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No, no, these song lyrics about stupidity were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Just another day, another dollar // But you ain't got sense that's even worth a holler // Blinking lights, empty minds, can't follow the signs // Ain't it sad baby, nothing under that design. // (Chorus) We're just dancing in the darkness of stupidity // Living on a prayer and a smidgen of ambiguity // Trying to find meaning where there isn’t any clarity // Blindfolded in reality, basking in vanity. // (Verse 2) All these words you say but they don't mean much // Empty vessels echo loudest, yet out of touch // Your ego's big but your wisdom’s lacking clutch // I see through your games babe, they don’t satisfy or slake such. (Chorus) We're just trapped in an endless cycle of stupidity, Running all around in circles, chasing curiosity Living life like a sitcom full of hilarity, Drowned by the white noise, swept up in gravity. (Verse 3) You think you're smart with your cheap tricks and hollow thrills, Building castles on quicksand hills. Your knowledge shallow as puddles after springtime chills, Truth is babe; common sense is what really instils. (Chorus) We’re stuck navigating waves of relentless stupidity, Sail set for lands unknown with no validity. Caught up in life’s whirlwind drama and activity, Lost at sea, adrift with zero visibility.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) // Oh, we danced in the glow of your flattering tricks, // In your hand, my heart, like a fool’s set of sticks. // Found your smile wrapped up in lies, // Lived our love story under those pretense skies. // (Chorus) // But I'm learning now, how you played the part, // Tore down my castle with a jester's heart. // With every beat, growing apart. // (Verse 2) // You whispered secrets wrapped in a riddle's twist, // Your words were quicksand but I couldn't resist. // I was Cinderella to your clown's jest, // Who knew stupidity could be so well dressed? // (Chorus) // Now I see the truth hidden behind that art, // Ripped apart my dream with a jester's heart. // (Bridge)// Was it just me or did you practice this plot? // Spun a web of foolishness with every knot. // (Verse 3) I was lost in the labyrinth of your deceitful play, Drowning in nonsense, swept away. Even when love was nothing but ash and dust, I clung to chaos, gave into trust. (Chorus) But it’s clear to me now that from the start, You had nothing but a jester’s heart. (Outro) So here’s the last verse for our tragic tale, Played out on stages of deceit and betrayal. In echoes of laughter and teardrops smart, The fool learns love from a jester’s heart.

song lyrics about stupidity In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yeah, I been standin' on the edge of insanity., Got my hands full, but still empty, it's irony., They call this stupidity, but that ain't part of me., Ignorance is bliss, they say, but I disagree. Wasn't born with a silver spoon or a guarantee., Just a mind full of dreams and a heart full of beat., They say I'm foolish for believing in my destiny., But ain't no one ever achieved without naiveté. (Chorus) Cos when you're dumb, you can't see the traps they set., And when you're stupid, your mind ain't your biggest threat., So take that trippy trip where the sun never sets, Embrace your stupidity and forget the rest. (Verse 2) Flashing lights, big city inhibits my clarity., Stupidity or freedom? It's all about disparity., Don't drown in the noise or lost in their charity., Stand tall on your ground, it's your only sincerity. Got critics in your ear saying you lack maturity?, Remember Socrates, known for his audacity., To question everything gave birth to reality, Yeah dawg, he made stupidity a formality. (Chorus) Cos when you're dumb, you don't play their twisted games, And when you're stupid, they can't put out your flames. So take that trippy trip where the sun never tames. Embrace your stupidity and shake off those chains. (Outro) So here's to all my dreamers wearing their hearts on sleeves, To all my achievers who never cease to believe, Yeah we're stupid, we're foolish, but we're free, Living our lives like a chaotic symphony.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
Riding clean in my pink Barbie Hummer
Fools tripping over themselves, what a bummer
I'm Nicki Minaj, Queen of the Summer
You're just a shoddy batch, something like a plumber.
Smart with my money while you making blunders
Clowning around, might as well join the circus under (Chorus)
Stupidity's your game and you're playing it well,
But I'm not buying what you're trying to sell
Rocking my stilettos, stepping over your mess,
While you're stuck in your foolishness, oh yes. (Verse 2)
You're a joker in my deck, just an extra card,
Thinking you can beat me? Baby that's hard,
I'm the queen on the throne while you're in the yard,
Fumbling with tools like a clueless guard.
I ain't got time for your lackluster IQ,
I'm too busy shining brighter than R2-D2. (Chorus)
Stupidity's your game and it’s getting old,,
Keep playing with fire and you'll get cold,
I’m living my truth while yours is untold,,
In this game of life, baby I’m gold. (Bridge)
Seeing through your nonsense like X-ray,
Ain't impressed by what you say every day,
My empire's growing while yours decay,

Here's some wisdom, take it or stray. (Chorus)
Stupidity's your suit, but it don't fit right,
Time to step up or step out of sight,
Your tale is a blip, mine's the highlight,
This ain't a sprint baby, it’s an endless flight. (Outro)
You're stuck in the mud, that's your plight,
Meanwhile, I’m soaring to infinite height,
With every bar I spit, I ignite,

I'm Nicki Minaj, and I’m always Bright.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I've been sippin' on this Hennessy, just tryna forget,
You had my heart in pieces, left me crying and upset.
Girl, you took my love for granted, yeah you played me like a fool,
All the lies you told were reckless, baby that ain't cool.
‘Cause I ain't no clown, ain't part of your circus show,
I've been lost in your love game, but now it's time to go.
Your stupidity got me messed up, feeling low,
Your love was just an act, guess it's time for the afterglow.
(Verse 2)
I was blinded by your beauty, wasted time I can't get back,
Played the fool in your performance, truth is what I lack.
Your stupidity was my weakness, but now I see the truth,
I won't let you break my heart again; my guardian angel's on the roof.
‘Cause I ain't no jester in your court of false loves,
Rise above all your games and push comes to shove.
Your stupidity got me twisted but now I'm finally free,
From your circus of love with nothing left for me.
Was lost in your maze of treachery and deceit,
But found my way out and landed back on these two feet.
You thought you could play me with your petty lies and game,
But I see through you now; baby we ain't the same.
‘Cause I ain't no pawn in your game of deceit,
Faced all your demons, but now it's my retreat.
Your stupidity was a lesson, yeah it cut me deep,
You played with my heart, but now it's mine to keep.
You were nothing but a chapter in my book of love and pain,
So here's a toast to your stupidity, my loss is your gain.
But I'm stronger for the journey, won't let you pull me down,
In the end, your stupidity showed me I can wear the crown.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Stupidity Like A Pro

1. Look to the Greats for Inspiration

So, you want to pen some sick song lyrics about stupidity, huh? Well, you're not alone. Even Bob Dylan had a song about feeling like a complete idiot. Start by listening to songs about being dumb or confused. Dive into rock songs about being clueless and country songs about the same topic. There's no better way to understand the art of stupidity in lyrics than listening to the masters who've done it before you.

2. Use Your Own Experiences

Remember that time you walked into a glass door thinking it was open? Or how about that moment when you searched high and low for your phone while it was in your hand all along? Yeah, those moments of sheer stupidity can be pure gold when writing songs for dumb friends or just illustrating the human condition.

3. Embrace Humour

Let's be honest: stupidity can be downright hilarious! Don't shy away from using wit and humor in your lyrics. Songs about being oblivious often have a comedic aspect that makes them relatable and enjoyable for listeners.

4. Keep It Real

Authenticity is key when writing song lyrics about stupidity. People aren't dumb – they can tell when something's contrived or overly dramatized. So, keep it real and write from the heart, even if it’s about feeling clueless.

5. Play with Metaphors

Stupidity isn't always straightforward; sometimes, it's hidden behind actions or thoughts that seem smart at first glance but are actually quite foolish.
Metaphors are an excellent way to express these subtle instances of foolishness in your lyrics.

6. Vary Your Vocabulary

Sure, you're writing about being dumb, but that doesn't mean your vocabulary has to be! Use a variety of words and phrases to describe the many ways we can be stupid. This will not only make your lyrics more interesting but also showcase your mastery of language.

7. Don’t Overthink It

Writing about stupidity should be fun, not an exercise in intellectual acrobatics. Some of the best rock songs about stupidity were written on a lark, with the musicians just having a good time.
So relax, let loose, and just write! Who knows? Your song could end up being the anthem for all those feeling a bit clueless out there.

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