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No, no, these song lyrics about colors were not written by Queen Bey herself, but, have a read through them and you will notice how well it captures her vibe. Impressive tool if I do say so myself *smug face emoji*
(Verse 1) Sapphire sky, oh how high// Diamonds of starlight in your eye// Scarlet love, bleeding through// Painted in shades of me and you// Silver moon, whispers to the tide// Emerald leaves where secrets hide// Canary sunrise begins to brew,// In this canvas of life's hue:// (Chorus) In the palette of our hearts,// We brush strokes from the start,// Underneath the cosmic dome,// In colors we find our home.// (Verse 2) Golden dreams wrapped with a bow,// Tangerine laughter in echo,// Indigo nights filled with desire,// Burning like a magenta fire.// Pearl clouds dancing overhead,// Violet thoughts left unsaid.// Turquoise seas reflecting truth,// In our youth and vermouth.// (Chorus) In the palette of our hearts,// We brush strokes from the start,// Underneath the cosmic dome,// In colors we find our home.// (Verse 3) Coffee smiles on Sunday morning,// Purple passion without warning.// Lemonade kisses tasting sweet,// With every heartbeat's repeat.// Crimson echoes in every word,// A symphony played unheard.// Cherry promises made to keep,// In this kaleidoscope we leap. (Chorus) In the palette of our hearts,// We brush strokes from the start,
Underneath the cosmic dome,
In colors we find our home.

In The Style of Taylor Swift

(Verse 1) // I found your letters in the blue, against the morning hue // Words stained with crimson truths, something I never knew. // Ruby smiles hid secrets, underneath that soft, velvet night // You said you'd never leave, but your eyes screamed black and white. // (Chorus) // Painting our love in colors invisible to the naked eye, // From the emerald green of spring time, to the autumn's auburn sky. // Our story was more than just a palette, more than shades of dark and light // We were painting our tomorrow's with every single, colored sigh. // (Verse 2) // I see you in every shade, from timid taupe to bold Bordeaux // The sapphire blue of our first date, the gold when we let go. // Your laugh – kindled kindling orange, warm as a summer glow // Your voice – an echoing echo, like an arctic indigo. // (Chorus) So here I stand alone amidst this canvas filled with hue, A testament of what was once us , now just me without you. This painting soaked in memories , a masterpiece in blue It tells our story perfectly , of love that ended too soon. (Bridge) In shades of ebony and ivory we danced beneath the moon, Your touch was soft as silken pinks on an idle afternoon. But colors fade like sunset rays at ending days' tunes, Our love lost its vibrancy beneath winters cold monsoon. End verse Now I’m doodling in grayscale inside these empty rooms, Every stroke is laced with sorrow , each moment still consumed. Even though you're gone now ,your memory still blooms Preserved in hues and pigments of our love's resplendent tomb.

song lyrics about colors In The Style of Kanye West

(Verse 1) Ain't no Picasso, but I'm paintin' my life in technicolor, man. Feelin' in the blue, yeah, that's a mood I gotta understand. Makin' green from these dreams, got em lined up like some rubber bands. Red on the runway, that's my heart taking off, no landing pad. Reframed my pain, now it's a pretty lil' piece in sepia. Yellow days and purple haze, mix it up like encyclopedias. Silver linings on my clouds, ain't talking 'bout no Wikipedia. Orange sunsets in my vision, ain't nothing could be realer. (Chorus) I said “Life in colors”, brother, it's a beautiful sight. Every shade of the rainbow shining so bright. I said “Life in colors”, sister, don't you dim your light, Reflect your spectrum vividly into the night. (Verse 2) Wrapping myself up in rosy memories of love lost. Feeling brown in the earth, grounded even when I'm tossed. Got this white hot ambition melting all the frost, A touch of grey wisdom, yeah that's a boss's secret sauce. My story painted black and white like an old classic reel, But every color in between is what makes it real. Cyan skies and ruby ties, that’s the vision I reveal, Reality's spectrum seen through Kanye’s prism – that's the deal. (Chorus) I said “Life in colors”, homie, peep the canvas wide, Every emotion represented on this wild ride. I said “Life in colors”, mama, in your hues confide, Each shade of you beautifully amplified. (Outro) Gold at the end of my rainbow, that's the hope I carry. Indigo nights, the stars, they guide but never tarry. So here's to life in colors, each one necessary, Palettes of progress, love, and struggle we all got to cherry.

In The Style of Nicki Minaj

(Verse 1)
Pink on my lips, red on my kicks,
Blue in my ship, sailing like a chick.
Black leather pants, oh how they glare,
Gold on my wrist, more than I can wear.
Green be my money, fresh like mint,
Silver on wheels, love the tint.
White diamond necklace, chillin' on my chest,
Rainbow colored life, feeling so blessed.
All these colors in my view,
Laying patterns, making moves.
Like a canvas painted new,
Life's a palette we get to choose.
(Verse 2)
Purple for the royalty that's in my genes,
Orange for the sunsets in tropical scenes.
Indigo nights with stars so bright,
Yellow for joy that kicks off the fight.
Crystal clear dreams with turquoise swirls,
Bronze skin shinin', 'bout to unfurl.
5-carat ruby ring takes the stage,
Life’s an artist's book; every day’s a new page.
All these colors in my fame,
Creating pictures in this game.
Just like fire and like flame,
In Nicki's world ain't nothing plain.
Embrace your reds, your blues, your greens,
Your silvers and golds and all in-betweens.
The spectrum is more than meets the eye,
With every hue, we touch the sky.
All these colors, all this light,
Every shade from day to night.
In this rainbow, find your flight,
In this spectrum, Nicki's might.

In The Style of Drake

(Verse 1)
Trapped in the prism of life, no escaping from this stage.
Moving through a spectrum, feeling that blue and purple haze.
Getting lost in the green, money's not everything it seems.
Hunting for that gold, but all I see are broken dreams.
Running through the red, disregarding all the signs.
Got me chasing rainbows, but the pot of gold ain't mine.
Feeling black and blue, a canvas painted with my pain,
Baby turn on your love, let your colors mend my veins.
Paint me with your colors, light me up tonight.
Show me all your shades, baby make it bright.
Underneath the silver stars, in the neon light,
In this colorful world, baby you're my sight.
(Verse 2)
Yellow is our history, memories of gold and sweet.
Orange were those sunsets, when we used to meet and greet.
White is my surrender, trapped in this colorless cell;
Climbing out of black, with stories I could never tell.
Caught in different hues, they don't know what we've been through,
Every color tells a story; baby ours is true blue.
In this grayscale world, you're my only shade,
In your technicolor love, I find my serenade.
Baby paint me with your colors, light this town tonight,
Show me all your shades, make this life ignite.
Underneath the moon's pearl glow, in the city light,
In this colorful world, baby you're my sight.
So here's to all the colors we've been, and the ones we've yet to be.
In the spectrum of our love, I found my ecstasy.
Every shade of you, is a masterpiece, it's true.
In this gallery of life, baby I choose you.
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7 Tips For Delivering Song Lyrics About Colors Like A Pro

1. Engage in a Kaleidoscope of Color Exploration

You've got a canvas, paint it with the colours of the rainbow song lyrics. Immerse yourself deeply into the wide spectrum of colors. From the fiery reds to the cool blues, every hue has its distinct vibe and symbolism. Ever noticed how ‘Yellow' by Coldplay paints an image of a blissful romantic scene? That's right, my friend! So when you're crafting those song lyrics about colors, let your imagination run wild and free across this vibrant rainbow spectrum.

2. Channel Your Inner Preschooler

Remember when you were learning the colours of the rainbow in order? You were probably singing a catchy little rainbow song lyrics preschool tune. Heck, you might still have that earworm lodged somewhere in your brain! Tap into that childlike wonder and simplicity for inspiration. Because sometimes, ‘red' is not just a color – it's an apple or a firetruck from your childhood days.

3. Make Your Lyrics Sing… A Rainbow!

Now, here's where things get fun – i can sing a rainbow. Ever tried it? It's all about infusing your lyrics with colorful metaphors and vivid imagery that make listeners see the world through your multi-hued lens. So go ahead and show them that blue isn't just a color – it's a feeling, an experience; it's Monday blues or Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes!

4. Break Down The Rainbow

Did you know there are technically 8 colors in the rainbow? Yup! Bet you're wondering what are the 8 colors of the rainbow now (sorry ROYGBIV purists). Here they are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. And the eighth? It's actually a shade – Pink! Inject this new knowledge into your lyrics for some vibrant color trivia.

5. Paint the World with Rainbow Lyrics

Writing a song about colors of the rainbow lyrics is like creating an auditory painting. Each verse is a stroke of your brush that fills the canvas with hues of emotions and experiences. So don't hold back! Shower the world with your rainbow-drenched lines.

6. Play with Color Symbolism

Colors aren't just pleasing to the eye – they carry deep meanings and associations. Red is fiery passion or anger, green is envy or tranquility, blue can be sadness or calmness. Use these symbolic associations to add depth to your lyrics. Remember: you are not just writing color song lyrics; you're weaving a tapestry of emotions and experiences.

7. Keep Your Lyrics Fluid like a Rainbow

Finally, remember that a rainbow isn't rigid; it's fluid and ever-changing based on where you stand or how the light hits it. Similarly, your lyrics should flow naturally and evolve as they progress through the song. Don't be afraid to mix things up – after all, who said you can't have a little indigo after orange in your song?

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