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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Chains

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Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Chains

Check it, on the neck got a chain, so heavy, //
Can't nobody hold me down, like P. Diddy. //
Every link in this piece, tells a story, //
How I rose from the bottom to the top of the glory. //

Pure gold on my chest represents resilience, //
I earned every karat through patience and brilliance. //
Dripping with diamonds as cold as my hustle, //
Hard times made me flex, built my muscle. //

All about chains but ain't no bondage,//
Emancipated from poverty, that's the homage.//
Wearing history around my neck in diamonds,//
Reflecting struggles and wins in perfect rhymes an'.//

In every gleam of light is a battle won, //
A testament to life when I was on the run.
In my chain you can find my DNA, //
Every struggle I conquered on life's freeway.

From Marcy to Madison Square, got 'em starin’,//
Believe in yourself is what I'm declarin'.//
This chain here ain’t just about bling,//
It’s proof from nothing to something you can spring.

So yeah it's a chain that shines like a starburst,//
But remember each link represents hard work.
This ain’t just about wealth accumulation,
It’s a symbol of triumph and dedication.//

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1)
Crackling over the speakers, call it a brain refrain, //
Rapping about chains, wrapped around my pain. //
Tyranny of thoughts, like a tyrannosaurus rex, //
My mind's the beast, these thoughts are just its pets. //

Shadows from my past, like an eclipse sun casting, //
Silver chains glistening amid perpetual fasting. //
Clenching tight to these links forged in strife, //
This isn't mere jewelry, this is my life. //

Got all these chains hanging but no crown to bear, //
I'm just Marshall Mathers underneath the bleached hair. //
Yeah they're heavy and cold, but what's the alternative? //
Drop 'em and fold? Capitulate to the narrative? //

(Verse 2)
These chains aren't of gold, platinum or silver lining, //
These are chains of struggle, of strife and refining. //
They clank with each step; they're audible proof. //
I've been down that road, wore out every hoof. //

Emotionally drained yet raised from the ashes,
Pain-crafted chain links from joyous crashes.
An artist painted in grim, a poet bleeding ink,
No freedom in sight; I'm closer to the brink.

Still got these chains hanging but no reward insight,
Just another victim of a never-ending fight.
They jingle-jangle with truth and with terror,
Each link a testament to an era of error.

So I deal with these chains day by day,
Reflections of battles fought in shades of grey.
But no matter how they weigh or how they tug,
I wear these damn chains; I don't need any thug.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1) //
I came from the Chi, feel like I was born in the booth, //
Crack dreams turned to plaques, that ain't no spoof //
The chain, the ice, the game, remain aloof //
I ain't no Clark Kent, but my diamonds proof //

Every chain I got is an untold story //
Drowned in gold but I bask in God's glory//
On my chest Jesus piece, tells a gory tale //
Of a man risen high, so he could never fail //

(Chorus) //
Chains on my neck, dripping like a broken faucet //
Gold links singing freedom like an August gospel chorus //
Shining through darkness, illuminating the cause //
My chains ain't just for show, they're breaking down walls //

(Verse 2) //
My first chain gifted by mama Donda West //
Struggled through hardship, gave me her best //
I made her proud, made it out the Midwest //
Cuffed to success, yet free — ain't that the jest? //

No more shackles – I’m wearing chains of resurrection //
Every link a footprint – a path to redemption//
Thinking back on moments of pain and rejection//
My chains sparkle more – they're my reflection//

(Chorus) //
Chains on my neck, colder than a Chicago breeze//
Linking past and present like an ancient prophecy//
A prism of struggle and victory – can't you see?//
These chains represent who I am and who I'll be//

(Bridge) //
Chain game strong – from Chi-town to Paris//
Old wounds healed by Karats//
Never forget who Yeezy is – a lyrical therapist //
Moving forward in life with a blessed boldness.

In these chains I find liberation //
My life’s journey – a lyrical narration //
Yeezy’s legacy – beyond emulation //
Turned chains into power – that’s my proclamation.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1)
My chain so heavy, it could sink a boat, //
Caught up in the waves, but trust I'll always float, //
Chain links so icy, you'd think they were snow, //
Drowning in diamonds, I'm the protagonist in this show. //

Chains on my neck, weight of my success, //
Every single link is a chapter of progress. //
Cuban link hanging, feeling like the king,
I got chains for days, can't you hear them sing? //

(Verse 2)
My shine like a beacon, can see it from afar, //
So high on life; my flow's up to par. //
Ice on these links, frozen through time,
Wayne's the name and I'm here to redefine. //

Rafaelo piece swinging, reflecting my grind, //
Each diamond tells a tale of how I've climbed. //
In this world of chains, Wayne rules supreme,
Turning every struggle into a golden dream. //

Dropped outta school; life's greatest deceiver, //
But I ain't need no education to become a diamond receiver. //
Bought mama a crib from the jewels on my chain,
In this game of life, it's clear that Wayne reigns. //

I got chains for days, shimmering in the light,
Each link tells a story of an endless fight. //
With these chains around my neck, I stand tall and proud,
Speaking my truth; vocal and loud. //

In a world that tried to pull me down with pains, //
Lil' Wayne rose up and now raps about his chains.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1)
I pull up in the Benz, look how the chains glow.
Gold drippin' on my neck, baby feel the rain flow.
Dozen chains on me, like I'm the pharaoh,
Haters throw shade, but they can't taint my halo.

Life's a chess game, and babe I'm the queen,
Diamonds on my chains, got me feeling serene.
Got a chain of command, I reign supreme,
Nicki with the chains, yeah, I'm living that dream.

Ice on my neck, yeah, feel that chill.
Runnin' this game with an iron will.
Dripping in gold, making that kill,
Each link on my chain represents my skill.

(Verse 2)
Chain reactions every time I pass by,
I light up the room, no need to ask why.
Chain of thoughts in your brain gonna multiply,
Can’t match my energy, but you can try.

On my grind, stacking chains, making bread,
Got 'em hypnotized by the way I tread.
Don't mess with Nicki, or you'll be seeing red,
Diamond-studded chains, counting them like Fred.

Glow up with chains, yeah set your soul free,
Nicki's world baby, welcome to spree.
Jangling chains, sound like a decree,
Every link on my chain tells a story of glee.

With these chains of mine,
I break through time.
By design or fate intertwined,
In my prime, oh how these chains shine!

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Chains

Made my chains on rainy days, shine brighter than the sun rays //
Got them diamonds drippin' like we making waves //
Thoughts tangled in gold links, mind's always in a haze //
Look at my neck, see your reflection, lost in a maze //

I see ghosts in the mirror of the chain I wear //
Feeling cold as ice but I don't even care //
Moving through the night with that icy glare //
b>Diamonds on my chest laying my soul bare //

Cuban links got me feeling like Scarface //
Hear them jingling, setting the heart's pace //
Chain swing, echoing past mistakes //
Living life high stakes with no time for heartbreak //

Made my chains on rainy days, shine brighter than the sun rays //
Got them diamonds drippin' like we making waves //
Thoughts tangled in gold links, mind's always in a haze //
Look at my neck, see your reflection, lost in a maze //

Gold rope chain feels heavy but I hold up //
In this diamond prison, gotta stay bold bruh //
Pain locked inside each golden nugget,
With every link I add, I rise from the muck and muddle //

I drip with gold and diamond puddles //
Chains around my neck make a royal huddle //
Dreams of grandeur turning life subtle //In this icy glaze,
I find strength in the struggle.

Made my chains on rainy days, shine brighter than the sun rays ///
Got them diamonds drippin' like we making waves ///
Thoughts tangled in gold links, mind's always in a haze//
Look at my neck, see your reflection, lost in a maze.

In this golden labyrinth find a new phase,
Throw off these chains but they leave a trace //
Journey ends where it all began //
In every reflection,I discover a new face.

Made my chains on rainy days //
The lessons they taught can't be erased.
Got them diamonds drippin' with no delays //
This path is mine to embrace.
Thoughts tangled in gold links turn into wisdom to chase //
Glistening threads of time and space.
Look at my neck, see your reflection //
We all share this golden connection.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1)
Weighed down by chains, but they ain't gold or silver //
The kind that bind the mind, make a young soul shiver //
Chains of expectations society holds, I deliver //
Labeled great, before I could understand the figure //

Born to a world where the chain’s the master //
Predestined lives, headed for disaster //
Yet I challenged my chains, ran a little faster //
Despite life's hurdles, became my own caster //

Chains gonna break, they can't hold me //
Dreamville state, where they mold me //
I'll shine through the rust, mama told me //
Cause no one but God, truly control me //

(Verse 2)
Chains of poverty had us living on dimes //
Eyes on the prize, I rose with my rhymes //
Now I wear gold chains, shining times,
But remember when days were darker than pine //

Broke free from those chains with versified scripture //
Words painted pictures of a life much richer //
Free from the grasp of society's stricture, freedom's fixture. //

Chains gonna break, they can't hold us //
Dreamville strong, where they rolled us //
We'll shine through it all like we’re supposed to//
Cause in this world ain’t nobody can mold us //

So remember my story about these “chains”,
Believe that you can weather life’s rains.
Break free from your struggles and pains,
Cause you got endless skies to gain.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Chains

(Verse 1)
Chains on my neck but ain't no slave, //
Learned from the bottom, I carved my own way. //
Feeling like Midas, everything I touch turns gold, //
Carrying these chains, coz these stories need to be told. //

These chains ain't holding me down, they just add to my worth, //
Came from nothing, but now I rule the earth. //
Yeah, I wear platinum but it's not about the shine, //
It's about the hustle and grind to call it mine. //

I got chains but I ain't bound, //
Rising up, no longer underground. //
Money can't measure what's inside, //
Living my truth and ain't got nothing to hide. //

(Verse 2)
My life's a novel and these chains are the pages, //
Bearing all scars from my battles and rages. //
From Toronto's streets to worldwide stages, //
The weight of these chains are my wages. //

Dripping in diamonds and gold,
Still humble though because I'm Drake from the fold.
My chain links sing about the stories untold,
Glorifying struggles that made me bold.

I got chains but don't feel trapped, //
My spirit is free, never been wrapped. //
My mind is clear like a diamond capped,
In this golden world, I'm already mapped.

More chains on me than a ball and chain,
But it's just a symbol of how far we've came.
No more hiding behind all this fame,
We've all got our own chains – remember my name.

Rap Lyrics About Chains In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Chains

Enslaved by the weight, chains we underestimate, //
Ice-cold links, forged by the world’s innate hate. //
Invisible shackles, society does create, //
Mental chains stronger than those in a prison estate. //

I’m talking chains of history, chains of disparity, //
Bitter taste left by liberty's false charity. //
Rolled gold dreams of suavity and clarity, //
Oxidized by greed into illusions of rarity. //

Balled fist around a chain, symbol of my strength, //
Diamonds embedded reflecting life's length. //
A reminder to resist, maintain the fight's wavelength, //
Till freedom echoes loud over the mountain’s zenith. //

Silver links whisper tales of our ancestors' pain, //
We rise above, break free from capitalism’s stain. //
Dripping in ice doesn't equate to no mental strain, //
Gotta break these chains before it drives us insane.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Chains Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Chain Metaphor

Dope rap lyrics about chains ain't just about flexing your bling. Chains represent power, wealth, and even struggles in life. But they also have a place in rock songs with chains in the lyrics, country songs with chains in the lyrics, and r&b songs with chains in the lyrics.

Take a cue from these genres and spin your chain metaphor to highlight your life story. Remember, it’s all about authenticity.

2. Sharpen Your Vocabulary

Step up your word game, homie! You want to sound fly when you're spitting bars about your iced-out neckwear? You gotta know your stuff.

Learn the lingo of gems and metals to add that sparkle to your rap lyrics about chains. Make it sound like you're not just wearing a piece of jewelry but a badge of honor.

Pro tip: Slide-in words like ‘karat', ‘platinum', ‘cubic zirconia' to give your rhymes that extra shine.

3. Draw Inspiration from Existing Hits

There's nothing wrong with learning from the best. Hip hop songs with chains in the lyrics have been bringing down houses for decades now.

Analyze them, understand their flow and learn how they weave their narrative around chains.

4. Use Chains as Symbols

Chains ain't always about stunting on 'em haters; they can symbolize deeper issues too! Songs about chains being broken or songs with chain in the title often use chains metaphorically – signifying restraint or freedom.

Say less: Use this symbolism to give layers to your rap – make it fire AND thought-provoking!

5. Create Vivid Imagery

Your listeners need to visualize that bling! Paint vivid pictures using descriptive language – let them see that chain glistening under the strobe lights or feel its cold metal against their skin through your words.

Diamonds are forever: And so should be the images you create with your verses!

6. Balance Bragging with Depth

Sure, flaunting those gold links is cool but remember – great rap is more than just bragging rights; it's storytelling at its finest too! Balance out those boasts with some depth and insight into who you are as an artist and what you stand for.

7. Incorporate Melody

Last but not least, don't forget about melody! Even if you're writing hard-hitting rap lyrics about chains, incorporating a catchy melody can make all the difference between a forgettable track and an earworm that gets people hooked!

If you were feeling the flow of our post on rap lyrics about chains, we've got a few more in stock that might hit the right notes for you.

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