like this,/ Got my daughter on my wrist,// Verse 2: / Got her initials on my chain,/ Every letter spelling out her name,// That's the legacy of fame,/ Carry on the family name. // Hov's Monologue:/ It ain't about the money or cars,/ I do it all for her stars,// Every note I spit is a testament/ To how deep daddy's love gets. // Hov's Outro: / Jigga man and mini-me,/ Her smile worth more than any G.// From Marcy to Madison Square/ With every beat, I declare:// No richer man than me,/ Cause I got a princess who calls me Daddy!//

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yo, I got my little princess, yo, she's everything // Daughter of a rap king, born to write and sing // Gave her a throne, gave her a castle in the sky // In a world full of dragons, taught her how to fly // She got her daddy's eyes, blue as the Michigan lake // Got my temper too, yeah she's a little high stakes // Her heart is pure gold, she got her momma's grace // I taste every teardrop that falls from her face // (Chorus) This is for my baby girl, growing in this crazy world // Facing all them demons while still trying to twirl // I swear I'll protect you, that's a father’s vow // No matter the distance or how far I bow // (Verse 2) My little Hailey, marching to the beat of her drum // Got my fighting spirit and some of mom’s wisdom // She handles life with finesse, oh damn right she does! // Fall seven times stand up eight – that's what a Mathers does // Looking at past mistakes, hoping you don't repeat them // Fatherhood ain't easy, like shouting in a loud stadium // But every tear shed tells a lesson learnt // Another stepping stone crossed, another victory earnt // (Chorus) Yeah, for my baby girl in this hazy pearl // I'm navigating life's swirl; it’s a chaotic whirl // I'll shield you, till I'm on my deathbed and beyond // That’s a father’s promise – an eternal bond // (Outro) So keep on shining Hailey; be stronger than your dad // Through every joy and pain; through every good and bad // Remember what I say – baby girl you’ll never be alone // No matter where you roam – daddy’ll bring you home.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, got my little queen on my side // Lessons in life, ain't no place to hide // From the toys to the boys, I got fears to confide // Got her back like the moon's got the tide // She wears a crown made of stars, radiant light // Daddy’s lil' girl shining ever so bright // Teaching her right from wrong, black from white // With wisdom and courage for every fight // (Chorus) Father and daughter, hearts intertwined // Two souls navigating through time // From her first steps to her first rhyme // Everything she does is a heavenly sign // (Verse 2) Yeah, she got my smile, she got my style // Through ups and downs we walk this mile // Her dreams big as the sky, on a celestial file // Inspiring me more with every dial // Teaching her independence with love unconditional // For this journey of life ain't always traditional // A path of her own, something original // Daddy's girl growing up, ain't that sensational? // (Chorus) Father and daughter, hearts intertwined // Two souls navigating through time // From her victories to every climb // Every moment with her is simply divine // (Outro) Yeah, we got that Kanye love, that Kanye ride // Father-daughter bond can't be denied // With every beat of heart, with every stride // I'm proud to be her guide, in this life's wild ride.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

(Verse 1) Unbreakable bond, yeah, just like a diamond, Wayne and his baby girl // Flow too cold, so icy, out here in this world // Got the game on lock, no worry 'bout no doppelgangers // Hand in hand, yeah, we walk through this world of strangers // (Chorus) Father and daughter, lit views like an author // Raising her up right, teach to never barter // (Verse 2) Lil Weezy on the beat, daughter steady rockin' my gear // Our time together precious, moments I hold dear // Father-daughter goals, setting them up higher // Burning with ambition, fuel to her desire // (Chorus) Father and daughter, strength in the water // With the flow of love, that's how I taught her // (Verse 3) Daddy's little princess but queen is what she'll be // Looking at her shine, she's a reflection of me // In this vita loca livin', we ride so fly // For his baby girl Wayne can touch the sky // (Chorus) Father and daughter, love doesn't falter // Together we rise up, against life they alter // (Bridge) She's my melody in this crazy symphony // Sweet notes of harmony, that's my legacy // (Outro Verse) Like a phoenix from ashes we rise so high // Father-daughter saga under the midnight sky // She got that Young Money heart with Carter pride inside // Lil Wayne on the mic , with love for his ride-or-die.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Daddy's little girl, but I ain't no Cinderella, // I'm a queen, he my king, I ain't talking 'bout Coretta. // He taught me how to hustle, how to really chase the cheddar, // From Play Doh to payrolls, ain't no one do it better. // Taught me 'bout the game, how to play it smarter, // Said “You a Minaj, baby girl you gotta work harder.” // I seen him hustle day and night, shadows gettin' darker,// Now look where we at – Sunset Boulevard-a. // (Chorus) From the pink frills to these diamond grills, // From Barbie dolls now we stackin' bills. // He raised me right, like an original, Never fold under pressure, gotta keep it real. // (Verse 2) Walked me down the aisle when mama was no more,// Held me tight when life was an endless war.// Daddy's little girl but I'm running my own store,// Make him proud every time they scream “Encore!”// Learning from his wisdom like a rap scholar,// Grew up with grit, didn't come from silver dollar.// Ain't no man could fill his shoes or follow his collar,// That's why every verse I spit is like an honor.// (Chorus) From the pink frills to these diamond grills,// From Barbie dolls now we stackin' bills. He raised me right, like an original, I'm Daddy's little girl but I'm not your typical.// (Outro) So here's to you Daddy, this is your song,// Raised a queen who's savage and strong.// Thank you for every lesson taught, In this life of chaos you're my only constant thought.//

In The Style of Future

Verse 1 Shawty, I ain't your typical daddy, I'm Future, ain't never been a caddy
From the streets to the stardom, journey ain't for everybody
Ain't no ordinary love story, this the tale of a daughter and her daddy
Painting these verses, call it my artistry
Chorus We rolling through this life together, like waves on stormy weather
Your laughter my melody, beats better than any tether
In your eyes, I see my reflection clearer than any mirror
You my compass, girl, you make your papa's path appear nearer
Verse 2 I know sometimes it's hard to understand, why daddy lives in a different land
Always grinding, trying to turn these dreams into grand,
But when I call you up and hear your voice, I feel you holding my hand
Your love keeps me grounded, baby girl, that's my command.
Chorus Baby girl, we etching this world, like graffiti on a brick wall
Got your back forever and always, promise you'll never fall.
I'll be your anchor, through the highs and lows we crawl
Just keep faith in our bond, together we stand tall. Outro I know it's tough being the daughter of a man they call Future,
But stay strong little mama, you got the heart of a shooter.
We're more than just father and daughter; we're soul connectors,
Through this music and love, baby girl we're dream protectors.</b

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) Once upon a time, in a kingdom of rhyme,// Lived a king on the grind, with a diamond mind.// His sole joy, his moonbeam, in this godforsaken scene// Was a little princess, just turned thirteen.// She's rockin' sneakers and jeans and dreams about the screens,// But he's seen the unseen and it ain't always what it seems. // Her eyes are wide-open for the fame and the fancy// In his heart he prays her path is anything but chancy.// With wisdom of age, he tried to hedge her bets, But she’s got sails to set on harder times she forgets. Caught up in the world where things matter more than people, He wonders if he’s taught her well about life’s sequel.// (Bridge) Questions plaguing his mind like relentless stormy weather, The ties that bind, can they withstand the severed tether? Would she choose gold glitter over golden ethics? Daddy's little girl no more, facing grown-up metrics.// (Chorus) This is the story of a father and a daughter, Tied together by life's ever flowing water. Faced with choices tougher than iron or steel, One's much older, but both feel what they feel.// (Verse 2) Tick tock, goes the clock, time's a ruthless raider, Before he knows it, she's courted by an alligator. // A slick talking boy with cash, charms and swagger, Daddy knows better- ‘he ain’t nothing but a stagger'. // Still she sways to his lies believing they’re true songs In her father’s eyes though; all he sees is wrongs. Realizing sometimes you gotta let go to hold tight Praying hard for guidance through her dark night. (Bridge) Yet life lessons can't be taught; they're learned at own pace In this whirlwind journey of time and space. He’ll stand by, ready when she needs him most, A beacon, a guidepost, on life’s vast coast. (Chorus) This is the story of a father and daughter, Swimming together in fate’s boiling water. Choices define us; make us strong or weak; Often it's wisdom from mistakes we seek. (Outro) The story ends here but it also begins Each chapter finished spins new yarns from its spinnings. Life's rhythm moves onward; its beat never falters For this eternal dance of Fathers And Daughters.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Little princess, don't you ever hesitate // I got your back 'til my last day, no debate // First time I held you, knew I had to elevate // Since then, it's been a mission, no time to celebrate // Got you calling me “Daddy Drake”, it gives me chills // Swear I'd give my life, that's just how it feels // From your tiny steps to now playing in the fields // Your happiness is all I've been trying to instill // (Chorus) Father and daughter, we're two of a kind // In this world of chaos, in you peace I find // This bond we got, they can't undermine // They may call me Drake but for you, I'm Daddy, that's right. // (Verse 2) Baby girl, keep your head up in the storm // With every failure, know there's a new norm // Remember who you are, remember where you're from // Above all else, remember your dad has got your arm // No matter the distance or where I roam // Home is where your smile is, never alone // Through every high note and even in my lows // Your laughter is my music; it's the best tone. // (Chorus) Father and daughter, we ride the tide // In this world of mayhem, by your side I abide// This bond we share, they can't hide // They may call me Drake but for you, I'm Daddy with pride. // (Outro) Sweet baby girl, always stay brave // Remember this song when life misbehaves // Your old man Drake will be there to save// For you darling daughter, I'll always crave.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Verse 1: // Baby girl with eyes reflective, lessons of daddy's directive, // Innocence in your smile, lupine wild but so protective, // Your life, my drive, to keep you safe I'm effective, // Passing on wisdom, guess that's the Lamar collective. // Verse 2: // Bought you up on beats and rhymes, blessed you with the strength to climb, // Keep the faith in tough times, then celebrate with a dime. // Crafting verses just for you, from my soul they intertwine // Never compromise yourself; daughter, let that mantra shine. // Verse 3: // In the world full of blights, illuminate like city lights, // You're my heart's delight; conversations deep into the night. // Sharing stories and dreams where love ignites; your fight is my fight. // Verse 4: // Father to a queen-daughter hold your crown up tight, // You're a star among the ether; baby girl forever bright. // Stand tall against oppressors; make 'em remember Kendrick's might. // In this crazy spinning world, know you're daddy's greatest sight.
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Father and Daughter Like A Pro

1. Make it Personal

Get into your heart space, and let your feelings for your daughter guide your word choice. One of the most powerful elements of rap songs dedicated to daughters is their authenticity. Your unique experiences and emotions are what make your song relatable and memorable.
Talk about the joy she brings, how she's changed you as a man, or even the fears you have about her growing up. For example, in a letter to my daughter song style, you can detail how her first steps made you feel or the moment you held her for the first time.

2. Draw from Real-Life Experiences

Your real-life experiences are a goldmine of inspiration. Reflect on those special moments that define your relationship with your daughter.
This is one of the most effective ways to write r&b rap songs dedicated to daughter that resonate with listeners. It's all about showing, not just telling – make them feel like they're right there with you.

3. Use Descriptive Language

A great rap song paints a picture in the listener's mind. Make use of vivid descriptions to bring those father-daughter moments to life.
Whether it's a letter to my daughter rap song or a track about daughters growing up, descriptive language helps create an emotional connection with your audience.

4. Maintain The Flow

Flow is everything in rap music! Your lyrics need to align with the rhythm and beat perfectly.
Remember: it's not just what you say but how you say it that matters. Ensure each line flows seamlessly into the next for that head-nodding vibe.

5. Incorporate Rhymes and Wordplay

Wordplay and rhymes give flavor to any rap song – they're like spices in a delicious meal.
Rap songs about father-daughter relationships can benefit from clever wordplay or unexpected rhymes. This adds an extra layer of enjoyability while also showcasing your lyrical prowess.

6. Inject Some Humor

Lighten things up by injecting some humor into your lyrics.
This can be especially effective in rap songs about daughters growing up – the toddler years provide ample funny anecdotes!
A dash of humor makes your song more engaging and entertaining while still conveying heartfelt sentiments.

7. Be Bold With Your Emotions

Don't shy away from expressing deep emotions in your r&b songs dedicated to daughters.
No need for macho posturing here – showing vulnerability can be incredibly powerful.
In fact, bearing all emotionally can transform a good letter to my daughter lyrics into an unforgettable piece of music. If our post about rap lyrics about father and daughter resonated with you, we've got a few more you might find just as captivating.

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