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No, no, these song lyrics about love for her were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Sunrise paintin' her silhouette, // In her eyes, I see my best bet, // She's a kind of magic, the rarest set, // Caught in her radiance, my soul's only net. // Dipped in gold and draped in stars, // Her love heals all of my scars. // She’s the rhythm that strums my guitar; // Oh, how I yearn for her from afar. (Chorus) She's the moonlight serenade to my darkest night, // The spark that makes my world ignite. // Her love is so pure and bright, // In this dance with her, oh what a delightful sight. (Verse 2) I’m drawn to the allure of her grace, // In this realm of love we embrace. // Creating memories time can't erase; // Bound by a bond that space can't displace. Her laughter is music setting me free; // A symphony composed just for me. // With her it feels like ecstasy; // A celestial journey sans gravity. (Chorus) She's the moonlight serenade to my darkest night, // The flame that makes everything right. // Our connection outshines any starry light; //$ Together we're soaring an incredible height. (Verse 3) Drenched in beauty so profound,// Lost within her I have found – // A fortress where real love abounds. //$ We're spinning round and round on sacred ground. She’s a poem written across time,// Each verse adorned with rhyme.
With every beat of hers matching mine;//
Our shared rhythm is simply divine.
She's the moonlight serenade to my darkest night, //$ The beacon guiding me with her light.
Her love is the ultimate delight;
With her, everything feels just right.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Her eyes, they burn brighter than a falling star, // In the morning light, she's an original work of art. // Her love speaks volumes like a whisper in the dark, // Eclipses my heart, sparks a magic that leaves a mark. // (Chorus) With every beat of my heart, I paint her in a song, // She inspires the words when I feel things have gone wrong. // In her arms, it's where I always belong, // We dance through life tuned on to our love song. (Verse 2) She walks in beauty like the first blush of dawn, // When she smiles at me, all my worries are gone. // Oh how her laugh sounds like sweetest symphony played on, My endless muse, my favorite tale spun till dawn. (Bridge) In this world full of black and white, She’s splashed with colors shining bright. Captivating as northern lights, Love for her ignites every night. (Verse 3) Like echoes whispering through an old guitar, Her silent tears trace stories from afar. But in soft moonlight or under radiant sun, I’ll hold her close until all hardships are undone. (Chorus) Call it magic, call it true – that's what I see inside you. In darkest nights or brightest day, You’re still my beautiful ballet. With you here everything rings clear, Oh darling! You're my atmosphere. (Tagline) So here’s to the girl who makes stars look dim, This unwavering song of love is just for him. With every word imbued with truth so deep- This melody for her will forever keep.

song lyrics about love for her In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Back in Chi-town, met this beauty, her name's Amber.
Tried to catch her, like I'm running with the lantern.
Chasing dreams, more than just a banter.
I'm a beast on the beat, she's my sweet enchantress.
Had a first glance, felt that instant connection.
Gave me life lessons, with every single section.
Her touch, her eyes had me questioning my direction.
Felt the love so deep, see my own reflection.
(Chorus) I'd paint the Sky with your name and mine.
In this endless flight of time,
I still got you on my mind,
In a world so cold, your love is kind.
(Verse 2) Glow so bright, she could light up the night sky.
Eyes like diamonds, can't deny it ain't no lie.
Got that love so pure, no need to try.
My love for her, as high as planes fly.
In these city lights, she's my northern star,
Guiding me through nights from near or far.
She's the essence of beauty in this crazy bizarre,
Makes me feel like I've won every single war.
(Chorus) I'd paint the Sky with your name and mine.
In this endless flight of time,
I still got you on my mind,
. In a world so blind, your love is kind. (Bridge) Magnet hearts in this universe collide,
. Love's gravity pulls us side by side,
. Your love is a ride, I'd forever abide,
. With you, I'll always be tied. (Outro) As we dance in this beautiful disaster,
. Your love is my master.
. Through the highs and the laughter,
. It's you, always and ever after.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Her eyes, they spark, they lit my dark, Nicki fresh, too clean like liquid starch. This girl a queen, no playing parts, In my heart, she's the chart-topping chart. (Chorus) I love her, yeah I said it, no stutter, Got a feeling in my gut, like no other. I love her, put that on my mother, Stronger than steel, can't find another. (Verse 2) She make my heart go bidi bidi bom bom, More than just cute, she the She got that smile, gimme that yum yum, Minaj in love, sounding like a drum drum. (Chorus) I love her, ain't no secret undercover, Flying high with this flame, need no hover. I love her, ain't seekin' someone other, Nicki's heart on lock, she the perfect lover. (Bridge) She got that super bass and I'm sprung, Nicki's high note sung for the unsung. She's my melody in a world undone, My sweet serenade under setting sun. (Chorus) I love her, she give me reason to recover, In the game of life, she's my buffer. I love her, each day I discover, A new kind of peace, no need for another. (Outro) Yeah, this one's for her and it's clear, Got me singing out loud for all to hear. She got Nicki Minaj in love so dear, Here's truth on track for you to smear.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
I've been watching you, girl, from the distance,
Caught in your world, fighting my resistance.
Swear I'm seeing stars in the dark of your presence, your essence is a blessing.
I've been cruising through memories, reminiscing.
Got my mind on you, heart racing, it's persistent.
You're a masterpiece in the gallery of existence.
Your laughter echoing, I’m lost in its rhythm.
These feelings just ain't something that I'm used to admitting.
I'm talking 'bout love for her,
An emotion so deep, it blurs
The lines between reality and dreams – that's for sure.
Yeah, this is love for her, love for her.
(Verse 2)
Your beauty's more than just skin-deep darling,
It’s deeper than the ocean’s floor I’m charting.
You're the moonlight glow in my midnight longing,
A perfect verse over beats my heart’s been crafting.
Can't help but notice how you moving,
In your eyes, there's a universe blooming.
My devotion keeps growing, no room for assuming,
Cuz in this game of hearts girl, there ain't no losing.
I'm talking 'bout love for her,
An open letter – sealed with my words.
This ain’t no fantasy; it’s beautifully absurd.
Yeah, this is love for her, love for her.
Caught in your orbit, feeling gravity’s pull,
In your galaxy baby, I’m just a fool.
But with every sunrise, it's you I'm choosing,
It's this love for you that keeps my world moving.
I'm talking 'bout love for her,
An emotion that flutters, occurs
In between heartbeats and whispered words
Yeah, this is love for her, love for her.
It's always been about love for her,
A melody so sweet – you can’t ignore.
Your name's the song my heart’s singing for
Yeah, this… This is love for her.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Love For Her Like A Pro

1. Feel the Beat, Let it Speak

When it comes to penning some romantic lyrics, you gotta let the rhythm guide you. The beat and melody of a song are more than just background noise—they're your best friends in setting the mood. If the tune's got a slow, sensual tempo, let your words sway along to that rhythm. Conversely, if you're working with an upbeat pop melody, keep your lyrics energetic and uplifting. Remember, it's all about striking a balance between the music and your emotional lyrics.

2. Show Her Your Heart on Paper

What sets passionate lyrics apart from all others? It's all in the authenticity, baby! Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve when writing love song lyrics for her. Make sure every line is brimming with genuine emotion and sincere sentiment; nothing screams ‘love' louder than heartfelt honesty.

3. Paint a Picture with Your Words

You want her to see what you see, feel what you feel? Then paint her a picture with some seriously affectionate lyrics. A sunset shared together, a stolen kiss under the moonlight—these are moments that can be brought to life through vivid imagery in your song.

4. Less is More: Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Remember this golden rule when crafting those adoring lyrics: less is more! Strive for clarity and simplicity over complexity—a straightforward “I love you” can sometimes say more than an entire sonnet.

5. Let Your Quirks Shine Through

We've all got our quirks; they're what make us unique. So why not let them shine through in your love song lyrics? Maybe you love the way she hums while baking, or how she squints when reading small print—these are the little things that make your love story truly yours.

6. Keep it real: Talk The Talk and Walk The Walk

When penning down those lyrics of love, my friend, you've got to keep it real! Reality is the soil where true romance blooms. So, whether it's about a shared joke or an inside secret, incorporating these elements can give your passionate lyrics an added dash of authenticity.

7. Craft a Catchy Chorus: Make Her Hum Your Love

A catchy chorus is like a love mantra—something she can hum to herself long after the song's over. Make sure your chorus encapsulates the essence of your love story and echoes with memorable, heartfelt lyrics that she'll carry in her heart forever.

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