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No, no, these song lyrics about mom were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) She was a queen before she wore a crown, // Momma's love lit up the whole town, // Picked me up whenever I’d fall, // With grace and strength, she conquered it all. // (Chorus) In her eyes, the sky is never gray, // Through life’s storms Momma leads the way. // All her wisdom and courage within, // Molding my heart from where it's been. // (Verse 2) Her voice was my sunrise every morning light, // Words sweet as honey made everything right. // Every tear she wiped away, // Turned into sunshine for a brighter day. // (Chorus) In her eyes, the world’s a song to play, // Momma paints rainbows on my darkest days. // Held in the warmth of her embrace, Forever safe in love’s sacred space. // (Verse 3) She danced with life like nobody could see – A strong woman raising a young queen in me. // Her lessons felt like summer rain,// Momma's love melts away all pain.// (Chorus) In the beat of her heart lies an eternal flame, // Momma’s love – it’ll never change.// Through life's battles and moments of grace, Together we write our own brave space.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) She wore her hair in spirals, // In our kitchen filled with laughter, // Home from work in gentle sighs, // Every day brought new chapters. // Kisses on foreheads, tender and sweet, // Love notes in lunchboxes, her every feat. // (Chorus) Looking back, it's crystal clear, Mom was the song of those growing years. // Guiding my heart through joys and fears, My Mother's love, so pure and sincere. // (Verse 2) Her long days ended, bathed in moonlight glow, // Her love unfolded like a favorite show. // Lessons learned on a piano’s black and white, // Tuning my life like the notes just right. Dream-catchers at bedtime, she softly spoke // Warding off nightmares with a maternal cloak. // (Chorus) Now I see her in every mirror, Mom is the beat that pulses clearer. Her wisdom whispers like a seer, My Mother’s word, I hold them dearer. // (Bridge) Through first heartbreaks and high school dances, // Her love was there in all circumstances. In every word of my songs,
To mommy dearest they belong. Psalm kept safe under feather pillows,// Spreading warmth where winter billows. With every tale from yesterday,// Mom painted rainbows on skies of gray. (Chorus) Now when life gets a little colder, I find strength lying on her shoulder. Mom's love – no star could be bolder// She's my world sitting right at her hold Outro: On this stage under vast blue heaven Dedicated songs to her, seven. Her lullabies that still enliven, My beloved mom, my safest haven.

song lyrics about mom In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) You see, my mama always told me the world is yours son. Hustle hard, do your part, before your time is done. She was my candle in the dark, my guiding sanctuary. Mama told me “Kanye, babe, don't ever be ordinary.” Without her, ain't no Air Yeezy, ain't no Sunday Service. No Donda's Place to serve up good food with a purpose. No beats dropping like rain in the middle of a drought, Mama made me who I am, ain't no shadow of a doubt. (Chorus) Mama was my light, my stars in the night sky. In her eyes I'm still her little guy. Painting dreams on the canvas of the Chicago streets, With every beat I make, it's her heart that beats. (Verse 2) Life can be a maze but mama gave me direction. In the mirror of her eyes, saw my own reflection. Mama said “You're special,” told me to reach high, To elevate my art and not just get by. From Chi-town to worldwide fame and recognition, I owe it all to mom's unwavering conviction. She shaped up this dreamer into a believer, A poet and a prophet, an overachiever. (Chorus) Mama was my sun, warm rays on a cold day. In her voice I still hear what she had to say. Painting dreams on the canvas of these city lanes, With every rhyme I spit, it's her voice that remains. (Outro) So here's to you mom, your love ain't got a price tag. Cause of you I'm more than just a braggadocious swag. From the kid next door to the king of the stage, You’re the inspiration for every word, every page. For my mom, my rock, this is my hallelujah. In the story of Kanye, you're the best damn maneuver. So cheers to you mom, and let's toast to your name, You’re the reason I'm Kanye, ain't just about fame.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) I pull up in that Pink Friday, mama looking proud, She said, “Nicki baby, make your statement loud.” And I'm like “yeah, mama, gonna make you beam, Gonna show 'em how a queen do this rap scene.” “I owe it all to you, you're my inspiration,” And she smiles back with no hesitation. Mom's love is pure, ain't got no competition, Every word from her mouth is a divine revelation. (Chorus) Momma's the queen, in every way she reigns, Raised us through the storm, through all the pains, Yeah, she's my star, shining bright and clear, Mama's love is the music that I want to hear. (Verse 2) Mama told me “Stand tall, never bow”, Now I'm at the top seeing all this wow. Mom kept it real while we were low, Taught me how to grind and make that dough. “Respect yourself, child,” momma said to me, Let them see your worth, let them see your glee. From Queens to fame's hall of honor, All thanks to momma, there ain't no other. (Chorus) Momma's the queen, in every way she shines, Fought for us daily, crossed all the lines. Yeah, she's my lighthouse, guiding so sincere, Mama's love is the beat that keeps me clear. (Breakdown) Shout out to momma bear for her endless fight, Pushing heavy weights just to set things right. With each bar I spit and bass kick-hit, Mama, you're the reason for every single bit. (Outro) Going out to every mama out there, so bold, Your love's more precious than a pot of gold. And to my mama, you're my biggest hit, Ain't nobody else could've written this script.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Yeah, on the same street she raised me,
She taught me to be gracious and never shady.
Her voice kept saying, “Drake, keep your head high”,
Her words so strong, they could touch the sky.
Mama always making sure we eat,
Working late nights, still tucking me into sleep.
Every struggle she faced was another fight we shared,
No matter how tough, she never showed she was scared.
Mama, oh Mama, my strength and my light,
In every dark tunnel, you're my sight.
Mama, oh Mama, I'm singing this for you,
In every song I make, there's a piece of you too.
(Verse 2)
She said “Chase those dreams 'til the break of dawn,”
With her spirit in me, I can push through every storm.
Remembering all those late nights on her knees praying,
For this rapper's life and the music I'd be playing.
She gave a king his power when she gave birth,
Mama's love – nothing like it on this earth.
Every show I play, every city that roared,
It's a tribute to her, as the crowd encored.
Mama, oh Mama, my rock and my guide,
Through every high tide and low ride.
Mama, oh Mama, your love's like no other,
In every beat of my heart, you're my cover.
Yeah, this one's for you Mama, shining so bright,
For every sacrifice made in the dead of the night.
Mama, oh Mama, your love's my song's core,
In every lyric I pen, it's your love I pour.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Mom Like A Pro

1. Tap Into Your Personal Experiences

Ain't nothing realer than the bond between a momma and her baby girl, right? So, when penning some lyrics for songs for mom from daughter to daughter, it's all about diving deep into your own experiences. Remember that time your mom helped you get over your first heartbreak? Or how she taught you to tie your shoelaces? Translate those precious moments into verse! This approach works wonders whether you're crafting soulful r&b songs for mom from daughter or upbeat mother-daughter songs.

2. Make it as Specific as Possible

Generic ain't gonna cut it when you're writing about someone as special as your momma. Especially when it comes to songs for mom from daughter on her wedding day, specificity is key. Describe her smile, the color of her eyes, or that little wrinkle she gets on her forehead when she's worried about you. The more detail, the more emotional resonance your lyrics will have.

3. Explore Different Genres

Moms are versatile creatures – they can be nurturing and soft one moment, and fiercely protective the next. Reflect this diversity in your lyrics by exploring different genres. Maybe a country song captures those Sunday morning pancake breakfasts perfectly, while a hip hop song is just right to express how she fought for you against all odds.

4. Use Vibrant Imagery

Ever heard of “show don't tell”? It applies in lyric writing too! Instead of saying “mom was always there”, describe how she stayed up late helping with homework or how she woke up early just to pack lunches. Create vivid images with your words – this works equally well whether you're penning rock songs for mom from daughter or softer, more emotional pieces.

5. Keep it Authentic

Hey, not all mother-daughter relationships are sunshine and rainbows. And that's okay! If you're writing songs for mom from daughter on her birthday, it's okay to include the tough times too. This raw honesty will make your lyrics relatable to a wider audience.

6. Embrace the Power of Metaphors

Mom's love is like…? By using metaphors, you can compare your mom's love to something else that carries the same meaning or feeling for you. It could be as mighty as an oak tree or as comforting as a warm blanket on a cold night. Metaphors add depth and sophistication to your lyrics – regardless if you're writing country songs for mom from daughter or r&b tunes.

7. Involve Your Mom in the Process

Okay, this one might sound a bit out there, but trust me on this one! If possible, involve your mom in the process. Ask her about her favorite songs, or maybe even her favorite memories of the two of you together. This can serve as inspiration and ensure that your lyrics truly reflect who she is and the bond between you two.

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