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No, no, these song lyrics about exes were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) “Once upon a time, you and I were on high,// Carved our names in the stars, never thought we'd say goodbye.// We danced around forever, not a cloud in our sky,// But truth always finds its way, even through the sweetest lie.// (Chorus) Now, I look at you across the room,// In your eyes, I see no trace of doom.// Just another ex, in my rearview zoom,// An echo of love that once did bloom.// (Verse 2) Your words still rumble in my mind's hallways,// From the sweet nothings whispered on lazy Sundays.// But it's a different tune that my heart now plays,// I'm moving to another rhythm, lost in its maze.// (Chorus) Because I saw you last night across the town,// And my heart didn't skip or even slow down.// You're just another ex, standing on common ground,// A memory faded with a love profound.// (Verse 3) Don't think this is regret or a slide back into yesterday,// Those days are vapor trails, colors blending into grey.// I am reborn from our ashes, unique like clay,// Bolder and stronger – with ex-loves to convey. (Outro/Chorus) So here's to us, and all we were then,// Not as lovers but lessons to pen.// Here's to you ‘Ex' – thank you for being there when// We painted shadows of love at every life’s bend.”

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) I remember nights painted in blue, // You and I, in a world for two. // Chasing dreams so bold and new, // But then you turned into someone I never knew. // (Chorus) Your love was like a swift summer breeze, // Now it's just a faded memory in the fall leaves. // We burned bright, but you faded away, Like stars losing their light at the break of day. // (Verse 2) Your name has become a bittersweet song, // Lost somewhere between right and wrong. // You still dance in the corners of my mind, // A shadow of our love that’s left behind. // (Bridge) We built castles out of sand,// Those dreams slipped through our hands.// No more echoes of your laughter in the hall, Just hushed whispers of a love that had to fall.// (Chorus) Your words were like sweet spring rain,// Now they’re echoes on an empty plain// We tried to fly but fell instead Like old love letters lost beneath a bed. (Outro) Oh, we danced with the ghosts of our exes, On the battlefield where love confesses, I still carry these pieces you've left, In this heartbreak symphony – an act of theft.

song lyrics about exes In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Look, you couldn't handle the Kanye. Remember when we used to play in the hallways?. Took you from nothing to runways-. But now I'm balling like I'm in the NBA. You said I love my music more than I love you. But baby, without my music there'd be no you. I was just a kid from the Chi, no clue. Had to work hard, had to stay true. (Chorus) Now you're just an ex in my rearview. Babe, there ain't nothing left here for you. All your lies and games, they came due. With your bitter words, stabbing like a skew. (Verse 2) I remember 808's, heartbreaks and love lost. Every beat I made was a memory cost. Built an empire while fighting frost. Turned pain into poetry, didn't count the cost. Seeing you with him only fuels my fire. Building beats higher and higher. You're just another page in my memoir. To be read on those nights when I play my guitar. (Chorus) Now you're just an ex in my rearview. Babe, there ain't nothing here left for you. All your lies and games, they came due. With your bitter words, stabbing like a skew. (Outro) Exes come and go but the music stays. In every track I make, our story plays. Through the heartbreaks and the dismays. Kanye's music is always ablaze. So here's one for you, my sweet ex, May your life never be complex, May you find peace or at least some reflex, ‘Cause I'm just Kanye, baby, nothing less.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) Baby I don't need you, handle business, that's the preview, I been past you, check my rearview. Ex-boyfriends, feeling salty, nah boo, I ain't faulty. Keep your drama, save it for the TV, Rather ride solo, keep it drama-free. (Chorus) Exes ain't no stresses, keep it moving y'all, Nicki's on her own, standing ten feet tall. Don't need no man to make me feel complete, Nicki's on her throne, can't knock me off my seat. (Verse 2) Shining like a diamond, got you blind with my brilliance, I'm a queen, y'all just some peasants in my village. Used to let you pull me down, now I'm rising high, Look at all these exes still stuck on their lies. (Chorus) Exes ain't no stresses, keep it moving y'all, Nicki's on her own, standing ten feet tall. Don't need no man to make me feel complete, Nicki's on her throne, can't knock me off my seat. (Bridge) Got rid of the dead weight, now I'm feeling so light, No more tears to shed at night. Nicki's heart is free, don’t need your chains, Learned from the pain and played the game. (Chorus) Exes ain't no stresses, keep it moving y'all, Nicki's on her own, standing ten feet tall. Don't need no man to make me feel complete, Nicki’s on her throne, can’t knock me off my seat. (Outro) Exes in the rearview, Nicki’s driving on, Got the pedal to the metal, I can’t go wrong. I’m a star, always shining bright, No more darkness, only light.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1) Remember when we used to be a thing,
Daylight was our love, night was our fling.
I remember those nights you'd wear my ring,
In your arms, I was a king.
Remember the time when I made you smile,
Walking hand in hand down every aisle.
All of that feels just like a trial,
I've been in denial for a while.
(Pre-Chorus) Your touch ain't here but I still feel it deep,
I wake up in sweats from these dreams while I sleep.
These memories are all that I keep,
New lovers are just echoes of you, skin deep.
(Chorus) So let's go back to the exes we were,
The rapper and his muse, so pure.

Yeah, we got issues that's for sure,
But my heart tells me there's no cure.

(Verse 2) Remember when we were drunk on love,
Your laughter was soft as a dove.

I know we fell from high above,
But to me you still fit like a glove.

Maybe we could rewrite our history,
Our love doesn't have to be mystery,

Every day with you was victory,
Without you feels like misery.

(Chorus) So let's return to the exes we were,
The artist and his girl who could stir.

We got problems, that's for sure,
But my heart keeps begging for more.

(Outro) So here's a song for the exes we were,
From your one-time lover, part-time blur.

We got wounds that may never cure,
In this melody, our love will endure.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Exes Like A Pro

1. Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Man, who knew heartbreak could be so poetic? Remember, nostalgic love songs are not about wallowing in self-pity but rather about reminiscing the good times. Paint a vivid picture of those candlelit dinners, stolen kisses, and shared laughter. Use descriptive language to make your listeners feel like they were there with you. But remember, keep it real. Don't gloss over the pain too much; let them feel that too. It's okay to be a little vulnerable in your lyrics.

2. The Revenge Is Sweet Approach

So you've tried the nostalgia thing and it's just not cutting it? Time to switch gears and pen some spicy revenge lyrics. Nothing screams “I'm over you” more than a song about how much better off you are without them. Just remember not to get too nasty or petty; keep it classy instead. You're not just moving on – you're thriving.

3. Paint It Black with Some Anger

Whoa there, tiger! Got some steam to blow off? Angry breakup songs can be very cathartic and empowering for listeners going through similar experiences. Turn your anger into powerful verses that hit hard and leave an impact – but don't forget humor can also diffuse tension and add an unexpected twist.

4. Pour Out Your Heart with Sadness

Let's face it: breakups suck! And sometimes the best way to cope is by indulging in some heart-wrenching sad breakup songs. If you're going down this route, make sure your lyrics are genuine and raw – don’t hold back on those emotions! But beware, too much sadness can turn into a pity party. Balance it out with hints of hope and resilience.

5. Get Bitter Then Better

Bitter love songs can be a powerful way to vent out your frustrations. You know, the ones where you're calling out all their lies and betrayals? But remember, it's not just about the bitterness; it's about the journey from bitter to better – yes, even better without them! Let your listeners feel that progression in your lyrics.

6. The Art of Subtlety

Not every breakup song needs to be an open book about your relationship. Sometimes, subtlety can be even more impactful. Rather than explicitly stating what happened between you two, hint at it through metaphors and imagery. This adds depth to your lyrics and allows listeners to interpret them in ways that resonate with their own experiences.

7. Moving On Can Be Beautiful Too

Lastly but most importantly, don't forget about moving on songs. These are songs of growth, resilience, and newfound independence post-breakup. They're about finding beauty in the pain and coming out stronger on the other side. These are not just breakup songs; they are anthems of survival and rebirth! So go ahead, pen down those feelings – from heartbreak to healing – because someone else out there might need to hear exactly what you have to say.

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