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No, no, these song lyrics about opportunity were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) As the world turns, beneath a starry dome// Gotta keep finding my path, build my own home// At the crossroads and life's infinite seas// Ain't no wishing star, I'm my own decree.// (Chorus) Opportunity knocks, ringing like a symphony// I answer with courage, no room for mystery// Riding on hope, with destiny as my guide// Every door I open is a new, broad stride.// (Verse 2) Shining brighter than diamonds in a sable sky// Ambition’s fire will never let me die// In every echo of failure, hear the whisper begin// A phoenix from ashes; it's another chance to win.// (Chorus) Opportunity knocks, bathing me in its luminary// My strength reverberates; it’s revolutionary// Clasping every moment with fierce tenacity// Every decision shaping my audacious legacy.// (Verse 3) When shadows stretch long and doubts creep in close// Remember you've got more power than most// The sun always returns when the moon bids adieu// Each dawn is a chance to start anew.// (Chorus) Opportunity knocks, echoing its sweet serenade// My heart pulses with dreams that will not fade// Armed with love and steeled by faith so pure // For every challenge thrown our way – we’ve got the cure.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Underneath a golden sky, // I see a thousand dreams go by, // Chasing shadows in the night, // Barefoot, restless, full of fight. // In the canvas of my mind, // A painted road I've yet to find. // Crossroads whispering sweet tunes, // Guiding me towards the moon. // (Chorus) For each winding road, each stardust trail, // Opportunity's knocking with a fairy-tale. // For every bright promise, every new sunrise, // There's another door opening in life's surprise. // (Verse 2) In this vast world of possibility, // I'm trying on new identities. // Trading fears for bravery’s glow, // Through winding streets and rivers flow. A life woven in poetry’s spell, // In every word, a tale to tell. // A symphony that ends and starts, // Echoing through all our hearts. (Chorus) With every teardrop waterfall, every laugh so rare, There's a fresh start hiding somewhere. Through all our hopes and all our fears, A New Day dawning, loud and clear. (Bridge) Unwritten chapters of tomorrow, May bring joy or occasional sorrow. But opportunity’s song we sing, The most beautiful awakening. (Outro) For in flickers of dawn light, Each moment holds new delight. An enchanting symphony unfurls, As we dance with opportunity – the pearls!

song lyrics about opportunity In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Opportunity knocking, at my front door., Asking AM I ready to explore., The world so vast, the stakes so high., But I'm a soldier and I ain't gonna lie., I see the stars, up in the sky., I dig deep, just gotta try., Watch me soar, watch me rise., I ain't got time for no goodbyes., In my veins, can you feel the flow?, The rhythm of ambition, the heart's tempo., (Chorus) Opportunity, opportunity, come set me free. , In this game of life, it's all on me., Knockin' on doors in this celebrity sea., Got my faith and hustle, yeah that's the key., (Verse 2) In this city of dreams, where stories unfold. , With every step forward, watch my future mold. , A million pathways, which one do I choose? , Never scared to win, never scared to lose. , Life ain't about no second chances., It's about taking risks and on-point glances. , Grabbing opportunity, by its horns. , Rising from ashes like I'm reborn., (Chorus) Opportunity, opportunity, come set me free. , In this game of life, it's all on me. , Knockin' on doors in this mad reality. , Got my faith and hustle and that's my strategy., (Bridge) With every beat of my heart, with every breath. , I seize the moment till nothin' left. , This is my time, this is my hour. , Opportunity – you give me power., (Chorus) Opportunity, opportunity, come set me free. , In this game of life, it's all on me. , Knockin' on doors with my ability. , For the world to see, this is my versatility., (Outro) Opportunity in my hand, destiny in my sight. , On a journey of dreams, ready to ignite., I'm the fire, I'm the light. , In this world of darkness, I'm the fight.,

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
It's Barbie, back on the beat, ain’t no defeat,
No retreat, just success every time we meet.
Opportunity knocking at my door,
I grab my bag, hit the studio floor.
Every rhyme I spit hits like a hurricane,
Rising up from Queens, never felt the pain.
I'm a lioness, bet you heard me roar,
Got them lining up for more and more. (Hook)
Opportunity, got it in my hand,
All these haters shaking like they're in quicksand.
Climbing to the top, yeah that’s the plan,
You can't hold me back, don't you understand? (Chorus)
Gonna grab it, gonna seize it 'til I fly high.
I'ma break these walls until I touch the sky, Create my kingdom, honey, watch me multiply. (Verse 2) Dripping wealth, yeah that's my fashion, Mind moves faster than a Bugatti Veyron. Spraying success like new perfume passion, Just another day in the life of a champion. (Hook) Opportunity, shimmering like gold dust, Can't keep up with me? Then baby just adjust. I’m not just a star, I’m the whole cosmic crust, In Minaj we trust, cause success is a must! (Chorus) O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y, Don't let it slip away; don't be shy. With every chance, I'm gonna multiply Create my empire, honey, watch me amplify. (Outro) Making my moves, got no time for regret, Nicki Minaj, a name you'll never forget. Opportunity's here, and you can bet, I'ma seize it all, cause I'm a sure bet.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) I've been climbin' these stairs, but they never end.
The weight of the world, on my shoulders, my only friend.
And it's heavy, but I'm steady, never ready to bend.
Chasin' these dreams, under the moonlight's sheen.
(Hook) Opportunity's knocking, I hear it at night.
In the silence and shadows, beneath the pale moonlight.
Every echo in my mind is telling me to take flight.
And when I touch a mic, it feels so right.
(Chorus) I've been waiting for an opportunity, can't you see?
A chance to be more than just another MC.
Got this fire in my soul, burning uncontrollably.
Waiting for an opportunity to set it free.
(Verse 2) Remember nights on the grind, no sleep in sight.
Beneath city lights, scribbling rhymes by candlelight.
This music is a journey and I'm just hitchin' a ride,
Every beat’s another road, every verse another stride.
(Hook) Opportunity's knocking, in the still of the night
In whispers and secrets that take flight
It's a song only heard when you're quiet inside
When your hunger eclipses your pride
(Chorus) I've been waiting for an opportunity, can't you feel?
To show what's within me is real
This music's my refuge, it’s my steel
Waiting for that opportunity to seal the deal.
(Outro) So when opportunity knocks, I’ll answer, you'll see
’Cause this music, this passion, it's where I need to be.
With every opportunity, I find another piece of me
This is my journey, this is my plea – for my opportunity.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Opportunity Like A Pro

1. Embrace the Power of Chance

Sometimes, the best song lyrics come from those unexpected moments of inspiration. So, don't just wait for opportunity to knock, bust down the door and invite it in. Opportunity is the wild card in the deck of life – unpredictable, spontaneous and often game-changing. When writing song lyrics about opportunity, weave that sense of chance into your words. It’s about finding that silver lining in a stormy sky or seizing the moment when doors open. Keep it real and relatable.

2. Paint Your Lyrics with Pursuing Dreams

Dreams are like oxygen for your song's heartbeat; they give it life, emotion and a pulse that listeners can vibe to. In your song lyrics, describe how dreams are chased, caught or sometimes slip away. Remember, dreams come in all shapes and sizes: from your homie pursuing his NBA dreams to your auntie starting her own online store on Etsy.

3. Add a Dash of Second Chances

Ever notice how some of the most powerful songs revolve around redemption? That's because second chances are a universal theme we can all relate to – whether we're hoping for one or offering one up ourselves! So when you're writing about opportunity, don't forget to include those do-over moments.

4. Explore the Thrill (and Fear) of Taking Risks

Opportunities often involve taking risks – leaping into uncertainty with both feet and hoping for the best! This theme packs an emotional punch in song lyrics. From standing up for what you believe in to confessing feelings for someone special – there's something deeply human about taking risks.

5. Make Use of Metaphors

A well-placed metaphor can elevate your lyrics from good to straight-up fire. Maybe opportunity is a door waiting to be opened, or a golden ticket hidden in a chocolate bar. The key here is to think outside the box – let your imagination go wild and see what kind of creative comparisons you can come up with.

6. Keep it in the Moment

Opportunity often comes unexpectedly – in the chaos of everyday life, in the quiet moments between dreams and reality. So, when you're writing song lyrics about opportunity, try to keep it grounded in the present moment. Capture those fleeting emotions, those split-second decisions that can change everything.

7. Don't Forget the Struggle

Lastly, remember that opportunities often come hand-in-hand with struggles. Whether it's overcoming obstacles to seize an opportunity or dealing with the fallout of a missed one, these experiences add depth and authenticity to your lyrics. It ain't always sunshine and rainbows, but hey – that's life! And capturing life in all its messy glory is what songwriting is all about.

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