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No, no, these song lyrics about roses were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Baby, I've been thinkin' 'bout our love like a garden, // In the heart of Brooklyn or deep down in Harlem, // Roses bloomin' under the moonlight's charm, // Each petal a promise, each thorn an alarm. // (Chorus) Roses, baby, they ain't just red or white, // They're the color of our fight, and our late-night candle light. // Roses, they've got thorns that might just bite, // But they stand for our might – Rose petals in flight. // (Verse 2) Like roses in winter we’ve survived the chill, // Kept blooming through hardship with an iron will. // Yeah baby we're like roses showing off their skill, // Growing stronger from what could have easily killed. // (Chorus) Roses, baby they ain’t just for delight, They’re proof of perseverance through day and night. // Roses wilt but come back to life; // They symbolize our struggle and strife – Rose petals ignite. (Verse 3) Wild like roses on a vine we climb, Ignoring any limits defined by time. We are blossoms that refuse to dim, In full bloom, love is how we win. (Chorus) Roses, baby they’re not always in sight, But faith in us brings them to light. Our love is fragrant and bright – A story told in each petal’s plight – 'cause we're Roses taking flight.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Roses in the garden, while we’re lying in the grass // Playing back those old songs, in our summer hourglass // You held my heart gently, like a crimson petal tossed // But baby just like roses, all good things come at a cost. // (Chorus) Like a wild rose blooming, you were free and undefined // The color of your love was the sweetest kind // Yet every rose holds secrets, concealed by its beauty’s blind // In the breath of black roses, I lost more than I could find. // (Verse 2) Moonlight painted petals, beneath our secret moon // Scented words whispered softly ‘neath a lover's tune // Thorns create the hurt, but healed from where they laid // Beneath California sunsets, where our wild roses fade. // (Chorus) You were my rose-colored boy , with laughter in your eyes // We danced through fields of petals under endless skies // But each spring becomes a winter and each love has its demise // Now I'm walking through this graveyard of roses and goodbyes. // (Bridge) Your promises were as delicate as a rose’s kiss // But they faded with time, an illusionary bliss // Each thorn is a memory; each petal is your name // But remember darling, without rain there are no roses to claim. // (Outro) So here's to our sweet summers and what could have been prematurely froze, In life's garden of fleeting moments you'll always be my favorite rose.

song lyrics about roses In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Started from the dirt, rose to the top,. Just like a rose, thorns sharp and nonstop. Pushed through the struggle, the hustle nonstop. Rose-colored dreams, making it pop. Hooked up in Calabasas, living life nonstop, My girl's skin smooth like a rose petal drop. Staring out this window, watching time swap, Blood-red petals, watch them crop. (Chorus) Rose from the concrete, like a rose to the sky. Thorns on my side, but I'm still fly. Roses in my dreams – yeah, that's no lie, Every day I bloom – don't need a tie, Ain't got time for hate or an evil spy, Only got room for roses on my tie. Just like a rose breaking free from its tie, I grip this mic – watch me amplify. (Verse 2) My life's been thorny since my mama died, Living this dream, ain't gonna hide. Got roses in my heart and roses in stride, Made it from Chicago, with God as my guide. Got a garden of talent, ain't gonna slide, Roses are red – yeah that’s no lie. From these streets of Chiraq to worldwide pride, I'm blooming bold just like a bride. (Chorus) Rose from the ashes, took life in stride. Thorns may prick me but I still ride. Roses on my chain – yeah, that's no bribe, Every beat is truth – don't need to confide, Like a rose in full bloom under sunny skies, I’m reaching new heights as time flies. Just like a rose true and tried, Can’t kill this spirit – won’t be denied. (Outro) So here's to the roses, blooming up high, To the thorns that taught me, to reach for the sky. Roses in my heart, roses in my eye, Living this life – ain't gonna lie. Be a rose in the wild, let your petals fly, Don't let them tell you that roses can't cry. Just like a rose, stand tall and spry, Yeah, I'm Kanye West – watch me magnify.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
In the garden of life, they calling me the queen,
Dominating like a rose, you know I cause a scene.
Petals deep as burgundy, stem as sharp as razors,
Standing tall and looking fine, catching all them gazers.
They try to label me fragile but they don't know,
I'm a rose in the concrete, watch how I grow. (Chorus)
Rose tinted glasses, living like a dream,
Stepping in the limelight, got me feeling supreme.
We blooming out here darling, ain't no time for dozing,
Come take a walk with me through this path of roses. (Verse 2)
Rose gold dripping off me, glistenin' in the sun,
Catching your attention baby, ain’t we having fun?
He trying to pick my petals but he ain't got no clues,
I’m not just any flower honey, got them high-heeled roots. (Chorus)
Rose tinted glasses, living like a queen,
Life a bed of roses, cut above the green.
We blooming out here darling, can't be overdosing,
Come take a walk with me through this path of roses. (Bridge)
We planting seeds of love, spreading like aroma,
Show 'em we can thrive even in life's coma.
Pedicured petals stomping on thorns,
The world’s our garden baby, where legends are born. (Chorus)
Through the rose-tinted glasses, ruling like a queen,
Got a bouquet of dreams, in this bed of the serene.
We blooming out here darling, ain't no time for dozing,
Come take a walk with me through this path of roses. (Outro)
Blossom in my stride, fragrance in my rhymes,
Living life rosy, one petal at a time.
From ashes to roses, turning all them losses,
Come take a walk with me, through this path of Roses.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I been walking down this garden path,
Roses in my sight, yeah, they bring back the past.
Black suit, black tie, standing alone,
Sending roses to your stone, wish you were home.
Seeing red, feeling blue, babe, this heartache is true.
It's me and these roses, but all I see is you.
Each petal’s a memory, each thorn a regret,
I’m lost in this garden, ain’t found closure yet.
Roses at your doorstep, baby come outside.
Let's pick up where we left off; let's not let it slide.
I got roses in my hand, love in my eyes.
Will you take them both or will our love die?
(Verse 2)
Every rose got its thorn just like every night has its dawn,
You were my sunrise, but now that light is gone.
The scent of these roses, it lingers on my skin,
Reminds me of your perfume and what could have been.
In every rose garden there's a little bit of rain,
I'm holding these roses, they’re drenched with our pain.
The petals fall softly like tears down my face,
In the middle of this rose bed, I still feel your trace.
Roses at your doorstep, baby don't be afraid.
Let's make things right again; don't let our love fade.
I got roses in my heart, thorns in my side.
Can we water this love or should it stay dried?
Roses, roses, on the vine,
Our love was sweet, like summer wine.
Roses wilt and seasons change,
But my love for you, it will remain.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Roses Like A Pro

1. Paint Your Roses with Love

So, you've decided to embark on an epic journey of penning some song lyrics about roses, huh? Brilliant choice, my friend. The key ingredient here is love. Whether you're crafting a rock song or an R&B ballad, infuse your lyrics with passion and affection. Remember, the rose is the universal symbol of love. So let's open that heart chakra and let the feels flow onto your page.

2. Color Your Lyrics with Variety

Roses come in different colors and each one has a different symbolic meaning. Inject some diversity into your songwriting by using this to your advantage. If you're writing country songs with roses in the lyrics, perhaps a yellow rose to symbolize friendship or joy? Or if you're feeling edgy and want to create rap songs with roses in the lyrics, go for black roses representing mystery or death.

3. Blend Old and New

There's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from old songs about roses while creating something wholly original. It's all about finding that balance between nostalgia and innovation. Maybe even strike a chord of familiarity by giving a modern twist to classic themes of love entwined with roses.

4. Play With Contrasts

Roses are beautiful, but they also have thorns – just like love can be both sweet and painful. Use this contrast to add depth and conflict to your song lyrics about roses! Whether it’s country or R&B song lyrics about roses you’re penning down, playing with these contrasts can add layers of complexity that listeners will find relatable.

5. Don't Shy Away from Abstract Concepts

Expressing abstract concepts like love can be challenging but using roses as a symbol can make things a bit easier. For example, a wilting rose could represent fading love while a blooming one could symbolize new beginnings or blossoming feelings.

6. Use Sensory Language

One way to make your song lyrics about roses stand out is by engaging the senses. Describe the scent of the rose, its velvety petals, or even the prick of its thorns. This will not only paint vivid images but also evoke strong emotions in your listeners.

7. Keep Things Simple and Authentic

Finally, remember that the most impactful songs about roses and love are often those that come from a genuine place. Don't overcomplicate things with lofty language or forced rhymes. Instead, let your lyrics be an honest expression of your feelings and experiences.

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