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Strange Music
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NameStrange Music
FoundersTech N9ne and Travis O'Guin
LocationKansas City
GenreHip Hop, Pop, Rock, Electronic
Notable ArtistsBig Scoob, ¡MAYDAY!, Ces Cru, Wrekonize, JL, Bernz, Mackenzie Nicole, Joey Cool
Notable Releases“2 Birds 1 Stone”, “S.I.C.”, “Kelvin”
Business Model50/50 partnership between founders
Role of FoundersTravis O'Guin (CEO), Tech N9ne (VP)
Albums SoldOver two million worldwide
MerchandiseAvailable through online store
Notable ExitsRittz, Krizz Kaliko

Origins of Strange Music

In the world of underground music, few labels have made as significant an impact as Strange Music. This American independent record label, nestled in the heartland of Kansas City, has been a beacon for hip hop and rap artists since its inception in 1999.

The brainchild of rapper Tech N9ne and his business partner Travis O'Guin, Strange Music is hailed as the number one independent record label in the world.

Founders and their Roles at Strange Music

The driving forces behind Strange Music are Tech N9ne and Travis O'Guin, who share an equally divided partnership. As CEO, O'Guin guides the label's strategic direction whilst Tech N9ne, serving as VP, contributes his unique sound and dark lyrics to define the musical identity of the label.

Music Genres and Artist Line-up

While primarily focusing on rap and hip-hop music, Strange Music also embraces a variety of other genres like pop, rock, and electronic.

Its diverse artist roster includes names like Big Scoob, ¡MAYDAY!, Ces Cru, Wrekonize, JL, Bernz, Mackenzie Nicole and Joey Cool. These artists have all contributed to creating a unique sound that echoes with avant-garde beats.

Significant Releases by Strange Music

Over time this unique sound has given birth to several notable releases. Albums such as Stevie Stone's “2 Birds 1 Stone”, Krizz Kaliko's “S.I.C.” EP and Kutt Calhoun's “Kelvin” EP proudly bear the Strange Music stamp.

Business Model of the Record Label

The business model of Strange Music is marked by grit and resilience. Despite initial struggles during its infancy stages, it has grown into a powerful independent label selling over two million albums worldwide.

Sales Performance and Status in the Industry

In terms of sales performance too, this independent record label has left a mark with its distinctive brand presence in both mainstream markets and underground music scenes.

Merchandising Aspect of Strange Music Inc

Further broadening its reach beyond music production, Strange Music Inc also engages in merchandising. It offers fans an array of merchandise through their online store.

Artist Exits from the Label Company

Despite its success story though, not all relationships within the company have remained firm over time: Rapper Rittz chose to move on from Strange Music after building his career there; similarly artist Krizz Kaliko announced his departure after nearly two decades with them.

Maintaining Relevance in the Industry over Years

However these departures have not deterred this powerhouse from maintaining relevance in the ever-evolving music industry. Since its foundation back in 1999 it continues to thrive while keeping its strange essence alive.

Impact on Independent Hip Hop Scene

This very essence has been instrumental in shaping today's independent Hip Hop scene. The success journey of this independent record label stands testament to how Tech N9ne built a rap empire without requiring a commercial record deal.