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Rhymesayers Entertainment
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NameRhymesayers Entertainment
FoundersSean Daley (Slug), Anthony Davis (Ant) and others
LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Committed ToBrutally honest rap music
Notable ArtistsMusab, Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, Brother Ali, Evidence, The Dynospectrum, Abstract Rude, Aesop Rock
Number of Albums ReleasedOver 80
DistributorsWarner's Independent Label Group (ILG), Fat Beats, Epitaph, ADA
First Album ReleaseRecord Store Day 2011 Picture Disc (April 16th 2011)
Significant ContributionShaping Minneapolis' vibrant independent hip-hop scene

Rhymesayers Entertainment: Origins and Founders

Established in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rhymesayers Entertainment is a beacon for independent artists in the realm of hip hop.

With its roots embedded deep into the underground rap scene, this independent record label was formed by Sean Daley (Slug), Anthony Davis (Ant), and other key figures back in 1995.

Today, it stands as an influential pillar within the music industry, providing a platform for artists to share their brutally honest rap narratives with the world.

Local Talent Artists and Initial Lineup of Rhymesayers

In its early days, Rhymesayers Entertainment was home to an array of local talent artists who shaped its identity. The burgeoning music collective featured underground rap sensations such as Musab, Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, and Brother Ali.

Journey throughout the Years: Surviving through Rigorous Touring and Consistent Album Releases

Rhymesayers' endurance is a testament to their tenacity and passion for hip hop. Overcoming industry challenges through extensive touring schedules and regular album releases, they have navigated their way to becoming Minnesota’s largest independent hip hop label.

Distribution Partnerships: Independent Label Group, Fat Beats, Epitaph, ADA

To ensure their music reaches fans far and wide, Rhymesayers has forged distribution partnerships with Warner's Independent Label Group (ILG), Fat Beats, Epitaph and ADA among others. These collaborations have played an integral role in the label's substantial growth over time.

Dissecting the Discography: Over 80 Albums Released since Inception

From alternative rap anthems to powerful lyrical narratives, Rhymesayers Entertainment has released over 80 albums since its inception. Their diverse discography showcases a plethora of unique voices within the hip hop genre.

Spotlight on Notable Acts: Evidence, The Dynospectrum, Atmosphere, Abstract Rude, Aesop Rock

The label has been instrumental in propelling several notable acts into the spotlight. From Evidence to The Dynospectrum; Atmosphere to Abstract Rude; Aesop Rock to many more – each artist brings their own distinctive sound to this vibrant music collective.

The Rhymesayers Identity: A Home for Brutally Honest Rap Music

Rhymesayers takes pride in providing a platform where raw emotions meet rhythm and rhyme. This home for brutally honest rap music fosters creativity while ensuring each artist maintains their individuality within this dynamic genre.

Significance of Struggle in Building the Label

Rhymesayers’ journey hasn’t been without challenges but these struggles have shaped them into what they are today – leaders within Minneapolis' vibrant indie hip-hop scene.

Growth Narrative: Becoming Minnesota’s Largest Hip-Hop Label

From humble beginnings as an underground collective to becoming Minnesota’s largest hip-hop label – Rhymesayer's growth narrative is nothing short of inspiring.

Affiliations and Collaborations with Other Crews Like Doomtree.

Their success has also led them to collaborate with other crews like Doomtree – further expanding their reach within the indie hip-hop landscape.

First Album Release – Record Store Day 2011 Picture Disc

A milestone moment for Rhymesayers was when they introduced their first album – Record Store Day 2011 Picture Disc – on April 16th 2011. This release truly marked their arrival on the indie music scene.

Signing of Atmosphere: A Turning Point for Rhymesayers Entertainment

Signing fellow Minneapolis hip-hop group Atmosphere was another pivotal moment for Rhymesayers. Their impressive album release caught attention nationwide – solidifying Rhymeasayer's reputation as a leading independent record label.

Nurturing Talent and Providing Music Related Services for Artists Over Two Decades

Through nurturing talent over two decades and providing comprehensive music-related services for artists under its umbrella– from production support to artist management – Rhymeasyers has significantly contributed towards shaping Minneapolis' vibrant independent hiphop scene.