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No, no, these song lyrics about obsession were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) // Baby, I'm dancing on the edge of sanity, // In the darkness, you're my only clarity. // Midnight cravings, your scent still on my sheets, // Underneath the moonlight where our lips meet. // (Chorus) // I’m drowning in obsession, dream and reality blurring in your name. // In this smoky haze of passion, baby, you’re my favorite kind of insane. // I am hypnotized, magnetized; in your galaxy I lose and find myself. // It's a fevered obsession, got me putting everything else on shelf. // (Verse 2) // Every whisper leaves me quaking; each touch sends shivers down my spine. // Like an addict needing more of you; it’s a hunger that never declines. With you wrapped around me intimately just like a sweet yet powerful vine. Your love is a beautiful chaos, a captivating crime. (Chorus) // I’m drowning in obsession, tangled in the rhythm of our dance. // Underneath these sheets we weave a secret romance, Heart pulsing fast; caught up in this trance. It’s this intoxicating obsession making reality seem so quaint and scarce. (Verse 3) With every beat echoing your name, craving for this never to cease, Your love is insatiable – it’s a curious kind of beast. Captured by obsession,, even when we’re apart. You are the melody that plays endlessly within my heart. (Chorus)// I’m drowning in obsession;, with every breath I take, Struggling to surface but loving each mistake. Baby, I’m hooked on you without any pretense or fake, ‘Cause this obsession is my lifeline, a risk I'll forever gladly take.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) // In the mansion of my mind, you've got your own room, // Can't clean it out, no matter what I do. // Every memory's a ghost that I can't exorcise, // Your voice echoes through the halls at midnight. // (Pre-Chorus) // These walls are painted with your words and your reasons, // I find my heart still beating to your rhythms. // (Chorus) // Like a song on repeat, I'm caught in this obsession, // Etched in vinyl grooves, the texture of your expression.// Finding notes in every corner of confusion,// You're my melody and muse, my beautiful illusion. // (Verse 2) // In the attic of my thoughts, our love story unfolds, // Pages tattered and torn but never grows old. // Every dust-flecked word is steeped in sweet sorrow, // I read them again hoping for tomorrow. (Pre-Chorus) // My dreams smell like nostalgia and old roses,// Coloured by shades of you that time discloses. (Chorus) // Like a novel well loved, I'm entwined in this obsession,// Leafing through yesterday’s confession.// Scribbled promises behind every tear-stain, You're my favorite chapter I keep reading again . (Bridge) In this labyrinth of loss there's no direction, Yet these echoes guide me to your section. Nowhere to escape – No exception, In the artful architecture of your obsession (Outro) I'm losing track inside this haunting reflection, Still chasing shadows from our last connection. Though it's breaking me down by each progression, But oh darling… You're my beautiful obsession.

song lyrics about obsession In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Yo, life's a movie where I play the lead, my story's etched in every deed. Gold chains echo my obsession, while they whisperin' in concession. Through these Cartier lenses, all I see is progression. I'm bred from ambition, ain't no time for recessions. I'm rollin' these dice, ain't no fear in these eyes. Got a heart made of ice, success is the prize. Building my empire, in the mirror one sees, The reflection of victory, ain't no space for enemies. (Hook) I'm obsessed with my vision, can't you see? Grindin' till I'm breathless, I’m just being me. Making moves so bold, Yeah they call it infatuation, But the world is mine and that’s my declaration. (Verse 2) In every track I bleed, there's a piece of me. An undying obsession that fuels my decree, They say “Ye's got an obsession”, yeah that's right bro, But it’s this obsession that makes your girl go “whoa”. I dream in Technicolor while they dream in grey, Chasing that gold while they settle for clay. The studio's pulpit, gospel from K to the Wes', My obsession is relentless; homie that's no jest. (Hook) I'm obsessed with my vision, can't you see? Pushing boundaries like a driven refugee. Others may call it a mad fixation, But it’s this fire that’s sparking this sensation. (Outro) My mind is a weapon; my words are bullets so fine, Got an obsession for progression, success by design. So here’s to the critics who think they know best, Remember; It’s the obsessed ones who pass life's test. Yeah, I'm Kanye West, and this is my story, One man's obsession, turned into glory.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Uh, I been fixated, got you in my sights, Locked and loaded, hunting for you every night. My vision's clear, there's no misunderstanding, Boy, you're the target, my heart's landing. Thinkin' of you, got me lost in the sauce, Floating on dreams, like I'm a boss. Got your name tattooed in my brain, This obsession with you drives me insane. (Chorus) Obsession, feels like a confession, Lost inside this sweet aggression. Can't hold back, can't keep it tame, Your love's a wild fire and I'm stuck in the flame. (Verse 2) Boy, you're the riddle I can't solve, An enigma wrapped in a waltz. You're the lyrics to my dope verse, This obsession hits hard, but it could be worse. In your presence feeling a kind of elation, Boy, you're my sweet sugar sensation. Don't need rehab from this fixation, With every beat, feel our connection. (Chorus) Obsession, a deadly possession, Running through veins like an infection. Can't cool down, can't kill the flame, Caught in your orbit, playing your game. (Bridge) Uh huh, this ain’t no ordinary infatuation, It's an all-out love invasion. Got my heart beating like a drum roll, Baby, you took control, (Chorus) Obsession, more than an impression, It’s an endless session of constant progression. Can’t shake it off, can’t break these chains, In this game of love and ain't no refrains. (Outro Verse) Yeah… I'm the Queen, and you're my King, Got me tied up in your love string. Like a puppet, dancing to your tune, In this moonlight romance, under the silver moon. (Outro Chorus) Obsession, it's our secret confession, Lost in your gaze is my obsession. I'm addicted, ain't no cure, Baby, it's you I adore.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I been awake for 72, obsessed with you, girl,
In my dreams, in my mind, you're my whole world.
I flip through our pictures late into the night,
Replaying memories when the love was right.
Your name is engraved on my beating heart,
Without you near, feels like I'm falling apart.
The echo of your laughter still in these halls,
Only amplified by the silence that befalls.
Every second without you feels like a year,
Lost and alone drowning in my fear.
My obsession with you has taken control,
Your absence is tearing at my soul.
I got an obsession with your affection,
Got me questioning all my reflections.
I got this craving for your loving,
My heart can't stop yearning and shoving.
Baby what we had was so real,
Now all I got is time to kill.
(Verse 2)
I'm scrolling past texts that I can't erase,
In every corner, I see your face.
Drinking whiskey trying to forget your taste,
But without you girl, it's all a waste.
Here in the shadows of unrequited love,
All I got left are these verses I shove. You’re like a song on repeat in my mind, A melody so sweet and yet unkind.<_be> (Chorus) – Repeat (Bridge) Yet in this obsession, I find my confession,
In this pain, I find my lesson.
Maybe it’s time to break these chains,
Start a new chapter free of the pain.
(Chorus) – Repeat (Outro) Got me hoping for your touch in the lonely nights,
Yet aware, obsession's consuming all my fights.
Obsessed with a love that’s no longer there, In the end, was it even ever fair?
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Obsession Like A Pro

1. Dive Deep into the Abyss of Obsession

Who hasn't experienced an all-consuming obsessive love at least once in their life? It's like a moth to a flame; we know it's going to burn, but we still flutter towards it. To create compelling song lyrics about obsession, immerse yourself in this feeling. Recall past experiences or imagine being absolutely infatuated with someone. The deeper you dive, the more authentic your lyrics will be.

2. Find Your Unique Angle

There are countless “infatuation songs” and “stalker songs” out there – but what's your unique story? Maybe you're writing from the perspective of a person who is aware of their unhealthy obsession and is struggling to break free. Or perhaps it's about an obsessive lover who believes their love addiction is actually true love. Either way, finding your unique angle will make your lyrics stand out.

3. Don't Shy Away From Dark Themes

Let's face it: obsession isn't always sunshine and roses. It can get dark and twisted real quick.
From stalking to unrequited love and possessiveness, there are plenty of dark themes that you can explore in your lyrics about being obsessed with someone. But remember, while it’s essential to be honest and raw, ensure that your lyrics do not condone harmful behaviors.

4. Use Visual Imagery & Metaphors

Nothing screams “I'm obsessed with you!” louder than some vivid imagery or poetic metaphors.Exaggerate that obsessive love!
Are they trapped in a web spun by their obsession? Are they drowning in the depths of their infatuation? Paint a picture with your words to make your listeners feel the intensity of the obsession.

5. Play With the Pace & Rhythm

The pace and rhythm of your song can beautifully mirror the ebbs and flows of obsession. Fast-paced verses can convey the frantic, racing thoughts of an obsessed person, while slower rhythms can reflect their moments of longing and despair.

6. Make Use Of Repetition

In real life, obsession is repetitive – it's an endless loop of thoughts about the same person. Reflect this in your song by repeating certain lines or phrases. This will not only give your song a catchy hook but also emphasize the persistent nature of an unhealthy obsession.

7. Keep it Real and Relatable

While you're diving into the dark abyss of obsession, remember to stay grounded. The most powerful songs are those that resonate with people's experiences.Your lyrics should be a mirror in which listeners can see their own obsessive tendencies.
Whether you're writing possessive love songs or lyrics about someone's struggle with love addiction, keeping it real will ensure you strike a chord with your audience.

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