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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Boats

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Rap Lyrics About Boats, In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Verse 1)

Ain't no biggie, just a boogie on a boat,//
Hov' in the waves, making dollars stay afloat,//
Yacht master chronometer, time don’t lie,//
Counting every second, as I sail the sky.//


I got boats in different area codes,//
Luxury liners filled with diamond-load,//
Rolling over waters like a Godly ode,//
Life's good when you cruise life’s road.//

(Verse 2)

Sailing where smiles are currency and sunsets gold,//
Where Picasso's Blue Period never gets old,//
Big Pimpin' on the Mediterranean sea, unplotted,//
With Bey by my side, feeling so besotted.//


I’m Jay-Z on the sea breeze, feel the flow,//
Boat life’s grandeur portrayed in my show,//
Rope knots to riches, ain’t nothin' borrowed,//
Blueprint for success has got no sorrow.//


They see me dockin', they hatin', patrolin', they tryna catch me ridin' wavy,//
But I'm too crafty for their tricks, Hov’ stays sailing savvy.//

(Verse 3)

Roc Nation flags flutter high above deck,
Jet skis ready whenever we gotta jet.
Gracefully gliding, freedom personified,
On this boat life ride, where dreams coincide.

(Outro Chorus)

Got my mind on my money and money on my boats,
Destiny's Child playing them sweet note.
Luxury liner or simple catamaran
It’s all part of Jay-Z’s master plan.

Living life like it won't wait,
In every port I find new fate.
So here's to those who understand,
Jay-z is still king of both land and sand.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Verse 1)
I'm slingin' hooks, the captain of my own ship, ain't no second mate //
Monster in the deep and I'm the one that's settin' bait //
In this sea full of snakes, got my finger on the trigger //
Sails full of winds, only thing getting bigger //

Got 'em seasick from my flows, they can't keep up with my pace //
I'm a tsunami in this game, leavin' rappers misplaced //
Droppin' lines sharper than a swordfish's bill //
White whale rap god, spittin' raw skills that kill //

They're drowning in my rhymes, I'm a shark in these waters //
Got them goin' overboard tryna cross my borders //
Rock the boat but never sink, I got that buoyancy //
Rap's Poseidon, runnin' this sea with potency //

(Verse 2)
I spit waves that capsize ego ships, leave 'em lost at sea //
Navigating treacherous waters with flow like a decree //
Plug leaks in their game with rhymes that reinforce //
On this oceanic beat, I plot course and stay on course //

Hit 'em with high tide bars that make 'em shiver //
My lyrics cold as ocean depths, make hardened sailors quiver //
Maritime mastermind, bringin' down piracy //
Riding solitaire waves, making my legacy //

They're drowning in my rhymes, I'm a shark in these waters //
Got them goin' overboard tryna cross my borders //
Rock the boat but never sink, I got that buoyancy //
Rap's Poseidon, runnin' this sea with potency //

It's survival of the fittest here and ain't no place for weak boats //
I'm an iceberg to their Titanic; they can't stay afloat //
Setting sail on this beat until it's fully explored //
Long as I got breath to spit, you'll always be aboard.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Verse 1)
Ain't no Titanic, but my flow is gigantic, //
Got that Yeezy boat causing waves in the Atlantic //
Living that high life sippin' gin and tonic, //
Every bar I spit, make haters go frantic //

Can’t keep up with the West, they hysteric //
Got this Yacht game on lock, no mimic //
In a league of my own, ain't no gimmick //
My boat so fly, haters gotta squint just to glimpse it //

Riding waves, cruising the ocean deep blue //
Living large like mogul do //
In my boat, where dreams come true //
Stacking paper high with the crew //

(Verse 2)
Designers on deck, just feel the texture //
My boat's so fresh it's a modern architecture //
Expensive taste, ain't no conjecture //
Every piece bespoke, nothing off the furniture //

Living large sailing across the equator //
On a path to success with no detour //
Dreams so big they can’t fit in a container //
God-level creative with genius flavor //

Riding waves, cruising the ocean deep blue //
Living large like mogul do //
In my boat, where dreams come true //
Stacking paper high with the crew //

Sail away with me into infinity and beyond //
With a dream so vast just like a bond \\
My lines hit harder than Thanos’s baton \\
‘Cause this ain’t a battle – it’s Kanye’s marathon.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Boats

Ahoy, I'm Weezy F., on this voyage we embark,//
I'm in a yacht, while you're stuck in Noah's ark.//

Got diamonds on my chain, like a deck full of aces,//
Riding high tide, yeah we're taking all the spaces.//

I got Poseidon on speed dial, he keeps the flow right,//
When I spit bars, it's an authentic nautical delight.//

Strong as a sailor, with a swagger so neat,//
Got this game on lock, even Seaworld can't compete.//

On the mic I drop anchors, cause rip tides with my verses,//
I'm the captain of this ship, y'all just sea urchins.//

Sailing through life like I'm on auto-cruise control,//
King on this deck, yeah that's just how I roll.//

I spit fire but I sail cold, iceberg Weezy is LIT,//
With my rhymes about boats, got y'all feeling seasick.//

My lyrics are profound, like the sea's depth,//
When I rap about boats, you can feel Poseidon's breath.//

Marina filled with luxury liners //
But amongst these boats only one is shinier. //

Cruising on these beats like they're waves in the Caribbean,//
I’m Weezy F Baby and you know that ain’t no fibbin’.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Verse 1)
Step to the pier, Minaj in my prime, //
Check out my Yacht, yeah it's about that time. //
Luxury liner, ain't no cheap seats, //
Pink champagne, Minaj only sips sweet. //

Diamond encrusted, my vessel's a beast, //
Waves part ways when this queen hit the beach. //
Sailing through life like I'm cruising the Nile, //
Got men on deck falling for my versatile style. //

Hear the horn blow, we're off to seas unknown, //
With a boat full of gold and a diamond-studded phone. //
Sailing on these blue waves, living the dream, //
In a boat so clean it make your eyes gleam. //

(Verse 2)
River of jewels flowing off my deck, //
Make it rain pearls, got these haters in check. //
Marine Vuitton trendsetter, I set the pace, //
Nicki's on board and she winning this race. //

Fancy boat parties under star-lit skies, //
Diamond reflections bring sparkle to their eyes. //
Sailing through life with champagne wishes, //
Swimming in luxury – who needs fishes? //

Hear the horn blow, we're off to seas unknown, //
With a boat full of gold and a diamond-studded phone. //
Sailing on these blue waves, living the dream, //
In a boat so clean it make your eyes gleam. //

Nicki's at helm sailing through fame's channel. //
All aboard or get stranded – you can't handle //
The power surge of this engine room’s throttle; //
I'm steering this course full speed – no model!

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Chorus) //
On these deep blue waters, I be coastin' //
Makin' waves in this life, emotions ocean //
Sailing on the grind, money's my devotion //
In my diamond studded boat, reflecting all my notion //

(Verse 1) //
Floating through life like this yacht on the sea //
Codeine in my cup, Future’s melody be free //
See the sunset fade, as I count this green dough //
Boat life got me vibing, feeling that cash flow //

(Refrain) //
Got a fleet of yachts, like a mogul should, //
My hustle hard, in every hood //
Stacking bands on this boat life grind,
Lost myself in the wealth I find //

(Chorus) //
Bottles up high on this ship we toastin' //
Living large on these waters we boastin' //
On these deep blue waves, not even coastin', //
But my heart's still anchored to those I'm ghostin’ //

(Verse 2) //
Looking at the shore from the deck of my bounty //
Living the dream they told me was too lofty //
Their doubt only fueled me, made me feel haughty //
Now their envy’s just part of my twisted story //

(Refrain) //
Bought another yacht cause that’s how I roll //
Success dripping off me like water from a console //
Yet behind these shades, there's a heart with many holes //
This boat is just a bandage for a soul that the game stole //

Resilience is my sail in this stormy weather //
The more money I get, the lighter become my feather //
For every moment lost at sea they don't remember //
Each wave crashing on my bow is future’s tender

Sailing off into the night under starry heaven //
Boat life might seem golden but it ain't no Eden //
Lost and found at sea – that's Future’s leaven.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Boats

(Verse 1)
Floating through life on this vessel of dreams, //
Hoping one day to find what it truly means. //
A boat of faith in a sea full of doubts, //
But the tide's strong enough to drown my shouts. //

Swimming against the current seems so odd, //
Reflections on water like a mirror from God. //
In this open ocean I'm just a tiny splotch, //
See me steering through storms without a watch. //

So I ain't scared to sail this boat alone, //
Through the darkest nights and waves that moan. //
Cause I know, even on these churning seas, //
Find my anchor deep within, brings me peace. //

(Verse 2)
Life’s full of buoys but my ship won’t stop, //
Living proof like Hov from the Marcy block. //
From sunset to sunrise working nonstop, //
I know one day we'll reach that dock.

Dreams are sails powering this ride,
Heart's the compass guiding by its side.
Each ripple tells a story of past waves,
Sands of time buried in ocean graves.

But I ain't scared to sail this boat alone, //
Through howling winds and the unknown. //
Cause I know, even if I capsize and yield,
I’ll find strength in depths that's soon revealed.

So here’s to all boats cutting through fears,
May we find true north amid our tears.
One day we'll sail beyond these earthly bands,
Into a safe harbor shaped by His hands.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Boats

Verse 1: //
Riding on a wave, feeling like a boss,//
Life is like an ocean, you gotta get across, //
Got my boat floating, I'm dodging every loss,//
Drizzy on the sea, yeah I'm showing who's the boss.//

Hop up on the yacht, champagne on ice,//
Living in the moment, got me feeling nice, //
Ocean's full of dreams, hoping to entice,//
Life’s a gamble baby, and I’m rolling the dice.//

Chorus: //
We just cruisin,' sailing through the night,//
Living in my lyrics, under moon's light.//
Stars reflecting off the deck so bright,//
In this vessel of dreams, everything feels right.//

Verse 2: //
Had to leave Toronto, but it's still my home base,//
Repping OVO even out in space.//
In this game of life it’s not about the chase,
Betting on my future, it’s not a rat-race. //

Running from the past? Nah just sailing through,
I've got my crew, they know just what to do.
Golden sunset paints a different hue,
In this ocean of life, I found my true-blue. //

We just cruisin,' sailing through the night,//
Living in my lyrics, under moon's light.//
Stars reflecting off the deck so bright,//
In this vessel of dreams, everything feels right.//

From Toronto to Miami and back again,//
See me on the water or hear me in your Benz.//
This boat ain’t just a ride; it’s where the journey ends,//
Drizzy out here making waves and setting new trends.

Rap Lyrics About Boats In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Boats

Down by the dock, yeah we know the mantra//
Life is a boat, just a floatin' sanskrit sutra//
Paddle through the struggle, see the ripple effect//
Don't let your rudder falter, keep your morals in check//

Wave after wave, I'm ridin', survivin'//
Raw as a pirate, in my soul I be divin'//
See my reflection in the vast blue ocean//
In this sea of dreams, got that west coast devotion//

Driftwood dreams and nautical themes//
Sailing through life with a seamstress's seams//
Unraveled by truth like the sails in wind//
Anchored by wisdom, that's where we begin//

I’m a fishermen's son with a poet's tongue//
Master of my vessel, yeah this life ain’t done//
Maritime metaphors, oceanic oracle//
My existence – anchored biblical to historical.//

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7 Tips For Delivering Rap Lyrics About Boats Like A Pro

1. Know Your Nautical Nomenclature

Remember that rock the boat 70s hit? Well, we're about to take it a notch higher. To write dope rap lyrics about boats, you need to understand boat terminology.

Don't just drop anchor and call it a day! There's more to boats than the deck and the hull. Do some research, friend.

Get familiar with terms like bow, stern, port, starboard, and mooring. The more comfortable you are with these terms, the better your lyrics will flow.

2. Rock the Boat with Rhymes

Rhymes are crucial in any rap song, and this is no exception when we're talking boats. Be bold! Experiment with unusual rhyming patterns that fit your flow.

Remember that classic rock the boat song? The one who sang rock the boat in the 80s knew what they were doing! Harness those vibes and let them guide your rhymes.

3. Use Metaphors from Maritime Life

Metaphors give depth to your lyrics — don't be afraid to dive deep into maritime life for inspiration. Think of a boat as not just a vessel on water but also as a symbol of journey or adventure.

Remember, don't just rock that boat baby, take your listener on an unforgettable voyage!

4. Inject Some Personal Experience

Even if you've never set foot on a real-life yacht or dinghy, you can still draw from personal experiences that evoke similar feelings or situations – like taking risks (rocking the metaphorical boat) or navigating through tough times (steering through stormy seas). That’s where “don’t rock the boat baby” takes on new meaning.

5. Play With Pacing for Dramatic Effect

Just like how waves can be calm one minute and choppy the next, experiment with changing up your pacing mid-verse for emphasis or dramatic effect – this is where understanding flow becomes crucial.

6. Alliteration Always Adds An Awesome Appeal

Alliteration isn't only for poets; rappers can use it too! It helps make lyrics catchy — think “rock the boat original”. Not only does alliteration add rhythm to your lines but also makes them memorable.

7. Bridge Your Verses Seamlessly Like A Skillful Sailor

Just as a sailor navigates seamlessly from one wave to another without capsizing their vessel (AKA don’t rock the boat), ensure your verses connect smoothly and logically; this way, listeners won’t lose track of what story you’re telling them. Pro tip: Incorporate transitional phrases subtly into your lyrics.
Did someone say “rock the boat meaning”? Because that's exactly what you'll be serving up with these killer tips!

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