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No, no, these song lyrics about prom were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Walking down the hallway, glimmer in my eye, // Caught a glimpse of you and my soul starts to fly. // Dress all shades of midnight, shoes that touch the stars, // Tonight at this prom night, we're gonna be ours. // (Chorus) Underneath the disco ball, in the heart of sound, // We'll dance past midnight hours until no one's around. // It's our time to shine beneath the whispers of this night, // This prom, our story unfolds under the bewitching light. // (Verse 2) Limousines and corsages, memories in bloom, // In those stolen glances across this crowded room. // It’s like candy-coated stardust falling from above, // With every beat of music is a whisper of love. // (Chorus) Underneath the disco ball, in the heart of sound, // We’re writing timeless chapters as our hearts pound. // It’s us against the world on this enchanted night, // This prom, we rise together under moonlight’s soft sight. // (Verse 3) When they call for Prom King and Queen with their crowns oh so bright,// All I see is your smile radiating through twilight.// Our youth is fleeting like a well-sung song,// But tonight at this prom, we're where we belong. Final Chorus) Underneath the disco ball, in whispers that surround,// With echoes of laughter being our only sound .
On this magical eve, with love that’s pure and right,// This prom will live on, even after tonight.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) “Dappled in starlight, boutonnieres held tight”, // A whispered chorus of gowns swept the night. // “Spinning around with you this evening,” // Our dreams unfolding like a secret we’re weaving. // (Chorus) “Underneath prom night's indigo glow,” // We dance on the edge of tomorrow. // Just a small town story that only we know, // Our hearts echoing in resonance so low. // (Verse 2) In her dress of satin and lace, she looks like a queen, // He's the jester playing in his blue jeans scene. // “Castles and crowns in his eyes.” // A kingdom that reflects our shared midnight skies. // (Bridge) As the band plays our song so sweet, // “These are the moments time can't beat.” // With each heartbeat echoing our promise to keep, // Hold onto this night before reality creeps. (Chorus) On this stage of sequins and tulle rosette glow, Dancing through life's fast and slow. Just a small town memory stitched seam by seam, Tonight we're living inside our shared dream. (Outro) Together we're more than just prom queen and king, Surrounded by friends as we laugh and sing. “Forever etched in heartbeats under moonlight,” This is so much more than just another prom night.

song lyrics about prom In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yeah, swapped my sneakers for a tux.
Is this prom night or just some high stake luck?.
In the mirror, looking fly, ain't no duck.
Got the city on my back, won't get stuck.
Limo pull up, doors opened up.
My date step out, something like a dream shook up.
Diamonds on her neck, ain't no lil teacup.
We're about to set this night on fire, let's cook up.
(Chorus) Prom night baby, we gonna light the stars.
From classrooms and lockers to fancy cars.
All eyes on us as we waltz in the bar.
This is our moment, we've come so far.
(Verse 2) Underneath these chandeliers we dance and sway;
Rewriting rules like we Ye's protege.
Spiked punch flowing but we don't stray;
In our minds and hearts, this prom night replay. She in that dress like a queen for a day;
I'm in this suit feeling cool like I'm Jay.
This ain't no child's play, it’s our runway;
On prom night baby, we don't play. (Chorus) Prom night baby, we gonna shine so bright.
From teenage heartthrobs to kings and queens of the night
. Feeling higher than a kite; it feels so right
. This is our moment; it’s time to ignite. (Bridge) Put your glass up high if you feel my vibe,
Tonight we making memories that'll last a lifetime.
Prom night baby, we're feeling so alive,
It’s our time to thrive; we in our prime. (Outro) As the night ends, we drift away,
In the wind of time, just like sand in a bay.
But remember this prom night, it's more than just play,
It's our symphony; it's our ballet.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Ayo, stepping out the limo, I'm fresher than the mint, Prom queen coming through, eyeing for the win. Looking like a diamond, shine brighter than your chintz, I'm breaking all the rules, ain't no room for the prinz. Got 'em heads turning left and right, Glowing in the moonlight, Baby I'm dynamite. Bet on Nicki, it's a sure bet, ‘Cause when I step on the dance floor, it's a set. (Chorus) Prom Night, hearts light up like dynamite, Party till we see the daylight, Promise you baby, it'll be worth your while. Prom Night, we'll laugh, cry and ignite, This ain't just any other night, We're making memories that'll never defile. (Verse 2) Drop it down low in my Versace gown, Running this kingdom, hand me my crown. Riding solo, need no knight, Gonna show 'em how Nicki does Prom Night. These heels higher than your GPA, On this beat, baby I slay. With every step I take on this floor, Got the crowd screaming for more. (Chorus) Prom Night, hearts light up like dynamite, Party till we see the daylight, Promise you baby it'll be worth your while. Prom Night, we'll laugh, cry and ignite, This ain't just another night, We're making memories that will never defile. (Bridge) Step up to me if you want to compete, But remember honey, I never accept defeat. This is my night, can't dim my bright, I'm the queen of this Prom Night. (Chorus) Prom Night, hearts light up like dynamite, Party till we see the daylight, Promise you baby it'll be worth your while. Prom Night, we'll laugh, cry and ignite, This ain't just another night, We're making memories that will never defile. (Outro) Prom Night, yeah, it's outta sight, End of the night, still shining bright. Remember my name 'cause baby I'm a star, Prom Queen Nicki, setting the bar.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Yeah, we're stepping out in the city lights, prom night so bright.
She in her dress so white, got me feeling so right.
Remember how time flew, we were just kids in the schoolyard.
Now we're here, glittering stars, feeling hard.
Anchor's on my shirt but you're the one keeping me steady.
Laughs and whispers, memories already heavy.
Prom queen stealing scenes with your crown and your gown.
Making this king feel he's won more than a crown.
(Chorus) Prom night, we're dancing under the moonlight.
Your eyes, they outshine all the starlight.
We're growing up fast but tonight let's just slow down,
Just you and me girl, ruling this town.
(Verse 2) Used to dream about nights like these in our classroom seats,
Now we're living those dreams, feeling these beats.
Said she's nervous, I told her “just follow my lead”,
With every step with you girl, it's a new rhythm I read.
Took a shot of courage and asked you for this dance,
Never knew that moment would spark this romance.
Prom night shining bright under high school lights,
With you by my side baby, everything feels right.
(Chorus) Prom night, caught up in this twilight.
Your hand in mine, ain't never felt so right.
We've come a long way from that first hello,
This ain't the end, it's just another mellow.
(Outro) Prom night, baby that's a memory,
Gonna carry it with me like a melody.
Lost in your eyes ‘neath the disco ball glow,
Prom night, that's one thing I'll never let go.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Prom Like A Pro

1. Channel Your Inner Teenage Dream

Remember when you were a teen, swooning over your high school crush, dreaming about that magical prom night? Tap into that energy and let it guide your lyrics. Think back to the excitement, the jitters – all those deliciously intense emotions that come with teenage romance. Transport your listeners back to their own nostalgic songs, those reminiscent of their first slow dances and awkward love ballads.

2. Set the Scene

Now here's where you get to paint a picture. This ain't no ordinary Tuesday night – it's prom night! The glittering decorations, the dimmed lights, the rustle of fancy dresses and tailored suits. Use vivid imagery to bring these reminiscing melodies to life. And remember, every good story has a setting that makes you want to dive right in.

3. Play Up the High School Dance Drama

Prom ain't prom without a dash of drama! Maybe there's a love triangle brewing or perhaps our protagonist is vying for the title of prom queen or king? Whatever it is, add some intrigue into your lyrics – spice up those coming of age themes with twists and turns that'll keep listeners on their toes!

4. It's All About the Emotions!

Prom is one helluva emotional rollercoaster ride, and so should be your song! From anticipation to exhilaration, from heartbreaks to elation – make sure your lyrics capture this full spectrum of feelings. Note: This isn't just about love ballads; it’s about capturing every single emotion that makes prom such an unforgettable experience.

5. Make It Relatable

Prom night might be once in a lifetime event but its essence is universal – young love, fresh-faced optimism, teenage dreams. So, work these universal themes into your lyrics and make sure it resonates with everyone who's ever been to prom, or fantasized about it.

6. Hit the Dance Floor

Let's not forget – prom is all about the dance! So, whether your song is about a slow dance under the disco ball or a wild group number that gets everyone grooving, make sure you incorporate this element into your lyrics. And don’t forget – the best prom queen and king songs are always the ones you can boogie to!

7. The Power of Nostalgia

Prom is a significant milestone in many people's lives – it's a symbol of youth and innocence that leaves a lasting imprint on our hearts. Use this to your advantage when writing your lyrics. Create a song that takes people back to their own prom night, one filled with nostalgic power which they can't resist humming along to!

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