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No, no, these song lyrics about thanksgiving were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Ooh, it's that time again, Thanksgiving, // Mama in the kitchen got the oven humming, // Papa at the table carving stories and laughter,// Gratitude echoin' from rafters. // (Chorus) ‘Cause we're counting all our blessings tonight,// Dancing in the warm autumn moonlight. // Praise on our lips, hands held tight, Thanksgiving hearts glowing bright. // (Verse 2) Auntie's famous pie scent wraps around us tight, // Cousins telling tales under November's night. // Brother strumming guitar by the fireside, Feel that Thanksgiving spirit start to take flight. // (Chorus) ‘Cause we're counting all our blessings tonight,// Swaying under that sweet pumpkin spice delight. // Praise on our lips, love burning bright, Thanksgiving hearts as light as kite. (Verse 3) Grandpa holds grandma with tear-filled eyes, Saying thanks for years of sunrises.// Lessons been learned, wisdom prized, This family tapestry of life shows no disguise. (Chorus) ‘Cause we're counting all our blessings tonight,// Embracing in the soft silver twilight.// Praise on our lips, ready for another flight, With Thanksgiving hearts as stars ignite.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Staring out the window at the crimson trees, // I'm counting all my blessings and my memories. // All set to cook, that old recipe, Mama passed on to me. // Wondering if you're coming home for Thanksgiving Eve. (Chorus) Draped in the warmth of the fireplace glow, // We pass around stories wrapped in laughter undertow. // Under these lights, we spark connections old and new, // It's a Thanksgiving love tale, wrote by me and you. (Verse 2) As sweet autumn hues are reflected in your eyes, // I remember all those past thanksgivings under brighter skies. // Your laughter fills our old house just like a song,// And I realize this is where your heart belongs. (Bridge) From carving pumpkins and golden leaves that fall,// To our hearty cheers reverberating through the hall.// This time of year brings us close together, Our hearts are as light as a turkey feather. (Chorus) Draped in the warmth of the fireplace glow, // Our voices sing out; love starts to overflow. // This festive celebration is more than just for show, // It’s a beautiful story where forgiveness starts to grow. (Outro) A melody we play on repeat, A symphony of thanks that’s oh so sweet. In this season of giving, we’ve found our rhythm, For Thanksgiving’s always been about love and wisdom.

song lyrics about thanksgiving In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Uh, Thanksgiving Day, yeah, we in the booth.
Catching blessings like they're falling off the roof.
Mama's in the kitchen, whipping up that truth.
Serving up the bird, yeah, she's cooking up that goose.
Dressing on point, greens making noise.
Kids at the table, playing with their toys.
Ain't no drama here, just love and joy.
Gobble gobble to the world, we about to deploy.
(Chorus) Thanksgiving vibes, it ain't about the feast.
It's about humanity, spreading peace.
Grateful hearts pumping in the East and West.
This is Yeezy’s Thanksgiving; baby, we're just blessed.
(Verse 2) Pilgrims and Indians, history repeats.
Sitting 'round a table where our cultures meet.
Passing down traditions like a viral tweet.
Thanksgiving blessings making life so sweet.
Yeezus on Instagram, capturing this treat .
A moment in time that can't be beat .
Got my whole fam here and my baby’s heartbeat .
Thanksgiving vibes making life complete .
(Chorus) Thanksgiving vibes, it ain't all about food .
It's about sharing love and changing moods .
From North to South; from Chicago to Hollywood,
This is Kanye’s Thanksgiving – And it feels so good. (Bridge) Pass the cranberry sauce, let's raise a toast .
To the ones we love and cherish most.
Grateful for the highs, even for the lows.
Life’s a ride and with gratitude it flows.
(Chorus) Thanksgiving vibes, it ain't about the plate .
It's about gratitude, love and fate .
From sunrise to sunset, early or late
This is Yeezy's Thanksgiving. Ain't it great? (Outro) So here’s to Thanksgiving, our hearts shining bright.
Feeling so blessed on this holy night.
Yeah, we’re living this life just right.
Kanye’s Thanksgiving – it’s outta sight.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Uh, it's Thanksgiving day, got my blessings on display, I'm Nicki M, and I don't play, always slay, what you say. Grateful for the climb, oh I'm fine, on cloud nine, Gobble-gobble wine time, feelin' divine in prime time. Pumpkin spice flow, yeah I glow on the row, Thankful for my dough, from the studio to the show. Gucci on my toes, Fendi in my prose, Always steal the shows, that’s for those who oppose. (Chorus) It’s Thanksgiving ya’ll – gratitude in the hall, Family stand tall – we rise and we fall. Thanksgiving Queen – dripping in green, Living my dream – in this lean cuisine. (Verse 2) Turkey's on deck – got that butter pecan flex, Say grace next – what y’all expect from the best? Mac N Cheese flow with a bit of adobo, Counting all my pesos, in stilettos or rosettes. Cranberry sauce boss, ain't worried 'bout no loss, Puttin' haters on pause while I floss with Rick Ross. Dessert is served, get what you deserve, Cherry on top curve – watch me swerve and preserve. (Chorus) It’s Thanksgiving ya’ll – can I get an applause? Feeding all the jaws – breaking all laws. Make your spirit clean – like a limousine, Come join my team – at this feast supreme. (Outro) Giving thanks for this life – cuttin’ through strife like a knife, From struggle and strife to an influential wife. Props to my Barbs – shine like stars, End of my verse – raise the bar, there we are. Yeah, it’s Thanksgiving – watch Nicki living, Cash and love giving – no misgiving. Kiss to my fans – across all lands, End of my jams – clap your hands.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I've been running through the six, but it's Thanksgiving,
And I ain't got no time for misgivings.
Families gather 'round, yea we all breaking bread,
‘Cause in this season, ain't nobody got to tread.
Memories of grandma's kitchen fill my mind,
That good ol' pumpkin pie, truly one of a kind.
Fireplace burning, love is always on tap,
This time of year, ain't no need for a map.
Thanksgiving love, it's that holiday feel,
Everything real, yeah we keeping it trill.
No crossed lines, just crossed hearts,
This celebration ain't about the charts.
(Verse 2)
This house filled with echoes of laughter and cheer,
These are the moments I hold dear.
Grateful for the fam, grateful for my squad,
In this Thanksgiving prayer to God.
Mama in the kitchen cooking up that feast,
Daddy at the table as our humble priest.
Passing round the turkey, passing round the love,
Man, these blessings come from above.
Thanksgiving love, it's that holiday vibe,
Dark outside but inside we alive. From Toronto to Houston to New York City parks, This Thanksgiving light ignites sparks. (Outro) More than just a dinner or a turkey roast, It's about those who matter most. So here’s to another year gone past, May this Thanksgiving love forever last.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Thanksgiving Like A Pro

1. Tap Into the Mood of Thanksgiving

The first step to penning down some sick lyrics for your Thanksgiving song is tapping into the mood. Whether you're working on rock, gospel, or country song lyrics about Thanksgiving, you need to feel the vibe. Picture yourself at the family table, the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie wafting through the air. Use this imagery to create a vivid thanksgiving scene in your lyrics.

2. Explore Different Themes

Thanksgiving is not just about food; it's a celebration of gratitude, family, love, and unity. So, don't limit your lyrics to these traditional themes alone. A sprinkle of humor here and there can make your song more relatable and enjoyable. After all, who doesn't love grandma's quirkiness or Uncle Joe's embarrassing dance moves?

3. Use Repetition Creatively

When it comes to writing catchy gospel thanksgiving song lyrics or even praise and thanksgiving hymn lyrics,, repetition is key! However, ensure that it’s done creatively to avoid monotony while maintaining the flow of your song.

4. Incorporate Traditional Thanksgiving Songs

Incorporating elements from traditional thanksgiving songs can give your piece a nostalgic touch that resonates with many listeners during this festive season.

5. Mirror Your Lyrics With The Music

Remember that music is not just about words but also about sounds and rhythm. If you're writing a rock or country tune for Thanksgiving, ensure that your lyrics mirror the high energy beats and melodies typically found in these genres.

6. Make it Personal Yet Universal

The best song lyrics strike a balance between being personal and universal. Your Thanksgiving song might be about your experiences, but it should also touch on emotions and situations that most people can relate to. This way, you’ll get everyone from Aunt Sally to the neighborhood teenager nodding their heads to your tunes.

7. Use Inspirational Language

Whether you're writing thanksgiving worship songs with lyrics or Christian hymns, using inspirational language is crucial. Words that uplift and encourage thankfulness can make your song a staple during the Thanksgiving season.

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