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Reach Records
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FoundersBen Washer and Lecrae
SpecializationChristian hip hop
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
ArtistsAndy Mineo, Hulvey, Lecrae, Limoblaze, Tedashii, Trip Lee
Online PresenceActive store with Summer 22 Collection, 11Six Pop-Up Showcase in London
Parent CompanyColumbia Records Group, Sony Music Entertainment
Recent DevelopmentsSigned Limoblaze, dropped GAWVI due to allegations, removed ‘116' from mission statement
VisionProminent platform in Christian hip-hop delivering quality music and maintaining faith-based vision

Founding and Establishment of Reach Records

Reach Records is an American independent record label specializing in Christian hip hop. It was founded back in 2004 by Ben Washer and the Grammy-Award winning recording artist, Lecrae.

From its humble beginnings to its current status, Reach Records has evolved into a leading force within the Christian music industry.

The Influence of Founders on Reach Records

The founders of Reach Records, particularly Lecrae, played a significant role in shaping the label's identity. Their shared vision for creating faith-based music that resonates with audiences worldwide has been instrumental in the company's success.

The Basic Elements of Christian Hip Hop at Reach Records

The key elements of Christian hip hop promoted by Reach Records include meaningful lyrics, compelling beats, and an unswerving commitment to their faith-based vision.

They have successfully combined these elements to carve out a unique niche within the music industry.

Reach Records: A 15-Year Legacy in Faith-Based Music

For over 15 years, Reach Records has been a beacon for faith-based music. They have not only produced quality music but also nurtured talents like Andy Mineo, Tedashii, KB, and Trip Lee.

Current Artist Roster at Reach Records

The current roster at Reach records boasts nine remarkable hip hop artists including Lecrae, Limoblaze, Hulvey, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, and Trip Lee. These artists are driving forces within the Christian rap group scene today.

Noteworthy Artists Associated with Reach Records

Several notable artists have emerged from this label including Lecrae who has garnered several awards throughout his career. Other noteworthy artists include Andy Mineo and Trip Lee who have made significant contributions to Christian music.

Reach Record's Online Presence and E-commerce Store

Reach records maintains a strong online presence with an e-commerce store that features their latest collections and offers fans merchandise tied to their favorite artists.

Highlights from the Summer 22 Collection at Reach Records

The Summer 22 Collection showcases an impressive lineup of merchandise inspired by their talented roster of artists.

The Role of Automation Tools in Marketing for Reach Records

Automation tools have played a crucial role in enhancing marketing strategies for Reach records. This technology-driven approach has enabled them to reach a wider audience globally.

Columbia Group and Sony Music Entertainment's Association with Reach Records

Interestingly enough, Columbia Group serves as an imprint for Reach records as part of their association with Sony Music Entertainment.

The Controversy Surrounding Removal of ‘116' from the Mission Statement

One recent development that drew attention was when ‘116' was removed from the mission statement – a decision that sparked considerable debate amongst fans.

Reach Record's Role as a Platform within Christian Hip-Hop

Despite controversies or challenges along the way, it's undeniable that Reach records has established itself as an influential platform within Christian hip-hop.