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Columbia Records
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Record LabelColumbia Records
OwnershipSony Music Entertainment
Parent CompanySony Corporation of America
Founding DateJanuary 15, 1889
Previous EntitiesAmerican Graphophone Company, Volta Graphophone Company
Start of Disc Record Production1901
Notable InnovationsIntroduction of high-fidelity long-playing records in 1948
Key ArtistsVarious famous artists throughout history
Other OperationsRecording studios, YouTube channel
Acquisition by English Subsidiary1925
Major Corporate Changes1961
Current OperationUnder the Columbia Music Group, one of Sony’s frontline labels

Historical Foundation of Columbia Records

Born from the roots of American Graphophone Company and the Volta Graphophone Company, Columbia Records was founded on January 15, 1889. This rich history makes it one of the oldest music labels in recorded sound history.

Transition from American Graphophone Company to Columbia Records

As early as 1888, Columbia Records started its journey as a humble enterprise known as the American Graphophone Company. Over time, it transitioned into a renowned record company that has shaped the music industry.

Early Production of Disc Records by Columbia Records

In 1901, Columbia Records made its mark in the industry by producing disc records. This innovation was a significant leap forward for the music label at that time.

Technological Innovations and Industry Leadership

Columbia Records has always been at the forefront of technological innovations. For instance, under Peter Goldmark from CBS Laboratories, they introduced high-fidelity long-playing records in 1948.

Famous Artists and Iconic Names Affiliated with Columbia Records

The discography of Columbia Records is filled with some of music's most iconic names. The label has housed numerous recording artists over the years, making it one of Sony Music Entertainment's four flagship labels alongside RCA Records, Arista Records and Epic Records.

Prominent Role in Operating Recording Studios over Time

Columbia's role extends beyond artist management and album release. They have operated some of the most respected recording studios across time periods.

Columbia's Expansion into YouTube Media Content

In keeping up with modern trends in digital content distribution, Columbia now boasts its own YouTube channel where they showcase their artists' work to reach a wider audience.

Changes and Developments during English Subsidiary Ownership

The record company underwent changes when it was bought by its English subsidiary, Columbia Graphophone Company in 1925. These changes affected labelling procedures among other things.

Corporate Changes in 1961: Effects on Recording Engineering and Pressing Techniques

Around 1961, corporate changes occurred at Columbia, affecting both recording engineering and pressing techniques. These alterations were crucial to meeting evolving industry standards.

Current Role under the Columbia Music Group Umbrella

Columbia Records, now operating under the Columbia Music Group umbrella, continues to play a prominent role within Sony’s frontline labels while continuing its track record for technological innovations within music recording and production.