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No, no, these song lyrics about pretty girl were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Little miss sunshine, you're bright as the day // Caramel dreams, in your eyes, they play // Embroidered in gold, your heart so pure // Your smile, a cure, makes love endure // (Chorus) Pretty girl, living in a diamond world // Glowing pearl, Your story needs to be told // In every chapter, may you unfold // Pretty girl, with dreams yet untold // (Verse 2) Twirling in satin and silk laces// In the mirror are the smitten faces // A masterpiece, you’re God's own art// Carrying universes within your heart// (Chorus) Pretty girl, catching every shooting star// An open book, show them who you are// Never hide that divine scar// Pretty girl,, shining from afar// (Verse 3) You’re a wonder walking under moonbeams// Turning impossibles into hopeful dreams // Your spirit dances wild and free// Underneath that old cherry tree // (Chorus) Pretty girl, singing life’s melody // The notes of your soul set us free// Infinite symphony of perfect harmony// Our Pretty girl, beauty’s symphony

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) // I saw her in the heart of a midsummer dream, // With eyes that rivaled the jade sea gleam. // She walked as if she wore a crown, // With soft sunbeams painting her golden gown. // (Chorus) // Oh, she’s a story yet untold, // In the sky, among the stars she's sprinkled gold. // Like an unwritten poem with verses unseen, // This girl is a wish on an unplucked string. // (Verse 2) // A whispering wind in the lilac field, // Her grace is like an unwrapped golden seal. // She walks in rhythm with the hummingbird's flight, // Her laughter dances like fireflies at night. // (Chorus) // In the canvas of this world so wide, // She’s an artwork brought to life in moonlight tide. // This girl is a melody that sings serene, // Echoing softly through life’s vast ravine. // (Bridge) // Mirroring summer's sweet and tender hue,// Petals would bow to touch her morning dew. In every heartache and every joy, She finds strength that nothing can destroy. (Chorus) // Bathed in starlight and dawn’s first glow,// This pretty girl carries heaven wherever she goes. Unseen are those battles which underlie, Yet her spirit soars across the boundless sky. (Tagline) The prettiest thing isn’t just what you see,// It's also about how beautiful someone can truly be. Through all life’s seasons – come rain or shine, I’ve seen such beauty – oh pretty girl, how divine!

song lyrics about pretty girl In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) See that pretty girl walking down the street., Got them Yeezy's on her feet, she keeping it discreet., In that Balenciaga fit, looking oh so sweet., Every man's dream, and me she's about to meet. , Eyes like diamonds, glittering in the sun., Lips like sugar, her smile just begun. , Body language saying she ain't about the fun. , But I'm Kanye West, baby, I'm the chosen one. , (Chorus) Pretty girl, in this pretty world. , You're more than just another pearl. , Got my head spinning, got my heart in a whirl. , With you baby, I could take on the world. , (Verse 2) She got that Kim K vibe but she writes her own narrative., Intelligence and beauty, damn it's imperative., She knows her worth, got that positive comparative., In a world full of fake, she's truly declarative. , She got ambitions like a lioness on a hunt., Never steps back, always at the front., In this game of life, she don't ever punt., Pretty girl, come on baby don't be blunt. , (Chorus) Pretty girl, in this ugly world, You're shining bright like a diamond unfurled, Got my mind racing, got my thoughts curled, With you baby, we could change the world. (Bridge) She's not just another pretty face in the crowd., Her silence speaks volumes but her words are loud., In her presence, I am humbled and bowed, Pretty girl in this world, standing proud. (Final Chorus/Outro) Pretty girl, in this chaos swirled, You're my peace, my comfort unfurled. In your arms, our dreams twirled, Pretty girl, you're my world.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) She walking in the room, like a boom boom boom, Head to toe, she's a baddie, she's got that bloom. Red bottoms on her feet, feeling sky high, Fendi on her body, she's the apple of my eye. Rocking that lipstick, popping it like a pistol, Looking like a star, spotlight is her crystal. Insta glow, got the world in her hand, All these haters out there just can't understand. Diamonds all on her wrist, yeah they dancing, She's a queen out here – graceful prancing. From Jamaica Queens to this global scene, My girl's got a vision, yeah she’s living the dream. (Chorus) Pretty girl, you're the one that runs the world, Got them diamonds and pearls, Pretty girl, light up my night and make it swirl, With every twist and twirl. (Verse 2) On top of the mountain, she's ruling, Got that Minaj power – no fooling. Pink print on her life – no losing, Her game so strong – it’s confusing. Cute face with a mind so sassy, Every step she takes is so classy. She's got beauty and brains – no plastic, My pretty girl is fantastic. Barbie dreams but Ken can't play ‘Cause this pretty girl gonna slay. Nicki flow for my number one bae, My pretty girl makes my day. (Chorus) Pretty girl, you're the one that shines so bright In this city night light, Pretty girl, with your charm and sprite, Oh, you're such a delight. (Outro) Pretty girl, you're more than just a face, You’ve got grace, embrace your space – win the race. With your heart so pure and your style so slick, My pretty girl, you're the pick of Nicki's clique.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Seen her in the city, a vision so pretty,
Pure as a melody, she's my perfect symphony.
Every curve, every line, like an artist's design,
In her eyes, I see love, not the ordinary kind.
This girl beyond divine, got me crossing that line,
No more playing it cool, in my thoughts she shines.
Pretty girl in the city, won't you come and get me?
Got me all tied up, your beauty ain't no mystery.
(Verse 2)
Always on my mind, her love's hard to find,
Even in the crowd, she's the one that stands out.
Our worlds collide, with her by my side,
Girl, you’re a masterpiece, there’s no doubt about.
Feeling so high, with you I could fly,
Girl you're like a dream, under this moonlit sky.
Pretty girl in the city, won't you come and get me?
Your love's got me hypnotized, your touch ain't no mystery.
In this game of love, let's roll the dice,
With every move we make, feels like paradise.
Pretty girl in the city, won't you come and get me?
In your arms, feeling high – this feeling ain’t no mystery.
And as the night fades, your beauty never blurs,
Pretty girl in the city, this song is just for her.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Pretty Girl Like A Pro

1. Paint Your Pretty Girl with Vivid Imagery

So you've got this captivating beauty in your mind, right? Now, it's time to bring her to life using vibrant, descriptive language. Write song lyrics that illuminate every detail of this pretty girl – from the way her laughter rings out like a symphony, to the hypnotic rhythm of her walk. The key is to be specific. Instead of just saying she's beautiful, describe how she lights up the room when she walks in or how her eyes sparkle more than any diamond ever could.

2. Make Use of Metaphors and Similes

Remember that you're not writing a scientific paper here! You want your lyrics about this beautiful girl to be as poetic and evocative as possible. So go ahead and compare her smile with the sunrise or declare that she's as refreshing as a cool summer breeze. Metaphors and similes can transform your song lyrics into a romantic poetry masterpiece.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Show Vulnerability

There's something irresistibly human about vulnerability. It gives depth to your lyrics and makes them relatable. So let down those walls! Show how this gorgeous lady makes your heart flutter, or how you get tongue-tied every time you see her.

4. Keep it Authentic and Genuine

Nothing screams “unoriginal” more than cliches and overused phrases about love and attraction. So when writing about your stunning girl, ditch the tired old expressions like “apple of my eye.” Instead, concoct your own unique terms of endearment for this lovely lady – something that truly expresses what she means to you.

5. Incorporate a Catchy Chorus

A catchy chorus can turn your song from a one-time listen to an earworm that's stuck on repeat. So when writing about this attractive woman, make sure you've got a chorus that not only encapsulates the essence of your feelings for her, but also has a rhythm and melody that listeners won't be able to resist singing along to.

6. Create a Storyline within Your Lyrics

Every great song tells a story. Instead of penning random lines about how pretty your girl is, why not weave a narrative that chronicles your journey with her? Maybe it's the tale of how you met the most beautiful girl at a friend's party, or perhaps it's about how this captivating beauty stole your heart and never gave it back. The possibilities are endless!

7. Don’t Forget to Make Her Feel Special

When writing song lyrics about a pretty girl, it’s essential to make her feel like she’s the only one in the world who matters. Let her know she’s not just another pretty face, but rather an enchanting lady whose beauty emanates from within.
You can do this by highlighting what makes her unique – be it her infectious laughter, witty comebacks, or kind-hearted nature – and make those qualities shine in your lyrics.

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