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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Brotherhood
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Rap Lyrics About Brotherhood, In The Style of Jay-Z

(Verse 1) In the heart of Brooklyn, where the legends are born, // We redefine loyalty, every daybreak to dawn. // Brotherhood's not about blood, it's a state of mind, // Cause blood makes you related but loyalty makes you kind. // B-boys from Bed-Stuy, surviving on dreams and grit, // Keeping it hundred with each other, never quit or split. // Coney Island summers playing ball in the heat, // With my brothers by my side we were never beat. // (Chorus) From Marcy Houses to Madison Square, My brothers and I – we been everywhere. Through ups and downs with lessons learned, In this brotherhood flame our bonds get burned. (Verse 2) Shared pizza slices at Sal's in true Spike Lee style, // Brothers through struggle and hustle with every trial. // We be the Roc Nation creating our own rhyme, // In this game of life ain't no crime being prime. // Remember nights when all we had was a beat and a dream? // Now we fill up stadiums as part of Jay's team. // Scraped knees to Grammy keys – what a helluva ride! //
With my brothers beside me, always down for the ride.
(Chorus) From Marcy Houses to Madison Square, My brothers and I – we been everywhere. Through battles won with truths discerned, In this brotherhood flame our bonds get burned. (Bridge) Had cracks in our fortress but never did crumble, Kept walking straight even when life made us stumble. I’m talking realness now that money can't buy — In this brotherhood bond thicker than NY sky. (Outro Verse) From BK corners to world tours in motion — This rap game plays like an ocean devotion. So here’s one for my brothers who’ve been there from start; Underneath these city lights You've owned your part, In this symphony called life You've played your art, You're not just my brothers —
You're pieces of my heart.

In The Style of Eminem

(Verse 1) Yo, I'm screamin' brotherhood, but they ain't really understandin' // Whispered words in the wind, but they catch 'em like they're random // Thought we were thick as thieves, our bond as tight as a bandage // Now I'm standing here in silence, tried to paint a vivid canvas. // Look, you were my brother, we were shaped by the struggle // Shared a thousand secrets, brought light into this huddle // Every hardship and hurdle, every tear and every chuckle // We built this bond from rubble, cemented it no muddle. // (Chorus) It's about that tie that binds, , it's about that grip, that hold // About the stories untold, it's about brotherhood in gold // The kind of love that’s bold; the kind of story that unfolds // Brotherhood ain’t sold; it’s the love we mold. // (Verse 2) You know we went from rags to riches; from street fights and stitches // From motives so malicious; to spinning life’s switches // Back when we only had two dimes to our name // Now look at us, surrounded by this fame. // But despite all that glitter and glow // I miss those days when our bond used to flow // Blood may be thicker than water, they say — but what if blood is colder than snow? // (Chorus) Brotherhood ain't about blood, it's about that boundless trust // About standing in the gust, even when life seems unjust // It’s not just about thrust or lust or disgust // It’s about adjusting your compass when everything turns to dust. // (Outro) So here’s a shout out to those who stand by their kin // To those who stay true when the world caves in // To bonds unbroken, to love unspoken – Give me this sin.// Here's to brotherhood – let's let that message sink in.

In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, we brothers till the end, ain't no switchin', ain't no bend // In life's storm, we ride together, rock solid, never blend // Proud lions in the concrete jungle, we depend // On nothing but each other, to that there's no amend // We got past struggles and future dreams to attend // With truths that shine brighter than diamonds on a pendant // Got blood as thick as oil wells we defend // Chain-links of brotherhood, won't break don't bend // (Chorus) In this crazy world, we brothers stay tight-knit // Climbing life's ladder, on the same rung we sit // This ain't just love, it's a fresh-out-the-oven hit // Brothers forever baby, deal with it or quit // (Verse 2) Each moment is a canvas, our stories the paint // Living in technicolor when the world goes quaint // Two peas in a pod ain't just an idiom or saint // It's our bond so strong, hell yeah without taint // We face trials and tribulations but won't ever faint // Got each other's back like Picasso got paint // This brotherhood, it’s more than an acquaintance or quaint // It’s the essence of us; picture perfect without restraint // (Chorus) We are brothers through fire, through time and space // Threading memories into a timeless lace // Our brotherhood ain’t some fast-paced race // It’s our unique rhythm; it’s Kanye’s own bass.

In The Style of Lil Wayne

Verse 1: // **Rollin' with my homies, like we all in the brotherhood** // Spit fire over tracks, yeah, Wayne understood. // **Got each other's back, ain't no need for Hollywood,** // In the hood we stay, where life ain't always good. // Chorus: // **We rise, we fall, but through it all,** // In the brotherhood stand tall. // **Blood thicker than the muddy wall,** // With my brothers I always ball. // Verse 2: // My brothers hold down the fort like Weezy from Hollygrove, // **No ceilings for our bond, that's how it always goes.** // We got each other's key to success and codes, // Brotherhood so tight, tighter than new clothes. // Chorus: // **We rise, we fall, but through it all,** // In the brotherhood stand tall. // **Blood thicker than the muddy wall,** // With my brothers I always ball. // Verse 3: // Like Wayne on the mic, our bond is surreal, // Brothers in arms in life's battlefield. // Always down for each other like a perfect deal,

‘Cause Lil Wayne taught us to keep it real.

Chorus: // We rise, we fall, but through it all, In brotherhood we stand tall. Blood thicker than any wall, With my brothers I'll forever ball. Outro: In this game of life, don't need no cheat code, Just me and my brothers on this twisting road. Ain't no weight too heavy for us to hold, ‘Cause together we shine brighter than gold.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)

They say blood's thicker than water, but we are fusion,
We stick together like we ain't got no substitution.
Brotherhood ain't defined by the family tree,
It's the loyalty, unity, that's the true decree.

We rollin' like barons, no need for an entourage,
Together standin' tall, yeah we bigger than camouflage.
Brotherhood so deep, it's like an ocean,
Unbreakable bond, we got that magic potion.


Brotherhood is a symphony, a melody,
A rhythm in our hearts to set us free.

In this world full of envy and malice,
Our brotherhood is our own palace.

(Verse 2)

Rise above the drama, push through all of the static,
Our connection ain't erratic – it's automatic.
No matter the stage or the spotlight,
We always come back to who knows what's right.

We climb mountains together, face any weather,
We rich in ways that ain't linked with any tether.
We rise and fall as one – that’s our creed,
With brotherhood as solid as an unbreakable seed.


Brotherhood is a symphony, a melody,
A rhythm in our hearts to set us free.
In this world full of envy and malice,
Our brotherhood is our own palace.<\p> (Outro)

Your hand on my shoulder is all I need,
To know that in this brotherhood, we always proceed.<\p>

The bond unshaken by time or tide,<\p> In brotherhood’s shadow we forever abide.<\p>

In The Style of Future

Intro: // Yeah, Hndrxx on this vibe now, take a ride now // Got my brothers by my side now, can't divide us // Verse 1: // This one for my brothers in the struggle, keep ya head up // In the darkest nights we hustle, like Fredrick Douglass, rise up // Yeah, through the dirt and through the grime we shine up // Went from trapping out the bando, to a mansion-sized penthouse // I said, “we started from the bottom now we here” // Same dreams, same fears that bound us for years // My vision was clear but their laughter was loud // Now they see me in arenas moving crowds // Chorus: // Brotherhood, it's more than blood or neighborhood // It's hearts bound in chains of love and understood // My brothers are my rock when life turn cold as wood // Through highs and lows “we ain't ever going under” like we should // Verse 2: // Face full of tears but chest out in pride // We made it through them years of hustle and grind // Remember nights we couldn't sleep, working overtime // Chasing dreams till dawn's light began to climb // Times were tough but together we stood tall // Risked it all, ain’t no way we bout to fall // Shared every loss and every call; “it's all or nothing y'all” // Our bond stands firm like an unbreakable wall // Chorus: // Brotherhood, it's deeper than the ocean's blue // We got each other when our world falls into rue// Through stormy days or under skies of summer hue// With you my brothers “ain't no mountain we can't move” Outro:// Yeah this one for my brothers from the same struggle // Living life in this bubble of concrete jungle // Keep ya head up high when you stumble // Because with brotherhood “we rise again”, no crumble.

In The Style of J. Cole

(Verse 1) From the streets of Fayetteville, we wore the same hide // Two souls flipping the world like a coin toss, stride by stride // Through highs and lows, in brotherhood we confide // Shared a room, shared dreams, shared a ride. // In the heat of July or December's cold tide // Passing mamas warnings by, damn our foolish pride // Got us breaking bread with devils under city lights wide // When you in troubled waters I'll be there on your side. // (Hook) It's deeper than blood, this bond we hold tight // Thoughts heavy as lead but our hearts light as flight // Brotherhood ain't temporary; it's for life, ignite! // Through each day's war cry and the haunt of night. // (Verse 2) With you I found the power to rise above plight // My brother, my mirror reflecting both fear and might. // Knife fights under streetlights till we lost sight // But damn if losing you didn't feel like kryptonite. // Fought against the world and its sinister sleight // Two dreamers ain't got no business in this dog fight. // Yet through tears and cheers, we took flight // A pair of shooting stars streaking through the night. // (Bridge) We wore poverty like badges on our chest // Dreamt of paradise where our spirits could rest // On this journey of life, it's not about who's best // But who stays standing at humanity's test. // (Hook) It's deeper than blood, this bond we have sworn // Brotherhood,…a kinship weathered and worn // The calm within chaos, the rose amongst thorns, Born to be kings, not just another pawn. // (Outro) From Fayetteville to stardom…the journey ain't done yet // In this game of snakes and ladders don't you ever forget..// The echoes of our laughter; those moments sun set…// And remember my brother…we ain't lost nothing yet…

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Yeah, we started at the bottom but we rose up high // Just me and my brothers, see that love in our eye // Tears on the pavement, sweat on our brow // Brotherhood's what kept us going, then and now // We found comfort in the struggle, strength in the night // Always had each other's back in every fight // From the cold Toronto streets to stages worldwide // The bond between us always stronger than the tide // (Chorus) Brotherhood is a fortress, can't tear us apart // No matter the distance or storms that may start // We're weaving together this intricate art // This is brotherhood – It plays every beat of our heart // (Verse 2) We used to dream big while trapped under city lights // Brothers forever climbing those unheard-of heights // Now we're here reflecting under these spotlights // All because we kept each other in our sights // Chasing success like it's an endless chase // But finding joy in every brother's smiling face // This is more than just a race, it's an embrace, // A testament to unity, a bond nothing can erase // (Chorus) Brotherhood is a fortress, can't tear us apart // No matter the distance or storms that may start // We're weaving together this intricate art // This is brotherhood – It plays every beat of our heart // (Outro) Yeah, it’s family over everything till my last breath // We stand together through life and beyond death // Here’s to brotherhood that no one can break down // Forever riding high – yeah that's our crown.

In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

From the roots we grew, two seeds in the same pod // Brothers by blood, from the jump fought against all odds // Got a bond that's unbreakable, thicker than Kypto steel // Same heart in two chests, you feel what I feel // In the darkest nights, we light up like twin stars // Through thick and thin, ain't no matter how far // We spit truth like scriptures, never back down from wars // When life throws punches, we hit back even more // Fearless kings on this chessboard, moving together always // Brotherhood stronger than armor, brighter than sun rays // No hate could ever divide us, 'cause our loyalty never rusts // In this world full of snakes, in each other we trust // Liftin' each other higher, when others try to push us down // Mirror images of resilience wearin' truth as our crown // We ain't just kinfolk, homie we're forever creeds // Our brotherhood's a sonnet written in timeless deeds.
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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Brotherhood Like A Pro

1. Feel the Brotherhood, Express the Brotherhood

To create some dope rap lyrics about brotherhood, you've got to feel that connection first. Do you have a bromance that's tighter than denim on a hipster? Then channel that into your music. Remember, your bond with your brothers isn't just about those epic nights out or the bromance songs you guys jam to; it's about the experiences, the struggles, and the triumphs. So, when writing lyrics, don't just tell it – FEEL it.

2. Know Your Bros British Band Inside Out

Y'all remember Bros band right? The British duo dishing out hits like “When Will I Be Famous”? Now there's a group who knew how to express brotherhood and friendship in their music. Listening to Bros British band can give you great insight into how to lace your lyrics with that deep bond of brohood. It's not all about surface-level stuff; it's about diving deep into those emotional depths. Listen to Bros British Band. Learn from them.

3. Don't Forget About Structure

Structure is key in any songwriting process, and when writing rap lyrics about brotherhood it's no different. You want your verses to flow smoothly like a slick fade haircut – not jagged and rough like a fumbled high-five! If your bars don't connect well together, they'll sound disjointed – like two brothers fighting over the last slice of pizza. Keep it smooth my dudes.

4. Use Metaphors That Reflect Brotherhood

Got a bro who always has your back? He ain't just a friend – he's as essential as bass in a beat! Using metaphors not only ups your lyrical game but also adds layers of meaning to your songs about friendship and brotherhood. Paint vivid pictures with your words – think Van Gogh with a mic!

5. Keep It Real – And Relatable

The best rap lyrics are ones people can relate to – even if they ain't part of your crew! Remember that brotherhood isn't just limited to blood relations or longtime friends; we're talking fraternity brothers, band bros, even work buddies too! So when you're writing those dope lines, keep in mind: authenticity is key.

6. Incorporate Rhythm and Rhyme

Rhythm and rhyme are staples in any great rap track – but they're particularly important for songs about brotherhood because they provide flow and harmony- much like an awesome bromance itself! So take time crafting rhymes that roll off the tongue smoother than butter on hot toast!

7. Flex Your Vocabulary Muscles

Finally, don't be scared to show off that vocab game! Great rappers aren’t afraid to play around with language – so why should you be? Dive into wordplay and experiment with synonyms for “brother” or “friend”. You know what they say: variety is the spice of life (and dope rap lyrics)! So, you enjoyed our post on rap lyrics about brotherhood? That's great! We're sure you'll like a few other ones we've got.

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