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No, no, these song lyrics about jealousy were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Green eyes flicker in the mirror, // Baby can't you see the fear? // Anxiety wrapped in a sapphire dress, // My heart thumping louder in distress. // (Chorus) Can't shake off this jealousy, // Crawling under my skin like a melody. // Your love is a song I can't rewrite, // Drowning in the shadows of her spotlight. (Verse 2) Fingers tracing through your curls, // But she's dancing around your world. // Got champagne dreams on a whiskey night, // While I'm left feeling out of sight. // (Chorus) Fighting with this jealousy, // Sweeping over me like a stormy sea. // Your whispers echo an unfamiliar tone, // Loving you more while feeling alone. (Verse 3) Silhouettes tangled on satin sheets,// Our memories fading with every heartbeat.// She's got your jacket and your time,// Left me with nothing but rhythm and rhyme. (Chorus) Caught up in this jealousy,// Burning hotter than our used-to-be.// Echoes of laughter ring false and cold,// Holding onto love that’s grown old.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) Green-eyed monster, coiling around my heart, // Rainy night whispers tearing me apart. // Looking at her, your fingers trace, // In my mind, I lose my place. // (Chorus) I've got a pocketful of envy, can't bear this strife, // Feel like I'm drowning in the waves of your life. // I got this sickly sweet jealousy, eating me up inside, // Been swallowed whole by this relentless tide. // (Verse 2) She's wearing that dress you always loved so much, // Feeling her laugh while you’re craving for my touch. // I see through smiles that seem to glow, // I watch as seeds of doubt begin to grow. // (Bridge) I'm dancing on the edge of a broken dream, In a world not quite as perfect as it seems. The green-eyed monster is waging its war, Can't fight back anymore. (Chorus) I've got a pocketful of envy, it's driving me insane, Struggling against these invisible chains. This sickly sweet jealousy is all I ever taste, And now all we had feels like it’s going to waste. (Outro Verse) So here I am alone with these tears and fears, Wishing things were different under chandeliers. Maybe when the morning sun begins to crest, I’ll put this green-eyed monster to rest.

song lyrics about jealousy In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Uh, sippin' on this Henny and I'm feeling kinda messy. Your girl in my DMs, she just sent a sexy. Feeling kinda saucy, but yo, I ain't gonna testy. Got the world in my hand, but she think it's a Nestlé. I'm seeing green, I'm talking about the Benjis. But you seeing green too, homie, you envy. I'm on a pedestal while you on a Bentley. That's a different level, we ain't even entry. (Chorus) Jealousy in the air, uh-huh, it smells fishy. It ain't my fault that your girl calls me swishy. Got the crown on my head and I'm feeling so kingly. Sorry bro, your girl says you ain't that frisky. (Verse 2) Hit the light switch, got these haters in the darkness. Got these diamonds on me and they shining regardless. You mad at me 'cause your life is heartless? Dude get a grip, don't be jealous or callous. You looking hurt but that ain't my fault. I never stole your girl; she just saw your default. She sees vision in me 'cause I never halt, And all you do is drink and hide in your malt. (Chorus) Jealousy all around, boy it's pretty damn gnarly. Your eyes all green like an army of barley. She chose the boss, sorry not sorry, Catch me up next smelling like Dolce & Gabbana parley. (Outro) Yeah this song for all them green-eyed monsters, Hating from afar while we toast to our sponsors. Keep your jealousy, I'm out here living my best. Kanye West, signing off, forever blessed.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) I see you peeking, but you ain’t speaking,
Got these dolls watching from the deep end.
Minaj throne, can't clone this queen,
Y'all trying to carbon copy, but can't match the sheen. Emerald eyes, full of envy,
Wondering why your man's always ends in my Bentley.
Versace dress tight, diamonds on my chest,
I'm just living my best while you're always stressed. (Chorus) Jealousy dripping like a faucet,
Careful hun', don't get lost in it.
Eyes green, 'cause you can't afford this,
Can't stand the heat? Then stay out of orbit. (Verse 2) You throwing shade while I’m basking in sun
While I'm laying on beaches having fun.
Queen of Rap, Queen of Fashion,
Your jealousy's clashing with my passion. Chasing after something you never gonna catch,
My star’s too high for you to snatch.
Lil mama thinking she a threat,
Girl, I haven’t met a real one yet. (Chorus) Jealousy dripping like a faucet,
Careful boo, don't get lost in it.
Eyes green 'cause you can't afford this,
Can't stand the heat? Then stay out of my orbit. (Bridge) Bottled up envy popped like Moet,
Swallow your pride or it's a sure bet.
You'll drown in your tears and regret,
‘Cause baby girl, I ain’t left yet. (Outro) Jealousy, it's a ruthless beast,
Feasting on your heart, making peace extinct.
Keep your envy, I’ll keep my throne,
Minaj empire is built, and it's solid stone.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Saw you last night, in a dream not a V.I.P. scene,
Wrapped in his arms, felt like a sharp cut it seems.
Woke up with a start, heart racing, cold sweat,
Your image in my head, can't shake it off yet.
Feeling this jealousy, I never thought I would,
But I see you with him and it ain't all good.
My heart, once gold now green with envy,
I'm missing your touch, your scent of peony.
Girl you got me feeling a way,
In my head you stay, every night and day.
Jaded by jealousy's play,
Didn't know love could feel this way.
(Verse 2)
I've been on the top charts but fell short on your list,
My name faded out while his persists.
I'm drowning in memories, us against the world,
Thought we were diamonds, more precious than pearls.
Caught up in this bitter jealousy, consuming my soul,
Feel like I'm losing control.
Used to be your rock, your number one,
Now I'm just another one undone.
Girl you got me feeling a way,
In my heart you stay, every night and day.
Jaded by jealousy's play,
Didn't know love could hurt this way.
So here I am under the city lights,
Writing songs about you night after night.
But this one's different, it screams out my pain,
My love for you, running in my veins.
Girl you got me feeling a way,
In my dreams you stay, every night and day.
Jaded by jealousy's play,
Didn't know love could break this way.
I'm living with this jealousy, it’s a hard pill to swallow,
In your love, I was wallowing, now I'm just hollow.
As the sun sets low, I pray for a brand new day,
Without your shadow, without jealousy's play.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Jealousy Like A Pro

1. Let the Green-Eyed Monster Roar

Forget about sugar-coating. If you're penning songs about envy or insecurity, let that green-eyed monster roar out loud and clear. Authenticity is key in songwriting, especially in themes as raw as jealousy. Whether it's hindi rock songs about envy or insecurity, rap songs about jealous females, or any genre, your listeners need to feel the sting of your words. You're not writing a lullaby; you're crafting an anthem for every heart that has ever felt overshadowed.

2. Dive into Specific Scenarios

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to jealousy – it comes in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it's seeing an ex move on with someone new (songs about jealousy in relationships, anyone?) or feeling overshadowed by a friend's success (songs about feeling jealous of a friend). Whatever situation you choose to explore, make sure to paint a vivid picture that will resonate with your listeners.

3. Explore Different Genres

Don't restrict yourself to one genre – play around with different sounds and styles! From R&B songs about envy or insecurity to country songs about envy or insecurity – each genre offers unique storytelling techniques and rhythms that can add depth to your lyrics. It’s like trying on different outfits; some may fit better than others, but hey, we all love a good wardrobe change!

4. Embrace Unconventional Metaphors

When writing lyrics dealing with jealousy, don't be afraid of getting creative with metaphors! Jealousy can be like a raging storm, an unquenchable fire, a toxic poison…you get the drift? The more inventive you get, the more your lyrics will stand out.

5. Use Powerful and Evocative Language

Jealousy is a powerful emotion, so reflect that in your language. Use strong, evocative words that evoke the intensity of feeling jealous of someone. Make those adjectives work for you – let them add color and texture to your lyrical canvas.

6. Keep it Real and Relatable

There's nothing like a song that speaks directly to the listener's heart. Write about real emotions, experiences, and scenarios. Make your listeners say, “That's exactly how I feel!” The beauty of songs about envy or insecurity lies in their relatability.

7. Don't Forget About the Melody

Lastly, remember that jealousy isn't just an emotion; it's a vibe! So when you're working on your melody, make sure it matches the tone and mood of your lyrics. Whether it’s hindi rock songs about envy or insecurity or R&B ones – the right tune can either make your listeners groove along or deeply feel every word you penned down about jealousy.

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