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No, no, these song lyrics about sex were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Wine-stained lips, whispering secrets, // In a world where we're the main subject. // Our bodies intertwining, our breaths in sync, // In the candlelight, our shadows dance and link. // (Chorus) Think it’s about sex? Oh no, it’s so much deeper, Lost in each other's hearts, let's dive steeper. Closer than ever with every beat, When two souls meet, it’s more than heat. (Verse 2) Eyes filled with desire's glow, secret gazes shared, // Skin to skin, souls laid bare. // Strumming my body like a velvet guitar string, This ain't just about the physical thing. // (Chorus) Think it’s about sex? It's more profound, Silent promises made without a sound. Shared whispers and kisses in moonlight’s gleam, It feels unreal like some beautiful dream. (Verse 3) Your touch paints poetry on my skin so fine; // Every curve of me sings your name divine. // It's not merely an act; it's a work of art, From where love ends and passion does start. // (Chorus) Think it’s about sex?, baby think again, It's about loving you through pleasure and pain. An intimate dance that binds us tight, Brought close by passion wrapped up in the night.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Caught in the echo of your heartbeat,// Wrapped in a lullaby, so soft, so sweet.// Tangled up in satin sheets, midnight's secret we keep.// Our whispers echo, restless love can't sleep.// (Verse 2) Your eyes, they're a wildfire beneath the moon,// Sweeter than a summer bloom, gone too soon.// On your chest, I've found my peace and rest,// In this quiet place where our hearts confess.// (Verse 3) Reading Braille on your skin, tracing out constellations,// This is sweet surrender, not just infatuation.// We dance to rhythm of our own creation,// Barefoot on the kitchen floor, hearts leaping in anticipation.// (Verse 4) Moonlight paints stories on our skin so bare,// We are stardust and secrets, entwined in midnight's snare.// Silhouette against the windowpane, love framed by the moon's gentle glare.// With you everything's sacred, every touch, every stare. (Chorus) In this room,< b>a sanctuary beneath these four walls,// It’s just us with whispers that softly calls,// A love note written with each caress;// This is love,genuine and profound- nothing less.< /br>

song lyrics about sex In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, I got that Twisted Fantasy, the one that makes her moan. She in my white sheets, yeah, her skin tone the perfect tone. She got that Yeezy Season body, hot like summer sun. Every time we touch, feels like this game we just begun. Got her looking like Kim K, body waves just roll. Got them Louis Vuitton heels, walking on a gold soul. She got the lingerie going on, feeling so supreme. But it ain't about the clothes when she enters my dream. (Chorus) We explore love, in the heart of the night. Stripping down walls, baby it just feels right. We don’t do shy, only passion and play, Every touch a new lyric in our love ballet. (Verse 2) Making love on the moon, baby we flying high, Body so sweet, taste like cherry pie. Sweat and silk sheets intertwined, This ain't just physical, it's a mental grind. Her body language speaking to me, fluent in desire, With every whisper in my ear, she takes me higher. Her curves be like a melody, playing on repeat, She's my masterpiece, can't compete. (Chorus) We explore love, under the city lights. In our private world where everything feels right. We don’t do tame, only wild and free, Every kiss a new chapter in our ecstasy. (Outro) Yeah we out here dancing with desire, Setting everything ablaze with our fire. Our bodies talking louder than words, In a world where love ain’t blurred. She’s my muse, I'm her poet, When it comes to love, we just show it. This ain't just sex, it's a beautiful mess, In this world we've built, we the best.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Come into my gallery, let's get this pow-wow started He said he love me 'cause I'm always on his mind, like a targeted ad Designer labels on his back, yeah, he's a fashion killa Attractin' my interest, just like a richer villa He got that whip-appeal, babyface thriller Picasso couldn't capture, the way he fill this sista On The Rocks just whiskey no mixer Chasin' my curves, like a high-speed twister (Chorus) I told him “Baby come closer, let's get it started” In the sheets we play, ain't for the fainthearted Let the stars be our audience tonight All night long, under the cherry moonlight (Verse 2) Mirror on the ceiling, as our bodies reflected Nights in Versace, feelin' so electric His touch so golden, got me feelin' poetic Boy got me singing soprano, better than any record Passionate whispers, words pure as crystal My barbie body got him hungry for a fistful That Milly Rock, see that body ripple, Tonight he the king and I’m his queen amidst full (Chorus) Told him “Baby come closer, let's get it ignited” In our private jungle, where we wild and excited Underneath the moonlight, where it's beautifully quiet All night long, under the cherry moonlight (Bridge) Come into my world baby, let's make art Stroke by stroke we paint this midnight chart Let's get lost in our masterpiece, Under the cherry moonlight, we find release. (Outro) Sweeter than honey, hotter than Havana Me and my baby, we got that good karma Come into my world and let's ignite, All night long, under the cherry moonlight.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I'm caught in the motion, got me feeling like the ocean.
Your body language speaking, ain't no need for a promotion.
We vibing on a high, yeah, higher than a kite.
Linear emotions swirling, lost in the night.
Your silhouette dancing under the soft candlelight,
Got me tripping over words, losing this internal fight.
The feeling that I get when you breathe down my neck,
Girl, I swear you got me drowning in this love shipwreck.
It's just me and you, lost in this room so vast,
Desire reflected in our eyes, ain't no need for the past.
It feels like heaven when we touch, girl, it's so divine,
Two bodies intertwined with yours lying next to mine.
(Verse 2)
Your whispers breaking silence, it's our secret dialect,
Girl your voice is art, got my heart feeling wrecked.
The sheets know our story – it’s a narrative of desire,
Every touch ignites a spark that fuels our blazing fire.
Time disappears when we're tangled up so close,
Ain’t no reality check or ghost of past dose.
In your arms is my sanctuary, my peaceful night's rest,
In rhythm with your pulse – girl, that's when I feel best.
It's just me and you, eyes locked under dim light glow,
Feeling each vibration as our hearts beat slow.
A symphony of passion plays on replay tonight,
Body to body, baby, it's a connection so tight.
This ain't no taboo, it's our intimate symphony,
A testament of love and raw ecstasy.
Girl, we're making magic every single time, Lost in our world, baby, that's our prime.
In this room, where secrets bloom,
All we need is me and you.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Sex Like A Pro

1. Set the Mood with Sensual Songs

Let's cut straight to the chase. Your audience isn't just after another run-of-the-mill pop song, they're yearning for erotic music. The secret sauce lies in setting the right mood.
Imagine a sultry night under a velvet sky – your lyrics should evoke that imagery, stirring up emotions that make hearts pound and cheeks flush. Use language that's rich, descriptive, and oozing with sensuality. Think silk sheets, candlelight dinners and whispered sweet nothings.

2. Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith with Sexual Innuendos

Your song lyrics about sex shouldn't be as direct as an arrow shot from Cupid's bow; instead, they should dance around the subject like a seductive tango of words.
This is where your mastery of sexual innuendos comes into play. Your lyrics can be explicit without being offensive – it's an art form to balance on this tightrope of subtlety and suggestion.

3. Get Sensually Graphic with Explicit Lyrics

While innuendos are the spice of life, sometimes you need to serve up some straightforward explicit lyrics to get your point across. However, remember that there’s a thin line between sensual and sleazy.
Be bold but tasteful in your intimate expressions – think more “Fifty Shades” than adult movie script.

4. Make Them Blush with Provocative Tunes

Provocative tunes are like a forbidden fruit – everyone secretly craves them but blushes when caught off-guard.
To achieve this effect, start off with milder lyrics and gradually increase the heat until your listeners are hooked on every word. Remember – it's not about being vulgar, it's about being bold and passionate.

5. Paint a Picture with Passionate Melodies

Song lyrics aren't just about words, they're also about the melody that carries them. Make sure your passionate melodies complement your lyrics, creating an atmosphere that's as steamy as a hot summer night.
A slow, soulful rhythm can make even the simplest lyrics sound like intimate whispers shared between lovers.

6. Keep Them Guessing with Metaphors

Nothing keeps listeners on their toes like a good metaphor does. Instead of saying things straight out, paint a picture with your words – let their minds fill in the blanks.
This not only adds depth to your song but also allows each listener to interpret it based on their personal experiences.

7. Don’t Forget to Connect Emotionally

Lastly, remember that sex isn't just physical – it's an emotional experience too. Your song should reflect this reality, connecting with listeners on an emotional level that extends beyond the physical.
Whether you're describing longing looks or heated passion, always remember to weave in emotions into your story – after all, the best erotic music makes you feel something deep down in your soul.

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