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No, no, these song lyrics about retirement were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Walking barefoot on the shoreline, // Time is mine, feeling so divine. // No more counting days or dimes, // Silver sunsets, golden times. // I've been climbing mountains, climbing high, // Now it's time to touch the sky. // Paid my dues, walked that line, // Now it's my moment; retirement time. // (Chorus) So I say “Hello to freedom”, no more 9-to-5 grind, // “Goodbye to the hustle,”, coz' I've earned this time. // I’m gonna dance beneath the sunshine, Even moonlight’s gonna find me unwind. // Hello to freedom, embracing the new tide, // Living out all those dreams while I'm in my prime. // (Verse 2) Lunches under cherry blossoms, late morning rise, Crossing every dream off this list of mine. Oh I have labored under neon lights, But now each day is a holiday in paradise. Chasing laughter and love with not a care, I’ve got grandchildren stories and wisdom to share. Oh how sweet it is just being here, Savoring what we built through those years. (Chorus) So I sing out “Hello to Freedom”, life's sweetest rhyme, Leaving behind worries; it’s my sunshine time. I’m gonna color outside the lines Breathe in life’s sweetest wine. Say “Hello to Freedom”, following my heart’s guide, Living freely in joyfulness amplified. (Verse 3) My youth was a canvas painted in bold strokes, Yet age brought wisdom and kinder jokes. I’ve learned that beauty isn't about staying young, It's about embracing every song life has sung. From the hustle and grind, I have retired, Into a life of love and peace I've aspired. With gratitude, my heart is inspired, In my golden age, I am re-fired. (Chorus) So here’s to saying “Hello to Freedom,” no need for compromise, I’m going to celebrate living, watching sunsets and sunrise. Oh, hello freedom with your beautiful guise, My heart is open; my spirit flies. Hello to Freedom, no longer need to strive, Just embracing every single day … of this glorious retired life.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) // I traded the city lights, for a million stars at night // Goodbye to the grindstone, hello to just fine on my own // Stroking the cat on my knee, as the sun sinks in the sea // No deadlines chasing me, found a new kind of ‘busy' bee // (Chorus) // Turning pages of memories pale, kissed by sunsets on retirement's trail // In this life’s second act, I follow where carefree hearts sail // No stress lines on my face, only laughter's sweet trace// This is it, I've won life's race; retirement is no less than grace! // (Verse 2) // Crowds and noise, in memory now blur // The smooth sound of waves is all that stir// In silence there is wealth; wisdom answers herself// The timepiece has stopped stealth; got some freedom off its shelf. // (Bridge) // Dipped my toes in quiet streams;, watched the day end in golden gleams// Tall tales spun with lifelong friends; oh how simple joy transcends// Bucket list no longer bends; each day soulfully extends // I am living on life’s dividends;, playing songs without pretends // (Chorus) // Turning pages of memories pale,kissed by sunsets on retirement's trail// In this life’s second act,I follw where carefree hearts sail // No stress lines on my face ,only laughter's sweet trace// This is it,I've won life's race ;retirement no less than grace! // (Outro) So here’s a toast to everyday bliss// In every sunset ,a lover ‘s kiss // Writing the sonnet of my ease,; with sweet leisure, I’m at peace// Retirement is not an end; it’s a beginning without cease.//

song lyrics about retirement In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Retirement, ain't that a funny phrase?. Used to be all about the money craze.. Now it's golf clubs and channel surfing days. Living the dream in laid-back, low-key ways. They told me, Ye, ain't you tired of the fame?. Nah, man, I ain't tired of the game. But there's something 'bout sitting back, dropping the name,. Focusing on family instead of that acclaim. (Chorus) I'm talking 'bout retirement, in a sunlit room. Hanging up my hat, leaving behind the gloom. Gonna find me a spot where those roses bloom, Where there's no pressure to always assume. (Verse 2) A new chapter, stepping outta this race, No more paparazzi all up in my face. Sellin' records ain't gotta be my chase, Life got more flavor than that platinum bass. Look at ‘Ye now, with his salt'n'pepper hair, Those wrinkles just proof of a millionaire. Time to kick back in that comfy armchair, Life a beautiful solitaire. (Chorus) I'm talking 'bout retirement, in that evening glow. No more stages or putting on a show. Just peace and quiet, letting that river flow, Breaking these chains, letting go. (Bridge) This is for those who crave silence over sound, Who found their peace on solid ground. It's not about being tied or bound, But embracing that freedom we've found. (Chorus) I'm talking 'bout retirement, with that sunset view, Leaving behind what I thought I knew. Trading the old, embracing the new, That's retirement, it's a different hue. (Outro) So here's to retirement, the golden years, A toast to leaving behind those fears. I've shed my blood, sweat, and tears, Now it's time for cheers.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Uh, clocked off forever, No more 9 to 5, Retirement on the horizon, feelin' so alive, Stacked checks, made bank, now it's time to dive, Cashed out the hustle, we no longer need to strive. Pull up to the beach house in that shiny white Rover, Living life on my terms, yeah the grind is over, Vacay every day just like I told'ya, Enough green to make even Wall Street bow and fold ya. (Chorus) Steppin' out my cubicle, into the infinity pool, No more deadlines, baby, I ain't nobody's fool. Queen of retirement, sitting on my jewel throne, Made it to the top and held it down on my own. (Verse 2) No room for stress, only champagne bubbles, Work-life balance? Nah, retirement doubles. No more business meetings or office troubles, Just margaritas on patios with gorgeous ocean rumbles. I got silver in my hair but gold in my heart, With every ticking moment, it's a brand new start. Retirement is an art, and baby I’m Picasso, Every day's a masterpiece, basking in the glow. (Bridge) Now it's bingo nights and afternoons of golf, Living life in slow-mo, oh baby I'm aloft. Sailing on clouds with a gentle loft, Retirement’s sweet as a cherry parfait scoffed. (Chorus) Steppin' out my cubicle, into the infinity pool, No more deadlines, baby, I ain't nobody's fool. Queen of retirement, sitting on my jewel throne, Made it to the top and held it down on my own. (Outro) Retirement ain't a finish line, it's a golden gate, Living every moment, yeah it feels so great. This ain't the end, naah, just a new state, In this retirement life, I’m the queen, checkmate.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Started from the bottom, now I'm here.
Never thought I'd see retirement near.
All those years of grindin', sweatin' tears.
Now it's time to kick back, face my fears. (Chorus)
‘Cause now I'm retired, yeah I'm laidback,.
No more stressin', cuttin' no slack.
Got my pension and my Cadillac,
Making memories, ain't lookin' back. (Verse 2)
All those years up in that corporate race.
Now all I got is time and space.
From office suits to that easy chair,
This the life, yeah it's only fair. (Chorus)
‘Cause now I'm retired, yeah I'm living free,
No more deadlines hanging over me.
Sunshine days and moonlit nights,
Celebrating life in the city lights.
In retirement dreams take flight,

No more battling out of spite.
This new chapter feels so right,

In the glow of the golden light. (Chorus)
‘Cause now I'm retired, yeah I've earned this peace,

No more rushing for that office lease.

Livin' easy like a summer breeze,
‘Cause retirement feels like sweet release.
I'll take my time, live on my own pace,
No more part of that mad rat race.
The future's bright with a silver trace,
Yes, retirement's a beautiful space.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Retirement Like A Pro

1. Embrace The Change, Don't Resist It

Retirement ain't a dead end, folks! It’s the beginning of a new era, rich with possibilities. So the first tip for creating some sick retirement themed lyrics is to focus on this positive transition. Talk about the ending of work life as an opening of another exciting chapter. Think about it – no more alarm clocks or rush hour traffic! It's all about taking control, and yes, that includes control of the remote too!

2. Get Real With The Feel

When crafting your songs for retirees, don't shy away from expressing feelings – both the highs and lows. Remember, retirement can evoke a mix bag of emotions – excitement, relief, fear, uncertainty… you name it! Use your lyrics to tap into these sentiments and make your song relatable.

3. Humor Is Your Best Friend

Who said retirement songs have to be stuffy? Bring out your humorous side while writing those retiring song lyrics. Let's face it – there are plenty of funny aspects about retiring; from finally having time to fix that leaky faucet to becoming an unexpected babysitter for grandkids!

4. Pay Homage To The Work Life Journey

In your retirement anthem, do justice to the work life journey that’s coming to a close. Talk about those long meetings that could have been emails or that one coworker who always snagged the last donut on Fridays. Keep it real and honest but in a light-hearted way.

5. Bring In The Excitement Of What Lies Ahead

Yes, work is over but hey, life isn’t! Your transitioning into retirement songs should include the excitement of what lies ahead. Maybe it's travels, hobbies or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in peace! Make your listeners look forward to their golden years.

6. Don't Forget The Wisdom

With retirement comes wisdom and your lyrics should reflect that. Add a touch of wisdom, advice or life lessons in your retirement songs. It could be something as profound as the value of time or as simple as learning to enjoy solitude.

7. Keep it Universal Yet Personal

Last but not least, while writing your retirement themed lyrics, try to strike a balance between being universal and personal. You want your song to resonate with everyone but at the same time, you don't want it to lose its personal touch.
Remember – we're all unique in our retirement journey!

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