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No, no, these song lyrics about ptsd were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) In the silent corners of my mind, I'm still at war, // Every sound and shadow, they keep hitting the core. // Awake at midnight, fighting battles unseen, // Within a world that's quiet, in a dream that's keen. // (Chorus) I’m a soldier of the past, wrestling with today, // Wearing invisible scars that never fade away. // Still dancing to life's rhythm, still singing my song, // In this cathedral of hope where I belong. // (Verse 2) The echoes are loud; they’re like embers in the rain// Falling on my peace whispering yesterday's pain, // Yet every sunrise reminds me of an unbroken vow -// To live for tomorrow whilst healing somehow. // (Chorus) I’m a soldier of the past wrestling with today, Wearing invisible scars that never fade away. Despite it all I'm fierce; I'm strong and I'm brave, In this battlefield called life – it is me I must save. (Verse 3) In every mirror’s reflection is where resilience remains, A constant reminder that love overcomes pains. With hands open wide embracing life again, Unveiling strengths hidden within each stain. (Chorus) I’m a soldier of the past wrestling with today, Wearing invisible scars that never fade away. Of one thing I'm sure; not all is lost – you see I am not defined by PTSD.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Midnight dreams bleed into the dawn, // Waking me up, with a shiver and yawn. // Broken pieces of a forgotten war, // Still echo in my mind like a shoreless roar. // (Chorus) Ghosts of the past, haunting my sleep, // Tell them I'm not yours to keep. // I'm gonna rise like a phoenix in flight, // Though they tell me I can't win this fight. // (Verse 2) These cold steel memories, they stab and sting, // A soldier's song that I've learned to sing. // But beneath the scars and the shadowed pain, // Is a girl who just wants to dance in the rain. // (Chorus) With courage wrapped in resilience, I step into light, // Out of those darkest chapters of my longest night. // This life won't be dictated by fears untold, From ashes and dust…I'll turn it into gold. (Bridge) Oh these walls around me, stronger than stone,// Have protected but imprisoned me all alone.// So I'll tear down the fortress built by fear, To let love enter…pure and clear. (Ending Chorus) For every nightmare that tries to pull me beneath, My strength builds up from every breath I breathe. This won't be an anthem sung for pity, Just resilience tale; my post-traumatic symphony. (Tagline) The echoes fade as I find my way//
In this haunted heart..I will no longer stay //
Through fire and fury…sound of drums, Find beauty in battles…the survivor's anthem comes.

song lyrics about ptsd In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Sitting on a throne with a crown of thorns. Gazing at the past, my soul feels torn. PTSD tryna creep in my dreams. Dark thoughts blooming, making it hard to breathe. Nightmares swarming bout the time I couldn't save her. Memories hitting like a heavyweight bruiser. PTSD, you can't hold me down bro. God's got my back, navigating through shadows. PTSD, I see your ugly face, But I'ma rise from this hell, leaving no trace. (Verse 2) Flashing lights take me back to the scene. Eyes wide open in a haunted dream. Recalling voices that no longer linger, Silhouettes of past playing finger-trigger. Fighting each battle every night, The war ain't over till I see the light. PTSD, you can't chain me no more, Got my faith, my light in this turmoil. PTSD, I know your wicked game, But I'ma break these chains, reclaim my name. (Bridge) Night sweats and fear ain't gonna break me, Got God and love to liberate me. This life's a war zone, but I'm soldier strong, PTSD you won't keep me down for long. (Outro) Survived the struggle, life tried to mug me, Escaped the clutches, PTSD can't touch me. Pushed through pain till it turned into power, Standing tall in triumph's golden hour. Beat PTSD, don't need no rhyme or reason. This is my victory anthem for every season.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
Yeah, they say that I'm the queen, but I'm battling my past,
Got this PTSD, shadow hanging overcast.
Momma said be strong, Minaj don't ever break,
But it's hard to hold on when your soul is at stake.
They don't see the tears and the fights before the fame,
Just a Barbie doll image, they ain't playing my game.
Survivor of a storm, still dancing in the rain,
PTSD is a fire, but I still spit that flame. (Chorus) Got PTSD but I'm still fighting,
Even in darkness my spirit's lightning.
Onika Tanya rising like a phoenix from the ashes,
Turning all my pain into dollar stashes. (Verse 2) I been through hell and back, yeah that's no secret,
But with every setback, watch me flip it to a feat.
Invisible bruises, wounds deeper than skin,
On this journey of healing let the self-love begin. (Chorus) Tasting my tears while I'm counting these bands,
Running in stilettos from these PTSD sands. Drowning in flashbacks but I keep on swimming,
Fighting my demons but you see me winning. (Bridge) This ain't no sob song, this is my anthem,
Rising from trauma with strength at random. Rapping my truth 'bout living with scars,
‘Cause PTSD soldiers are real-life stars. (Chorus) Getting lost in my mind, finding paths in the maze,
Turning demons into verses, setting stages ablaze.
Chasing dreams while I'm outrunning memories,
They call it PTSD, I call it my legacy. (Outro) This one's for my girls living with the unseen,
Battling their past while they're chasing their dream. Raise your crown high, even if you're in pain,
‘Cause you're a queen, baby; let it pour like rain.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I've been up all night, **tryna outrun these shadows,**
In the darkest corners of my mind, where pain battles.
Memories **loud as sirens,** drown out the calm,
Got the weight of all that trauma resting in my palm. (Chorus)
**Can you hear the echoes of my past?**
PTSD hitting hard, hitting fast.
The demons lurk, **the flashbacks crash,**
Inside my mind, the shattered glass. (Verse 2)
**Stuck on this battlefield**, no soldier in sight,
Been fighting off these memories every single night.
Trying to find peace but **the silence screams,**
Caught up in the nightmare that strangles dreams. (Chorus)
Can you feel that rhythm of my heart?
Every beat's a memory tearing me apart. **PTSD's got a hold,** can't let go, Lost in the deep end, caught in the undertow. (Bridge)
Yesterday's wars still **echo in my veins**,
Every silent tear is another link in these chains. No fame can erase this kind of scar, Looking for healing between each rap bar. (Chorus)
Can you touch the **wounds left by the past?** PTSD's a shadow that's forever cast. But I'm Drake, and I won't break, even when I crash, From these ashes, I'll rise – with each and every hash. (Outro)
Yeah it's PTSD, more than just three letters, It’s standing tall even when life would make you lesser. So here’s to us fighters with stories untold, May we find light even when the night is cold.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About PTSD Like A Pro

1. Dig Deep into the Emotion

Alright, to kick things off, let’s dive into the deep end of the pool. PTSD lyrics are all about expressing the deep emotions that come with trauma. When writing these lyrics, don't shy away from the raw emotionality of it all. Unearth your feelings, give them a voice and let them seep into your words unfiltered. Use emotional music as a catalyst to help you tap into those buried sentiments. Remember, you're not just scribbling words on paper – you're painting a picture of an internal struggle with your pen.

2. Keep it Authentic

Now, here's where things get real – authenticity is key when delving into topics like PTSD and mental health songs. Your listeners can smell sugar-coating from miles away, so keep it 100 with them! Don't be afraid to get candid about your experiences or thoughts – whether they’re rooted in anxiety-themed lyrics or depression in music.

3. The Power of Metaphor

Metaphors aren't just for English class anymore, folks! They can breathe life into your PTSD lyrics by adding depth and layers to your narrative. Instead of saying “I felt trapped”, why not say “I was a bird in an iron cage”? See how that works? You're not only conveying the same sentiment but giving listeners an immersive experience. So go ahead and experiment with these literary devices – they might just become your new best friends in songwriting!

4. Give War-Related Songs a Personal Touch

When we talk about PTSD, war-related songs often come to mind due to their historical association with post-traumatic stress disorder. But remember, your song doesn't have to be a literal account of battlefield experiences. It could be about any traumatic experience that leaves an emotional scar. Keep your songs tethered to reality but add a dash of personal perspective to make them resonate with listeners.

5. Healing Through Music: Write for Catharsis

Music has this amazing power to heal, soothe and provide comfort. When crafting your PTSD lyrics, aim for catharsis – for both you and the listener. Let your song be the light at the end of a dark tunnel, offering hope and solace. Remember, you're not just writing a song; you're creating an anthem for resilience! Healing through music is real and it's powerful.

6. Create an Emotional Arc

The best songs take listeners on an emotional journey, don't they? Your PTSD lyrics should do the same – start with the hardship but don't forget to include moments of strength and healing too! This will give your song a narrative arc that's as enticing as it is poignant.

7. Include Coping Mechanisms in Your Narrative

Lastly, try incorporating elements of coping into your narrative – whether it's therapy, meditation or simply talking about feelings. This not only adds depth to your lyrics but also provides listeners with coping with PTSD through songwriting strategies they might find helpful in their own lives.
Remember folks, this isn't about producing chart-topping hits; it's about crafting honest, heartfelt songs that can potentially help someone out there feel less alone in their struggle.

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