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Free & Unused Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

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Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Jay-Z

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Check, behind these blurry visions, life is a prism//
Lost in this world, I'm just caught in its schism//

Can't see the future with this imperfect panorama//
Ain't no Lasik gonna correct this kind of vision drama//

Got me contemplatin', like I'm lost in a dream fog//
Hazy narratives, like pages ripped out my analog//

Clearer vision only come through scientific optics//
But my inner sight's sharper, on that Jay-Z prophetic//

World blurred around me, still I'm maintaining focus//
Gotta keep pushing, can't let nothing demote us//

(Verse 2)
I wear these Cartier lenses to shield from the glare//
But it's not the sunlight; it's life being unfair//

Even with twenty-twenty, things don't always align//
When dreams are deferred, vision can sometimes decline//

Hustling in the shadows where details ain't pristine//
In this urban jungle, clarity ain’t guaranteed scene//

Yet with every setback, my resolve only hardens//
These blurry lines only make a brother more ardent.//

World’s still spinning,, we keep climbing up the locus//
Cause on our mission,, we can’t let nothing choke us.

So here's to those of us seeing beyond what they display //
For those who recognize that even blur may lead the way //

Living outside lines drawn by society dictates //
And finding clarity where others see opaque.

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Eminem

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Check it, it's like I'm trapped in this double vision, //
Raw deal caught, spinning my soul in a prison, //
Vision blurry, sipping on this life's hard liquor, //
Mind quicker, but my heart only flickers. //

Every night I try to right my wrongs, //
Only find myself scribbling these distant songs, //
Embracing this dark where the past belongs. //
Can't meet my eyes at the face in the mirror, //
Yesterday's ghost sketching lines of terror. //

Got this blurry vision, past always sneaking in, //
Life ain't no television, can't change what has been. //
Drowning in decisions, drowning in sin, //
Pain's precision, it's where we begin. //

(Verse 2)
Life came at me with an onslaught of lessons, //
Reality checkmate leaving lasting impressions. //
So I grasp that mic, I spit out confessions, //
Pouring out poetics over hip-hop sessions. //

Seeing double locked up by the truth's deceit, //
Twin images playing on repeat. //
Trying to wipe the slate clean but it just doesn’t bleach,//
Just me and my shadow competing for the same seat.//

Living with this blurry vision, life ain't what it seems,//
It’s just a broken television broadcasting shattered dreams.//
Caught up in indecision, lost within a scream,//
The precision of this pain is harsher than it seems.//

Now I've got these words and a voice that's willing,//
To traverse this hurt with lyrical healing,//
In spite of this blurry vision still chilling,//
And you bet your ass I'm just getting to the beginning.

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Kanye West

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Blurred lines, vision hazy, I can't see clear, life getting crazy //
Surrounded by colors, all looking the same, is it the game or the player to blame? //
Life in pixels, can't understand these signals, seems like my thoughts playing pinochle //
Eyes on the window to my soul, this blurred vision taking its toll //

Blurry vision got me questioning my mission, got me up at night wishing //
Can't see straight but I'm still persisting, doubts and fears I'm still dismissing //

(Verse 2)
It ain't easy living in this foggy view, feeling blue but holding on to my crew //
Lost in my thoughts, trying to break through this blurry vision got me askew //
Rose colored glasses ain’t making no classes, fumbling life like a bull in molasses //
Looking for answers but just finding more dances, this blurry vision got me taking chances //

Blurry vision got me questioning my mission, still dreaming big that's my disposition //
Need some clarity for this composition; life's a puzzle missing its transition //

But even with this misty sight, gonna keep pushing with all my might //
In the end it'll be alright; clearer days are still in sight //
Through all the haze and foggy night; soon enough we'll reach that height //
So here's to all those blurry fights; they only make your future bright. //

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Lil Wayne

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

Verse 1:

Lil Tunechi, no stranger to this vision game, //
Grind so hard, got blurry vision in the fast lane. //
Paper stacks, getting tall, can't see the ceiling mane, //
Got me thinkin', is this success or am I feelin' pain? //


Blurry vision, sippin' on that lean and Sprite, //
Cash Money soldier, steady brawlin' through the night. //
Lil Wayne, no prescription for the hype, //
Life's a puzzle full of pieces out of sight. //

Verse 2:

Vision blurred, but my dreams still in focus, //
Young Money captain in a sea of locusts. //
Carter life got me feeling like I'm hocus pocus, //
Got my mind spinning like a ghost from the lotus. //


Out here grinding with this blurry vision, yeah I've seen the light, //
Lil Wayne in the darkness shining bright. //
Images flicker like a candle's final fight, //
But I keep pushing through with heart and might. //

Verse 3:

Bloodshot eyes, but my heart still beats red hot, //
Money ain't sleep, man it's all we got. //
Through misted sights, finding my way to the top spot,
Vision blurred, but never losing what I’ve fought.


So here’s to life with its blurred edges and sharp pains,
To being Lil Wayne in a world of plain Janes.
Through foggy frames, I see clearer lanes,
Yeah, life’s a blur but we playing no games.

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Nicki Minaj

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Queen of this rap game, no audition, //
Got these haters shook cause they got Blurry Vision. //
Nicki on the beat, causing major collision, //
Spitting lines so sharp, cutting like a surgeon's incision. //

All you see is me, I'm your only vision, /
Got you all wrapped up in this rap commission. //
My bars be the light, causing that prism,//
But you still stumbling around in that Blurry Vision. //

(Verse 2)
I reign supreme in this rap tradition, //
Stuck in your mind like a compulsive obsession. //
See me clearly now or you might miss it, //
Your world's out of focus with that Blurry Vision. //

Can't see me winning? That's your poor decision, //
You stuck in the past while I'm on my mission. //
I'm the queen's image, no need for revision, //
You lost in the haze of your Blurry Vision. //

Eyes wide shut to my fierce ambition, //
Blinded by jealousy – a self-made condition. //
My success shines bright with no intermission, //
Yet you can't find clarity through your Blurry Vision.

Blow up your spot with my lyrical explosion, //
Nicki Minaj got your world in convulsion. //
One thing clear amidst all confusion,
You need a reality check to fix that Blurry Vision.

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Future

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

I see through the smoke, vision hella blurry, //
In this game of life, ain't no time to worry. //
Heart turned dark, no Justice no jury, //
Diamond-studded dreams but my sight still blurry. //

Verse 1: 
Livin' in the fast lane, lights speedin' by. //
Empty liquor bottles, heart heavy with sigh. //
Pocket full of promises and a sea of lies. //
Look me in my eyes and tell me you ain't surprised. //

I see through the smoke, vision hella blurry, //
In this game of life, ain't no time to worry. //
Heart turned dark, no Justice no jury, //
Diamond-studded dreams but my sight still blurry. //

Verse 2: 
Reflection in the mirror tellin' stories of old,
Glass spirits speakin', truth be told. //
Money can't fix it all, that's what I've been sold,
Paper chasing happiness left feeling cold. //

I see through the smoke, vision hella blurry,//
In this game of life, ain't no time to worry.//
Heart turned dark, no Justice no jury,//
Diamond-studded dreams but my sight still blurry.//

Verse 3:
Pouring up lean to drown out the pain,//
Eyes red raw from life's acid rain.//
Reality's a nightmare that I can't contain,//
In this world of illusion , where nothing’s plain.//


I see through the smoke, vision hella blurry,
In this game of life, ain't no time to worry.//
Heart turned dark ,no Justice no jury,//
Diamond-studded dreams but my sight still blurry//

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of J. Cole

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Blurry vision, got me trippin' on this mission, //
Life in a prism, caught up in my own prison. //
My World spinning, no recognition to cognition, //
Lost in the friction of dreams and reality's diction. //

Need clarity, no scarcity of agony, //
Growing up hard knocks, fueled by poverty's strategy. //
The vanity of humanity shackled my sanity, //
Life's insanity taken toll on my family casually. //

Through the blurry vision, I strive for precision, //
Making decisions with wisdom is my chosen religion. //
My mission is peace hidden in lyrical ammunition, //
But they can’t see past their preconditioned suspicion //

(Verse 2)
Found ambition in the disarray of blurry vision, //
Honing intuition through every transition condition. //
Battles beyond recognition, winning’s an addiction, //
Each track an inscription of Tribe's resurrection prediction.

Yet they stand with opposition to my composition,
In a world where truth is just a submission to omission.
But I persist with consistency,
Truth beyond obscurity is my destiny.

Embracing this blurry vision, finding light within division, //
In a system built on shattered dreams and twisted television. //
Dreams are free but freedom’s the costly acquisition,
Peaceful revolution needs more than simple petitions.

Blurry vision, a lyrical exhibition – depiction of life’s paradoxical condition.
Dodging bullets of deception with conviction and repetition,
Overcoming life's friction with lyrical ammunition.
Despite the odds and imposition,
I rise from ashes – a phoenix in remission.
This blurry vision becomes clearer with each composition

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Drake

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

(Verse 1)
Got blurry vision, in this life I'm livin'//
That's what happens when you're always givin'//
Trading my dreams for all these worldly things//
A king's life ain't always what it seems//

Diamonds and gold, just a cold mirage//
Lost in the haze, living large//
My sight's foggy, can't see my own heart//
But I still feel the beat, even in the dark//

Blurry vision, got me missin'//
The simplicity of just livin'//
Blood diamonds on my soul's prism//
Reflecting a life of blurry vision//

(Verse 2)
Used to see clear, but that was yesterday//
Now the future's hazy, got me losing my way//
Popping champagne with models in the frame//
But none of that fills this empty space//

Got girls in different area codes//
But when the lights dim down, I'm all alone//
In this penthouse suite, there's a cold echo//
Reminding me of something I used to know//

Blurry vision, got me trippin'//
Can't differentiate love from a fling//
Got diamond chains on my soul's prism//
Painting a picture of blurry vision//

One day maybe I'll find my way back home//
Till then it's just me and this microphone/
Got sad songs on this heart's rhythm//
Just a musician with blurry vision.

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision In The Style of Kendrick Lamar

Rap Lyrics About Blurry Vision

Blurry visions, like a prophet in a daze//
Reality's distortion, lost in the haze//
Pushing through this fog, trying to find clarity//
Unseen truths in my disparity//

Every step I take is another question mark//
In this labyrinth of life, I'm just a spark//
Trying to illuminate this dim-lit path//
Blurry vision or divine wrath?//

My sights may be foggy, but my mind is crystal clear//
Not fear of the unknown, but what's near and dear//
In this optical mystique, I find my mission//
Is it blindness or a blessed condition?//

Fumbling through the dark, I realize my worth//
Born from the dust and returned to earth//
The beauty lies not in perfection’s vision//
But the growth found in each blurry decision.

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1. Get Familiar With Your Subject Matter

Start by immersing yourself in the world of blurred vision. Listen to those blurry vision songs and read those blurred vision lyrics. You gotta understand the concept from every angle. Is it literal? Metaphorical? Maybe a bit of both?

Dig deep, and don't just stop at rap lyrics about blurry vision. Explore other genres as well.

TIP: Getting a broad understanding of your topic will give you an edge when it's time to pen your lyrics.

2. Let The Beat Guide Your Flow

Now, let's get this straight – you can't just slap words onto any old beat and call it a day, nah! The rhythm, tempo, and feel of the beat should guide your flow and delivery.

TIP: Try freestyling over different beats to find what works best for your blurred vision narrative.

3. Craft Vivid Imagery

Aight, so you're writing about blurry vision, right? So you gotta make that imagery pop! Make 'em see the world through a foggy lens with your words.

TIP: Use descriptive language to paint that picture in their minds.

4. Tap into Emotion

A dope rap track ain't just about clever wordplay and punchlines; it's also about making people feel something real deep inside.

Whether it's confusion, fear or even excitement caused by blurry vision – tap into that emotion.

TIP: Writing from personal experiences often helps with conveying genuine emotion.

5. Keep It Authentic

Nobody likes a poser! So be true to yourself when penning down those rap lyrics about blurry vision. Authenticity is key in making your listeners connect with your music.

TIP: Don't be afraid to show vulnerability in your lyrics – it adds depth to your narrative.

6. Experiment With Wordplay

One thing that sets dope lyricists apart is their use of creative wordplay! Get playful with synonyms for “blurry” or “vision”, or experiment with metaphors related to sight.

TIP: Even simple puns can give your lyrics an interesting twist if done right!

7. Refine Your Lyrics

Finally, remember – writing is rewriting! Don't be afraid to tweak those lines until they're perfect!

TIP: Step away from your work for a bit before coming back for revisions – it helps you look at things from a fresh perspective.

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