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No, no, these song lyrics about death of a loved one were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) I see the moon reflect upon your empty chair, // In your room filled with echoes, still I stare. // As sparkling stars impersonate your eyes, // I refuse to give in to the cold goodbyes. // In each silence, I'm hearing your laughter, // In the morning light you're what I'm after. // Your voice is a whisper on the wind's breath,// Beloved companion, talking of death. // (Chorus) I'm dancing on the edge of our last sunset, // In this bitter sweet symphony of love and regret. // Your memory is my melody, my haunting song // With each beat telling me to be strong. (Verse 2) Between hope and despair we did collide, // Wrapped up in our lifetime's joyous ride. // Our souls entangled in a dance so free, But then from life’s stage you slipped away from me. Held you close till you became twilight dust, // Promises sealed with an golden trust. The hands of time continue their flight, In every shadow I search for your light. (Chorus) Dancing on the edge of our last sunrise, // Grasping at echoes and silent replies. Your memory is my harmony demanding more, With each verse urging me to explore. (Verse 3) Hiding tears behind the mask called pride, Drowning in this high tide of divide. With hands reaching out into empty space, Trapped inside love’s timeless embrace. Your face mapped out in constellations above, Tracing out tales of undying love. Sing to me darling, through death’s mystery dark, Like a lighthouse guiding lonely hearts. (Chorus) I’m dancing on the precipice of our last dawn, // In a poetic elegy of all that’s gone. Your memory is my serenade soft and low, With the rhythm promising an afterglow.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1)// You were sunshine in every grey sky, // A melody in a world so quiet, // We painted dreams, me and you, hand in hand, // Now your colors are gone with the wind. // (Chorus)// Oh honey, why'd you have to go? // Underneath the stars that won't glow, // With your memory embedded in my soul, // I'm singing this tune of sorrow and woe. // (Verse 2)// Once we danced beneath the moon-white lace, // Now I'm dancing with your ghost in this empty space. // In every reflection of a love so bold, // I see your eyes but it's just cold.// (Chorus)// Every rose has its thorn, they say. // Yours was the goodbye that now paves my way. // With tears that flow like an endless stream, // I'll hold onto our love till it becomes a dream. (Bridge)// But this heart won’t break, no not today – 
// I’ll keep on dreaming, come what may.
- / / Wherever you are Honey, shine on, I pray -
 / / Our love will whisper through every coming day. (Outro)// You left your mark deep within me,,
 / / An imprint sealed by destiny;
//  Though I carry this pain, it’s not the end – 
 // In another life, we'll dance again.

song lyrics about death of a loved one In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) I lost my heart in the city of dreams, Echoing silence, ain't as quiet as it seems. The moon came around but you were missing from the scene, Just a hollow echo where your laughter used to be. Life is a puzzle, death's a missing piece, Got me clutching at shadows, searching for release. The world keeps spinning, even when we cease, In the mirror of mortality, your existence now decreased. (Chorus) I see your face in every falling leaf. Death can steal your smile but not my grief. I’m holding your memory like an unseen motif, Life's a borrowed book and you're my dog-eared page of relief. (Verse 2) In the apple of Eden we all take a bite, Dancing with the reaper in the pale moonlight. Life ain’t promised, it’s a borrowed sight, Till the sun goes down and we fade into the night. You’re gone to a place I can't trace, Lost in ether while I'm stuck in this rat race. Your absence is an empty space, A deafening silence I can never replace. (Chorus) Your life was melody that ended on a clef, You're gone, and all that's left is what's left. Pain echoes louder than Beethoven’s deaf, Your life may have ended but our love has no death. (Outro) There's no rewind button on God's remote, Death’s just another river we all must tote. But until my time comes and I board that boat, I'll keep you alive through this song I wrote.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1) This is for you, my heartbeat, my first love, In this life gave me strength just like a dove. You’re up there in the heavens, beyond the azure, Missin' your hug, your laughter, your pure allure. This ain't no love song, but it's got that Minaj beat, Cuz even in agony, I won’t accept defeat. Your death feels like a wrong turn down a one-way street, But baby, in my memory, your heart still keeps the beat. (Chorus) Even though you’re gone to that never-waking dream, Your echo lingers on like a ghost in the stream. You're not here touchin' earth, but I feel you so near, Invisible link binds us dear, your essence still clear. (Verse 2) Waking up to silence instead of your voice, Makes the strongest heart shatter by force. I see pieces of you in every corner and crease, But I know you’re gone and this pain won’t decrease. Lost without direction in this vast arena, Life without you feels like a frigid Siberia. Nicki keeps hustlin', but her heart’s on freeze, Till she chats with her homie on the starry seas. (Chorus) Now there's an empty space you used to fill with light, But I keep your flame alive through day and night. Death took you away and pain's the price, But our bond's eternal; it won't suffice. (Bridge) Yeah, I’m Nicki Minaj; baddie who spits fire, But beneath this facade is a soul tired. Yet I gather strength from the love we shared, Now I wear it like a chain, our memory paired. (Outro) Nights will be long and days will be tough, But you’re my North Star when the journey’s rough. Gone but not forgotten, your story’s not done, In every breath I take, we're still one. (Chorus) Even though you sailed to that faraway shore, Your spirit lingers, forever at my core. Death took you from me, but love won't wane, In my heart's beats, echoes your refrain.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)

Look, I was runnin' through the 6, saw you in the rearview,

Your smile lightin' up my world like a clear moon.
Now I'm stuck in this place where the tears flow,
Feeling colder than Toronto's harsh winter snow.
Every mornin' I wake up, hoping it's just a dream,
But reality hits different, you can't fight what's unseen.

Now I'm missing every call on your telephone,

No more late nights talking till we see the dawn.
Got me caught in my feelings, so alone,
Sipping in the dark cause your voice is gone.
(Verse 2)

Wasn't prepared for this pain, ain't no guideline,

Your absence echoing louder than the highline.
Lost in the memories of your laugh, your look,
Can't make sense of it all like Shakespeare's book.

I'm scrolling through photos with no time zone,

Clinging to moments when you were my own.
Tired of crying rivers like I am Capone,
Drowning in sorrow cause your voice is gone.
(Bridge) Visions of you haunt my dreams and my days,
They say time heals but it don't erase.
Turn my hurt to the mic, let it preach,
Each tear spelling out a story that I need to teach.

Now your voice echoes in every tone,

But I'll keep going, living in this broken zone.

In the silence of the night, I ain't alone,

Cause in my heart, your voice is home.

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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Death Of A Loved One Like A Pro

1. Channel Your Inner Grief and Loss

It's no secret that the best songs about mourning a loved one come from the darkest depths of the heart. So, grab a box of tissues and let's get real for a moment. The first step towards crafting some sick song lyrics about death is to tap into your raw emotions. Remember, there's no shame in exposing your vulnerability.
The more authentic your feelings are, the more relatable your lyrics will be. Use words that resonate with the sense of heartbreak and sadness you're experiencing.

2. Make It Personal

Your song isn't just another one in the bereavement or funeral songs playlist; it's a tribute to your lost loved one. Incorporate anecdotes or memories that you shared with them into your lyrics. This not only makes your song unique but also adds depth to it.
Be detailed, be specific, but remember to keep it universal enough for others to relate.

3. Use Symbolism and Metaphors

Ah! The beauty of writing! You can say so much without saying much at all. For instance, “the sun has set” could simply mean the end of a day or symbolize the loss of someone dear.
Create picture-perfect metaphors that encapsulate grief and loss subtly yet poignantly.

4. Structuring Your Song – Verse, Chorus, Bridge

Structure matters in songwriting as much as content does. A well-structured song enhances its flow and makes it more engaging to listeners.
The verse should detail your feelings or tell a story about the deceased; let it lead naturally into a chorus filled with raw emotion—this is where you hit your audience with the full weight of your sadness. A bridge provides a temporary departure from this pattern, adding depth and variety to your tribute song.

5. The Melody is Your Friend

When it comes to writing songs about death, the melody can be your saving grace. Let's face it; nobody wants a song that sounds like an obituary reading.
Experiment with different melodies until you find one that complements your lyrics and sets the right mood for heartbreak, grief, or remembrance.

6. Play with Different Perspectives

You don't always have to write from your perspective. Consider writing from the viewpoint of the person who has passed away.
Imagine their thoughts and feelings—this approach can add a unique twist to your song and give listeners a fresh perspective on death and mourning.

7. Finally, Don't Rush It

Take your time to grieve; there's no rush in creating art out of pain.The best songs are born out of patience and reflection.
Remember, you’re not merely writing another funeral or remembrance song – you’re creating a heartfelt tribute to someone dear. So take all the time you need.

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